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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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'ed the suspect as after that shooting tph-fgt tors
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later crashed. they say he fired more shots. after he crashed. on the screen. right now. that's where he was shot and killed. by an officer dressed in street clothes. >> . douglas county says there's a large crime scene with several locations. urging people to stay away from the area. also asking for prayer. for the detective. and his family. in the other officers involved in the situation. >> . one of the denver zoos most beloved elephants has died. dolly was put dn days after being moved into the hos hospice care. battling several health related problems. she was born in the wild in asia. and no one is sure how old she is. believed to be at least 52 years old. the tenth oldest elephant in the north american zoo. she lived at the zoo since 1990. >> police are looking for 3 masked men. who robbed a business. it happened in northeast denver. police say the men were armed.
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we will let you know as soon as we learn new details. police place a man in handcuffs after a foot chase in denver. >> establish a perimeter there. police say the man was not armed. and when he was taken into k*us keu. near eleventh and steel. >> . right now the vatican is preparing to cannonnize mother teresa. >> . bestow one of the hig honors. she's known for her work caring for the poor and destitute in india. pope praised the work of volunteers and said ignoring the suffering hunger and sickness. is a quote modern sin. a sin of today. >> . another honor. 19 years after her death. formally declared a saint on
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to come. for cannonnization. >> . a person at least two miracles. the first was recognized 13 years ago. after a woman said she was cured of a tumor. officially acknowledged the second miracle last year.
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brazillen man survive several brain tumors. in 2008. >> . today it was me. maybe tomorrow it could be anyone else. i do not feel special. god is merciful and looks after everybody. >> . her path to saint hood started a year after her death. in 97. it was pope john paul the second who >> a new portrait honoring her in a humble pose. wearing her familiar robe. and rosary.
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afternoon showers and storms. there's a chance here akroz across the city. keep an umbrella nearby. plenty of 80s out there. we have had the rain. 60s and 70s now showing up. 50s and 60s back through the high country. it's breezy too.
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30 miles per hour in a few neighborhoods. temperatures are sitting around -lt low to mid 80s. in most areas. >> . actually. john elway and gary hope they have the answer. they made the final cut today. of course. the process that he calls the worst part of coaching. in the national football league. mark sanchez was the headline of course. and as expected. the quarter back was cut. which saved the broncos at least
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against the salary cap. and seventh round pick that could would have gone to philadelphia. if he made the team. or been traded. >> it's a long talk today. and he was he handled it with great class. and i know he's disappointed. he wanted to stay here and we thought that where we are it was probably best for us to go different ways at this point. mark was great. >> sanchez dallas. of course. the cowboys in need of a quarter back. broncos also decided to go with bibs. as the last running back. cutting hillman. the lead rusher just a year ago. denver saves nearly a million and a half against the cap. with that move. >> . elway denied a report meanwhile that they are trying to trade corner back talib. they will announce the ten man prabg practice squad tomorrow.
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back austin davis to the roster. >> he played with the rams and browns. >> a lot cheaper. >> a lot. they're trying to move a lot of salary right now. >> they have sanders to worry about. down the line. >> all right. >> i love that. >> . unbelievable fall from grace. having said that. i don't mean to take the other view. because from a what he brought here. it ended up not being very much. he was much more valuable as face of franchise in the community. than actually the quarter back. that he was brought in to play. weird. >> thanks bruce. >> . we did talk with fans today about the cuts. >> . i don't think he was meant for the broncos to begin with. it was a weird pick up in the
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it will be interesting. they need a veteran in the third spot i think. >> . the two fumbles he made. in the red zone. in that game. a couple weeks ago. really sealed his fate. >> .
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c-dot local law enforcement and state troopers. all joins forces o crack down on impaired drivers across colorado. labor day weekend is here. they want to remind you the heat is on. so if you're out and about this weekend. expect to see more officers. deputies and troopers. on the road. they added patrols. will continue at least through tuesday. >> . also happening now. a taste of colorado. civic center park. >> about a half million people are expected to show up. to the largest food festival. >> . check out all this delicious food. >> 22nd year of the festival. so. why do they keep coming back. >> it's a lot of fun. we're going to sell a lot of ears of corn. there's times we can sell up to 8 a second. >> . i really like trying different food. that i wouldn't normally try. because they come in a full meal. >> . all the taste of colorados are always sunny.
