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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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people in the highlands neighborhood. still shaken by what happened here yesterday. apparent random act of violence in front of family. with children. it happened inside the street station. the neighborho bar around this time yesterday. >> . that suspect is still on the loose. >> . dave young live outside the restaurant. with new information in the case. >> . the tpablgt that children witnessed this. is disturbing. police say this man had roepbtly been showing up in other businesses. his behavior has been described by neighbors here as strange. sometimes very rude. and possibly mentally unstable. >> . remained closed wednesday.
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counseling. and were interviewed by detectives. >> . it's been a crazy 24 hours. and hard to believe this happened. >> . employees told investigators a regular customer sitting at the bar around 4:30. tuesday. when an unidentified man came in. walked up to the victim. and without provocation cut his throat. before running out of the restaurant. >> he works at the barbershop next door. >> . concerning. you know. people walking around out there. with the mental health issues and whatever the situation. there are people when i leave here at night. a lot of young professionals around here. sitting out there with their kids. >> in fact a manager across the street told us a man matching the suspects description was recently kicked out. after his strange behavior made employees and customers uncomfortable. >> . workers are hopeful police make
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that victims injuries are serious. but he is expected to recover. black male. about 6 foot 3. 250 pounds to 3 hundred pounds. >> . if you have information call denver police. >> . love land police want to hear from more possible burglary victims after they arrested two men. were found hiding in the weeds. early yesterday morning. police say they have been searching for the suspect. after two neighbors report their homes have been burglarized.
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through open garages and unlocked doors. >> developing story in washington. now the fight over funding to combat the zika virus continues on capitol hill. >> . democrats blocked a 1 billion dollar measure. because it also restricted funding for birth control. >> . also lifted environmental regulations. both sides accusing the other. and sometimes those in their party of playing politics. with the deadly virus.
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the pipeline has a capacity to transport more than half a million barrels of oil a day. >> . a federal judge ordered construction be stopped. a part of the pipeline. tribe members say the partial restriction isn't enough to save thr >> . a vocal activist in the ferguson missouri police protest. has been murdered. >> . that found the body yesterday morning. in a burning car. he had been shot. mourners gathered for a vigil to honor his memory.
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>> for her trump themed 18 birthday party. >> . >> they took their business elsewhere. but contacted the company. to tell them what happened. al pwer son issued a statement. apologizing. saying in part. >> . >> denver based company new line of skin care products. is going hollywood. in hopes to make hemp mainstream. >> . >> to fill a room full of boxes. it helps to have people who think outside of them. >> . the dream began several months ago. >> . i knew it was going to be big. >> .
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locally produce a full line of skin care products. >> . all infused with cbd. >> . we have the limp plump. we have unlike thc. it won't get you high. but they say the benefits are endless. >> we're 80 percent organic. a hundred percent natural. made in colorado. >> . the founders are excited because what once was a taboo subje is now becoming mainstream. >> . we're the buzz of the nation. >> hollywood elite are taking notice. >> asked to be one of 26 products featured in the emmy award gift bags given to all nominees. the company that started out of this denver loft. is now busting at the seems.
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you can buy all their products online right now. >> one more business born of the new colorado cottage industry.
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the program fuel up to play 60. promotes school nutrition. also exercise. >> schools will get 40 thousand dollars in plumbing. equipment. and resources. to help those kids stay especially healthy. >> . what a cool treat.
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in case you aren't noticed. things are turning orange around town. buildings. clothes. food and now it was just a matter of time. >> denver broncos inspired beer. >> . united in orange. pail ail. >> . starting off at one of colorado's oldest craft breweries. >> . they teamed up with the denver broncos. to create a special o*rpbg in for mile high stadium. >> . a pail ail at its core. you can taste the orange juice. and orange peel. >> . >> . >> . they're offering is brewed with
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is cream sickle. ish. >> . >> . >> to help support cancer patients and families. >> . they're getting the word out about the annual 9/11 day of giving. >> every year on september eleven. her husband bill former assistant coach. for the nuggets.
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restaurant proceeds to help fight cancer. >> . >> this years event of course is this sunday. the annual cay day of giving has raised 840 thousand dollars since 2009. >> . 3 year contract extension. keeps sanders in the broncos uniform through the 2019 season. >> . @ 29 year-old one time pro-bowler. still in great shape. still prides himself on his route running. still has the speed you look for. and just told us earlier this week thanks to his hard work and attitude.
