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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 2, 2016 1:05am-1:36am MDT

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>> first tonight. at nine. one nasty discovery behind a restaurant in aurora.
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alley. as part of the prep kitchen. >> problem solver found thawing meat next to a dumpster. attracting flies. and producing awfully foul smell. >> . that's right. it was disgusting. the problems here are so bad. at this restaurant. that after problem solvers contacted the health department. a health inspector took him an hour to address what he calls critical violations. >> when the fox 31 viewer sent problem solvers this video. we wanted to see for ourselves. sure enough. this is what we saw. pigs feet thawing on a package of something that might be chicken. behind korean foods. in aurora. >> . i'm a reporter with fox. what's going on here. >> are people going to be eating these. >> soup. >> customers on the lunch break had no clue what they were in
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what's this. >> is that the smell coming from here. or coming from the dumpster. i can't tell. >> problem solvers called health officials. and received a fast response. investigation still pending official review. found 7 critical including hazardous food temperatures. and sanitation issues. >> the restaurant under new ownership. since last late year. is properly licensed. and now under closer government scrutiny. >> now back in july the health department found 6 critical violations. here. in ten days an inspector will be
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following today's investigation the pigs feet and the 80 pounds of them. were condemned. >> talk about getting results. thank you. >> we learned about this story through a tip. if you need us to look into something. e-mail problem solvers at >> . or call or tip line. >> >> a gas leak may have led to an explosion. in the neighborhood full of ski condos. in winter >> live in mentor park. with the development. >> excel energy crews are still out here at this hour. tonight. take a look behind me. you can see that's the truck with the yellow flashing flight. right behind me. if we take a look off to the right hand side. up the hill a bit. that's a group of excel crew members. taking a look at houses out here. we don't know for sure yet what caused this explosion.
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gas, that it doesn't happen again. >> police tell us a 56 year-old winter park man is in critical condition. tonight. with burns on his chest neck and head. after a home he was working in exploded. >> revealed some people were doing some remodeling work inside the house. one of them plugged in a carpet iron. which time they were all 3 blown off their feet. >> excel energy crews are trying to figure out if natural gas is to excel had been inside the home earlier in the day. but police tell us at that time the equipment didn't detect a leak. >> they were across the street when the house blew up. >> . it's unconfirmed whether it was an actual leak or just trying to determine if their pipes were operating properly. >> . explosion blew out a wall. and the rest ot home is still standing. >> . police tell us they haven't been inside yet because they're not sure if it's safe. in the meantime. they shut off the gas to the
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>> the rest of the neighborhood also had to be evacuated. that's about a dozen homes. now lucky most of these homes are actually empty right now. anyway. because ski season hasn't started yet. >> good point. thank you. a dry cleaning mess. most likely take a few days to fix. when a car comes barreling through a shop. sky fox over impressive cleaners this around 4. with impressive damage too. incredible video. the vehicle right through the building there. believe it or not. no structural damage at all. it went through the window. broke the glass. but didn't hit any load bearing walls. the driver wasn't hurt nor was anyone inside. >> . this one a day care center in aurora. staff member and two children were hurt. but are already home from the hospital. the day care hopes to reopen in a month. >> tragic new developments in a story you first saw last night. here on fox.
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killed was a reporter for the denver post. she had been with the post since 2004. writing all kinds of stories from features and food. to hard news. the driver who hit her is 23 year-old. accused of driving drunk. o conner was walking in the intersection at first and downny. when he was hit. he continued driving for 8 blocks. where he stopped and called police. friends at the denver post are having a really difficult time. dealing with her loss. >> we have written about probably once, twice a week. and it's a little bit difficult to process when it's happening in your news room. >> friends say she was a caring and compassionate person. always will willing to help. >> . new ke details about a police shooting yesterday. before an officer shot and killed the suspect, the guy first tried to make a get away out of the patrol car. officers came to a home looking for 21 year-old michael ferguson. he tried to get away in the
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when they didn't work he switched to a patrol car. and when that didn't work police say he ran off. an officer tackled him and two more came over to help. >> details. >> . state rules are clear. you can buy pot at shops like this. when you just can't smoke it in public. if this new initiative passes come november. we could see people smoking pot in denver. where thigh never legally have before.
