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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 1, 2016 1:35am-2:01am MDT

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but not far from one he's talked about throughout the campaign. he talked about how president obama quote open border policy is failed. and clinton puts the needs of those in country illegally before the needs of americans. then out lined his plan. >> . saying he'll build the wall. with above and below ground censors. and mexico will pay for it. >> . a catch and release policy. clinton made her case to veterans today.
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clinton hardly mentioned trump adds at all by name. but jumped on his trip to mexico. saying being president is about more than a photo op and takes consistency and reliability. also set the tone by reminding them of the public feuds with the family. whose muslim son was killed in iraq. and mccanes capture in vietnam. >> . i will never ever dis-represent gold star of war. who endured so much in our name. >> . 68 days. until election. >> .
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he was so close to me. i was afraid. to move. >> . this bear is so close. that sanders knee in the video. >> he was that close. i felt his breath. >> >> she first snapped a photograph. and sent it to her son upstairs saying help me. he thought. >> i thought she was messing
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>> when she followed with don't make a lot of noise. he slipped in. whether it it was the second pen there. or the fact that the second person is 6 foot 6. 3 and a quarter. the bear did walk away. >> saw the sreutd. video and were on scene by the afternoon. because the bear seemed to have so little fear of human. that's why they suspect it has been fed in some form or fashion. that's why they came up with a trap. to remove the bear. >> . that kind of behavior, is extremely concerning. despite having such a large animal so close. she stayed as still as she could. feeling startling the 3 hundred pound bear would create more issues. >> . anything could have happened. >> . now the florida fish and wildlife commission hopes to trap the bear. and move it out out of the area.
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officer was in bad shape after being hit and dragged by a car. while on duty in december 2014. he almost didn't make it. after 18 surgeries. hard work and support. he bounced back. today he is getting back on the force for the first time. we talked with him this morning. >> it's been a long journey. downs. that i wasn't sure that this day would come. and doctors that told me this day may never come. so. i just i'm blessed. >> . good for him. he will be on modified duty. working a few hours a day at first. its his fellow officers that stuck by his side. making his return to work possible. >> firefighters getting ready to fill the boot for the annual campaign. starting tomorrow thousands of
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across the state. asking for people to drop a donation into the boot. >> . raising money to help kids and adults with muscle diseases. live longer and grow stronger. >> . running loan ob funds. the possible solution such as doubling the cost of instaut hunting and fishes licenses. >> . what hunters and anglers have to stay about spending more money on the popular past time. >> over 950 thousand people hunt and fish in colorado. every year. that's second only to the ski industry. >> . fact is. 70 percent of colorado parks and wildlife annual budget comes directly from hunting and fishing license revenue. >> >> another fact is.
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pheasant on opening morning. >> everything from maintaining fish hatching. vehicle maintenance. and the cost of the programs. >> this current cashless khraoeu climate prompted them to think about raeusz raising hunting approximate fishing tags up to one hundred percent. >> you want to hunt a buck. now will cost 45 bucks. eventually could cost you 90 bucks. to hunt a buck. that's a lot of bucks for a buck. >> . a hundred sick to my stomach. >> . i'll probably still pay it. what are you going to do. they got you. >> . whatever the increase the voters will be the ones who decide how much they're going to pay. >> . i may consider quit hunting completely. >> . big change for sure. remote islands in the north atlantic ocean have gone to the sheep. >>
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they asked google to help and they answered. google sheep view. >> .
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throughout the rest of the day. not expecting rain around the mile high. although back to the west into the higher terrain. daytime heating stirs things up. we have a 20 percent chance for a few passing showers. perhaps a few thunder storms thrown into the mix.
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nothing but sunshine. and clouds. mid 80s tomorrow. should be a great afternoon. then the rain returns starting friday. with a high of 86. into saturday we're backing off to a 20* percent chance. we warm up to near 90. we'll have a look into the rest of the labor day weekend. in 30 minutes. >> . ladies and gentlemen. we have been waiting so long. drum roll. >> the tickets for the st. jude dream home give away. are sold out. >> . 13 thousand tickets. we did it.
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>> doesn't look superexcited during his photo op. but as long as he's smiling on the inside. he chose to drive from khraoefd cleveland to colorado. >> . brushing up on the avalanche organization. >> . i followed the avs when joe was playing. incredible team. and the success they had. i know a lot about a little bit about the franchise. history. but really the work and over the
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to speed. stkphr. >> he's keeping all of the current avalanche assistants. he has championship experience. after earning minor league titles as a player and coach. >> . colorado is very lucky. >> . learned a lot from him. you can see his knowledge of the game. and fast forward 14 years he's gone onto work under other great coaches and learn as he goes. and today it paid
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the vikings are interested. >> . after and you can't put anything passed the cowboys. p-r sanchez it's all more wait and see. >> . extra fun for the rockies today. a double header. after mother nature came to play last night. they smashed the dodgers this afternoon. 7 to 0. with the help of the birthday smash. his first major league homer on his 29 birthday. and he wasn't done. make up game was tonight. same team. this time around with the grand slam. >> .
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happy birthday to you. rockies winning tonight. >> good day. >> . >> awesome. >> the roster is trimmed on >> .
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judge lynn: this morning, i heard an extreme case. in a recent magazine survey, nearly 20% of women in relationships said that they were jealous. even without proof or provocation, women thought that their spouses would cheat. jealousy is what brought today's couple in to see me. catalano: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: i'm here today with christopher sanders and angel henry. you two have been together for a year and a half. i'm not quite sure what we're doing here today, so hopefully one of you two understands your relationship well enough to explain it to me. but i will start with you, mr. sanders. why don't you tell me what's going on with ms. henry and why you're here in "divorce court" today? sanders: uh, first of all, it's jealousy that me and ms. henry have. you know, we've been together, and i've never showed her anything. i've never done anything wrong.


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