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we like to hear it. >> . we have a few hours left to enjoy. it close at ten tonight. and will reopen tomorrow morning at 10:30. through monday night. >> . if you want to check out the festival. organizers are encouraging visitors to find alternative transportation. instead of driving. there are a bunch of road closures and detours in place.
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the rubber duck races are back. monday at 4 p.m. five bucks to sponsor a duck. i want to point out themoney raised goes to an organization. that helps kids and adults with disabilities. it is a great organization. and program. >> great cost. >> .
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finding inspiration on golf course. can be a little challenging. >> for one denver resident. hitting that one great shot is what kept her coming back.
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we have the story. >> are we ready. >> have you ever met that person. inspired you. makes you want to be better. for the people who play at city golf course. 86 year-old is that person. she's the motivating people for decades. the city park women's golf association. >> i want to leave an imprint. with somebody else. >> . sharing her joy for the game means a lot. >> one little ball at a time. >> i just always wanted to play.
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here. they offered i took advantage of it. >> that's when she stkp other women saw an opportunity. they formed their own league. a military golf course. all around denver. >> people were different and times were different. >> a few years later. she and others took over the city park women's golf association. and an organization with just a few members then. >> she's been really gracious. she is the queen of golf. >> she was just. >> we're having issues this with the prabg package. we have that online.
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fort morgan. towards sterling. a flood watch. in a few counties out there on the far eastern border. including kit carson. a good storm as we speak. they had a good amount of rain over the last few days. across the eastern plains. then a number of storms also developing over the south central mountains. and as you push to the north near craig. meeker. on the western slope. closer to the metro area we are dry at this point. there are storms starting to develop. along the i 70 corridor. moving up to the northeast. could be clipping the boulder
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notice the future radar shows the possibility of a wave or two of showers coming through. fort collins. you'll be under the gun for that. along with the city. i 70 corridor. closer to the mountains. and especially the palmer divide. so. keep the umbrella nearby. or have a plan b in place. >> off our sunday. that's where we pick up future cast. it looks to be a gorgeous but toasty day tomorrow.
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a little bit above average for this time of year. still 84. downtown. upper 70s in the north eastern plains. mid 90s to the south. and southeast. we're looking at the 70s and 80s into the higher terrain. we have seen rain in the plains. down into the 60s. but that really hasn't occurred here in the city. 84. lake wood in the 84 as well -fpl winds have kicked up off the foothills. gusts have gotten as high as 20. 25. even some spots as high as 30 miles per hour.
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over night tonight. storms ending clearing skies. from there. highs back into the upper 80s low 90s tomorrow. >> 85 boulder. closer to the city the. talking 90s. >> the 90 for labor day as well. a really good finish to the extended weekend. >> great holiday weekend. for everyone. >> . more than a week after a tragedy hit italy. a family found some hope. in the rubble.
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dog. the golden retrievers owners went to the home to salvage some belongings. they shouted out the dogs name and heard him bark. you can see firefighters dig out the dog. once he was free the golden made the rounds. greeting all his rescuers. wagging his tail.
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gun sales are up. by 40 percent in the 3 months that ended on july 31. making more than 207 million dollars in that period. rival also reporting big number. of 20 percent year over year revenue gain. they're on track to bring in 6 hundred million dollars in revenue this year. all that adds up to about a 40 percent increase in gun purchases. from just a year ago. last month announced it will donate two dollars to the nra for every gun that it sells. >> . colorado parks and wildlife is running low on operational funds. which led to possible solutions such as doubling the cost of instate hunting and fishing licenses. >> . what hunters and anglers had to
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popular past time. >> . over 950 people hunt and fish in colorado. every year. that's second only to the ski industry. >> . 70 percent of colorado parks and waoeultd life annual budget comes directly from hunting. and fishing license revenue. >> . you want to hunt a buck. it will cost you ha 45 buck.
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to hunt a buck. that's a lot of bucks to hunt a buck. >> a hundred percent makes me sick to my stomach. i'll still pay it, what are you doing to do. they got you. >> . the voters will be the ones who decide how much they're going to pay. >> those all sound absolutely delicious. his parents say he has a tphabgt knack for entrepreneur ship. he asked his parents to start a gourmet popcorn company.
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more proud. but his sister feels a little bit different. >> . i feel happy. sometimes. but sometimes i don't feel happy. because he's always gone good for him.
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