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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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ard winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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>> at ten. denver police were investigating a deadly hit and run crash. this is a live look at the scene at the intersection of alameda and morrison. police say a car hit a person. at about 9:15 tonight. you can see that intersection remains closed. we are working to get more information. and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. >> . also new tonight. a woman recovering this evening after crashing into an aurora fire department vehicle.
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crews had to take the roof off the car. to get her out and into an ambulance. >> this woman is very lucky. she doesn't have life threatening injuries. the crash happened right here at this intersection of alameda. and havana. traffic was impacted for about an hour. crews had this intersection cleared out. around 5 this evening. >> police say both lights and sirens were engaged. when an this intersection on a red light. and was t boned by the car. >> . i was in the gas station. heard a big bang. walked outside to a tragic accident. it was bad. >> ambulance and police and all that came. >> at the time of the crash. fire crews were rushing to this autoparts store. in reports of a car driving into a building. the chief found himself in heavy traffic. as he was heading north.
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prudent. running code 3. just like police officers. >> . sometimes when traffic is heavy. and people might might have theo on. or not paying attention. and see the green light and just proceed through. >> . the impact knocked the woman unconscious. police say she didn't wake up until after she rao*eufed at the hospital. >> . federal government stats show some 30 thousand crashes happen every year. involving on duty firefighters. this latest one has police warning drivers. >> please going on around you at all times. don't assume everything is just normal. >> . watch out for anything that might happen. >> the chief -fts taken to the hospital. as a precaution. haoefs not he was not injured. the woman is responsive. in good condition. and waiting for the results. of a cat scan. >> . >> new details tonight. in saturday's deadly crash. on parker road. investigators now believe
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police say a car driving northbound in the southbound lane. on parker road. caused the accident. in all five cars and a motorcycle were involved. 7 people taken to the hospital. one in a flight for life helicopter. the crash killed that wrong way driver. >> . developing tonight. police need your help finding a missing newborn and his dad. 38 year-old earnest johnson was supposed to be taking the week old baby to the doctor last week. but never returned the his mother. issued a missing and danger alert last night. investigators think he could be driving a gray 1995 chevy. with colorado license plate 064rpq. and might be on the way to mississippi with his girlfriend. >> one man dead another in critical condition. after a shooting last night in denver. all around midnight. >> . we have new information in the
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>> denver police respond to a possible robbery and shooting. at this house near federal and alameda. in the early hours of sunday morning. >> . the call came from a woman hiding from the gun gunfire inside the home. >> . neighbors say they heard several shots. >> found two men suffering from wounds. one died. another is in critical condition. >> . a young husband and wife live here. with 3 young kids. along with an older man who they believe is the grandfather. >> . i saw the officers escort a female and 3 of the kids. >> it's the kids neighbors worry about. >> . it's sad thing. >> wondering how much they heard. what they saw. and how they will recover. from what happened.
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a brand new marketplace filled with entertainment and local business is set to open up very soon in a familiar place in aurora. the stanley marketplace. we have a sneak peek. >> . old neighborhood. is getting a major upgrade. >> especially this neighborhood. >> stanley to turn northwest aurora. into the happening place. >> . i think it would maybe clean up the area. a little bit. >> it was once the largest employer in all of aurora. the stanley aviation corporation. this one hundred thousand square foot building is the site where ejection seats were invented. and now more than 50 local businesses will call this place home. >> wonderful opportunity with this project. also lots of challenges trying
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purposes. >> the founding partner of the project says it's important to maintain the history of the iconic building. >> we have become friends with the family and they have given us documents and old files. and you name it. >> you'll see remnants of an old airplane hang -rer. >> you can see the hanger doors that will be cleaned up. >> you'll see 54 different local businesses. >> a cultivated a community of owners. >> a bakery. donut shop. butcher. tphaoufpl rous restaurants restaurant ands breweries. *efb everybody even a dentist and hair sa salon. one thing is the same. they are colorado made. >> there's five hundred new jobs coming here. so. we have we have been really engaged with the community. all the various stake holders.
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another roupd of spraying. trucks starts spraying around 8. and will end around 2 a.m. >> the health department and city urge people to stay inside. and keep windows closed for up to an hour. after spraying. >> . a traffic alert. drive. denver public works says tomorrow morning crews will shut down mississippi. at broad way. in both directions. for a paving project. this work is part of denver south broad way reconstruction project. while the work is under way. the city says two lanes will stay open. on broad way. >> . the project is expected to last through september 12. with work running from 7 a.m. to five p.m.
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than building a new one. >> it's like an old car. you have an old car and drive it for a long time. and finally comes a point where putting money into the old car doesn't make sense. it makes sense to buy a new car. we have finally hit that point. >> . new facility will go up here. right next to the light rail line at mile high. taking up a third of parking lot. displacing 367 spaces. beginning october 30. with two hundred spaces already gone. to make room for the mile high
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>> . they'll open a five hundred space parking garage. in time for the 2018 season. joining a growing list of projects around mile high. what's called the sun valley redevelopment district. >> . in fact the denver housing authority back there has been instrumental for 20 plus years in getting this entire area redeveloped. mayor office calls it a priority. >> . other places that were prime. >> . over seeing a ten year city and private partnership. to bring residential. commercial and restaurant development here. >> . it rest of the city. people are looking for the new areas of investment. >> . we're seeing the fruits of our labor. with planning. >> . mile high parking will only be impacted short term. calling it win, win for taxpayers. long term. >> . the redevelopment plans in the area. with the stadium tkreublgt district and sun valley. >> we're really looking forward to becoming neighbors.
