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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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home. thanks for joining us. >> you can see behind me at this hour rose along i i sent you do look really clear. such bumper to bumper traffic for a while. michael joins us here with a look. >> we are talking about 10 miles of often on traffic just east of silverthorne. into the evening as people were making their way home from this three-day weekend. >> for many stuck in a state of the half hour just to go 10 miles. >> it's unreal how much traffic was coming. it never ended the study all the way up to the canyon. >> smartphone navigation warn drivers what they were getting
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such as gas stations along the interstate. >> i didn't think he was going to be as bad as i heard. >> jonathan martinez and his family are headed back to denver after a long day of fishing. but what could be a frustrating into a relaxing weekend won't get martinez down says we are going to put on great music, enjoy the scenery and the great weather. can't complain, it could be worse. >> see up close and constant updates of this heavy traffic. at one point reporting and 85 minute commute from silverthorne to denver. >> traffic has improved significantly from what we are seeing earlier in the evening. by the time making here to the genesee area, you should not have any issues. >> newsnight residents along
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refuses to quit up its own mess after a pay truck spewing white paint all over their property. neighbors say the city truck was paved streets along 13th avenue back in june and is somehow malfunctioned. the homeowner says it will cost at least a $2,000 to fix all of this would he said the city told him to file the claim and they would take care of it but he was shocked to see to receive a letter this month denied that claim. care of it but based on a technicality, they're not responsible. at the end of the day is doing the right thing. >> given the labor day holiday we expect to hear back later tomorrow. >> folks in westminster tracking down need your help
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several one suffer his arrest and should be considered dangerous route if you have any reformation on his whereabouts please want to give me. it's not clear if these deaths are related to please had not set out any other information. >> developing tonight boulder isn't it after reports of giuseppe motivated in the city over the weekend. very a man tried to assault a woman near campus and a student thought off a man after he grabbed her up in both crimes. two to people who just started classes a few weeks ago. so it's first suspect described as
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second suspect has immediately curly dark hair and a great tan complexion, about 5-foot ten 30-35 years old and heavyset especially in his face. and officer filed at least one shot deborah please recalled at the area around noon on a weapons call when they got their shots were fired. please say it is not appear he was shot. >> no details in a shooting of a deputy in douglas county. the family issue statements aroused the case and they would like to extend their deepest set the police to daniel bright and his family and to all who suffered pain and suffering caused by the event. fester say is that began when officer saw brought it carrying weapons between his
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killed roddick after he crashed his army. >> deborah please stepping up their game. all the driver say in the video there caught in take it up for reckless and callous driver. problem solvers for helping ashley michels joins us with the story. >> they tell me they're missing their basketball for its a full-size one the one where you can fill the base with water or
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we became a nonprofit organization. >> almost all of the 40 kids who come here are from low income families. >> roughly about 98 percent. >> they say that somebody's kids say that daycare may be there only toys. >> for today's told her that think might be the next nba rw nba star. >> they work other hand eye coordination and skills. >> where they got the school on sunday, they found a pile of rocks where there full-size hoop is supposed to be. the director say-so in hop their fans and stole it. >> because they took away for almost everything the kids have
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getting a toy replaced is a lot easier said than done. we work on a strict budget. >> and meant a lot to us. as small as it was. >> they had not filed a police report yet potomac they plan to pick if you would like them to help them raise money for a new basketball send an e-mail to tips dozens of e-mails into the newsroom and a lot of generous people out there could riders who parked at the lot at the broadway station will have to find a new place to park their cars. there personally close due to construction on the property you can still find
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stretch of road usually closed after labor day. the road from echo lake to summit lake will remain open until early october. >> firefighters are battling the flames of a fire that scorched some 300 acres. the fire is still just 10 percent contained. the first was only covered a few acres but it quickly spread her voluntary evacuation notices were sent out to people living in a nearby subdivision sheriff's office as the fire is a result of a lightning strike that occurred on saturday night. her mining continues to be a strong storm. it made its appearance in southern new england the story. strong wind gusts, big waves and rain. the tropical storm has been issued midweek for areas along rhode island, new jersey and massachusetts. >> no day off for the
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stretch of the campaign. >> republican and democratic ticket making their appearance is in ohio. it's every state has been abuse. that the media was biased in favor of his opponent. >> to the media is very protective of hillary. very very protective. >> hillary clinton flew to ohio with the press. [laughter] she's been criticized for holding few press conferences but she did take questions with the national associations of like journalists in august some felt that he not qualify as a
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at a labor day event in pittsburgh before heading to ohio. >> he wants you to higher him and be president of the united states christ he thinks were chumps. and senator bernie sanders trump for clinton the first time. >> .-dot or trump says wages are too high in america. i don't know what world that billionaire lives in. >> the labor day events are final stretches of what's been a very long campaign. >> dennis spends labor day. back. >> how they helped hundreds with needed dental work. >> for plus the result of a louisiana floods those are looking for a second chance right here endeavor. >> for disaster to systems and tracking to bring us a cool
