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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 7, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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with no accepted medical use. and a high potential for abuse. >> . of opioid like effects. >> . >> it killed her son. >> as fast as he became addicted. to me it was like her meth. >> 36 year-old guy. a loving father. who took it for stress. collapsed mid seizure. and never regained consciousness. >> . that's what the coroner attributed the death to. an over dose of crade.m. >> it's about time the dea
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>> stepped in. >> . new development of the assault trial of a former deputy caught on camera kicking a downed suspect. >> . he has already been fired over
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bar last summer. >> . problem solvers dug into the past and found ao long history of disciplinary issues. prosecutors want him convicted by a jury of misdemeanor third degree assault. >> . saying he went over the line that night. >> . the trial is expected to last tpwo two more days. >> . problem solvers will be monitoring the out come. and bring the verdict as soon as we get it.
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>> today itt tech shut its doors here in colorado and across the country. the move affects -l 8 thousand employees and 40 thousand students at 140 locations. itt tech operated two campuses in colorado. one in west minister and aurora. >> former students say they're no >> . i have had friends that graduated. to this day can't get a job from the degree. i wasted two years of my life. and a lot of money that i have to pay back. for basically nothing. >> . itt said in a statement quote the damage done to the students and employees as well as to the shareholders sp american taxpayers is
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battle against the zika virus. this evening. democrats in the u.s. senate are banding together and blocking a 1.1 billion dollar bill. that would have directed money towards the virus. a democrats voted no because they're against other parts of the legislation. that would have cut funding for planned parenthood and allowed confederate flags to fly at veteran cemeteries.
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we are less than two days away from the kick off ot season. it happens right here in denver. with the broncos hosting the panthers. in a rematch of the super-bowl 50. let's hope the same out come too. >> . there's going to be football theme work out. yoga and dance party. with some players tomorrow from 6 to 9 a.m. the *efpt *efrpbt will happen at sports authority field. it's free but you have to get a ticket. kick awe village opens in civic center park tomorrow at 3 p.m. until thursday evening. free and open to the public. >> . the event closes with a big concert. that happens thursday. >> . i can't believe it's already
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some of the best deals out there actually end today. if you're new to the state or sr-pb skied in a while. -lt deals can be difficult to find. there are a several comparable offers available for a few more weeks. some so good they make you want to burst into song. >> . it's the most wonderful time of the year.
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and good vibes for snowfall and ski deals galore. >> . all right. cut the music. sure we all start out optimistic about ski deals. but let's get real. navigating all the offers out there. can give you a headache. >> . i have an excel spread sheet at home. that i was comparing all different prices. >> . that's why the problem solvers want to save you time. trouble. and tylenol. >> . so many options out there. >> is there any advantage to signing up don't wait to shop. most of the best deals are actually about to end within the next two weeks. >> . >> kwro*ufr tkpwarpb second. do your research. >> cheapest deals out there. may not be the best. >> don't just go to the first flash in the pan. make sure you really look into what the product allows. what it provide. >> .
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black out dates during popular weeks. some passes are nontransferable. meaning you can't share with friends. kids. even your spouse. >> the devil is in the details. >> . it's harder compare deals when you have children. some may not offer the cheapest deals. but they offer free skiing for kids. and cheaper lesson prices. if you won't realistically hit the slopes more than ten times. skip the passes. purchase smaller packages instead. >> a love land 4 pack for 139 dollars. winter park a 4 pack for 179. stkp you and you can get 4 passo be used at arapahoe basin or ski tone. for 199. a lot to think about. >> . but it's research that could make this the most wonderful time of the year. >> . the question is how do i finds all those deals without visiting
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i did the research for you. you can find a resort by resort comparison. on >> . the last thing you want to do is walk up to the ticket window the day of. and buy a ticket. @ will kill you. >> . the
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60s aurora. 70 at staple ton. upper 60s into wheat ridge. lake wood at 68. so still pretty comfort -blg out there. up the knot east corner here. we have lower 60s. akron sterling. julesburg at 63. fort morgan 62. mid 60s from parker to castle rock. i showed you a couple showers. just get under way.
