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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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any possibility she may have met someone online. they say they're looking into that. and any and all possibility. >> . they're using the hash tag find. (hoping you will share her photograph. on social media. we have that video and additional photographs on >> . last seen wearing a gray jacket with sequence on it. >> . if you have information.
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court records show he faces charges of sexual misconduct. in a correctional institute. sexual assault on an at risk adult. soliciting prostitution. and official misconduct. in court he said he contests every single one of the >> . his next court date is september 16. >> . affidavit behind his arrest reveals the investigation into the accusations all started when a deputy reported suspicious behavior by his boss.
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she drew diagrams of the outside and inside of the home. she told the investigator the sheriff sat her on the couch. brfl and asked if she wanted to make 60 dollars and said i just want to have sex. the sheriff told her to strip. and sexually assaulted her. >> . she told the investigator she felt violated. and raped. and scared. because the sheriff threatened her saying quote this has to stay between us. if it don't i'll take you to prison of. for the rest of your life. >> . sheriff did not give her cash. but put 20 dollars in her innate account. he said he did that because
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>> . the sheriff admitted it was a mistake to take the inmate home. but denies any kind of sexual assault. or contact. >> . she loved life. and was a joy to be around. monday night the 21 year-old school schoolteacher in training life was cut tragically short. a man from greeley was driving this pickup in the wrong direction. just after ten. stults was drunk and speeding.
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lane. she was heading east in this kia. several other drivers swerved to avoid the oncoming truck. and police say she did too. but the driver hit her head on. >> . both she and stults died at the scene. >> . she was in the final faze of training to become a teacher. here in the maple ton school district. where her mother also a long time employee. spokeswoman sent this statement. >> . it's been a difficult two days for the people in the district. trying to protect the families privacy. the family is making funeral arrangements.
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determine the level of impairment of the driver. >> . rescue effort -ts continue in central italy. after a 6.2 quake hit. a ten year-old girl was pulled alive from the rubble today. take a look. >> . 17 hours after the quake hit. crews dig around the debris trying to find the girl. they pulled her out. and carried heifer away. big moment there. >> . it has killed more than 150 people. >> a new safety check feature. allowing to check in on people in the area. it will send alerts thaeus are okay. >> . developing at home. the arapahoe county sheriff office needs your help finding and identifying these two burglary suspects. the crime happened on july 27. at a residence along south parker road. sheriff office says the suspect stole items. from a home. the victim confronted them.
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struggle. they took off. and were caught nearby. on surveillance. and you can see a clear picture of them. if you know anything about the burglary. or you recognize these suspects. call the arapahoe county sheriff office. tip line. >> . or metro denver crime stoppers. >> . two greeley men who sexually assaulted a woman in 1984 won't face sexual assault charges but could spend the next 24 years in prison. >> . a judge has ruled today that they will face charges of second back in the summer of 1984 the pair attacked the woman. she was walking home from work. >> . despite the fact the dna evidence connects them to the case. current statute of limitations won't allow the district attorney to kharpbl charge the men with sexual assault. >> . another round of mosquito spraying in hrar more larimer county. they will do the control in northeast part of fort collins.
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inside. and keep windows closed for up to an hour after spraying. >> . superintendent of the cherry creek school district says marijuana is not the answer to the school funding problem. and in fact superintendent says the district has yet to receive a penny of the taxes collected on marijuana sales. >> . a problem solvers report. food trucks on sidewalks just north of downtown denverment forcing pedestrians into city
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after chaotic scenes like this. during earlier this year. there was a push to change our states process. now new measure to bring back the presidential primary made it through the november ballot. >> . voters approved the measure would restore the primary.
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without declares to be a member of any political party. >> . we know the major candidates. but it turns out there are more candidates out there. >> . what it takes to get into the race. >> . over two thousand people are running for president. tphaeubgs wide. some from parties you probably have never heard of. so just how hard is it to get on the colorado ballot. turns out it's easier than you think. >> do you think you could be commander in chief. frank of little ton does. in fact. he's running for for president. one of over 20 candidates on the colorado november ballot. >> i have tpho* chance of winning. no chance of winning and i don't want anybody to vote for me. >> he says he's doing this to
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voting. a proposal to let vote sroerts for more than one candidate. >> . >> joined in the race for president by other candidates like the nutrition party. socialist party. and prohibition party. yes he wants to ban your alcohol. >> . this in any mind reflects colorado's openness to fresh ideas. >> mostly it takes a thousand dollars to get on the ballot. >> secretary of state says it's really that simple. just find yourself a running mate and nine register vehicle o back you. and you're set. >> . know that campaigns are stressful. but maybe you're destined for
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>> so how do you get a ticket. call. or go to >> . >> tickets are a hundred dollars. and you're welcome to buy more than one.