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his career. >> . has to get through the first start tomorrow.
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panthers. cam newton on down to the players. >> -fpt *efp head coach (asked nonstop ever since the about the whole revenge factor. trying to get back at the broncos. for dominating denver win in february. >> the answer. remains the same. >> . >> reminder another big week. traepls getting their seasons cranked up. we're asking you to help us help you. go to our web site. vote at place your vote for one of the high profile games on tap.
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>> . >> which ever game gets the top vote. will get top billion billing coverage. right here on friday night. at 10:30. click on sports. >> . >> one day you'll celebrate the start of new season.
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the heat isn't going tomorrow. if you're heading down to mile high. to tailgate. once they ep uptown there around one o'clock. it will be hot. much like today. sunshine. make sure you have fluid. make sure you're wearing sunscreen. it will feel hot. the game kicks off at 6:40. still in the 80s. once we get the sun to set. that's when we should see the temperatures come down. should be a great night for football. >> . what you're seeing outside right now. just a little bit of lie clouds.
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tomorrow. 84 and 86. current temperatures. 13 percent humidity. the air is so comfortable. 84 thornton. 85 commerce city. close to 90 up in brighton. west side of toeupb. more son at 80. wepb carol at 81. comfortable. eastern plains. you're in the 80s. low 80s. 82 julesburg. 81 castle rock. and climb in elevation. you can see 70s as you head to georgetown. 24 hour temperature comparison. warmest jump is here. in the north and about everybody else within a few degrees of where we were. this time yesterday. i put future cast in motion. we'll keep the high clouds arpb. some will thin out as the sunsets. immaterial i want to stop this here. running down i 70. in the wee hour of the morning. until early tomorrow morning. maybe one -r or two showers there. for us up and down the front range. here in the net low ra*eur ( looking beautiful. keep it that way with a few clouds at times -fpt to the afternoon and evening. and here's your future cast.
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kick off 6:40. seven o'clock to nine. buy you're walking out with beautiful conditions. across the rest of the state. western colorado. very quiet over night tonight. again one or two showers. into early tomorrow morning. running down i -p 70. hrou khroedz. the day ends up being beautiful. >> . i can't rule out as future cast is indicating. one or two showers. way out on the eastern plains. it's a low chance. lows tonight. 40s in the mountains. nice there. 50s for the western valley. >> down to the 4 corners area. 55 durango. warm 60s to the south and east. low humidity here in denver. >> . then the heat returns. 90s again to the south and east. right back to 88 in denver. that's where we were today. same in greeley fort collins. you'll find cooler 70s by comparison in the mountains. 80 -ts northwest. and the western valley near grand junction. >> . met re-temperatures. going to feel hot with the sunshine.
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a great day. with a lot of heat. >> . nine o'clock tonight. a few high clouds. at 67. we wake up with sunshine. and 54. might get one or two clouds late in the day. high of 88 degrees. >> . from there. down eleven to 77. that's the cold front coming in. it will stir up the wind. early in the day. i love friday. refreshing change. i love saturday and at 80 degrees. that's going to feel great. sunday is a perfect looking day. sunshine. but. the heat is back at close to 90 degrees. and then here we go. 70s and 60s. and low 70s. >> . 3 straight days in a row. some over night lows getting down to 40. >> . fall preview. >> . enjoy this weekend. >> . enjoy tomorrow. and friday. and 3 day weekend. >> . golf day. >> . police in longmont have arrested a couple who they say abused and
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next week. their 17 year-old son is legally blind. and weighed just 88 pounds. >> . he has atism. but hadn't been to school or doctor in 8 years. >> . family ranch. in ex-khaeubg firefighters move quickly this afternoon. to get a brush fire under control in douglas county. about two hundred acres. before crews were able to knock them down. they're still working on hot spots right now. no buildings were damaged. no word on how that fire
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we want to remind everybody too. on our denver app. we will have the low down all the secrets to navigating the denver mayhem.
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from washington, d.c., this is "power players" week on "jeopardy!" here are tonight's celebrity guests -- this pulitzer prize-winning journalist is a member of the "washington post" editorial board, and as an msnbc contributor is seen regularly on "hardball" and "morning joe." here's... [ cheers and applause ] as a cnn congressional correspondent, she covered the u.s. house and senate and now co-hosts the cnn show "at this hour" with john berman. please welcome...


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