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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MDT

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>> . denver based company new line of skreupb care products is actually going hollywood. with the hope of making hemp mainstream. >> . live from downtown. with the products soon to be used by the movie business stars. >> . this isn't just any skin care line. we are in colorado. these products are infused with cannabis oil. dried from the hemp plant. not only will hollywood stars being using it. you may' see it sold in major department stores. >> . to fill a room full of boxes. helps to have people who think outside of them. >> . >> the dream began several months ago. >> i knew it was going to be being. >> big. >> . el viz and his business partners. set out to produce a full line of skin care products. >> . we have body wash.
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>> . unlike its cousin. thc. it won't get you high. they say the benefits are endless. >> . we're 80 percent organic. a hundred percent all natural. made in colorado. >> . now becoming mainstream. >> we're the buzz of the nation. >> . hollywoods elite are taking notice. >> . my f wearing this. >> . one of 26 products in the gift bags. given to all nominees. the company that started out of this denver loft. is now busting at the seems. >> . >> we put plant ingredient -ts. purest in the rawest form. completely organic.
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right thousand products are sold right now products are sold online. >> . who threw a bri through a store window out on the 16 street mall. check out the glass on the ground. police say they don't know why
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back in 1989. now investigators say they found his body. 27 years later. his abduction changed things for many families nationwide. in light of the new discovery. residents are talking about how the disappearance effected their small town. >> . parents stopped by the. >> we went everywhere. you had to be home for at bedtime. and you could roam any where. >> . on october 22. 1989. that the all changed. >> . it took away an innocence. >> eleven year-old disappearance rocked and took over national headlines. it changed parenting. forever. >> . sandy used to live in the neighborhood. she says her two children were playing outside that night. and saw him and his friends after they left on their trip. to the convenience store.
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and we went with them. when ever they went to the play gunshot playground. or friends. >> . every day things we took for granted. riding their bikes to the park. >> . when jake went missing. it didn't matter where you lived. >> . it touched america. >> . with his remains found. koultd we ever go back to that time of innocence. >> .
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a nurse is just steps away. stkphr t-r some reason. ined st-f i thought i'll do this one more machine. which took me to the front of the building. i was there for about maybe one minute. when i heard a loud noise. >> that loud noise was jack collapsing on the floor. she was just seconds away immediately started cpr. sp shocked him. with an aed. until paramedics araoeufed. >> . arrived. >> . we don't say luck. we say blessings.
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his first step wasn't even possible. stkpwr. when i was born my twin brother died. and i twisted feet. so when i was two i got them amputated. i have been wearing prosthetics ever since. >> . he had the desire to play football. football. i loved football since i was little. my mom wouldn't let me play because she was scared. >> the head coach was surprised. >> . i said i want to play football. it's like well. we have a lot of hurdles but he gets up every day. does everything you ask him to do. shows up. >> . a lot of people told me i couldn't play. but. i never really listen to anybody. now i'm here. >> . >> .
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when i was born. they told me i wouldn't be able to walk. now i'm playing football. they told, i'm doing everything they told me i couldn't do. >> you think you have a bad day. well he gets up and does it. and wants to play football. >> . he knows his role. when he does get on the field. >> the emotion will probably be so high. and so incredible. it will be on my top five list
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>> . always, never believe anybody who wants to put you down. do what you want to do. >> . if anything you put your mind to you can do it. >> . well said. >> . really puts things in perspective.
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>> this is memories. for somebody's family. their father or grandfather or uncle or whatever. brother. did. >> . a colorado man is trying to solve a mystery. in an abandoned car. he found a number of precious items that look like they belong to a world war ii vet. who do they belong to. and how do you go about tracking down the family. >> . a lot of tough questions. greg nieto talked to the man. who found the keepsakes. >> . i don't come across cool stuff. ever found. >> stuck in a salvage yard. sits a slice of u.s. history. >> right here in the front seat. >> . shows us the mangled medal. where he found this priceless card board box. >> old. this has to be 70s. >> what he discovered set him in reverse more than a half century. >> . the nazi stuff there. >> inside. momentos. meant for a museum. or front room. >> .
