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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  August 26, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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call today.
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>> it with a stolen credit cards it taken from the east alluvial fan parking lot at rocky mount national park vehicle windows are broken purses and taken out of the law on sunday police asking for your help in finding this person of interest in this case. >> is not even labor day and already is feeling a lot like fall maybe you've noticed yesterday the metro getting rained on and off cold temperatures living in but there's a chance in store for the rest of the weekend meteorologist greg dutra outside with more on what we are looking at for this weekend so like we said yesterday was a rainy day today were dwindling away let's adjust to turn off for the weekend we are cutting off the faucet this week and we've got a good a couple more scattered showers before we
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you've had a chance to go on outside and eat lunch today i highly recommend that wins are light temps are manageable and feels like it's only in the 60s right now yesterday at this time here is a look at the 24 hour difference in fact for running 4 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time 2 degrees warmer so just barely shy of the mid-sixties 60 on the button and park or something in castle rock and with that mid-sixties is your head up to the plains and upper 40s will be expected this weekend after we hit 74 today we are back in the 80s unit does it dry out we had showers to track for the friday night dance coming up. >> so the flooding in the louisiana kind of just put a lot of hardships on the people who lived there is certainly has but it's also been difficult for the animals and the pats a local shelter being asked to help out with the recovery in louisiana greg nieto has more on what you can do to help out their hope in the community across the nation can help the pets in
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>> at that sign they are a little me this is an example of the great work at that life metro area this is a project hip along with it would be in you guys do such a great work that the folks 100,000 in louisiana asking for aid been asked to help in some folks in some folks in some animals to amend. >> we been asked by national partners to try to help move some dogs from louisiana and train there and so all of our dogs here in colorado that are available for adoption are kept in foster homes so we really can't help but that relief if we don't have foster homes specifically down in louisiana they've got the food it's more of a medical supplies and money. >> that's correct we are going to seek out monetary donations to try to help them where we can.
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you see these homes completely flooded out and in some cases pets misplaced it from their families by some of his pets need not show that this those animals that were once initial turnout that could come to colorado. >> these would be adoptable animals that have been vetted and seen by a bet that we would be hopeless with the size of it would be for a second so ruby is will be is a one -year-old baby manchester terrier may be spin you'll i'm not so sure that she is adorable she is really well behaved she is wonderful with kids and gets along great with other dogs and available for adoption life is better rescued. >> anybody can look at our website in the capital and application there. >> would be on will be on our website at letts
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>> it's cool to see people open up thank you greg 1105 on your friday central is only continuing to be bombarded with aftershocks that is been going on for days with a 900 aftershocks hit him to share you for example this is on my ipad this is the usgs map you can see central italy right there is the area we are taking about what the big earthquake hits about two days ago but this is an idea over the past 24 large earthquakes that if you can hit you can see kind of this cluster group era of earthquakes with of course the biggest one being right there in the middle and you can only imagine as they try to recover as a creditor to the rebel having to do with the aftershocks the ground shaking underneath them as they're trying to pick up the pieces from the big one in italy the aftershocks still hitting italy today that rescues you really want anytime time to find victims trapped under all that rebels. >> 267 people are confirmed
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that is possibly go up a 2100 saying election skips right now because their homes are decimated the hardest hit town of j-uppercase-letter is such an old area that has narrow streets older buildings and that makes it easier for global two blocks away for people to get from point a to point b already did a funeral flipping houses some of the victims of the earthquake it is a tough time for central italy back you're in the us federal reserve chairwoman janet yellin speaking out hours ago and she says she sees stronger case for increasing interest rate she did say when it would happen she said it may have benefits committee will meet late next month and in early november but some are speculating that interest rates will budge until the meeting in december because of the election in november they don't want it to his accessible watch ?-ellipsis for now she's hinting that it happens donald trump will be out about november but just barely last-minute on wednesday state republicans realize that the nominees was
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until monday to submit the names of 10 electors and 10 alternate electors the people who officially cast of minnesota's of votes for president a simple ballot released a thursday morning show third-party candidates but no trump as of thursday afternoon a spokesman for the minnesota secretary of state said they just received the last items of republican ticket would be listed shortly so it's happening mayors and france will not be allowed to ban swimwear and notice bikinian with a burqa built in that decision just made by france's highest court today was a dirty french towns had banned for kidneys which cover the whole body except for the face hands and feet french officials say it was done as a response to terror concerns but the human rights activists argue that banning them isn't it illegal in pushes people to islam phobia. >> nevada department of building a burlington headquarters in the parking
