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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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bronco fans are you ready for some football. >> . just like that. broncos boulevard became a reality. with much fanfare i should say. >> . off than right here in the mile high center. >> from peyton manning retirement zone. to all the little odds and ends. events eub including things involving lockers. and helmets. and anything broncos nfl you can imagine. >> . kick off village is a tpwo two day. fan festival. >> . free and open to the public. there will be games at civic center park. >> a special day.
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glamour to define that. it was defined pretty well.
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use light rail. bus. ride your pwaoeupbg and if you're going to the super-bowl se kwet tomorrow tphaoeulgt be in your seat by 6 p.m. the pregame entertainment it will feature some historic broncos moments. starting at 6:20. kick off 6:40. >> . if you plan on tailgate. the rest opens at 1:30. we know a lot of you will be out there before then. broncos and nfl emphasize fans arrive early for the first season first game of the season. >> . stadium gates open at 4:30. >> . as for the game itself. the same teams that closeed the season last year kick off the season this year. >> . >> elway and the front office very busy. a little more than 24 hours
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official. the. with wide receiver sanders. >> . 3 years on top of this his final year of the contract. on paper. he will remain a bronco until 2019. as for the rest of the team today. they had a walk through. that was closed to the media. also done with media interviews until after tomorrow night. so right now all the focus rests solely on the big game tomorrow. that's not easy to block out the extracurriculars. it is a prime time game. a rematch of super-bowl 50. and as for whether or something that head coach is addressing with the team. trying to make sure they stay grounded and have emotions in check. >> . we don't get into that. it's just game one. of this season.
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weighed just 88 pounds. when he was admitted to the hospital. last month. >> . he is blind and autistic. but hadn't been to a doctor. or to school. in at least 8 years.
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come next week. >> . this is where the whole thing started. last week. investigators say this kind of kidnapping for ransom is ub unusual in colorado. they captured 3 of the 4 suspected kidnappers. >> . >> threatened to kill him. unless his family paid a half million dollar ran sh sph. local and federal investigators work around the clock. to track them down. >> .
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it was a 24/7 investigation. >> . brighton neighbor says he never heard or noticed anything unusual at the apartment. and the people who live here seem nice. >> . they're not bad. they allow me to put a >> he says they always had expensive cars. one told him he had a good paying job at a horse ranch. >> i see him have a horse trailer. all the time. >> . according to to court documents. two of the suspects had a relative. who worked at the horse ranch. and allegedly were recruited for the kidnapping by this man. police say he had some kaoeupd of issue. with the victims family. over the horse industry. >> . they raise them. breed them. they race them.
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>> thank you. a man in weld county leads police on a chase. then carjacks someone. now police are trying to track before he commits another crime. >> . he got away after leading police on chase last night. this morning he carjacked a sh*ef chevy like this one. highway 85. car license plate is 781 x pl. and police are chasing him again. but stopped because of heavy traffic in the area. they say there have been sightings reported in even. and greeley. if you spot him, call 911. >> . firefighters quickly gaining the
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impaired random act of sraoeupblgs against a customer in a popular restaurant. >> . concerning. you know. people walking around. out there. with the mental health issues. or whatever the situation be.
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the incident putting whole neighborhood on edge. still ahead. when investigators are saying about the search for the suspect. in the vicious attack.
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a one on one interview. with donald trump jr. in denver today. >> . he seemed to defend the initial use of the ban. almost as way to prove a point. to some journalist. one of the first questions i asked. during a wide ranging interview this afternoon. about the trump family vision. >> . >> why in and now. why did you do that in the first place. >> there's one thing to be critical. there's another thing to publish blatant lies that are retracted. once the headline is on the front page of the paper. you can't do that. >> why lift the ban now. >> i don't know. >> there's a lot of hispanic
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some are confused at your fathers position on the policy. some speeches in colorado he said if you're undocumented you'll be out on day one. but in some interviews he said some might stay. >> the policy is you you can't t a mutual agreement of trust. with some someone perpetrating a crime. >> they have they all have to go. >> everyone does have to go. >> . he would order the generals to defeat isis. within 30 days. a lot of military e that requires troops on the ground. is your dad prepared to send men and women into syria. >> i think it's a what it takes to win. he wants to utilize what we have. >> . this report. the cover of the new york times. involving your fathers donation to the florida attorney general. when it appeared they were considering an investigation. into your father. why give that donation. >> . great relationship for years. so. i think that.
