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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  August 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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why thigh turped on a woman they why they turned on a woman they lived with for at least 8 years is still unknown. >> a question with no answers. how do two family pets suddenly turn executioner. >> . it was a challenging scene. it was a dog attack. just very upsetting. >> two family dogs killed 60 year-old susan shawl. in the door way of the garage on black widow drive in confer. they also bit their owner. the sreublgts victims son. 36 year-old richard shawl the third. when he tried to intervene. >> . neighbors said the male and female pit bulls had a reputation for excessive barking. but never thought something like this could happen. >> i was shocked.
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did cite richard 8 years ago. because the dogs were running loose at neighbors house and acting aggressive. >> . i feel bad for rich jr. i hope he's okay. >> . the son was bitten on at least one arm. it's been a bad year for him. he lost his dad about 3 months ago. and investigation is on tkpwoeupb. ongoing. >> truly awful. thank you. >> . drivers being detoured during the evening rush. crews sky fox over the intersection. which we're told will not reopen until tomorrow afternoon. because of the extensive repairs that need to be made. >> . eastbound down to one lane in the area. break left 3 businesses without water. city says water is expected to be retore stored to the places later tonight.
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accuse of abusing her two year-old son. today a judge granted her supervisorred visitation with the boy. child abuse stems out 06 this video. posted on facebook earlier this year. originally a judge ruled kennedy had no contact with her son. the new visitation will be in a therapeutic setting. the mom will be in court for a pre-trail hearing come october. >> . the search for 3 people suspected of into fiddlers green. to steal alcohol.
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jewelry worth nearly 130 thousand dollars fell out of a womans suitcase. then video shows an employee aledly stealing the bag. with the jewels inside. >> . we're talking expensive. watches. earrings. br dollars a piece. fortunately the jewelry has been recovered and the employee is under arrest. >> earlier this month. she flew into as aspen where she has a home. she discovered that a case had fallen out. the case carrying quote a approximately 129 thousand dollars worth of jewelry. >> . including diamond earrings and a pearl bracelet.
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diamond star worth 28 thousand. the baggage handsers found the small bag is put it on the plane. when they arrived at dia. the pilot handed the bag to this man. 42 year-old. a united airlines customer service agent. >> . police say surveillance video shows him quote wrapping the cosmetic bag in printer paper. and slides the case into a brown paper bag. and leaves. >> . when police confronted him they the jewelry items before they went missing. he corporated. he cooperated. took hem to his home and handed over the case. >> . they have 0 tolerance for theft and the employee has been removed from the duties. >> . >> thank you. investigators say the baby who died at an adams county motel yesterday. was a 6 month old girl.
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autopsy results before releasing anymore information. on how the infant died. >> . anonymous e-mail threats forcing the closure of several u.s. department of agriculture offices across the country. including one in fort collins. also connecticut. maryland. west virginia and north carolina. >> . from various media out lets. report on the e-mail investigation recommended no charges be filed. the clinton campaign says they welcome the e-mail release. in the name of transparency. >> . a boost from @ other side of the aisle today in denver. hold a breakfast with business leaders to discuss clintons jobs plans. governor hickenlooper introduces
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pack ard. and top republican fundraiser. >> . the republican nominee for governor of california. 2010. and was a finance cochairwoman for mitt romney presidential run in to 12. she says trump is unfit to be president. >> . any warnings tonight about security surrounding this year election. after the fbi launched an investat hacks in election offices. in illinois. and arizona.
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we're regularly thinking about it. we will be before the general election folks from our office will be out. in each one of colorado counties. >> concerns intensify. after arizona and illinois election offices were hacked. earlier this summer. the washington post reporting possible russian involvement. >> . countless resources are spent. not only to prevent a cyber attack. >> . with every vote having a paper trail. should questions arise. >> . we evaluate and test our systems.
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been successful elsewhere. everyone we spoke to say colorado is especially secure. and hacking is possible. it's unlikely here. >> . to be clear the hacking efforts in other states involve hacking voter registration. not necessarily changes the out come of an election. still a lot of questions in the age of the hacker.
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easy part may have been naming trevor siemian starting quarter back for the first game. the hard part.