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labor day giving back to the community six eight dental office serving the community for free. many of the people who receive care likely struggle to afford dental care. >> that's a big problem we have created an office where people who cannot afford it, start wherever we can and help them. this was the fifth year weise's sit dental put on their labor of love event. or the $200,000 worth of free care was done today >> very hot this weekend. 9030, 90 yesterday and 93 today very warm and very dry. severe weather activity over the weekend but overall relatively
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a system sliding into it. that's a fantastic picture. the next system is going to bring us more of a slight cool down and more storm chances for deborah. those tempers are pretty similar for the meltzer down near denver went to cool it down by a degreaser again 93 and will be down closer to the average high for roper is 71 the winds wins have been every direction possible. gusty at times too. that breeze will kick up again later trial. lunch hour at 75 and 85 by 3:00 a good chance of a thunderstorm later tomorrow especially in the evening hours. mostly 40s and
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pretty close to average on the lows. rob worried a little bit of thought is possible. that is if you can get the wind to calm down. southeast still looking at some storms to race through in the next couple of hours for even early tomorrow morning. there goes the next line is as i mentioned across the southeastern plains. late model have a couple of storms trying to pop up the storm system. here's the same scenario bigger thunderstorms to the east of denver and later in the evening storms snow enough cold air and creates thundershowers. kind of a late day storm chance thundershowers. high 70s and
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about 5-8 degrees cooler than we were today. seventy-eight for golden, 68 down in the foothills near black hawk. in 85 degrees in downtown denver. douglas county was the upper 70s to low 80s depending on your exact slope will change your temperatures just a little bit. eighty-five with a 20 percent chance of a storm but i wish that rain chance will be higher because we needed. wednesday, thursday mediocrity's friday another system arrives and will be dry with temperatures near 81 for a saturday sunday we warm back up one more time mid part of next week we are really going to cool off. probably the strongest search we've had yet the season. i love this
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all of them on facebook if you want to check them out. >> this is one of the greater parks i think in the sacred it doesn't get a lot of press and we don't get a lot of pictures from there. >> thank you. >> the start flooding louisiana displays thousands of pets included. one shelter struggle to house the animals very had but they took in more your life better rescue step david they rescued dogs and cats. they write all looking for a second chance at life's but but everything we pulled was to make room for animals coming from flood areas that need a space for their animals that were affected by the flood. >> next step is to get all the animals that it and then they will to be evaluated to find
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pe of weeks they will be available and ready for adoption. >> in arizona and elkland to the right place after getting tangled up in a tree branch. the stumbled into the yard of a woman who just happens to be a veterinary print she said she was shocked which look out a window and saw this predicament she put some poor not to draw him closer. it worked she says the next 12 hours she spent free the elk and now neighbors are a great moment caught on camera with firefighters trying to rescue a little dog with someone called save the dog had been stuck in a pit. the pali the owner took off a lid to repair it in the dog fill in. happy to report that puppy is now safe.
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a job as tom brady's ballboy [laughter] the one liners. for actor rob lowe loves night. >> watch argues live wherever you are good download the fox12 endeavor out today for a live stream of this newscast at your
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it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. of those colorado rockies for the roller coaster ride continues to on the outside they continue to flash signs of a promising future in the downside consisted in serious tendency to play down to the competition. rock is
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picking up bottom of the third. carlos gonzalez desk 25th home run of the year for gonzales the rockies lead five to nothing. rockies catcher doesn't have enough to get out of left-center field. barely a wall spray wall spray but we'll take it. comes back once more to get brandon bell moments later. prepares a complete game shutout. rockies rock the giant final score asked to nothing. seventh month ago broncos won super bowl 50501024-10 they knocked off the panthers in a
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dominated but they might need one of the top white house this season for the game. >> not accepted or probably the most vocal leaders in the broncos captured emmanuel sanders looking to answer the questions about his offense, he's only the upside. >> master was her first year it was deathly tough for me trying to transition to a totally different offense. no plane is fast and thinking as you usually what you every system i played in you get two or three that's when you get cockrell. >> in this case it needs to bring success not only for a football team but for him as he patiently awaits the new contract. >> and i really don't know it's
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day to work my butt off. i really do love this game. >> said as well let it become a distraction. he's more likely to use it as inspiration. like the same as always. >> you have to wear out and prepare you have to bet on yourself. that's what i meant. i do that every year until the 12 there and make plays. accountable within yourself. >> sanders always love to say how much he loves to play football. i think proving the critics wrong is a close second. >> have awesome high school football action cracks teens get their seasons cranked out. raskin you-go to website right now place your vote for while the high profile games on tap
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which other game gets the top vote. on friday night at 1030. again place your vote at kdvr .com. polly peyton manning on center stage night roasting actor and friend rob lowe. of course peyton delivered. >> he has a workforce of if it ever stop casting usa comes just look on the try to take the air out of my retirement announcements about you can probably get a job as tom brady's ballboy. >> rob lowe treated and paid that nef was so that he was retiring so peyton manning had a little fun at rob lowe there. we know how great peyton is fit
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it was well delivered. >> i love those commercials were his calling his brother.
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i felt good. i have an awesome technique. i'm glad to be back here. and get the win. >> joey chestnut when the competition nashville buffalo chicken we contest. chestnut and help 188 wings in just 12 minutes. that is hu was watching them to the government bond. [laughter] aren't these videos great. >> when i was pregnant i love buffalo wings. >> now i can't do it anymore.
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