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means 367 parking spots will be lost or just fine because it's so easy to find this funding day ?-dash not so much status as the new park instructor will be built as part of a new building and that will include 500 new spots instruction set to start there the end of the year and will be finished by 2018 cell in the meantime is a couple that a couple of a 300 and something spots you won't have an adobe type parking at the games something to be this we week and we can start into the thickest on bonus of the on ramp in havana will be shut down as close to being a flick from sentimental monday morning at 5:00 a.m. so luckily before the rest and there will be one eastbound right hand lane closed also from central park boulevard to havana from 10 tonight until five monday morning as well the westbound on-ramp from havana street will also be closed until december of a bunch of work going on there so don't be surprised if you see that meet annually to the
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the airline pilots picketing or planning on picking to the headquarters in atlanta trying to call attention to their demands of the union says the members we just haven't caught up to where they were before financial losses and concessions and look to cost employees have felt guilty record record profits last year the airline pilots association will resume mediation talks with management today as well. >> and a consumer alert we wanted to know about today if you got an iphone in so many of you do global ice security update after researchers uncovered software targeting an activist killed in the middle east and we're told the spyware is capable of taking total control of your iphone essentially by targeting three weaknesses in the operating system and stomach that for years nobody knew they could locate your password your contacts are focused in on the
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iphone that your settings ago two general focuses software updates and it should say you have a new updates tap the button that says update now and you're good to go its 1109 coming up to men and denver helping local businesses how they're using innovative new technology to save everyone from restaurants to farmers money on a big piece of necessary equipment something maybe even you can use in your home plus this a duet at a hospital in texas and brings a it brings a joint to visitors and patients will mac is unusual that these two
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welcome back in a restaurant or bar think about it the walk-in cooler is a necessity the problem is you wouldn't believe how much they could cost 10,000 in up to guys and denver are wanting a company
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bicycle cause they are on 70 died local business ~ mine three great things in one spot. >> our motto is like your coffee but we really are about the community we really like to wait like to know our neighbors but there's still glowing and the idea of dropping 10 grand on a walk- cooler for their bar was daunting one of the co-owners of jessica admits when she heard about the idea of the call by a device that turns a normal ac unit into a cooler she was a bit skeptical. >> you can just put an air-conditioning unit and a woman call it down turn on and off making making sure it is doesn't present while bringing the room temperature as low as 34 degrees yesterday the
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of the people using it for one colors or home settings or even a couple of clicks of your home. >> you build the insulated room he says most people spend about $3,000 or less a lot of our customers and build affordable walk-in coolers at a fraction of the price. >> and beyond it are actually working to get cool but in third world countries where food often goes bad because farmers can't afford to keep it cool back in denver the cool but working well from the denver bicycle caf?. >> we went from a third metal machine to like a $3,000 install money she says that they can spend elsewhere in the shop so the cool bot device is only going to cost at $315 it's not that expensive the rest of your money will be spent on the ac unit in building the room for the cooler the best part is lower maintenance cost instead of paying someone out to come out picture call that the worst-case scenario you just replace the ac unit which cost
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you reattach the quote about which it says it takes less than 10 minutes at the kind that we can buy the call but i posted a link in my online article that a posted at just click on. >> president obama tried out some cool new tech yesterday in honor of the national parks of 100 birthday pretty interesting to see what does a br headset on using the second retread at the 360-degree virtual reality headset showing national geographic footage shot at yosemite the white house also p trying it out in the oval office the ringing off the phone screen and into the real life and onto your dining table is incorporating the pok?mon characteristics into the hamburgers and it's not just about looks plus if how about the weather if the weather is getting you down this friday don't worry there's yet another change on the way for the weather for
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pizza for saturday's bronco
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will come back if you just can't get enough of pok?mon go on your calendar now you can get a dose of pok?mon for dinner at a restaurant down under in sydney australia is all pok?mon all the time the menu features burghers of that look like pikachu bulbous sore
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those are characters of pok?mon. >> the pokey burgers are supposed to have a taste of that matches each of the characters personalities per instance bulbous sore is known for leafy green vegetables of the berger has a lot of a leafy greens and it charming under houses has some spicy salsa and volcanic cheese that steep is pretty simple stuff is this pok?mon to strangers in texas unite at a hospital to resolve to do had never but they ended up singing a duet and it went viral. >> pretty cool ha men in the video is a pastor visiting patients in there he started to playing the piano before he knew it he was joined by a woman singing the video posted to a pastor's wife a facebook page the more i thought best women has got the goods.
