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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  August 28, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm MDT

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>> first at nine. a woman is recovering this evening after crashing into an aurora fire department vehicle. thanks for joining us tonight. crews had to take the roof off the car to get her out. into an ambulance. >> . live in aurora with how this all happened. >> police say this woman is very lucky. she doesn't have life threatening injuries. the crash happened right here at this busy intersection of alameda and havana. in aurora. traffic was impacted for about an hour. crews cleared this intersection.
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>> . police say both lights and saoeurps were engaged when an aurora chief entered this intersection on a red light. and was t boned by this car. >> . i was in the gas station. heard a big bang. walked outside to a tragic accident. >> . it was bad. ambulance and police and all that came. >> at the time of the crash, fire crews were rushing to this autoparts store on reports of a car driving into a building. traffic. as he was heading north. towards alameda. >> . >> code 3. sometime when traffic is heavy. and people might have the radio on. or not paying attention. they see the green light and proceed through. >> . the impact knocked the woman unconscious. police say she didn't wake up until after she arrived at the hospital. federal government stats show
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involving on duty firefighters. this latest one has police warning drivers. >> . be aware of what's going on around you at all times. don't assume everything is normal. >> . >> the chief was taken to the hospital. as a precaution. he was not injured. that woman is responsive and waiting for the results of a cat scan. >> new details tonight in another crash. saturday a crash on parker road. investigators now believe alcohol was involved. police say a car driving northbound in the southbound lane on parker road. between jay morgan and caused the accident. in all. five cars and a motorcycle were involved in the crash. 7 people taken to the hospital. one in a flight for life helicopter.
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>> . developing tonight. police need your help finding a missing newborn. and his dad. pueblo police say 38 year-old earnest johnson was taking the week old baby to the doctor last week but never returned the infant to his mother. issued a missing and danger alert last night. investigators think johnson could be driving a gray 1995 chevy. with colorado license plate 064rpq. and might be on the way to mississippi. >> . one man is dead. another in critical condition. night. in west denver. the this all happened around midnight. >> . we have new information in the investigation. >> . >> still shooting. robbery in progress. >> . denver police respond to a possibly robbery and shooting at this house near federal and alameda. in the early hours of sunday
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one died another is in critical condition. >> . across the street. >> neighbors say a young husband and wife live here. with their 3 young kids. along with an older man who they believe is the children's grandfather. >> . i saw the officers female. and 3 of the kids. >> . it's the kids neighbors worry about. >> . sad thing. >> . wondering how much they heard. what they saw. and how they will recover from what happened. >> . it has to be better. thinking about the life. and the future. >> . >> a brand new marketplace filled with entertainment and local businesses set to open very soon in a familiar place. in the town of aurora.
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>> . a sneak peek of what's ahead. >> . old neighborhood, is getting a major upgrade. >> . especially this neighborhood. >> stanley marketplace is hoping to turn northwest aurora. into the happening place. >> . i think it would maybe clean up the area. a little bit. >> . it was once the largest employer in all of aurora. the stanley aviation corporation. this one hundred thousand square foot building is the site where ejection seats were and now more than 50 local businesses will call this place home. >> . just been wonderful opportunities with the project. also lots of challenges trying to take a 60 year-old building and bring it to modern purposes. >> . the founding partner of the project. and says it's important to maintain the history. of this iconic building. >> . we have become friends with the family and they have given us documents and old files. art facts. you name it. >> . you'll see remnants of an old
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>> you can see the hanger doors that will be cleaned up. they'll work as they look now. >> you'll see 54 different local businesses. >> . cultivated a community of great like minded business owners. >> a pweubg a bakery. butcher. restaurants and breweries. even a dentist and hair salon. >> one thing is the same. they are colorado made. >> . five hundred new jobs coming here. so. we have we have been really engaged with the all the various stake holders. >> .
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and will end around two a.m. to reduce your exposure to the pesticide. the city of fort collins urge people to stay inside and keep windows closed. for up to an hour. after spraying. >> . a traffic alert that could impact your morning drive. denver public works says tomorrow morning crews will shut down mississippi. at broad way. >> two lanes will stay open on broad way. project expected september 12. with running from 7 a.m. to five p.m.
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we may also get the word on a starting quarter back. although look at this point really it's a foregone conclusion. it will be the second year pro. trevor siemian. the numbers don't exactly jump out at you. over the course of 3 games this preseason. 27 of 43. just over 3 hundred yards passing. with a touch down. and two sper sepgss. swer inter-seplgss after making mistakes. and hasn't been sacked at all. gets rid of the ball quickly. his calm has been the biggest streth add to that just enough performance and yes you probably do have yourself the opening day starter. for the broncos. >> .
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one mark sanchez. who didn't play at all last night. is he still the second guy in line. or will that go to lynch. who did take second team reps last night. of course the preseason game number 3. this mark sanchez thing. going s*erl different ways. he could stay on the team. restructure the contract. might get cut. coulde serious questions to unfold here. >> . regardless of what happens he'll end up with a team. if it's not the pwrop broncos. >> i think so. he's serviceable enough. i would feel better going into the roster with him on the it's all dollar signs here. >> . essentially. always is. >> . find out soon. >> .
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people. parading through downtown denver. >> . a happy ending to a problem solvers story. we first told you about. how one family received a precious gift of preserving memoryies of their baby. thanks to the general ros generosity of a viewer.
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>> nice weekend out there. actually looks a little bit like snow near vail pasdz today.