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still up for grabs. >> . come on by to see the home for yourself. meet the weather team as well. >> . eleven a.m. to 1 p.m. along with the beast. >> . we'll be out there. the weather will be fantastic. >> we have had soaking showers. i love the rain today. the cooler temperatures. it all came together. and tonight it's all moving
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south and east. and out to the west. we'll take you on a quick tour. lightening strikes faded away. >> . on the west side of the state. temperatures today. warmest all the way out west. a few 80s to the south. and you'll notice the cooler 60s. around the denver metro area. it was warmer in the mountains with 60s and 70s. denver 68 almost 20 degrees below where we should be.
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30 degrees away. at 98 from 2011. >> . outside right now. we're down into the 50s. humidity at 84 percent. wind is on the light side. out there. i can't rule out low clouds. hanging in until early tomorrow morning. temperatures as you can see in the 50s. 54 golden. 59 stadium -l ton. >> . i showed you a few showers. we'll stop this at midnight. they're all gone. higher humidity. can't rule out low clouds in the morning. over all anything that's there will burn off with the rising sun. keep the sunshine going. through the lunch hour. and in the afternoon, and evening. watch the storms come off the foothills.
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up to the north. some of the storms as they push onto the eastern plains. color intensity here. indicating wind and maybe a little bit of hail. wider view across state. watch the storms to the south and east. roll away tonight. by midnight. one o'clock in the morning. we're done. and a quiet start on thursday. right before we get the heating of the day. and here come the showers. over the mountains. pushing across the front range. from castle collins. >> . over all the best chance to see thunder storms is during the early part of the evening. lows tonight. 40s mountains.
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around denver fort collins greeley. 50s to the south. and highs tomorrow, better. instead of being in the 60s mid 70s. remember it's not normal. we should be in the 80s. we're warming up in the northeast. 80s to the southeast. warmest temperatures look to be out west. a mix of 60s and 70s through the colorado high country. >> . 7-day forecast. for tomorrow. and friday. not much changes. we will have sunshine. both days with a about the same chance of bringing in rain. and a couple thunder storms. we'll stay in the we dry it out saturday. more sunshine. we're at 82 degrees. a great day out at the dream home. >> . we like the 70s in the meantime. >> . hard to believe. >> . this huge pearl maybe the largest in the world. >> . according to to tourism
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this pearl was originally discovered inside a giant clam. more than ten years ago. the owner says been under her bed. used as good luck. reportedly weighs -p75 pounds. gemologists need to officially
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if you're a competitor. this is all you want. and that's where we're at. the situation dick kates. so go so go play ball. have fun. cut it loose. >> . >> all that stuff. >> . anyone you want go ahead and pick. >> -fpl mark sanchez has taken a backseat to trevor siemian in the starting quarter back job. he obviously didn't get the memo. 8 year vet reassuring everyone he remains fueled up and ready to go. for the fight that on saturday against the rams it will be trevor siemian that starts. today the second year pro. did take throwing reps after taking it easy yesterday. with a sore shoulder.
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some play irs fightings adding movement to the motivation. >> . we talked all training camp about the depth at running back. head coach stressed making this team for guys like hillman. and bibs. could come down to special teams coordinator of course one of the most entertaining guys to watch on the field. when it comes to his miting room. there's never a dull moment. >> . he makes us get up and shake it out like every 4 minutes. so nobody is dozing off. he gets your attention. >> . i have been doing it a while now. to refocus them.
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funny guy. it's a privilege to play for him. >> . 34 of the season. it was all ryan brawn and mill milwaukee. >> . u.s. soccer sus suspended hope solo from the national team. for 6 months. suspension effective immediately. after the u.s. lost their match to sweden. in which solo called the team quote a bunch of cowards. >> . she will not be eligible for selection back to the women's national team until february.
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if she's selected back. on some thin ice right now. >> . she's been on thin ice before. >> a which he recollected past you could a checkered past for sure.
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one-hundredth anniversary this
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free admission to all of the parks. rocky mountain national park. includes entrance fee. commercial tour fees. transportation fees. the national parks service is birthday weekend starts tomorrow. runs through sunday. i didn't even get a card or cake or anything.
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doctor is supposed to be a prestigious occupation, but it's one of the only jobs where you have to have your diploma on the wall. it makes them seem so insecure, doesn't it? i really am a doctor. if you think i'm not, just check it out. i don't know why they need these little bits of psychological leverage over us. go in that little room, take your pants off, wait 15 minutes, then i'll give you my opinion. after that, anybody that comes in with pants on seems like they know what they're talking about.


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