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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 1, 2016 1:05am-1:36am MDT

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a car smashing right into the building. while children are inside. good evening. >> this started as a hit and runment turned into a police chase. and ended with two children and a teacher in the hospital. >> live at bright star day care in aurora: with the story new at nine. >> . first we want to let all of you know the 3 people who went to the hospital will be okay. very minor injuries. which is amazing. when you see the damage. take a look behind me. this car wiped out the entire front panel of the day police tell us the driver may have been on drugs when he crashed. >> when you see a store front all smashed in like this. >> i live here. it's hard to see. >> you wonder what happened. >> there's cops chasing after him. i couldn't even count. >> it all started two miles south. aurora police say there was a hit and run. and when the run vehicle took off. cops chased after it. they ended up in this parking lot. >> all kind of chaos. the screeching of the cars.
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in spite of the damage. the owners feel lucky. they only had half the number of children on a tphor normal day. in the infant room. all of the babies happened to be out of their cribs. so the car didn't hit any kids. and it missed the front office by 3 feet. >> . it was an angle.
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wouldn't be talking about this. >> . everything lost here can be replaced. >> . it's a horrible thing that happened. it's the best of the worst things that could have happened.
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>> the individual was fighting with one of the officers. over his particular service weapon. several shots fired. the individual was struck. we believe he's been pronounced. >> . the suspect died from gunshot wounds. right on the seat two officers were taken to hospital. one in serious condition. none of the officers were shot. they are all expected to be okay. >> . drug use on the cherry creek trail. another denver city on tkpwaeupbg problem. sparking a new effort to put a stop it. denver plans to ban drug users and sellers caught on trails and
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clean areas of the river. and remove those needles. >> . lawmakers out lawed synthetic pot. known as spice. five years ago. that didn't keep two men from allegedly selling the dangerous drug. dozens of popular retail smoke shops across colorado. a grand jury count indictment against these two. >> . for allegedly manufacturing. distributing and selling herbal cigarettes laced with synthetic. sold in legitimate cigarette retailers. including smoker friendly. un-aware of what they were selling. >> . they made millions preying on unsuspecting public. >> . it's a dangerous substance.
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>> . the men operated the scheme out of now closed warehouses in west minister and denver. >> . a story that started with a rambling 91 is call. and ended with pat bowlens son convicted of harassment. is taking a new turn. john bowlen appealing his conviction. >> . >> that was john bowlen knocking his girlfriend against the bathroom waupl. wall. taking her phone. >> . john bowlen answers this time.
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>> local tphaepl says it was bad en without their car. after it was stolen and involved in a police shooting. but it was worse when the police told them they had to pay the towing and other costs. >> . their car was stolen in april. a relative sent them this picture. when she spotted it. but west minister police asked them to wait to retrieve it. because investigators were trying to catch the thief. police got into a shoot out with the suspect. fired nearly 50 rounds into the car. and killed him. the vehicle was impounded for
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investigation. and destroyed. they can't afford the towing fee let alone a replacement vehicle. >> . when you're a victim from the car theft. and the car being destroyed. and victim a third time. from having to pay a bill that we shouldn't have to pay. >> . >> after problem solvers contacted the police. they called back and said they're looking into resources tos help the family with the costs.
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each holiday weekend coming up is the fact that major roads in this place like colfax. and broad way. will start to close down. that begins tomorrow. >> . a lot of preparation. to feed the need of this event. >> . 33rd year of taste of colorado.
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when you're tkraoeufing down here. you want a full list of closures. including the roads and days. we have that on
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>> dave young with the problem solvers update. >> . not only does john see and smell skunks in his neighborhood. he says one lady feeds them. >> i told her that skunks are the in hurl one carrier of rabies in the state. and she doesn't care. >> another neighbor trapped this skunk. after they kept dog. >> . not much we can do. >> there's not enough manpower to come to each and every one of the calls. >> pest control expert says a mild winter made skunk population explode. this summer. calling this area prime real estate. >> if you have shelter and food and water somewhere close to
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device you put down. their going to come. >> . they're going to come. >> you need to reduce as many of those things. like high weeds. dog food and trash. anything around your house. to make it less attractive. >>. >> . habitat photd modification is the key. >> . he took care of the skunk. after seeing our report. >> . i just want to take care of the problem. before it got worse. >> . notary public a no agency will remove skunks unless they're rabid. or have severe injuries.
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at all the greens on the map. ground clutter. nothing from the sky. maybe clouds passing by. not just a case around the metro. take it out wider. up and down the front range. now the eastern plains are dry. the moisture in the air could lead to patchy fog. especially as we get closer to towards tomorrow morning.