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neighborhood. making a mile high come back. >> . they'll begin construction in november. hoping to open the doors in early 2018. we expect to hear other new projects announced in the area. soon. >> . if trump wins in november. he'll be the oldest president ever elected. if clinton wins she'll be the second oldest. behind only ronald regan. >> . >> the clinton campaign responded with multiple statements saying she's an excellent health. and that trump has quote failed
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the most basic financial information. disclosed by every major candidate in the last 40 years. it's time for him to stop using shameful distractions to hide his record. >> . new details from trumps doctor about a 4 far graph letter he released in november. >> . in a rush. some of the words didn't come out thaeuz were meant. >> you may remember the letters had few actual but talked about trumps physical strength and stapl ma. declaring he would be the healthiest individual ever elected. he threw the letter together in five minutes. while a limousine waited outside to pick it up. >> . former candidate and current trump add vie advisor ben carson is calling on both to release a more detailed medical history. >> . >> the clinton campaign says they have no plans tood so. >> .
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on the young end of the spectrum. >> . trump is the oldest. i didn't know he was that old. youthful presence. >> . much more to come with the medical records.
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this afternoon. it was amazing how the geese just didn't even care that we were there. golf balls golf carts. nothing seemed to faze them. they do have a secret weapon here. that does the trick. >> . every game of golf is different.
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but at twin peeks golf course in longmont. one thing is always the same. every round comes with an audience. >> . the winged variety. >> they don't mind the geese. >> they stay away from us. >> they do mind the left overs. >> . they look to leave things behind. when they walk on the course. >> so many feathers. you can't find your golf ball. holes where they ate the fare way. and this. >> . always kind of a nuisance. you don't want your ball landing in the geese poop. >> . luckily there's a local hero taking care of the problem. she comes complete with a cape. >> every time we open the gate she knows to go chase the geese. >> this golden named kate is just one of a team of volunteer dogs whose job is scare the birds away. >> .
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up for the program. find all the information on >> . today could have been a good day to hit the links. at least the first half of the
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once the afternoon came around. plenty of thunder storms begin to develop on the radar. as we continue to see many locations. here tonight. look at that swath of storms to the south of denver. starting really just in the north of colorado springs. extending down to basically the southern border. pretty intense band of showers and storms. a lot of lightening associated with it. a lot of heavy rain. look at the red returns. from colorado springs. down to almost pueblo. now. and you can see here. right over colorado springs. and i 25 corridor. that's a flash flood warning. that will stay in effect. until one o'clock. this evening. >> . which means maybe water over roadways. that direction. if you're headed that way. around that way. make sure you're very careful. it's really tough to see water on the road. after the sun goes down. you never know how deep it is. turn around down turn around don't drown.
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i wouldn't be surprised if we see a few more here and there pass by. through midnight. step out of the way. take a look at the two pictures we have from vail pass. earlier today. from the c-dot camera. it was confusing on the ray ray bourque tkar. we we have blue and pink. which represent winter weather. sleet or snow. actually eyeballs on the ground shows us this was hail. you can see the white line. some spots the hail we were told was about 3 inches deep. they had to push it off to the side to clear the roads. >> . intense thunder storms earlier today. >> . >> . movement minimal over the last 24 hours. it will finally get the gears going.
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so. slowly sliding along. this southern border. which will keep into the day tomorrow the chance for a few showers around. although after midnight to be tt i think the energy will get zapped of the energy. through the day today. should dry out by tomorrow morning. partly cloudy at seven o'clock. we get things started by 9 a.m. much of the same. we'll call it a mix of clouds and sunshine. through the afternoon tomorrow. with lows tonight ditching down into the upper 50s. here's the big picture. maybe isolate shower through the in the eastern plains. otherwise partly cloudy early. much of the same through ability noon. we see the showers become more numerous. with a 20 in some spots a 30 percent chance. for a pop up shower. once we head through the late day. right now 60s 70s. 64 downtown.
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these are grillers.
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ary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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you've got to see this video. caught on camera a new jersey police officer rescuing a man lying on the train tracks. officer tried to pull the man from the tracks but at first he resisted. so they kept pushing and pulling each other. officer eventually managed to pull the man off the track. just seconds before the train comes barreling into the station. still not clear why the man was on the tracks in the first place. but the officer certainly hailed a hero. tonigh just seconds. incredible. >> . horror ho*f movie don't breathe is a big hit. >> after 3 waoebgtds on top after 3 weekends on top. suicide squad fell out of the top spot. >> . the horror thriller about a break in gone wrong. opened in first place with 26 million dollars. that's double what studio executives had predicted. >> . suicide squad settled for second. bringing in a little more than
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the film >> none of those really jump out at me. >> .
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>> denver civic center park today. it was reality as women were going topless to help promote topless equality. un-h un-s showed up in hundred hundreds showed up in celebration of topless day. focused on promoting gender equality. to de-sexualize the perception of female toplessness. close marking the day the american woman earned the right to vote. there was loud music. head banging. and crowds of screaming fans. >> . everything you expect to see at a rock concert. only the actual guitars were missing. >> . check out the annual air guitar world championships. every year thousands of want to be reasonable rock stars compete ultimate title. thousands of people.
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announce after finishing uner up for 3 years. american is crowned the winner. >> . that guys enthusiasm. >> . rock band doesn't translate over. >> . the weather. it's staying warm. not as bad as it has been. >> mid 80s mix of clouds and sun. >> . all right sounds good. >> . sunday sports zone is up next.
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