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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 2, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm MDT

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>> his kids were his dogs. they just had puppies. knowing the he can't even spend time with his dogs. >> family dollar closed friday. police release the name of the man arrested for the crime. anthony gray son. employees and other stores said the suspect stayed on scene after the stabbing. until the police arrived. >> police came. just they get this guy. he stayed there. >> tonightri for your help. so their beloved alex can be buried in mexico. where most of his family lives. >> i really hope people with open their hearts to help. >> they set up a go fund me. asking for ten thousand dollars. >> we want to send him back where his parents want him. >> . we put a link on >> . thank you very much. >> safety alert.
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holiday weekend. the sheriff office is warning people about a sudden spike in theft. from vehicles. authorities say the biggest increase in the incidents is part of highlands ranch and parker. areas in castle rock are also being targeted. they say most of the crimes happen in late afternoon. and the parking lots and parks trail heads in most cases car doors are left unlocked and valuables are in plain sight. >> . there's new information involving a deadly motorcycle accident that happened earlier this week. in aurora. arapahoe county coroner says the man killed in the crash wednesday night was 22 year-old. witnesses toeltd told police his motorcycle didn't have the front headlight on. when a car turned in front of it. >> eagle fire department is looking for a new fire chief. after firing. arrested last month for allegedly stealing 120 thousand dollars from the former fire department. in sterling. he is due in court for a bail reduction hearing on september 16.
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biggest college football game. just about wrapping up. >> . cu and csu squaring off tonight. >> . >> every season starts with hope. then the belief that good things can happen through good preparation. and solid plan. on opening night every team looks for that very confirmation. some find it. some don't. >> . colorado on its very first drive. with the take from five yards out. fumble on the play. the big fellow. center alex kelly falls on it. to finish a scoring drive. 4 and a half minutes in. more of the same. looking for and finding ross. tiptoeing alongside line. great sense of where he is. sets up the reward. ross again watch the blocking down field. boom. 14 to nothing. 6 and a half minutes in. the route was on. colorado state ten yards of offense in the tpeurs quarter.
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pedal. >> . look how wide open he was on that play. 60 yard catch and run. sets up the third score of the quarter. 21 to nothing. can you say rocky mountain blow out. 24 to nothing just before half. >> . allall colorado all the time. 44 to 7. we'll have more reaction coming up see you then. >> quiet day on the campaign trail. but the fbi making news release -lg documents about the investigation into clintons private e-mail server. clinton told investigators she couldn't recall any training on handling classified information. and didn't remember every detail of the transition out of the state department. citing her 2012 concussion. >> . fbi and justice department declined to prosecute for the
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>> . donald trufp getting his second national security briefing tonight. in new york city. after that he met with leader of the african american community in philadelphia. polls show trump getting less than ten percent of the african american vote. in the past few days trump tried to increase his out reach to the african american community. >> the moderators tp-frt 3 upcoming debates have been named. >> . >> co-moderate the second debate october 9 in st. louis. and wallace will moderate the final in las vegas. october 19. >> . in news across america. former stanford university swimmer whose short sentence of. gets out of jail 3 months early tonight. >> . he walked out early this morning. he was convicted on all counts by a jury in march.
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sentence recommended by prosecutors. a judge sentenced him to 6 months. turner is expected to return to ohio. police say the they will treat him like anyone else convicted on similar charges. >> . tier 3 offender. repbg registers every 90 days with us. he'll make a visit with us. in the very near future. >> the judge who handled the cases to civil court. at his own request. >> . watch this. two texas students hit by pickup trucks while getting off the school bus. neither of the kids was seriously hurt.
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that witness knew the boy was hit. who was hit. and the teen driving the truck as well. she told him she was confused ant about law. and didn't know she was supposed to stop for a bus coming -ts opposite direction. the drivers in both cases were cited by police. >> a big disappointment for visitors to the new york state fair. vandals damage a sand showing the head of singer justin bieber. >> . a man came up to the sculpture and bashed the head. fans also getting the bad news the statue will not be repaired before the fair closes next week. >> .