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now. i think this push back here towards the front range if foothills is over done. i can see a couple light showers between now and midnight. maybe one o'clock in the morning. before they phaouf move out. in the wake of showers we will have higher humidity. left over moisture. from denver to the north. and north and east. you'll start tomorrow morning like today. with some fog. and a bit of low cloudiness. we'll burn that off. high clouds around. and that's it. a mix of high clouds. and sunshine. should be a fabulousoo day. here's a wider view. and again heavy storms have moved away. hold onto the showers here in the north and east. there's the low clouds over the eastern half. northwest colorado. western slope. looking good tomorrow. and we'll continue to see some high clouds drifting in from the south and west. notice. pretty much looking quiet out there. one or two rain showers. late in the day. down towards trinidad. that should be about it. >> . lows tonight. 40s in the mountains. we'll have 50s and low 60s over the eastern plains. and highs tomorrow.
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the south and east. 70s and 80s as we look to the mountains. not much of the a change there. and temperatures here in northeast colorado will be within a degree or two. where we were today. so we're looking at low 80s to possible mid 80s from greeley. i have downtown denver about 85. again in the morning you'll have the cloud deck around. give it a while. and once the clouds kind of pwrabg up and the sun comes out. should be easy to get these temperatures to take off again into the 70s and low 80s. >> . >> so partly cloudy skies. fog forming over night. comfortable 56. to 83 tomorrow. once the fog is gone. sunshine will peek aout. should be a beautiful afternoon. >> . 86 on thursday. and then drop is almost ten degrees with a cold front coming in. it looks to come through dry. but you will notice the wind. nice looking day friday. at 77. then we'll go back to 80 on
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on sunday.
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he led authorities to jacobs remains last week. part of a plea deal. he was named a person of interest in a case a year earlier. today a plea deal was made which means he won't be charged with the boys death. but the 53 year-old could serve 20 years in prison for the child porn charges. >> . bill cosby scheduled today go to trial in june. for 3 count of felony aggravated
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crediting the arrest to social media. >> this group proudly posted a video of what they did on facebook. when you watch it you can see lots of license plates. which led police straight to them. >> . instead of hitting the open road. this group of bikers chose to shut one down. >> this claimed to be bringing attention to fatal motorcycle crashes but their message was lost. by the general actions of the group. >> take a look. you can see they did donuts down
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>> they created a substantial risk. to themselves and other motorists. >> . this is cell phone video from one of the hundred plus riders out there that day. video that made it ton facebook. and into the hands of the denver police department. >> . we saw individuals. that were able to identify. including their vehicles. >> these 3 men. one from pueblo. and two from colorado springs. are facing charges for r driving and speeding. their phoebgs are motorcycles are already sitting in impound for at least a year. they could spend 6 months in jail. >> . the city and county encourages peaceful protest. >> . as police run the rest of the license plates. and track down other bikers. potentially everyone of them could face charges too. >> . the fact you're supporting group. that's a potential charge too. aiding and abedding. >> .
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your help catching more of the motorcyclists. if you have information on who any of them are. call crime stoppers. phone number is 720913 tips. >> . >> thank you very much. denver gets red did for the opening game thursday. there is one sign in particular on i 25. that's getting attention for not being up to par. check it out. this is a sign near the stadium that has been covered in graffiti for weeks. >> . we reached out trying to get answers on. since they are responsible for the sign. the c-dot says they are aware. cleaning up graffiti is not exactly an easy process. a clean up crew tries to remove it. then have o order a new sign. with your money. and of course there are also other priorities and the sign isn't necessarily at the top of the list. whatever the case. fans hope the sign gets fixed
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obviously the attorney got a
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we'll see thabt. >> . a spokeswoman says they can't comment on this sticky situation. because it's become a legal matter. and referred me to the city attorney aufsz. >> our calls to the office were not returned. he spent 3 years improving his property and it will cost a thousand dollars to clean it up. >> this can't be the first time happened. >> . we did this. just file a claim and they deny it. and throw it back in your face. it's frustrating.


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