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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  August 20, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm MDT

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command to the debating clay is unclear how many will actually take place brushing off rumors he wants a job interested. as for a big issues facing the state amazed opposed to colorado care. we did get him on record supporting the $12 minimum wage. increasing it to $12 seems right to meet the bennet campaign car or should expect to see more of him in a coming weeks they try to convince voters to send him back to dc. why should colorado lines send
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and camp in your. slums plan to present obama and key is the president of lying about the k 400,000,000 dollars for hostages return to the us really clinton can never stop ices as a threat when trump's poll numbers sagging he started running tv ads in several tweets including ohio pennsylvania florida and north carolina hillary clinton is attending fun
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after devastating rainfall in the louisiana the hard work of rebuilding is just wrapping up this storm system dumping more than 20 inches of rain over four days weaving leaving rivers and creeks severely bloated officials say 4000 people remain in shelters and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed first responders are still exiting rescue. were goingtdoor to door if anyone unaccounted for this is if anyone's missing are whatnot we're making sure everyone is accounted for and taking care. volunteers from across the country have been arriving to help anheuser-busch delivering 250,000 cans of drinking water. the tide loads of hope providing three laundry service to
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there was just amazing. present obama and interacting as interrupting his during a vacation to louisiana presidential candidate donald trump is my defense. that's all we can say the white house says present obama is receiving regular updates on the situation down south and plans to visit baton rouge on tuesday the it a firsthand look at the damage. caught a red cross is sending volunteers to louisiana and help flood victims volunteers mile make are also helping there bringing to red cross emergency response vehicles volunteers will help bring food water and supplies to those flood victims if you want to help you can donate by visiting red cross or
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we've also posted this information on labor day marks the unofficial end of summer as a last chance to get underway. if you have locked in your plans for labor day weekend not to score a deal but the senior editor suggest shopping around before you actually buy. looking for a real bargain was the destination are heading into their off-season florida is a great example another place to look on the mountain destinations places like d where you can stay for under $200 a night over the holiday weekend destination is heading into his off-season not at the height of its his popularity right now it's a great way to travel and stay at a low cost. you want to take on one of the last break before the summer ends go online and use these tips. local law enforcement and state troopers are joining forces to crack down on impaired drivers
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day dui crackdown started yesterday last years 1030 impaired drivers we're cited between august 203 and septembed traffic deaths the heat is on campaign runs through tuesday september 6. international olympic committee set up a distant up a commission to investigate ryan and three other us rumors the commissioner will determine whether they should face any punishment for what happened and rio finds as last week and he others rumors we're robbed at gunpoint as the returning from a party abusing authority say they vandalized the gas station and yesterday he apologized on is to graham for not being more careful and candid and how he described the incident. the video topping news across the better tonight the crash happened back in february take a look the car rolls and a
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the baby was rushed to the hospital in essence fully recovered the baby is now living with relatives the driver was high on hair went and died the baby's parents we're also in the car police say they we're also on hair went now wanted for criminal abuse and officials hope releasing the video will get them to turn themselves. and florida's a new travel alert for pregnant women officials investigate zeke a cases they involve to local residents and three tourist from new york texas and taiwan the case are connected to the areas of health apartment artie told pregnant women not to go to 20 block area and miami beach which they now extended the morning to include. a new york man accomplished every pok?mon trainers dream this week to catch them all. 28-year-old nick johnson collected all 145 pok?mon 145 pok?mon and the popular smart phone game johnson said he's been an average of eight hours a day plane they game walking
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he posted online and they all and available and north america travel agencies and hotels offered to sponsor him seeking catch all the foreign once travel to paris to china tokyo and australia. that will motivate you to go catch them all. it seems like the only game anyone played this summer was pok?mon go you might be surprised that non-video games but board games are actually bigger than ever before. they been popular forever. find people playing board games at meetings across denver amanda and photojournalist true smith introduce us to one man who changed his whole career to start his own boat game company. forget the virtual world and
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thursday night as board game night at denver central games. people come and bring their board games to that literally brings a tough he can lay down and full of board games. owes once a a business dominated by games like monopoly. are now games he may have never even heard. their part of a growing trend. how many more board games are popping up on store shelves let's a green us represents a dozen games hotel rope ends two dozen cans according to boardgame geek .com more than 28 dozen games released in the last five years as more games in the prior 15 years combined. so in this area video games. why are people are spending their hard-earned gold and silver. on plastic. kind of a cartoony action may be been davis knows. i've had about 16 artist all doing different cards.
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crowdfunding campaign for his boardgame brainchild clash of the gyrus. the one i liked. for a look at the final prototype. rules are more complicated than your average boardgame. but the game itself is simple. a literal crash different formats is seen for popular games coming together to form this wonderful union of fast-paced card that us battles using our cards of pop culture. and humor last time standing. believe it are not that initially wanted to go the videogame route. i was going for a bachelor and game design he traded circuit boards. for cardboard's. thanks to little crowdfunding big-time boardgame is like sierra will be ready for his
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in denver with photojournalist to smith. amanda fox 31. the link to cans crowdfunding campaign on our website .-period like to go check it out. i'm not a big fan of all board boardgames it's like playing dominoes. good family fun for sure. we are end of the broncos game to bring you the highlights and reaction. will take you inside of mile high for look at the menu items available for broncos fans this season different kind of football that you bought we have it.
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? ? ?
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage.