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ineffect the rules do not effect consumer
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products in healthcare settings. 3 more ingredients could be banned next year. >> what used to be a common childhood illness is almost gone. chickenpox cases have dropped by 85 percent. in the last ten years. the fall off was the greatest between five and 14 years old. also the age group most likely to have received a second dose of the vaccine. credits the vaccination with prevents 3 and a half million cases of chickenpox. nine thousand and one hundred deaths each year. >> the vaccine doesn't work for everyone. but people who do get vaccinated and get chickenpox usually have a less severe case. >> . problem solvers consumer alert to tell you about. millions of smart phone users. sam sung issuing a huge recall of the new galaxy note 7. recall which was just un-vailed a month ago. involving two that and a half mn device. it it found a problem with the battery. after the device caught fire
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>> it's also offering customers a free new phone. in the coming weeks. >> . a warning from irs. about a new wave of attacks targeting tax professionals. identity thieves are able to file fraudulent tax returns. by remotely taking over a practitioners commuters. the irs says in recent days about two dozen tax professionals have fallen victim. it's urging tax preparers to review set -lgs settings and take all security measures.
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>> which was the number of my he came aboard. i was topside. and he was on the destroyer. he came aboard.
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>> he served on the u.s. missouri a ship that played a key role in world war ii. >> millions of americans served in the vietnam war. at least 24 men from colorado never came back home. a few months ago i traveled to tell the story of local men who were left behind. >> . >> country. beneath the villages and valleys. sweeping rivers. and next to its thriving cities. are secrets. 12 hundred of them. who. service members missing in action. killed in *bgs a. or taken prisoner five decades ago. we recently returned with a group of veterans who had never been back.
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not just because of their own memories. but because of those families stuck with nothing but memories. >> . you remember them every day. not just once a year. >> . in april 1972. bruce walker a 26 year-old from pueblo. flew out of this town. his plane was shot down. he survived several days and used a mirror to signal rescuers. he was surro fighters. killed in action. remains likely lost forever. thousands of miles from home. >> . life never was the same again. >> this old farmhouse. the family of private first class has been waiting nearly 50 years for a phone call. >> . he's probably killed. but you never know a hundred
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let's get a closer view. here in the south and east. hot spot was. at 94 degrees. 84 degrees out in grand junction. 70s in the mountains. there's the low 80s. that we posted for denver. fort collins. greeley and akron. limon at 80 degrees. temperatures tkpo up a bit.
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downtown. 66 at the airport. humidity on the low side. the air is very comfortable. wind not strong. o front range temperatures just a string of 60s from castle rock. to fort collins. on to the eastern plains. lower 60s in spots. nice 50s here. censor at vail pass at 43. >> fun 234e8 clouds a small tornado touch down. and some hail. some of the storms tomorrow could be on the strong side. way out here.
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for the front range it will be scattered storms. you think you can see the temperatures. 90s again for the south and east. we'll be in the 70s. and low 80s all the way out west. >> . sunshine. a few showers over the foothills. again one or two here in denver. forfirst day of the hol holiday waoepbgd. a stray storm at best. temperatures in the warm 80s. >> . come back and we'll update you
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david.
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"she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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>> >> mike mac laying emotional ground work for a colorado blow out tonight. the at the rocky mountain show down. with colorado state. >> . looking mid season form. the team was quick to follow his load. first drive of the game. right down the field.
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koeupbg doing the honors. great block. 14 to nothing. 6 and a half minutes in. buffs playing in guy gear. and the rams powerless to stop them. >> . a wide open fields a 60 yard strike.
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the quarter back for the university of colorado. buffaloes. 318 yards passing. part of 585 yards total offense tonight. >> . the broncos have 22 players to mop off the roster. what happens to sanchez of course remains the headline. along with the running back battle. between hillman and bibs. full back runng he's a combo. >> . amongst the handful of guys who got the early notice today. also today bradly robe fined 24 grand for his late hit against the rams receiver. last weekend. here. the big news are the decisions that gary and john elway are combining to make. >> . we have decisions to make. obviously running back decision. we have defensive line. wide receiver.
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inside a deputy fights for his live. right behind me across the street. where the suspect was shot and
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to investigate two separate shooting scenes tonight. it all started when police got call from a house. about a person who was suicidal. and dangerous. when police arrived. douglas county sheriff says the suspects opened fire at officers. that's where detective was shot. the latest update we have. the detective is in surgery and listed in critical condition. after that. the suspect got into an rv and drove a short distance before crashing. while all this was happening nine different schools in the including a nearby senior center. at the hospital. and a fitness center. the suspect fired more shots. after he crashed the rv. and that's where he was shot and killed by an officer. in street clothes.


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