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tv   FOX31 Denver News Special Remembering the 24  FOX  September 5, 2016 10:35pm-11:06pm MDT

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it's really incredible. >> i would have loved to be in the audience for jimi hendrix. then in 1971 the jeffco told show was sold out for
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crashing with fleas. teargas was dropped. jos? said this is what happens when you have rock music at red rocks that led to a five year bandit state .-dot this was ridiculous so he sued the city and in 1976 new one as soon so he was able to start looking rock shows there. >> i made almost all of john denvers ? music playing ? i have never heard of anything as natural as this place ? music playing ? that's part of the history. they walk in same paths, we walk in same pastor what a bunch of history. >> joan baez has been on a
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have everybody who has played here and every date. >> it is a who's who of using history when you look at the history of red rocks. >> the memories that are made here, 9,000 people every night or so that's 9,000 memories at a time that support we look back over 75 years worth of music. >> this is just the first 75 years the first of many 75 years ? music playing ? when you think about it some on believable moments in music history are made right here at red rocks stress is not just use a bit over the past 35 years this place has become colorado's playground. it's a gymnasium. we'll take a look at that we
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? music playing ? we may be celebrating 35 years here at red rocks but it has been a little longer than aspects we see how rock 'n roll isn't feeling kind of rock people cannot hear to see. >> this is breathtaking. it's jaw-dropping to see all of this. >> this is one of the greatest places in colorado this just the
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>> you can go up out and get in this season of denver and get in a good workout. >> it kind of looks like you go from colorado to arizona. >> malformation is read because of the iron that it contains. >> those mounds were pushed up due to play tonic activity and as they were pushed up moved all of the rocks that were once horizontal into the position we see them and now. >> sometimes they look like this one stack right on top of another one and how does i even stay there. >> such a powerful landscape. >> there is the deer. >> more than just yellow teeth there is a lot of great history. >> when a jurassic dinosaurs are here this was a series of
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valley. >> this is denver's backyard we think of this is one of the treasures for the community. >> the city is so close to such crazy pete. >> it's one of the reasons people come to colorado. it's a treasure to celebrate and preserve and handoff to our children. >> it's a good place to burn some calories while taken in iron. >> if you prefer your spirits with a buttery popcorn or maybe a flick, we rocks. >> are right here at red rocks amphitheater. >> this is the 17th season. >> guess i have been stupid up until this point that the worlds greatest ready for movies and music and i think i can say that. >> piglets are like $15. extra money here but it's totally worth it. >> it became this on moment that
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in a gigantic suite and make this the greatest outdoor movie theater arguably in the world. we started with more modern call classics that's what we got lightning in a bottle. >> is no better way to watch a movie that your. >> and you get a comedian and a band. special. >> we are showing screenings. >> we are showing scream. >> i have at the screen is so many years i looking forward forward to some nostalgic tonight. >> i'm not sure the something years ago when he sat around a table when i set her on the with a couple of folks i never thought we be showing to
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>> i love red rocks. >> it still is magic. >> the first movies he ever showed here is one you can't refuse, the godfather. >> lasher 37,000 people cannot hear about this visit to watch a film on the rockford state witness our tribute to 75 years
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welcome back as fox 31 says that if i is that music and memories made right back here at red rocks. >> is not only music come out you're on the weekends but thousands of people working up a sweat. we see with light to get your workout in the great outdoors. >> it's going to be amazing. >> we cannot to colorado and started doing yoga. we had a death quit his job and be a yoga instructor and my whole family said how are you going to do that. >> one of the questions last week is that i'm any good at teaching yoga great i said no. >> i am very empowered by him. >> is a great soul. >> we can win to his video that is to work in and everybody was
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>> i got an e-mail and read it three or four times for and i said you are asking me to do what works you want me to teach at red rocks. >> i have been to red rocks and concerts but with him, something like this- >> breathe in. >> people people like you? i can't believe some people like you. >> my mom and dad have never seen meetings before the that was a cool experience. >> teeth are such cruel experiences to be here and be part of this big it's so grounding and so humbly been 75
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you know that when you commented is somewhat hollow ground. and might any good as an instructor he is an amazing person. >> and he has a great little man but. >> a truly gorgeous place to spend a day whether you hereto look at the rocks or workout. in one of the best ways to see red rocks is from up above. >> portability of the aircraft is what makes it remarkable. you can pack up your gear and fitted in the trunk of your car. >> i can take it anywhere i wanted whether controls everything. >> this is from the rocky mountain arrow squadron. just because of the open is the planes can take off in just a few feet.
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to take out into the wind because everything is reliant on how potentially fast we can run there is no wind. it's going to be interesting. >> the first time if you like super maybe you can do anything you want. >> i will. >> once the wind comes overhead, that now extends the motor to take all the weight off and you it is awkward having to run. it's like, we are good big we're good the feeling of being in the air is second to none. it's unbelievable. i can't describe the sometimes did to be held to see some of the scenery we see up there in the geography such as rock formations. it's more of a three d image as opposed to being down on the ground seems like a two d imager elect down
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but the colors in the sun hit the dish right from the air is breathtaking. >> we see it from the top, it looks totally different. the rock to see bowing out. it's massive from the air. >> beautiful scenery. very special place to be. >> i can't get enough a stunning view for some real thrill seekers out you're at red rock the we want to wish a happy 75th anniversary to one of the most stunning amphitheaters in th >> some of the latest bans iraq will have played some of the most memorable concerts but happy 75th red rocks in behalf of all of our fox 31 photo
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