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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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when fox 31 problem solvers pulled the officer statement. none mentioned this kick. by deputy. and all minimized the punches to his face. and body. >> . what the deputies didn't know. before they submitted their reports. was this security camera for a
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actions. >> . even though deputies don't appear to have any reason to throw him to the ground. he was at first charged with resisting arrest. and obstructing a peace officer. something his attorney told us was meant to send him a message. don't complain. about the rough treatment. >> . weu we are extremely lucky this video popped up. without that. he would be facing serious charges and i don't know what i would do about it. >> the kick was just the beginning. >> . police stole his cell phone. >> . grand jury has been called. >> . after the series of investigative reports. one deputy resigned. the kicker did not. he spent nearly a year on administrative leave. prior to the start of this misdemeanor assault trial. >> . finally getting fired.
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prosecutors say what he did. was a crime. >> . they can only decide if the kick is a crime. we'll know in the next few days. >> . >> thank you. also appear -lg in court >> along with him. two sub or the gnats.
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all facing charges. of exhibition of speed. and reckless driving. remember this. more than a hundred motorcyclists stopped traffic. as a form of protest. to raise awareness that the roads are dangerous for motorcyclists. the stunts you see out here however crossed the line from protest. into crime. >> . rangers in wyoming national park say they believe they have found the body of a highlands ranch man. reported mis-ing last friday. >> . >> never showed up for work on friday. after his shift. investigators say he was last seen on we wednesday. and talked about climbing the mountain. and several peeks. his body was found on a rocky cliff. under a steep snow field.
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they reached out. and tkaeuf dave young has been following up on this story. >> . problem solvers showed you the residents are shocked by the fact the city is saying we made a mistake. but we're not going to clean up
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answers from the city. why they took the stance. since it seems like an easy solution. >> . it's cement. >> . >> this stuff is paint. used to stripe city streets. sprayed over his and 3 neighbors property. here at 13. in june. >> just sprayed all the way up to the fence. to the door. >> he told problem solvers they got letters. saying a public works paint truck had malfunctioned. to file a claim in the city. would take care of it. >> . no >> i reviewed the above reference notice of claim. and as a result i deny the claim. >> citing the colorado government immunity. the city ruled the truck was not liable for damage. >> the attorney got a hold of it. >> . >> a spokeswoman says they can't comment on the sticky situation. because it's become a legal matter. and referred me to the city attorney office. >> our calls to the office were not returned.
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property and it will cost a thousand dollars to clean it up. >> . this can't be the first time it happened. >> . hey we did this. this is how you file your climb. and they deny it and throw it back if your face. it's tprus at a frustrating. >> . i imagine we'll file a lawsuit. as a group. >> . you expect the responsible party. to say we'll get it taken care of. based on a technicality. they're not responsible. it's just toeupbg the right thing. >> . it's doing the right thing.
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coming up. how the nfl and uso are showing support for our soldiers. through a multimillion dollar donation.
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today the national football league and the uso celebrate a 50 year partnership. with a party and a five million dollar donation to the league.
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and what it means to the men and women in uniform. >> . created in 1941. by president roosevelt. at the beginning of world war ii. >> their mission. connect america service members to family. home. and country. >> . the usa mission today is as vital as ever. making soldiers feel at home. when they are not. >> . on hand for autograph. smiles. and gratitude. >> . this is brand new effort. going to funding 3 locations. like this one. in different parts across the
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to really bring service members. make them feel closer to home. >> this is colorado's first. opened in july. 2016. a military entrance processing station. a portal and resource center. for new byes entering the service. >> . a little touch of home. >> . football. it may just be a game for us. but for our tros it's a ticket home. >> >> about 50 hours from kick off. what do we really know as is relates to the pwropb lebron james koes and broncos and panthers. >> .
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is how the broncos offense will respond. easily the biggest question into thursday. >> we tried to come up with an answer. >> . we know about the broncos defense. and the praise and expectation. as for the offense. some serious skepticism. at least those from the so called national pun dents. >> . broncos saying don't buy into it. >> . >> trevor siemian making his
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while he's no peyton manning. >> . you're talking about a hall of famer. that package maybe bigger. he's a smart kid. that's one of the reasons he's got himself in the polgs. >> . position. >> . he has the full confidence of head coach. and teammates. to put this team in the right play. at the right time. >> . he has a lot of guys on the defense. that has his back. we trust him to make the right call. >> another reason to like the keep in mine. this is not the same defensive unit we saw in february. in the super-bowl. the panthers are set to start two rookie quarter backs in this game on thursday night. >> . of course 3 point under dogs at home. the first ever defending champ
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fouler continues to rehab the bad elbow. >> . san francisco may get into the play offs in the national league. if so. they'll do it limping. >> just 16 and 31. since the all star break. yesterday mat more couldn't get out of the third. >> from chad. only the second shut out in rocks history. by a pitcher. allowing two or fewer hits. jeff francis did it. ten years ago. >> . not bad.
