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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 2, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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hello, hurricane, now downgraded to a tropical storm that it is still hitting florida's gold coast hard. we've learned a fallen tree has already taken the life of one person in some areas the cleanup is already beginning and this is just the beginning of what could be a path of destruction. >> it's good to diane live in florida. >> the hurricane nontropical storm takes her fury up to georgia and the carolinas. here in florida there working on the substantive assess the damage, try to get a hold of what needs to be rebuilt but this is now become a deadly
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156 your old men died in marion county when a tree fell on the tent he was sleeping and during the storm. we just saw a massive alligator in the river. it's not something normally see, asking people to be vigilant though it may appear to be safe. >> the first hurricane to hit florida in 11 years. pounding florida's gold coast with heavy rain and high wind. this is one of the worst that we time. >> the hard-hit island official say a storm surge of their has devastated the community. the majority of the businesses down there, they don't have the water comes through the back door, out the front. officials across impacted area, telling people today stay indoors and off the roads. the flooded areas, keep out of
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play in the water there could be power lines in the water, there could be snakes in this area there could even be alligators. the storm has across florida toward georgia and the carolinas people being encouraged to get ready. being over prepared, underwhelmed when it comes to the storm. want everyone to please be safe. forecasters are warning the storm would be dangerous throughout the labor day weekend. could spend more than two days sitting in this general area of the mid-atlantic and northeast coast a system that is not moving could be big trouble because that means whatever rainfall is occurring could happen not only hours, days in some spots. we are arty starting to see some damage from the tropical storm, in georgia appearing seeing a significant can storm surge and some of the lower parts of south carolina, but we also have to worry about is the redness come even if it dissipates storm going off the eastern seaboard
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the weekends for those coastal communities, even if there is some sort of physical damage. they're focusing on that here in florida the main objective is getting the power back on. more than 1,000 people without it, 100,000 people, there working on getting that back on it could take time that is a lot of people. now another big concern, other than the safety of the people living on the east coast, the people hoping to travel to the we can. a lot of people have plans. this is a picture from space, satellite picture of the storm heading into the area. you can see how big it is and how much area it's covering. look at the size of this thing pitted is such a massive storm causing so many problems. >> this is from the national atmospheric and oceanic administration it's a projected path of the storm could you can see right here, how could hit
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watching for us, as you travel up north you're talking how could get more energy from the south to make it even bigger worries churn a little bit longer as we look more these maps, showing the energy and the potential for precipitation. states of the eastern seaboard could have their labor day weekend in jeopardy it could be lost revenue for businesses well. people with businesses on the jersey shore especially worried about the storm heading over the holiday. beach businesses saying labor day is something that they count on before they hit fall. in colorado people are already starting to hit the road for the labor day weekend. it's not too bad, but you can see traffic is picking up. gas prices are expected to be cheaper this labor day we weekend that in the holidays past which means the roads could
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we've got greg and he has the details, tracking all of this. it was he this morning, still gloomy, i can see some hints of son on the foothills it feels a bit muggy out. over the next couple of hours, will clear off a little bit of the early-morning cloud cover, then we'll go back to some isolated showers will pop up and roll off the mountains during the early temperatures are trying to respond to be start off in the low 60s. sixty-two this morning, 70 downtown will tack on about ten more degrees hitting our daytime high. here is a least the first two thirds of your holiday weekend. tomorrow afternoon storms are back high temperatures in the mid- 80s. by sunday we are dry near 90 degrees as we head toward the unofficial end of the summer season. what is your monday like for labor day?
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on games all of that. will break down your forecast just a few. police agencies will be stepping up their patrols for the holiday weekend. sheriff's office, arvada police, have already announced that they will be on extra high alert to keep us safe. they're warning you be sure you don't drink and drive this holiday they want to keep everyone safe out there. there's an account set up today for the family of a woman who in conifer. she was attacked by her son's dog's at her home pair the two dogs involved were euthanized the son, richard the third was also bitten when he tried to step in and help. the go fund me set up by a friend nasser community support for the family today people are gathered to honor a 14 -year-old hit and killed with a memorial sign. he was riding his bike in the
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an elderly driver back in july. thirteen -year-old is also. the survived and 81 -year-old driver was also injured passed away shortly after. today there's going to be a ceremony to put up the memorial sign at yell and madison 320 this afternoon. his friend can calm, when school is over. today we are learning more about the man suspected of crashing his car into an aurora day care center where children were inside. this is the man police have identified come it's a he is being held on $50,000 bond and is expected in court today. the 35 children were inside that day care, staff lebron two children went to the hospital. have since been released. the former stanford swimmer convicted of raping an unconscious woman outside the fraternity house, is free right now. he was released early for good behavior from jail this morning in san jose, protesters were
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the six month sentence. the center cause a lot of controversy nationwide for how short it was. he is expected to go to his hometown in ohio will have to register as a sex offender. >> new information on the condition of nascar star, dale earnhardt junior philly out for the remainder of the year after experiencing concussion like symptoms. he is already been out for the past six races and is announcing today he will not be back for the rest of the 2016 season. he is thought of suffered a concussion in june, but made it clear to compete again after that another accident in july his health is being watched very closely. >> the announcement of who will moderate the presidential debates is out today. this is a big deal. a lot of people waiting to see this. the commission in charge says it took more caution this year than it typically does, the first moderator will be lester holt september 26 come you know him
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he is the anchor of nbc nightly news. the second debate will be moderating by anderson cooper and martha, that will take place on october 9 at washington university in st. louis. the final bait big debate, moderated by fox business chris wallace, the university of nevada las vegas. the be a vice presidential debate on october 4 in virginia moderated by helene come cbs news, the originally supposed to be announced last month that the took longer for them to try to find an individual who was least likely to be accused of being bias which is what happened i think a lot in the primary debate. >> he really took their time with this one. when we come back come we are checking in at mile high stadium. >> tissue stay at the stadium. rivals colorado state and colorado repaired his face off in front of dedicated fans. take a lot of preparation come a lot of stress goes into that.