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>> how do you win colorado. >> we do it with common sense. >> . we had a little fun. we asked him rapid fire questions about his dad. we have that up on fox 31 facebook page. right now. >> . new developments involving this fire. that's been burning since saturday. in larimer county. roadblocks in the area were lifted. this fire covers 304 acres. now 60 percent cob con taeupbd. ( if you're thinking about taking a hike on hanging lake trail. saturday. think again. volunteers will spend that day doing maintenance on the popular
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i love that place. >> >> all right. beautiful day today. good theupg is heading into tomorrow. not much changes. which means no weather hick hiccups for the broncos game. which everybody is focused on. >> . time lapse to get you urpd way today. and a little bit gray this morning. burn off the low clouds in the fog. here comes the sunshine. and then a steady stream of high clouds. from the remnants of what was
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just coming and you happen spilling over the top of denver. >> . the temperatures were up again. with 90s posted in pueblo. we had 80s here to the north and east. and we had 70s in the mountains. warm 80s all the way out west. denver actually coming in at 88 degrees. so despite the clouds. the censor at the airport took off. at 6 above where we should be. your record was the same. 95 degrees from the same year yesterday record was 2013. >> . the clouds will make for a gorgeous sunset this evening. >> . lower -l -l 0 again low clouds. 82 castle rock. now down to 79. in fort collins. 24 hour temperature chair son. not a big deal. here in denver.
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the biggest temperature jump is here. where temperatures are cooler at this time yesterday. >> . our future cast. some high clouds around. through the early evening. we'll keep a little bit of that going over night. i'll stop this at two o'clock in the morning. several computer models. to do the same thing. there's an old out flow boundary here. thunder storms crawl up the top. it is possible at about 2 to maybe 7 a.m. to get a couple of showers. maybe a rumble of thunder. on the far eastern plain. but just mostly clear skies in the morning. sunshine through the afternoon. and again as we look from denver to the east. you may see the top of a few thunder storms. out there. they'll be way out on the eastern plains. our forecast will be dry. there it is. seven o'clock. the game is under way at mile high. i'll have the forecast for you. coming up in just about a half hour. >> . then it's stays that way. a few high clouds at times. >> . here's a wider view across the state. just about everybody. an exception.
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burn that off. couple storms late in the day. way out here in yuma county. but as you go up and down i 25. through denver. the metro. over the mountains and points west. nothing but sunshine to enjoy. >> . lows tonight. in the 50s. and with the humidity down, still comfortable. great night for sleeping with the windows open. warmer 60s here to the south. refreshing 40s in the mountains. highs tomorrow tkouz this look a familiar. back to where we were today. 88 degrees. 90s south and east. >> . 80 to the and touching 90 degrees out in grand junction. >> . zoom into metro denver. everybody easily in the mid to upper 80s. again little bit of high clouds. will help. like it did today. >> . back to 88 degrees tomorrow. we stay on the warm side. and then that cold front is still coming in. late thursday night friday morning. it will kick up the wind. we stay sunny and dry. drop to a nice 77 degrees.
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saturday. turn up the heat again. to near 90 on sunday. and that's right before the temperatures fall again. >> . kind of a fall preview. from 74. to 67. to 72. showers possible. all 3 days. with the better rain chance on the coolest day. being tuesday.
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the best iphone the company has ever created. >> . the iphone 7 has a jet black high gloss finish. in gold siller srer and rose gold. >> . the device get this. is water resistant. how about that. also dust resistant. what it lacks is a headphone jack. it comes with an adapter or try out apples new air pods. the white wireless ear buds. interact with the iphone and the apple watch. the and charge in their case. >> . the tpo*eu tone 7 starts at 649 dollars. the 7 plus there's one of those too. that will run 769 dollar. preordering starts friday. >> . shipping begins september 16. >> . looking to fill hundreds of full and part-time positions. at its stores along front range. more than 2 hundred openings for
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>> . you can apply online. or go to an open interview at any of the 38 cafes in the state. wednesday before 3 and five p.m. >> . delta taking a huge financial hit from the computer glitch. last month. that canceled flights and grounded thousands of others. the company says the five hour ou center cost 150 million dollars. that's just for five hours. >> . affected customers were given refunds and vouchers. >> . what a multibillion dollar industry that is.
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people in the highlands neighborhood. still shaken by what happened here yesterday. apparent random act of violence in front of family. with children. it happened inside the street station. the neighborho bar around this time yesterday. >> . that suspect is still on the loose. >> . dave young live outside the restaurant. with new information in the case. >> . the tpablgt that children witnessed this. is disturbing. police say this man had roepbtly been showing up in other businesses. his behavior has been described by neighbors here as strange. sometimes very rude. and possibly mentally unstable. >> . remained closed wednesday.


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