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earlier today. we had some signatures object on the radar. blue and pink. which represent winter weather. sleet or snow. over near vail pass. actually it was a thurbdz thunder storm that blew through. check out pictures. you can see the white lining the roads. we thought it was snow. but then some eyeballs on the ground let us know it was hail. that in spots was 3 inches deep. and had to push off to the side of the road. to allow the traffic to move through. there were a bunch of thurpd storms around the mountains earlier today. a lot of them beginning to die off. still a pretty good cluster over the front range. to the south of i 70. you can see the string of storms. extending to the east. along the i 25 corridor. around and south of colorado springs. around the city. we're dry. but northeast plains still dealing with a few dying ice isolated showers here. i don't think the eastern plains
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which has been the culprit. still kind of anchored over the 4 corners region. you see the flow. that drags in the monsoon moisture. chance for a few isolated storms to continue. as tkpwoe through the next few hours. indicated by the future radar here. i wouldn't be surprised if we get a light shower. passing through the city. until about midnight or so. after that i think we begin to dry out. the eastern plains could hold onto a chance tkp-r a few isolated showers. through the middle of the night. tomorrow morning everyone dry. a.m. temperatures into the upper 50s here tonight. and should be a nice morning for the kids to get off to the bus. and start the workweek. here's the bigger picture. there it is at 7 a.m. still a good amount 06 cloud cover tomorrow morning. we'll see sunshine. we'll have the clouds mix in. from from time to time. >> . all right as this low pressure system moves to the east a bit. that clock wise flow starts to switch. our wind direction. instead of the southwest. like currently.
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that will drag in some moisture. as we go through the mid and late afternoon. tomorrow. probably through the late afternoon early evening. start to see showers develop. and a 20 percent chance from there. all the way through sunset. that you have to contend with a few rain drops. outside right now. mid and upper 60s low 70s still. comfortable night. 65 downtown. shave off a few. as you go into the high country. 40s and 50s. right now. in the mountains. closer to the metro area. thornton 70. upper 60s side of town. much of the same as you get to the west side of the city. we're talking 50s. as we start climbing up into the foothills. black hawk evergreen. at 51. and 57. respectively. >> . at the airport we'll call 58 tonight. evening storms wrap up by about midnight. breezy at times. wind gusts as high as 15 miles per hour. then tomorrow mix of clouds and sun. late day showers and thunder storms. with that wind shift it will be a little cooler.
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tomorrow probably along the lines of the low maybe mid 80s. 83 fort collins. 81 nice and -frt -bl there. in boulder. >> . then down the palmer ridge we're talking upper 70s. to kick off the workweek. here's the hourly break down. partly cloudy skies through the better part of the day. throw in the late day showers or storms. 20 percent chance you see some. along the palmer ridge and maybe more along the lines of a 30 percent opportunity. not much change in the forecast. over the next 7 days. pretty consistent temperatures. right around the mid at times upper 80s. plenty of sunshine. through the early part of every day. we'll throw in here and there a few late day showers and storms. >> . >> the ones up in longmont seem to have more of the birds than
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so. city came up with a unique way of dealing with them. >> . live in longmont with the story. >> . >> we were out on the golf course. earlier this afternoon. it was amazing -fplgt the geese didn't even care we were there. golf balls. golf carts. nothing fazed them. but they do have a secret weapon here. that does the trick. >> . every game of golf is different. >> some days you play great. >> . at twin peeks golf c longmont. one thing is always the same. every round comes with an audience. >> . yeah the winged variety. >> . they don't mind the geese. >> for the most part they stay away from us. >> . they do mind their left overs. >> . they leave things behind when they walk on the course. stkpwhr-t so so many feathers you can't see your golf ball. holes where they ate the fare way.
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in the geese poop. >> . luckily there's a local hero taking care of the problem. she comes complete with a cape. >> . every time we open the gate. she knows to go chaise the geese. >> . this golden is one o a team of volunteer dogs whose job is scare the birds away for golfers. >> . she'll just keep running. stkwhr. the geese hate it. >> . they run. and fly. >> in exchange the city lets the course. any time of day. >> . making it a perfect job for dogs. with a lot of energy to burn. not all the golfers like it though. >> not too big on that. then we have dog poop on the course. >> . each dog has to be approved for the program. >> they get confused and annoyed when we come out. they see what we're actually doing they're okay with it. >> it's a win, win for everyone. except the geese.
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as far as question as far as we know the dogs don't hunt the geese. they just shoo them away. >> . if you want to sign your dog up for the program. find all the information on our web site. >> . who needs a dog park. when you have a golf course. perfect place. >> . at least goose poop doesn't
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don't breathe left competitors gasping. the horror thriller about a break in gone wrong. opened in first place with 26 p*rpbt 1 million dollars. that's double what studio executives had predicted. suicide squad settled for second place. the animated film moved up a notch. to third place. >> . i got to see hell or high water. >> i think you're safe. >> it was a very highly rated 99 percent on rotten tomato. it was good. a country for old men kind of feel. >> . maybe wait until it comes out. >> you could say that. >> . different viewpoints. >> . europe's beaches are known for topless sunbathers. >> . that's not exactly what you expect to see in denver civic center park. today it was reality. as women were going topless to help promote topless equalitiment hundreds showed up in celebration of denver's go topless. the group was focused on
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helping de-sexualize the public perception of female toplessness. >> . marking the day american women earned the right to let's hope they had sunscreen right. >> . a lot of sunshine today. >> . very brave ladies. >> . when company flaked out. they reached out to problem solvers. the new development that has them smiling again.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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