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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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to investigate two separate shooting scenes tonight. it all started when police got call from a house. about a person who was suicidal. and dangerous. when police arrived. douglas county sheriff says the suspects opened fire at officers. that's where detective was shot. the latest update we have. the detective is in surgery and listed in critical condition. after that. the suspect got into an rv and drove a short distance before crashing. while all this was happening nine different schools in the including a nearby senior center. at the hospital. and a fitness center. the suspect fired more shots. after he crashed the rv. and that's where he was shot and killed by an officer. in street clothes.
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they say there may have been come kind of technical issue. that the school sent out two alert -ts. one during the initial lock
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dismissed. they're investigating what might have gone wrong. >> . when her mom showed up to pick up her seventh grader. she was met with gunfire. when she got out she heard the gunshots and said she heard 4 of them. she got back in the car. i didn't hear anything from the school. my daughter started texting me. telling me she was scared. >> . that bothered parents the most. >> no notification at all from the school district. >> the emergency system was tested just 3 days ago. >> this is a of the emergency notification system. >> when they really needed it. they weren't notified. >> this is a true emergency. i'd like to know how how my chin are doing and what i need to do. >> . the district now looking into that. we're starting to hear reports from witnesses. >> . i was going to go help with football practice. >> on his way to the school. when he says the suspect pulled out a gun. and opened fire. >> . he shot at my vehicle.
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try to help him. and one of the civilians reached behind his back and pulled out a 40 caliber. and fired 8 shots into the vehicle. >> we now know that was not a civilian. rather a detective. in plain clothes. calls him a hero saying it's a miracle he and others weren't hit. >> whoever that guy was he was a savior. >> . so far police haven't revealed the identity of the detective. the investigation is ongoing. >> . detective who shot the suspect. our thoughts are with the deputy and his family. >> . we learn more about what happened today. we'll pass the information along. to both on air. and online. at >> . and on facebook. you can get updates on our free app.
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but it did some daniel here in the pan now the soaking rain and the wind and the thunder storms right there hugging the entire here's the future cast on where it will go from here. these are all tropical storm warnings. while it won't have the impact that it did in florida. with the storm surge. it will bring a lot of rain and really ruin labor day weekend. the storm looks to speup spin here. to the south of new england. east of new york city. and washington dc. and hang out for a couple days. they could be looking at flooding rain. as the storm slowly makes it's
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mountains. skipping by denver. what's left over is this little tail end of thunder storms which did bring some severe weather. hail. flooding rain. lightening. wind and a couple funnel clouds and one tornado to touch down. in open areas. coming up in a few minutes. we have a chance for a few weekend storms. when to expect them. temperatures are going to get warmer. and of course ahead to labor day. in the 7-day forecast. >> . drops cost anyone caught dealing or using illegal drugs. will now get suspended. if police start enforcing the
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we told you earlier this week this allows police to give ou 90 day suspensions for those caught buying. selling. using or possessing illegal drugs. effectively banning them from the park for 3 months if they violate that suspension they could face up to a year in jail. and close it a thousand dollars in fines. park officials have collected more than 35 hundred needles. so far this year. >> . a co leek forces residents to evacuate their apartment bu firefighters tracked the leak to the boiler room. they say everyone got out of the building safely. including the pets. >> .
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so investigators could do surveillance. and catch the thief. police ended up in a shoot out and killed the suspect. in the car. it was destroyed rounds fired into the vehicle. police initially told the family they had to pay hundreds of dollars in tow fees. and refused to help get the new car. after the family called us. they agreed to waive the fees. but they were still out a car. >> . >> until 303 towing heard the story. >> . i have kids. we know the struggle of transportation. for every day life.
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we decided that one thing that we can give back. >> we do have and do have control over. we can get done. gave her a call and called you guys. decided to give her a chrysler. >> . they wouldn't have been able to afford a new car. and aren't word to express their gratitude. >> . >> >> she's going to pay it forward by fighting to get cities to change policies. so other victims don't have to pay to get their property back. ! the heat is on across colorado. joined forces to crack down on impaired drivers across the state. if you are headed out and about this labor day weekend. expect to see more officers. and troopers on the road. the patrols will continue through tuesday. >> . popular swimming spot. will remain closed for the rest
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a micro organizism discovered earlier this month. rerpblg researchers want to make sure it's not harmful to the public. it stained the shoreline red. stkpw if you have plans head down. know that it won't be open for swimming. >> . a denver tradition for years. is no more after sports authority went out of business. the are happy to fill the void.
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tested 4 that range in price from 16 to 350 bucks. the results were surprising.
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you want so tkpet out and enkwroeu colorado. you need an ice cooler to make sure your food doesn't spoil. >> make sure you keep the beverages and food nice and cool. >> there are lots of options. going all the way up to this huge. that costs 13 hundred dollars. >> the main thing to look at. is looking how thick the walls are. >> how much do you really need to we put 4 ice chests to the test. first the husky. 45 quart. price 1599. then the igloo. 52 quart. price 2159. >> . this 48 quart coal man cost 2799. and the cost 349 dollars. >> . we filled each ice cooler with 20 pound of ice. and let them sit outside in the sun for 24 hours.