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you travel south of i 70. see the foothills here. west of i 25. pueblo and colorado springs. another little cluster. in a southeast corner near springfield. all of which will disappear. over the next few hours. now. today we saw the last lingering effect of the low pressure system. which brought us the unbelievable weather. really. that we saw over the last two days. all that accumulating hail. flooding situation that we had normally in the metro. colorado springs. that's now all behind us. that low sft >> . dry and full of sunshine. let's start tonight at midnight. cloudy conditions. 61. we taebg you through tomorrow morning. the kids get off to the bus. where we had the rain. today. on the eastern plains. that's where the best chance for the patchy fog will arise. by 7 a.m.
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with lows down into the middle 50s. or so. we jump into the future cast. as mentioned we're quiet into tomorrow morning. maybe patchy fog. tomorrow afternoon, good deal of sunshine after that fog burns off. that's up and down i 25. all the way to the state line. to the east. but notice in the high country. i think the daytime heating could kick up a few afternoon and evening shour showers. widely scattered stuff. and doesn't look like much will come down. into the lower elevation. leave usry
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oregon and washington. idaho. it's just not going to be able to push down to the southeast far enough. for us to feel the effects. instead we hang under the ridge. southwest flow cranks the heat our way. temperatures over the next few days will 80s. perhaps upper 80s to near 90. by the time we head into the weekend. al over night tonight. 58 over night tonight. showers to the south will fade out. clearing skies from here on out. breezy at times towards morning. >> . middle 80s north of town. >> . >> tomorrow afternoon. 7-day forecast. has the rain returning on friday. 30 percent chance.
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we slowly watch the rain chances dwindle away. as we head through our labor day waoebgtd. should be beautiful. >> . monday looks great.
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getting shocking news. >> . hot telling them they can't find the babies remains. they accidently discarded them. >> . stillborn 6 months into the pregnancy. her great grandmother says the family wanted to bury the baby. but the hospital couldn't find the remains. not just that. the hospital was cruel in the way they delivered the heartbreaking news.
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enough to call her to come hot hospital. to sit down and talk to her. they told her this over the phone. while she was driving. >> there's so many questions that i need answered. >> . the hospital says it is investigating how this mistake happened and implementing processes. >> . hawaii big island preparing for a hurricane. th space. a category 3. storm. expected to hit the island in the next day and a half.
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>> we just started having a good conversation. >> . after someone sent his mother the photograph. she wrote a long facebook post thanks him for the simple gesture. >> when he read the post he almost started tearing up. and hopes bow can join him for game this season. >> . i don't think they're the only two crying. >> . just so touching. >> . any parent. i can't even imagine. >> .
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>> new warning from denver police. >> officers say more and more license plates are being stolen from cars. police say they have a solution. that could prevent you from becoming a victim. >> .
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live in capitol hill. to explain. >> the theft is becoming such a problem. in this neighborhood. officers here at district 6 police headquarters are giving away the special screws to make it more difficult. for thieves. to swipe those plaits. >> . city wide is happens every day. people finding their cars without license plates. just in the capitol hill area alone. officers took reports from more than 30 people over the last month. >> i'm this is a safe neighborhood. >> . unsuspecting victims find themselves pulled over by police. for not having plates. then there's the time it takes to get new ones. for most vehicles it doesn't take long. >> here's an ease easy one to remove. your standard screwdriver will do the trick. with the screws the police department gives these are the screws police want you to have.
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police station. >> . plates are stolen for tags. but also thieves steal them for strollen cars. a way to throw off officers who maybe on the lookout for a
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around the world tonight. jet blue making history. >> . that airline flew the first commercial tphraoeulgt flight from u.s. to cuba. in more than 50 years. the plane left florida this morning. and after an hour and 8 minute flight. it landed. >> number of dignitaries and regular travelers were on board. including some of cuban decent. the flight will fly daily. beginning october 1. one of ten airlines adding cuba the to the route. >> . trump met with mexican president today. after the meeting both describe it as direct and open. both have disagreements with the other. trump discussed the wall he's proposed building. but didn't discuss who would pay for it. >> . tonight it was trumps immigration policy speech.
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but not far from one he's talked about throughout the campaign. he talked about how president obama quote open border policy is failed. and clinton puts the needs of those in country illegally before the needs of americans. then out lined his plan. >> . saying he'll build the wall. with above and below ground censors. and mexico will pay for it. >> . a catch and release policy. clinton made her case to veterans today.


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