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married in a week. temperature didn't put this out. ava that's why this couple only
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rocky mountain showdown just hours away arty people are starting the party at mile high stadium. >> it's an event dakotas portends the court to all your own, boxes greg has been there at mile high, celebrating with the every getting to greg? >> let's get out to greg. what happened to that mural that we are working on earlier? i think was so cool. to be fair and objective, sporting both team colors, little bit of green, how appropriate for the first to tailgating parties over one
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over the shoulder comely of csu fans. these guys first in line eight years running. annoyance lunchtime. will take a look at the csu menu, breakfast burritos, buffalo brisket brotzman sausages, nevertheless, they also have plenty of desert here in the form of some jell-o. the parent has run and a little bit of vodka. this is one side of the equation, of course you are asking about the other side if we take tie about the history of the rocky mountain showdown. of actually around since 1893, the first game, was one by cu, according to records, 70 -- six, again, the rocky mountain showdown will continue here later on today, at sports authority field pass mile high, the kickoff itself is set for
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chalker truck artists, still busy at work. we checked with an her as early as 8:00 o'clock this morning. it will take a live look at her progress and only thing, big john taking a look at your piece of fine work. talk about what we are looking at pitt i'm doing a portrait of two football fans wearing their team colors and face paint and >> this is started about 5:00 o'clock this morning? i started about 530. >> i like the colors and the piercing eyes. good stuff. see cu and csu, colleges represented here. 6:00 o'clock, tickets are still available. open up the parking lot here on stadium property, closer to two decades some themselves, the
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if that's pretty good, at like to see great. that's amazing work. >> that is so cool. good stuff. >> he said we could. what is he doing his spare time? coming usually they are not as bad as this one. >> can you spot the very unfortunate typo on this wedding invitation? it is time for labor day weekend we see rain pretty much all we can. the big question, is your holiday weekend going to be
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i have become a pretty big. popular thing these days. some people like using them pig you prefer a real. i want that people, i wanted in my hands. it turns out the popularity is actually declining 65 percent of though survey say they have read a paperback or hardcover in the past year compared to 28 percent who had read an electronic book. 14 percent of the listen to audiobooks. sales surged back on amazon first introduced it. it even reader back in 2007.
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ago. i will say this, make it stupor for e-books. they prefer if they have the choice? they read most of their books on their kindle. my biggest problem with reading an e-book i don't feel like i'm making a lot of progress. don't get to see the bookmark as it makes its way down. >> is just a little sliver yet. to buy already has the biggest buildings in the world come in the biggest shopping malls. they are now opening the world's largest indoor theme it's one .-point 5 million square feet and this is a sneak peak before actually opens. the centerpiece roller coaster so big it cannot fit under one roof. it is called the velociraptor shoots rhetoricians are about 6o .-point five seconds. >> i cannot even look at that. it makes me dizzy. >> thinking about it. >> a typo on a wedding invitation is bad enough but
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>> i don't think they thought about it and i can see why they see passes for the invitation had dinner choices reading beef, pork, viewed online, more than a million times. it's funny because it's funny. you still get it. were getting married soon. >> the seven days. we had a brouhaha there was some
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>> at times new roman kind of guy. the weather is looking great. getaway days, you be running into wind speeds in. winds down about the 15 mile-per-hour range. we will not air about 430 this morning come it lived in just a few hours previous to that. once that happens or maybe some real organization. will talk about another system that would be renamed at that
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that'll be a call interesting weather scenario that runs over the weekend. for us, not quite as interesting. we did have some moments of rain earlier this morning especially on the northern front range for the first batch of showers look like a finally out of here. two different worlds here, almost 80 in sterling. since we been the clouds are so long come we be warning around. ring the low 70s because of that. here's the latest on the rain. a lot of these not even hitting the ground because it's pretty dry off to the east. we started to dry things out in the foothills. i saw some sunshine out there.
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sixty-nine the temperature in denver. we'll get some sunshine mid- late morning hours. more isolated showers popping up this afternoon. isolated is the keyword. we dry things out as a head into tonight. tomorrow and lethal be some afternoon showers. maybe a thunderstorm early rocky mountain showdown we saw great come in talking with the street artists out there checking out how the tailgating is going. there may be a passing storm. then we get better and better the labor day holiday will be at 85 degrees.
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with other cats, great with kids of all ages. she loves to meet new people, i'm surprised you couldn't hear her purring from over there because she has one of the loudest person i have ever heard. we are running in specialist labor day weekend. were offering $25 off adoption fees. were talking about a deal on a forever friend. >> if you have kittens and puppies, and we need to learn how to find how homes for these other guys. were not all caps@. looking one it's warmer, visit some of these cazenove. if you ever had a puppy come you know when they hit on come it becomes unless travel is puppy
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>> they are already help train often, they can listen to you. we will be closed on monday. if you're looking today saturday and sundays when the special is out, but will be closed on monday. it's good toee butterscotch, go to the qu?bec street shelter. you can also give them a call you make a home with a new pet, but even if you want to take care time to teach them about so they can take care of them when it is time for you to get one. we thank you for joining us today at 11.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an english teacher originally from rye, new york... a business manager originally from salisbury, maryland... and our returning champion -- an editorial assistant from new york, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] hey, johnny, thank you.


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