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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  August 29, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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just in this morning ?-dash the coach officially announcing it will be the starting quarterback. >> he made headlines several years ago now anthony weiner in trouble again for the text messages he has been sending. consequence he is facing. >> the teenagers mug shot on facebook is not upset her picture is out there she's upset with the picture they used. >> plus this little is little girl brings down the house for her rendition of the abcs.
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>> good afternoon it is news broncos fans have been waiting for for a while. trevor is the starting quarterback. >> it sounds also says was neck simeon was neck to neck and neck simeon know next now next to the work where he started the other studies that is the preseason with 27 completions this was just afternoon the announcement say denver will be the first defendant defending start of the
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squad first and then told the team is a whole. i moaned are wonder how mark ticket he kind of seemed like he was ?- he knew it might be coming. >> renaults and now they have to figure out out mark sanchez be negotiated a deal with them we will see what happens and what brings it to you. the search is underway for a missing woman the 66 -year-old was last seen on that morgan county road saturday around midnight. she suffers from dementia. she was wearing turquoise pants and a white top 5-foot 4 inches 98 pounds with great hair and brown eyes. canines are searching for her in the area
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not sure if she was picked up by an unknown vehicle. if you have any information, certainly call police. >> a brand-new shiny fleet of buses the free mall ride operated by itv has some similarities to the old mall and the differences too. we are live downtown with a look at the new buses. truly, they are great. do they are shiny new and red, yellow, blue. they are still free up and down the 16th mark union station to civic center station but down here this is one of 36 buses joining the brand-new fleet. the public is welcome to come and take a look one of the big things this they are fully electric which means they can go up one charge they are so quiet the engine was running earlier. you can only hear a faint whisper. they will
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pedestrians will hear the bus when it comes down. once again still free that makes those stops just like it always does. they were 16 years old with over 200,000 miles on it. right now downtown here on 16th at the corner of a arapahoe you can come down and check out the bus the general manager will be down here checking out the bus there is also free snow cones with the rtv goodies if you are interested then check out the new bus. come on down. that is it. back to you. >> i was not so sure about the free snow cones. now you are on board. and everyone loves the new bus snow. denver public
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directions because of a new paving project. and while it is underway, the city says two lanes will stay open on broadway. this is a video of sky fox we shot this morning. it is expected to last through september 12 with work from 7:0e afternoon. >> weekend except to hear donald trump's immigration plan during a speech on wednesday after a week 11 million undocumented immigrants plans to build a wall on the mexican border and deport criminals have been consistent it's what he wants to do with law abiding families are here illegally today, donald trump is
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ad about the middle class and how the campaign will affect them and in my hillary clinton administration and speaking of hillary clinton today shoes laying out a plan to help americans have americans dealing with mental illness and to do more research on menta >> this was before october 1 president obama sets the golden said the golden era of us fall causing itself as it was causing a crisis. they are asked to
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risk as a terror attack the us invasions of iraq and afghanistan and syria are to blame. he also said they should be eradicated to be going to a brand-new sandy hook elementary school today the same site in newtown, connecticut after the original building was demolished ever some students have been going to classes at a temporary site and a nearby town. >> in philadelphia, crews on the scene of a four alarm fire that broke out at a church look at happened ?- it took them a while to get the flames under control
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the church's exterior collapsed and it looks as if the roof also collapsed locally, no reports of injuries no word yet on the cause of the fire. >> we brought that to you breaking news what a say in philly. a new look at the chaos at the los angeles airport today during security scares this morning one was the report of an active shooter with people on edge more than two dozen flights diverted cancellations and delays airport says there were reports of a masked man armed with the store dressed as a solo character. police later found out the sword was only plastic. >> parts of north carolina bracing for a tropical storm the storm system is yet to be named meteorologist on the east coast are monitoring watching it closely the depression formed yesterday and is expected to move towards the coast by mid week. a tropical storm watches in effect for parts of north
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the governor is asking coastal residents to talk about the emergency plans and update their supply gets get ahead of time. >> today marks the 11th anniversary of when hurricane katrina made landfall on louisiana. the city of new orleans taking time to remember the devastation caused during landfall august 29, 2005. the category three storm killed more than 1800 people. the displaced more than a million along the single most catastrophic natural disaster in us history. today, the city's mayor and other officials delayed on the memorial. >> greg is out there watching your weather here in colorado. 81 degrees we will only make it into about the mid 80s very warm for the time i 83 in the forecast 81 at the airport. i
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and upper 70s 83 looks like it will hold on. a decent amount of sunshine. surprising to see close behind me as you head out towards the foothills. little dryer slobs of error. more arriving this afternoon even showers. we may have thundershowers as well depending on where you live. look at this ?- the dry air is moving overhead pushing off to the west with more clouds on the planes even a couple of storms starti springs. mid to upper 70s around town. the denver temperatures are bit warmer anyone there. lower 70s in greeley this morning around the cold side 83 is one of god 83 tomorrow a lesser chance of rain tomorrow and wednesday we start warming up after only making the lower it is basically where we are right now is as low as we
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guy? he is in trouble yet again and it almost feels like d?j? vu. ann text messages getting him in trouble ?- but this time he is facing a new consequence. plus this ?- >> ?? you are asked, to you be ?? we will have more of her stunning abc is when abcs when
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with up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just 70 dollars a month for one year. speed may not be available in your area. switch today. while come back. format congressman anthony weiner in trouble again. and once again, for sending inappropriate text messages now it looks as if his wife is leaving him over it according to a report he resigned from office in 2011 after he admitted to sending lewd photographs of himself to women on twitter reportedly,
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the latest batches of messages in january of 2015 and then it continued to move on. >> 's wife announcing in a statement that she has decided to separate from her husband down the campaign trail she has worked for hillary clinton in the past when secretary of state and now she is dealing with this today. anthony weiner does it again. >> they met with the pontiff at the vatican according to a statement he talked with the pompous and how he could help fighting poverty. he gave the pope a model of a solar powered aircraft. facebook hopes will expand internet access in developing countries. >> i just saw a movie trailer about it. it is really need.