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gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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we wish we we're at their thousands of fans packed in the mile high stadium watch the teams first action at mile high sense their super bowl victory want to check out the chances here items fox 31 with a fork in hand shows us what's on the menu. it's a new season with a new quarterback in a new pale ale. in celebration of the championship season and the one i had mile high is adding game-winning grub to the lineup. such a popular electric town with cultural cuisines we try
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buns this year. basically your freedom to choose of that in a a green. which is mark. another first down could be the southwest chicken sausage with palestinian peach. the tasting those pablo chiles and black bean corn tight flavorful profiles. throw in some street tacos euros and taco pizzas and juergen jurgen need something to wash it all down with. though magnum hobbs as reagan and get the bite. united in orange. you may come to watch her championship denver broncos pages my states remain united and orange.
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i had to apologize in advance. the dan daru will have a fork in hand he clearly did not have it. he knew was the napkin. one must either to another. worded that title come from. good evening everyone what a beautiful day beautiful saturday couldn't ask for much more all day long cold temperatures taking you up to the peak of winter park a sunnyside what you're saying there take you through the afternoon. couple of mountain bikers rolling on by here enjoying the lovely weather that we've passed in across the state this afternoon that mid 70s downtown mountains mid 70s low 80s that's 90s and the western slope hottest part of
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east of town is all middle 70s really comfortable out there. after last nights night's cold front that blue through good news was the was nice to see but it cleared out just in time here for the weekend we stay clear and clay numbers don't give out. sixty-four plenty of upper 50s and low 60s. pushed back in the high country couple of chile spots. avenue 42 degrees. got football is back in the mile high everything that up as the blue and orange as we speak. skies are starting quiet the roads are little busy at looks like downtown a couple sporting events and they made it through unscathed tonight as far as mother nature is concerned no wet weather here today to stable out there to support any as you can see from the south well south of i 70 i 70 a couple of dying showers over southern
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next hour are two those clouds. blowing back to the north but that's it you be gone over the next few hours as they confirm for us that paves the way through beautiful sunrise early tomorrow morning in a very similar day from what we had today with plenty of sunshine with when shifting from the southwest will see a nice warm up instead of the 70s we're talking about ten or 15 ten or 15 days greece warmer with highs in the upper 80s that southwesterly flow. showers could develop isolated and nature south of i 70 and west of i 25. in the central mountains maybe getting in the ice 70 quarter along the front range but odds are likely stay a little bit further south 50 overnight ten night. of cool evening on the way it stays that way through sunrise and once we get that up over the rise and plenty of it again
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afternoon and warmer with a high of 87 degrees. right around the low mid 50s are so. fifty-three and fort collins. fortys in the mountains 50s and 60s on the western slopes and there's the warm up tomorrow upper 80s north south southeast and west of i 20. eighty-nine again downtown 80,770ths and '80s spread out through the high country. three day forecast as we go through monday and tuesday upper 80s and low 90s. with mimi sunny skies both afternoons and a chance for late day shower and potential thunderstorm monday and tuesday. changes after that cold front will slide in from the north's good through sometime on wednesday in a very similar fashion showers and thunderstorms come with it and cooler air will blow in behind it from the northwest coming up and a half hour take a look at
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you how far those temperatures will far as he had into the middle of next week. a lot of sports teams are county on that good weather rockies. three home games across the city. cleared out just in time for that and much more. we give you the good news. we been tell you about the dream home is almost here time is running out for you to get that take it to when this brand-new house for $100 will be giving away the house on september 1. for the saint jude children's research hospital rack she got to tour the homes for ourselves who some video. my two and five -year-old. spain the entire time china jumping on the couch. outthink the left too many muddy
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this year is nice. they kitchen island is absolutely beautiful a lot of the folks out there at the open house. one more weekend to go. you be able to go meet take some pictures with him and zero be a good one. you'd like to help saint jude also get a chance to win a brand-new house to you by your ticket today only a limited number of tickets are available make sure you get your support. bond online at also on our website as more information about the home. a virtual tour of the home including 360 photos watch a five minute long walking to her he like to see the home and person there are details happening next weekend. the broncos have problems getting out of their own way
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pitching prospect as john hoffman makes his major-league debut. ? ? ?
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award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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the broncos trauma manners late 31 ? 17 over mile high after tremendous start which included a toucow trevor city and threw a pick six wish to run the momentum of the wayne mark sanchez made some really nice throws a moved his team down the field but he coughed it up twice in scoring position not too good paxton lynch at the touchdown drive in the second half that has been an underwhelming effort by the home team not fair pulling a rabbit out of their batting helmets last night the rocks looking to make it four and a a row tonight against the chicago cubs top
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first major-league start and doing okay intel the fourth month otero in the two outs right of the middle base hit to close out a four-run inning it scores 24 rbi on the night. hoffman still and that he won't be for long after chris brian unloads his 3,014th rbi on the night for brian 83 for the season seven hits in four runs in his major-league debut he wasn't enough. we been spared to well with our alignment and they found some holes. but that's it they do they put the ball in play it's a high contact club. and they just found some. and got some big hits on top of them. posting orlando the seventh place team in the mls east in
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distant tonight. a few decent chances for both teams neither can come up with the talent in the rapids missed a chance. continue to trail dallas by the mls. and one more. at the western conference. them for us cross god the outlaws. relative from six points down tonight and they are the lacrse the playing their home game at mild high. there so many of them going on. the way the broncos we're playing they might of wanted the lacrosse. will have much more on tonight's
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the big day has arrived broncos weaver fifi in denver the boys


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