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his name on it. >> . a jersey with his name on it. >> . the stores owner says that may change soon. >> . nike is the official supplier. for the on field apparel. they actually decide whether they get produced. >> . when they get produced. >> . it hopes to have stitched jerseys in stock within the next couple weeks. be patient and nike get with it. >> . step up to the plate. >> . busy making more cuts. >> . the most tenured player on the roster. punter. >> . big surprise here. >> . we heard rumors about this. now official. he signed on back in 2009. he's no longer a member of the team. the broncos are getting ready to enter play in nine days. with a quarter back that's never thrown a regular season pass. in the league. as well as now a punter in
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>> . parking lot of the it's part of the business. tkeu but it's not fun. >> . before the broncos made the announcement. the veteran mr. consistency and mr. like likable. no longer a denver bronco. >> . they get very close. and you let one of their buddies go. it's hard. >> . he was asked to restructure his contract. and take a pay cut. for the second straight season. something he obvio willing to do. >> . as for the rest of the team. the roster currently sits at 75. and the cuts aren't over yet. the final 53 man roster is due by saturday.
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keep your head forward. >> . also on the cut list. wide receiver. as well as tackle kyle roberts. taoeug end gram placed on the injured reserve. we'll hear from mark sanchez. a guy not on the cut list. still a member of the broncos with all kinds of rumors swirling about his future. >> >> you get a little older. make more money. get a target on your back. it's true in football and other businesses too. >> . it's reality. >> . sanchez maybe with everything that's going on in minnesota. >> they lost a quarter back. who knows. >> . we shall tpaoeupd out. wefp we have we have storms out there.
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maybe some hail in some spots. let's get to the big picture. start out wide here. as the metro area we're dry now. you can see the y shape forming. as thurpbdz storms will blowing up around the mountains here. up and down the front range. all the way into southern colorado. they hook around off into the eastern plains. plenty of lightening associated with them. they're really slow movers. and putting down a lot of rain and short period of time. some spots in the plains. hail indicators out there. in some of the storms. few pockets off to the divide. down near bailly. stretching down into the palmer ridge. no rain at least yet. across the metro. can't rule out a possibility of a stray shower. coming through. over the next hour or two. >> . notice the flash flood warning. that's down into parts of eastern cheyenne county. in effect until about 6:30. about two inches of rain. it's getting a hreult lit little lighter now. >> .
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for. rising waters and yes the accumulating small hail. as we go through the next few hours here. until things start to wind down. shortly after midnight tonight. although future radar does show that everything at least across the mountains will dry out. heavy rain lingering through 7. 8. maybe nine o'clock. in the eastern plains. it doesn't have much in the city. i'm not going to rule it out completely. we may see a stray shower move by. coors field for example. first pitch 6:40 tonight. against the dodgers. the odds are very >> . something to watch out for. otherwise partly cloudy skies. maybe a light shower in the far eastern plains to kick off the day.
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i think they'll surround the metro area. best chance, along the front range. through the palmer divide. and into eastern plains. we'll leave it at at ten percent chance. we see a brief passing shower here in the city. into the day tomorrow. >> . 82 for the high today. beautiful afternoon. felt really good. our average high around 85 this time of year. we fell a few shy of that. we'll come very close to the numbers again here tomorrow. >> north of town. thornton 8 -l 0 degrees. commerce city 79. with upper 70s and one or two low 80s there. through the south side of town. >> . we'll zoom it out wide. the big jet stream map. notice over the pacific northwest the yellow blue and green colors. a big trough that will dig in. to the northwest of us.
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progression. for us we get a really strong southwest flow. setting up over the next few days. that will take the highs from the low 80s. in which we'll see again tomorrow. into the upper 80s near 90. as we transition towards the end of the week. >> . 52. over night tonight. storms will wrap up by midnight. partly cloudy skies after patchy fog. into tomorrow morning. >> 7-day forecast. has much of the same. into the day thursday. i think we wipe the slate clean. as far as the rain goes. 85 for the high. moderate from there. per happen near 90 towards the weekend. best shot for rain definitely friday. afternoon and evening. >> . all right. >> .
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we have our favorite films. special insight to share.
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>> happening now, denver police on the scene of an accident involving of vehicle and a bike a list. you can see the bike right there on the grass. apparently, it is 27th and federal pick they have shut down the westbound the seventh street. one person has some serious injuries and we will bring you more information on this as it becomes available.


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