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let's take a look. >> see how much melt. >> we measured how much ice had melted. >> . in our casual test. the run off from the coal man filled an entire pitcher. and then some. >> the igloo had even more melt. >> the other two had significantly less. >> our first place finisher was the yeti. least amount of ice melt. that's a 350 dollar ice chest. compared to the second place finisher. the only 16 dollars. >> . there's no drain on the foam cooler. like on the others. and it's not as sturdy. it was an interesting 24 hour result. especially considering the difference in price. something to keep in mind. if you're hit -lg hitting the campground this weekend.
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there you have it. >> . that's a lot of money. how long are you going to be in the woods. >> . it's called the dog house. >> . 16 dollars vs. 350. think about the beer you could buy. >> punch a screwdriver in the bottom it'll drain just fine. >> . you can see not much. this is the back end of the storms that did bring about a severe weather to the eastern plains. there's lightening.
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showers are shrinking. so. that was pretty much where we saw. scattered storms over the mountains. big players on the eastern plains. >> .
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65 lake wood. 64 in across the rest of the front range. temperatures mainly in the 60s. mix of low 60s like down towards fort morgan. >> denver to fort collins. maybe thin high clouds. we'll burn that off. see increasing clouds lunch hour. and then here we go. bring in chance of scattered storms. watch this. again the better storms will move away from denver quickly. a small chance. and they get stronger out here in the eastern plains. you may have a little shot of some hail. winds. lightening. and some pockets of heavy rain. >> . much like you saw today.
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through one o'clock. the storms will shift. onto the northeast plains. i think the chance coming across denver on the low side. maybe a little better north of town. and earn will certainly better here. lows tonight. nice refreshing 40s in the mountains. 50s and low 60s over the eastern plains. about 58 here in denver. highs tomorrow we were at 84 today. bump it up a couple to 86. 88 greeley. 88 fort collins. 80s akron limon. to burlington. hot 90s to the south and east. >> . comfortable 70s as we look into
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then. we have refreshing change. how about 70s. by the end of the next week. >> . there you go. >> . she cares about kids. and wants them to be healthy. so.
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awareness of kindness. and giving. it doesn't have to be an organ. skwr*urs for the greater good of humanity. >> more than a hundred thousand people are placed on the transplant list each year. only around 14 thousand actually get one. >> . that's cool. >> . grease lesson. >> great lesson.
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>> >> two teams with very similar aspirations. trying to get off to good starts. at the other pension. nothing personal. >> . looking good tkoeubg doing it.
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first drive of the game. right down the field. >> >> center. had his back. landed on the ball. may have deflated. but it is worth 7. buffs playing in high gear. rams powerless to stop them. >> . you can't be anymore open. a 60 yard strike sets up the games third score. with two and a half minutes left in the first. 21 to nothing after the first. more of the same. great to set up a score. just before the half. 31 to nothing buffs. >> . are you getting the idea. >> . one sided wash out. >> . live at mile high. with the story of the very probably victorious and happy colorado buffs. >> . i knew this was going to be an amazing night.
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out of the locker room. everyone played a very cool and calm. kind of like we have been here before and this is what we should do. what we're supposed to do. we heard about coach macs pregame speech. very emotional and passionate. >> . the guys said the emotion coach shows always gets us fired up. to go skpout play our best. they made a statement tonight. unfortunately csu >> we're live on the field. >> . there's no question. moments ago talked with who did come in for relief. he did lead a scoring drive. but going to be a long drive up north. moments ago had chance to talk to him. none of the other rams were available. >> they just got hit in the nose early and often. unexpected. and really the big thing between the lines is they need to get
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ball. in the air. a lot better. something we saw csu attacking through the air. they were effective doing so. >> . >> all right. so a little saying. colorado gets off to a great start. looking to build. colorado state obviously the exact opposite. interesting to see where both go. from this point. >> . rockies make any play off. they have a lot of road >> the task becomes at least highly up likely. >> . down five to nothing. tied at 7. then rockies lead nine to 7. at this point in a track meet. get a baseball game break out here somewhere. muscles up with the bases juiced. first ever grand slam. rockies have won five of the last 6. same two clubs again tomorrow.
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hopefully on a good day. >> you're saying there's a chance.
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everyone complains about millennials. nonsense. millennials, i salute you. you save money like no other generation. you share cars, wifi passwords, canoes, deodorants. my grandson bought a pair of pants with me. today's his pants day.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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when's a good time for parents to stay with you? i haven't been together with rachel for 3 weeks. my parents want to have your parents over for dinner before they leave town. i'm paying for this paris trip. it's their anniversary present. we adore elaine. she wants to say hi. she's with her new boyfriend. what's he like? a close talker. hello, eric. hello. how long are you in town? wouldn't you like to be a big brother to someone like me? what am i supposed to do with all this paella? they said tomorrow, maybe. maybe? maybe they don't like us. we don't care much for the costanzas. we can't stand them. i'll be leaving for paris in 2 days. we've been trying to reunite joey with his father... who lives in paris. morty seinfeld and i are going into business together selling raincoats. do you think your parents would have any objections to taking a little kid to paris with them? your mother and i are planning on taking a cruise


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