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to be issued. the designated area will would 1 plus. inside or outside. no smoking in public view. no sidewalks alleys or parks. and not within a thousand feet of any where children congregate. no smoking inside. the business would need to
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air act. so only vapeing inside. the. >>. the new effort has many critics. backers say they're not going away any time soon. >> this is something that's in the ballot initiative. in california and nevada. this is not denver specific. this is not colorado specific. recreational cannabis picks up steam it will be a conversation that comes up. >> >> again this is all up to denver voters. if it passes come november. it would create a 4 year pilot program. to test the waters. >> all right. thank you the broncos in preseason action tonight. against the cardinals. back here at home mile high stadium getting a new look. huge banners now hanging outside. showing sropb sropb maybe you have seen them along i
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installed just ahead of the season starter against panthers. >> . there will be a football themed work out and dance party. with players next wednesday. september 7. from 6 to nine a.m. and events will happen at sports authority field. it's free. you must have a ticket to attend. kick off village will open wednesday at 3 p.m. until thursday evening. it's free and open to the public. you have the chance to meet broncos cheer leade stampede drum line. it will close be a big concert. >> . colorado's own. happening next thursday. doors open at 3. lot offense excitement. >> . lots of excitement. >> . they really roll out the carpet when you win the super-bowl.
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about to make lands fall in florida. >> it carries maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. that makes it a category one hurricane. >> here with the latest out of
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a hurricane struck florida. the center of the storm expected to make land fall at ten tonight. twelve o'clock east coast. which means it will be a long night for the sunshine state. >> >> waves poupd the coastline. >> it's nerve racking. i'm ready to get back in further inland. >> roads along florida gulf coast shut down. because of the surge. some try to secure boats before the worst of the storms strike. >> bunker >> . haven't seen a hurricane hit the sunshine state in more than a decade. >> this is life threatening. we have a hurricane. you can rebuild a home. you can rebuild property. you cannot rebuild a life. >> forecasters expect to pack a powerful punch. it could be dangerous and memorable. >> we'll see big storm surge. we'll see a lot of rain. flooding.
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there's going to be a lot of risk. if we don't do our job. everybody needs to be prepared. >> . the main concern is the storm surge. which would be any where from 8 to 12 feet. >> really. florida has been dealing with all day long. look at the bands of whipping rain out there. again in here you'll have isolated tornadoes. a lot of lightening again. winds speeds are up now closest to the eye. about 80 miles per hour. again it is just about to come on shore.
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this is where you can get the tornadoes. we color coded it here. where you see the blue. those are some of the nasty thunder storms. from tampa. up into the pan panhandle. i want to zoom in just a little bit closer. and you can see alligator point is there. and this area here is national forest. so it is literally the outer wall of the eye. now coming on shore. >> the it as a category one hurricane. quickly moving across the panhandle. the intensity will drop off. but. it is going to deliver soaking rain. to the carolinas. georgia. all the way out into the virginia. for labor day weekend. a lot of ocean goers will be washed away. >> . for us building clouds off to the west. today. looks threatening. at times. but really more bark than bite. live radar continuing to show
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rain to the south and west. we have been tracking the lightening. strikes west of denver. the storms try and come down into the city. they fallen apart. i want to put this into potion. motion. we had a weak boundary here. that flared up a storm in the thorn ton area. didn't last long. >> . first temperatures today were mainly in the 80s. from denver to fort kols. tkpwraoe lee. 70s from colorado springs. akron lie mono-to burling ton.