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all right. bruce thank you so much. >> . everyone complains about millennials. nonsense. millennials, i salute you. you save money like no other generation. you share cars, wifi passwords, canoes, deodorants. my grandson bought a pair of pants with me.
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we are tracking thunder storms. they are mainly to the south. and east. of denver. in the last few minutes. ily this area has the best chance. storms are racing quickly. the window to get the storms will be between now and about nine or ten tonight. won't rule one out in denver. but if you're north of city. over the mountains. things are looking quiet. you can see the lightening strikes indicating the intensity of the storm. and better here. in southeast colorado. we zoom in. we have seen through the afternoon, some lighter showers here to the south and east.
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as soon as they come up they just kind of fade away. i am still holding onto a chance. here in denver. until about 7 or 8. maybe nine. things are quiet. it looks like it's going to stay that way. the problem is you have the line of thunder storms coming off pikes peek. rampart range. across colorado springs. up u.s. 24. any one could throw an out flow back towards metro denver. that's why. because of the storms. we'll hold onto a chance. pushing east of we'll put the track on it. you can see we have severe thunder storm warnings. it's for wind and small hail. that we're looking at here. those will last until about 6:15. heat was on there. the stronger storms. they got into the 90s. we had 70s from akron greeley to fort collins. hit 84 in denver. and waited 70s and warm 80s from the northwest corner. out toward grand junction. denver at 84. just two above where we should be. by the way the 84 after we blew through the low clouds deck and
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it happens to be the current temperature. we're at the warmest right now. we're 77 downtown. you can see on the east side of town. the much warmer -l 80s here. >> . lower 70s as you go off to the west side. northeast colorado. only in the 60s and 70s. low clouds kind of play tough. again. the better storms are where we're seeing the sun and stronger. more heating. which is to the south and east. 24 hour temperature comparison. down a good 8 to ten degrees. from this time yesterday. >> . so. seven o'clock. quickly racing. nine o'clock they're out. a few showers may dance around in northeast colorado. until about midnight. and we'll wake up with fog. and low clouds. we'll burn that off. we'll have high clouds through the day. we are looking at a much warmer much sunnier day tomorrow. and warm temperatures will come back. bigger storms. going to be the to*ut and east by nine o'clock. moving out. sunshine in the morning. out west. but a lot of low clouds in the east. burn that off. get more clouds spilling into southwest colorado.
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in our direction. >> . lows tonight. very warm here to the south and east. with 60s and low 70s. 50s to low 60s here on the northeast. >> . 56 denver. much cooler 40s in the mountains. 50s to the south and west. highs tomorrow. back into the hot 90s. we'll stay in the 80s in the northeast. warmer towards fort collins and greeley. akron. >> . 70s 80s as we go into the mountains and points west. tomorrow. after some morning fog and clouds. like we get into sunshine. and go to 83. then thursday 86 degrees. obviously thursday is a big day. welcome to the nfl season. right here at mile high. i think it's going to be a warm game. a great night. we'll have just a few high clouds around. 82 at kick off. down there. if you're going to be tailgating. i'd dress for summer weather. >> . then we'll cool off to 77. wind. 80 on saturday. near 90 on sunday. that's the spike right before we
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from the 75 to 650 by tuesday of next week. >> . it comes with rain. which will be a good thing. >> . all eyes on thursday. >> . 27 year mystery of disappearance. finally solved. just hours ago. last week a child pornography suspect led police remains. appearing in court today where he admitted to kidnapping. molesting and the murder. >> . he's currently being held in federal custody. his trial is scheduled for october. >> . 50 years they promised to college education that focused on career. but today itt tech is out of the job. the school permanently shut its doors. now students wondering where they'll finish. and what could happen to their student loans.
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from washington, d.c., this is "power players" week on "jeopardy!" here are tonight's celebrity guests. he was elected lieutenant governor of maryland in 2003, and later served as chairman of the republican national committee. he is a political analyst on msnbc and the host of "steele & ungar" on siriusxm potus. here's... [ cheers and applause ] her bold, award-winning reporting from war zones has earned her a prominent spot among the world's best foreign correspondents. now in her 11th season


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