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ms. cynthia read i'm not sure if you know but you have gone viral on facebook what does that mean what does the bible main he says that means that you are popular. >> remember when you have gone viral was a bad thing just i didn't know if you were entertaining yourself always complicated. >> with going on outside. >> work and have a great weekend you can take a breather for a little bit you got this and i will talk about the weather because i really do have a great weekend ahead so wednesday thursday great days right it felt like it rained forever we only got about a tenth of an inch out of it now and friday featuring some sunshine friday somewhere between the gray middle of the
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ahead will go toward the mountain towards our lookout camera this is usually point to the other way out of the mountains and towards the mile high city this isn't why i wanted to assure you that new snow that i've been talking about so much of the last couple of days is above about 11,000 feet of snow starts and of course goes up to the peaks and stole some precious scenery as you look off to the west first day we been able to see the foothills and the mountains showers at the northeastern colorado but they will move out of the state within the next hour and now it's time for real talk we've had very dry month and here are rainfall numbers yesterday we got 507-inch of rain despite a feeling like a ring for a good chunk of the day that is almost an inch and a quarter below where we normally are doing the month of august until now so we not only have this to make up we also have
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we've been running dry in its really important with good summer and fall on the forecast mostly because we have the worst part of fire season coming up with the leaves drying up and everything like that during fall time i'm hoping to get rain showers out of this afternoon if you don't love the rain if you want sunshine all the time we do indeed need the rain and we need a really bad at this point most of the energy is off to our south into mexico arizona singh most of the rain that'll translate to southern colorado sin of the ring to the beautiful view right now the mile high city doesn't look like it'll rain we've got 65 degrees downtown 63 at dia officially being reported been reported as mostly cloudy at the airport we also get those clouds back to the next couple of hours to and some scattered showers across i 25 that's not the rain we need but it's the rain we have in the forecast we got to deal with it a couple of heavier rain drops
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the things it dry out later on tonight if you have friday night plans you don't have to worry about working around the rainfall or anything like that would go to clear skies tomorrow morning scattered showers will cross on the highway can tomorrow afternoon but for the most part the broncos games will be dry we had 82 degrees during the afternoon kickoff at 7:00 o'clock playing the end of got a get it right los angeles rams with a move from st. louis to play in them and hopefully we can do while it's an important game cold air air moves and as we head to our sunday and that means highs it back in the mid- 80s close to 90 degrees next week. >> prime running out before the big dream home giveaway that's next thursday will announce the winner of the brand-new home that morning there are tickets still available but you do need to get them before their sold-out dream home is in a tollgate crossing neighborhood of a word and not far from the south lens shopping area.
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bathrooms are valued at $550,000 he can get a ticket by calling (800)276-7695 or even easier by one online go to jude tickets at $100 a pop and you can buy as many as you want to up your chances of winning that house and some of the other cool prizes that are still up for grabs it is national dog day and we're hoping to find a furry friend forever home when we come back we will meet buddha and tell you all about
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will come back today is national dog day of the dating site is listed as to the top dog loving state colorado is at the top of the list boom followed by new hampshire vermont minnesota and washington state the study
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profile the top ones are golden retriever labrador terrier boxer bulldog it also found that women are 20 percent more attached to men who have a dog to guys if you tried to keep your girl it makes sense to get a dog is so telling our friends at the dumb friends league's national dog days like telling burger king is national burger day like just short of what you do dogs and cats and all that stuff safe show as you are here at the 11:00 o'clock news and it's good to have you is at this. >> this is booed and he is an 11 -year-old german shepherd mix and he is a very energetic for his age he he's kind of a bound to give the guy and he's a really great on a leash great in the car on the way over here held is held holders held out the whole time he's ready for a new home. >> need someone to take him to the park regular basis someone who likes us wants to go to the park don't have any
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>> where is he. >> he said a qu?bec street children denver and his adoption fee is $50 and includes his bitter microchip and all vaccine. >> the qu?bec street shelter at 28 is a qu?bec street you can also call (303)751-5772 and this is that attract all types even if i had a truck all would do is cruise around town with this guy buddha the truck dog. >> well you all have a great week and thanks for joining us at 11 and we will share you back here bright and early
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants... a collaboration-solution specialist from mckinney, texas... a real-estate attorney from san diego, california... and our returning champion, a retired college professor from winterhaven, florida... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thanks, folks, and welcome to our show.


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