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they mean something. >> a folded american flag. medals. and two books from the europeen theater of the second second world war. closest clue to identification. >> . a barely legible dog tag. the name matching what's on the envelope. >> . somebody was a war hero back in the day. >> . he called problem solvers. >> it's hard to say how i ended up with this stuff here. >> he just wantings what every soldier wants. to go home. >> . for good.
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something that's really this old. that has to do with history. >> . he will not rest until he finds the family. or rightful owner. >> . we wish him the best of luck. >> . there has to be someone out there who knows something. >> we have the story on >> . the last time we checked we talked about the wind before the initial tornado threat. well there's a warning now for the thunder storm. north of akron. law enforcement and a couple storms spotters notice a funnel cloud. just sho*ut of i 76. outside of fort morgan. and continues to move across northern washington. county. pretty open area.
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quiet. there's a big bulls eye of heat eating away at rain chance. utah. new mexico and much of colorado. we only have a couple thunder storms across northern colorado. you can see the moisture quickly lifted on out of here. as that warm dry air moved into the state. >> .
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thunder shower. the chance is really decreasing quickly. otherwise windy. the winds have been a nuisance. throughout the day. >> . clear skies tomorrow. if you're climbing a 14er tomorrow morning looks good. windy. keep that in mind. strong winds aloft. by tomorrow afternoon. southeast colorado. has their share of thurpd storms. mostly denver fort collins. greeley. quiet. >> . climbing to arpbdz 70. just like that here. a very low chance for a thunder storm. in the high country tomorrow.
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highs will be in the 70s to 80s. warmer valleys. 80s for the western slope. 80s to the 90 return on the plain. a toasty one again. remember. the averages are in the low 80s. >> . around denver. downtown hits 92. so if you're coming downtown. should be rather toasty. upper 80s surround the metro area. >> >> first pitch at 2:10. around 90 degrees. >> . last out around 80 degrees. bert chance for storms returns tuesday. that's when we'llcool it down. 85. 86 for wednesday. upper 80s thursday. friday saturday sunday. a touch cooler.
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without the severe weather.
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>> game week. it's here folks. broncos and panthers kick off the season thursday night. at mile high stadium. big weekend of news this past weekend. yesterday of course it was cuts. today it's naming the captains. >> . wewe were at team headquarters. with more. >> .
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3 captains named today. by the broncos. ware. demaryious thomas. and webster. >> . it's awesome. dt had one of the best camps i have been around. >> . a super-bowl rematch. you bet the pulse is thumping a little faster. >> . really fortunate to be able toeupb development this week. will be key. simply because he's still new. and because so much time was spent on deciding who would be quarter back. in the preseason.
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probably a little behind schedule. >> . we'll take it. it's working. >> . the rockies now. series final. rocks trying to take two of 3
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they have the right guy on mound. john gray on the bump. looking to pick up his tenth win of the season. >> . off to a really good start. second inning. check out the nasty slider. >> . rocks tries to respond. in a pinch hit situation. just called up to the big leagues. played eleven games last year at major league level. that's showing you belong. home run down the left field line. fourth of his limited big league career. good for him. bad for the rockies. they fall and fall hard. final score 8 to five. >> . to the links. championship from bean town. everyone chasing paul case seu this weekend.
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nicks pick best and worst. play of the day. first the best. rockies game. not a great day at the plate for cargo. he did do this. >> . laying out. great grab. >> >> great play. again in the losing effort. tennis we go. finally the not so good play of the day. hits a lob. thinks he has enough time to seriously tie his shoe before the return shot. he's wrong. i don't understand what he's thinking. >> . still goes onto get the win.
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a little bit weird. >> . show boating. >> . it's like he's tried that move
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