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happened to his t-shirt and heady? >> a cheaper american version of the upper pan on its way soon. the maker announced plans today to make the generic available in several weeks costing $300 for the tupac. the brand-name version is twice as much after the high price of the brand-name version. that should be good news for many families. if you are a swimmer ?- good trackers more moderate than the previous version you can leave it on prolapse in the pool or while taking a shower it displays four times bigger than previous mile and model and can be dressed up or down. i just do that part him but it in but it is kind of nice. and maybe one day i will get a fit bit and then i can actually get one.
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>> do you really? well, i guess that is a lie. it comes with a surprise just kidding. >> you don't have to deal with my stance. nature valley is facing for mail with what the company put on the packaging. but the lawsuit says general mills is deceiving customers think nature valley granola bar made with 100 percent natural grain contains a small amount of a widely used pesticide called glace closing. general mills says it's done nothing wrong. >> an australian teenager gets in trouble with the law, and her mug shot ends up on facebook. >> worried about the arrest ?- there is the picture. how she took the steps to get her picture fixed.
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while come back. it is 1118. hope your monday is up to a great started teenager in australia asking everyone to use a different photo when they talk about her recent arrests. this is the mug shot. she got in trouble for allegedly damaging property. a local stations
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when you are on the run it apparently you have time and post on facebook asking the police in media and tv stations to use a better picture of our saying you can use this photo of me please and thank you. followed by a smiley with a halo over it when. i don't know about that but she included the picture she wanted viewed. you know, i suppose she's manners, she's got that go get them attitude book. >> maybe she should have been in following the law? >> i'm just saying she's pro active taking steps here is the max something is wrong with that picture so to speak. these excess you have in school with how attractive you are teacher is, and that is what researchers at the university of nevada think doing a study using
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given by professors they found attractive having attractive teachers made a difference by about half a letter grade. >> what do you think? >> i within the compass that i would think you would have a hard time focusing select every professor had in college was 65 with no hair. i don't understand where these attractive professors are coming from. >> i can see it. check this out ?- this confirmation had some russns weekend. it formed over siberia yesterday. emergency services getting a flood of calls saying it look like a mushroom cloud. and some thought their may have been an explosion at a nearby coal mine but it was completely harmless and cumulonimbus cloud
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like a parent your o'clock is not my fault. >> gracious. so what happened is the clouds it is stable. in the atmosphere they cannot raise any more so it's almost like eating a roof. it flattened out on top. it can mean ominous mothers to make it is basically we get them because the storm clouds go straight to the top of the stratosphere which is the lower level of the atmosphere they are a huge 30,000 feet deep that look like a randall random stable air area than this means rain. it was raining from the bottom. does that mean accumulating rain? >> cumulonimbus the puffiness and raymond. would you pay
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tell you something about both getting in the middle of that i was saying earlier is standing out on the weather deck and off to our west was little bits of cloud cover out in vail. still overcast out in vail. meanwhile, a bit of sunshine over the mile high even over the foothills and mountains you see the clouds mostly cloudy officially at the airport 77 in denver 81 downtown official observation is not quite what it is going on at least over the city. temperatures around the city still meet upper middle 60s. seventy in commerce city lower '80s and dia. i think i daytime high at dia a hits 83 i think it is higher than everyone else but over the next hour everyone will cook over the next hour and stay at the same temperature. we are getting scattered showers i was talking about firing up in the palmer
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dryer as they will luckily die out some. this with the chocolate is on looks like it will curb over towards castle rock." perhaps the southern side of laundry in highlands ranch and maybe over towards morrison too. there is that on the radar and here is more as we head out of the state of colorado into kansas where the sleeps around. bringing more showers. usually we see these coming the opposite direction from the east with an upper-level low sitting to the south with strike moisture you can see how much backup there is we will get those scattered showers to move in here for this after noon most of the action stays off to the east. mainly off to the south of i 70 not a good chance of getting rain today. same type of deal does
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chance either. south of i 70 and every one on that section a 20 ?- 30 percent of rain. warmer and will set back up with high temperatures in the mid- or middle 80s as we roll into the weekends. eighty-three on wednesday mid and upper '80s back on friday and saturday entering the beginning of next week for which all the winners for the dream home, it should be a nice bonus they are in the forecast. that will be a great day for someone. have a cup just a little girl with the big place.
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will come back. 112016. the
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is unforgettable. >> ?? ?? ?? apple mormon. >> had trouble with the letter she was on but then once i got it her name is violet in shreveport, louisiana. come on posted this and has had more than 3 million reviews. i love color little hands. as to make such a cutie. >> she is a mermaid. >> how warm today? >> eighty-one. and burke will
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a tutor and recreation facilitator from chicago, illinois... and our returning champion -- a collaboration solutions specialist from mckinney, texas... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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