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you can see we have 60s in golden. the same down towards. 70 sen sen 70 commerce city. temperatures in the 70s from denver to the north. 67 in parker. so there's the moisture on the west side. trying to come in. between now and midnight. after that we're done. we will get another push of rain. into the mountains. i'll show you a wider view of that. tomorrow. some sunshine early in the day. thickening clouds through the lunch hour. there it is. foothills. better chance is going to be from denver. south. and especially here. on the to eastern plains. some storms could rumble and give you wind. and rain. and lightening late tomorrow. >> . that moisture will fade. stkp we'll get the afternoon
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>> 57 in denver. a few 40s up into the mountains. in aspen and tell ride. highs tomorrow of 60s. cooler temperatures low 70s. because of the moisture coming in this corridor. because of the early start with the rain. out of the 90s out west. for grand junction. we're back to close to where we were today. two or 3 degrees cooler. temperatures mainly in the 80s. a few spots will touch in those 70s. tonight. app 57. comfortable. tomorrow 84 degrees. partly sunny. and the storm chances will come in. i think from 2 or three o'clock in the afternoon. and last until about 7 or 8. how does that impact the rocky mountain show down. i'll have that coming up. >> . sunday and monday.
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couple storms tuesday and wednesday and thursday. we're back to work.
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facebook was going to use the sat satellite to widen int access across africa. >> . in this video you can see the rocket turn right into a fire ball. unbelievable video. the explosion happened in florida. no one was hurt. founder saying the explosion happened while the rocket was being filled. >> . if you you got a jump on your t. you may have to wait to get your refund. for some early filers claiming they earned income tax credit.
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maybe delayed. agency says a new tax law requires it to hold refunds until at least mid february. and said extra steps to check for identity theft may result in a slight delay. >> . terrifying moments for a mother and son. for 3 hours she waited for her five year-old son. to arrive in new york. on a flight from the dr. >> . i'm told he's not and i say oh my god what did you do to him. where he is. >> . somewhere along the way a passport mix up sent her son to boston. a different five year-old boy to jfk. she did everything right. she paid the extra one hundred dollar fee to have her son accompanied by a flight attendant. jet blue apologized and offered them two thousand dollars and future flight vouchers. but the family says no thanks. they won't be using that airline ever again. >> .
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>> can you imagine.
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pulling this scam off. >> a war of words between denver district attorney. and a dna expert. who testified in numerous high profile cases. >> . richard has served as a dna expert in cases here from colorado. and all over the country. >> high profile cases from the case seu anthony trial. a judge discredited him and won't allow him to testify in a denver trial. >> .
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says the denver prosecutor got him to admit that he had no dna analysis. experience. and he failed basic tests. he says that's all not true. and he has accredit tkaeugs to show for it. >> forensic scientist has been a part of thousands of cases. served as tna expert witness for high profile cases like tim masters here in colorado. >> >> a judge in denver has discredited him. and wouldn't allow him to testify in a recent trial in denver. >> they're scared from some of the cases. >> this guy comes in. and testifies to. >> for denver district attorney. >> i know he's saying it was our fault.
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this. >> he says the ruling was significant. >> this is a dangerous dangerous they think he does. in very serious cases and needed to be exposed. he's been expose on cross-examination. in the past. but this exposes him even more. and it shows he's not qualified. to do the work. >> he points specifically to a cross-examination. in court. earlier this week. >> through h under oath. he showed that he is not an an expert in this field. >> he says he has the accreditation. >> again. do that. i can't do that. >> he will continue to stand behind the judges decision. >> in cases where little girls
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where entire families were killed. women were raped. >> . people are going to know. that when he came to denver he wasn't an expert. and a judge will look at that and have a long pause they let him testify. as an expert again. >> while he stands behind his work. >> we stand a hundred percent behind the case we did. >> this is just the second time in his 32 year career. he has seen a judge rule an expert cannot testify. there's still processing the decision. but will contact the lawyer for legal advice. and believe he's the victim of slander. >> . >> december will mark 20 years since the murder of john ben net in her boulder home. >> . >>
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up. >> we re-maybe remain focus on the investigation. and finding justice. >> she was 6 years old when she was found murdered in the basement of her family home. on december 26. 1996. no charges were ever filed in the case. at one point a grand jury se secretly voted to indict her parents on charge of child abuse resulting in death. but the district attorney refused to sign. >> problem solvers consumer alert. a recall issue for little bite plastic pieces in them. >> >> iraq war vet tied the knot last spring. has yet to receive wedding photographs. he turns to the problem solvers for help. >> we sent tapl sraoe to see if she could get a hold of photographer. and get questions answered.


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