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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 8, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MDT

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away. >> . we have to do it with air power. we have to do it with much more support. for the arabs and curds. who will fight on the ground against isis. >> if i like a combination of my plan. and the generals plan. or the general's plan. if i like the plan. i'm not going to call you up and say we have a great plan. this is what obama does. >> . trump and clinton are scheduled for the first presidential debate on monday. september 26. >> . trump jr. was in denver today. we had a chance one on one. among the topics he discussed, his fathers plan to deport undocumented workers and a sudden change of heart about the press. >> . a busy day in national politics. one of the big headlines the trump campaign ending the so called blast list of some reporters. from the washington post. now allowing them to get credentials. it was one of the first questions i asked. during a wide ranging interview.
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why now. >> . there's one thing to be critical. another thing to publish lies that are retracted once the headlines are on the front page. you can't do that. >> . why lift the ban now. >> i don't know. >> . >> there's a lot of hispanic voters in colorado. some are confused at your fathers position on the policy. >> . the policy is you have. you can't start a mutual agreement. of trust. with a person perpetrating a crime. >> they all have to go. >> everyone does have to go.
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how tkwrou win colorado. >> we do with common sense. we're speaking with common sense. >> . just part of the conversation with the son of the gop a short time ago. before we let donald trump jr. attend some fundraisers here in defer. we asked rapid fire questions. about his dad. we have that video on our facebook page. >> . we'll check it out.
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so many people grew up in a world. of buy now pay later credit. >> . it it's catching up with a lot of families. the average household credit card debt is 15 thousand dollars. >> . the younger generation is taking notice. >> . gives this break down. showing americans owe a whopping 712 billion dollars. on kreut cards. >> . credit cards. >> . i don't have regrets about getting it. but i regrets on spending sometimes. >> . for a generation dealing with student loan debt in the trillions. becoming cautious about credit. >> . i don't have a credit card.
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manage my money. >> . i have a set amount. that's how much i can spepb. >> others say they have at least one. it's not for every day spending. >> i haven't spent much on it. i have been consistent paying it off. and staying under the limit. i stick to my debit card and casual cash usually.
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>> >> new tonight.
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will be suspended from swimming for ten months. will not be allowed to participate in the world championships come next year. facing charges in brazil for making a false report of a robbery. after police say he and 3 others vandalized a gas station. officials are not commenting. >> . who is who of colorado coaches gathering at in centennial today. to help support cancer patients. getting the word out about the annual 9/11 day of giving. in memory of joe ann. every year on september 11. her husband bill a former assistant coach for the nuggets donates one hundred percent of the restaurant proceeds. to help fight cancer. >> . it's tkpraet story. this years event of course is this sun. the annual day of giving has raised 840 thousand dollars
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>> . a special orange inspired -fpt draft only beer. for mile high stadium. >> . you can get it at their brewery too.
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you can taste the orange juice. and orange peel. >> . it was inspired during the broncos run last year to the so*up bowl. >> . super-bowl. >> . it's call -tded orange crush sickle. >> . if beer isn't your face-to-face reut head down to it this taste like victory. >> . if you want to sample united in orange. you have to go to a game. or to the brewery. same with the orange crush
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i'm so excited for for tomorrow. >> i am too. >> . we did have a moisture to the south of colorado. left over from hurricane newton. targeting new mexico. santa fe. but just the high clouds drifting in. we look to the west. again there's just nothing heading our way. so. i think we'll have less cloud cover tomorrow. still a few high clouds around. but the heat will stay on. so the 88 we posted today. is coming back tomorrow. as a matter of fact i don't think temperatures change all
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of coursely obviously grab the shades. the only problem on the roads tomorrow will be the sun glare. >> the big drop off in temperature. as we preview fall.
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it's coming. >> .
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sometimes you have to go out. and prepare. you have to bet on yourself. and th i do that every year. and tell myself go out and make plays. bet on yourself. >> . today that's the bet that pays off. in 33 million dollars. 20 million guaranteed money. sanders awarded a new contract extension. by the broncos. the new deal keep the 29 year-old in a broncos uniform through the 2019 season. 29 year-old one time pro-bowler in 2014. still in tremendous shape.
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the break away speed. and all the work ethic to go along with it. just ask his boss. >> . how about this stat. the first super-bowl rematch played on kick off weekend. since 1970. hard too believe. the chiefs and vikings did way back then. after squaring off in super-bowl 4. the hype is alive. and we will here in denver already tonight at civic center park. set up a kick off village. that's where we caught up with tpofrpl *f former pwropb former bronco great.
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there's been some turn over. can the defense disrupt cam newton like they did last season. >> i felt leek the defense shocked him. he wasn't quite ready for the speed of the defense. he's going against them. it's not like watching them on film. he should have a good >> you have seen them working the preseason. what's your prediction. >> . pain. no. i i don't know. it it's going to be a great game. they have a ton of talent. 15 and one last year. they got shocked. the broncos really got off to a fast start stkp never looked back. tha*eult be they'll be more prepared. >> . it should be exciting and come down to the wire. >> . we'll have more from another former bronco. during the ten o'clock sport
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every time this time of year. they're like don't forget about us. closing down a 3 kwaeupl game set at home. against visiting san francisco. >> . on the mound. good against the giants -fpt not so much tonight. >> . out of here two run shot. rockies did come back moments ago. to make it really interesting. in the ninth. they just won it with a walk off hit. >> coming up during the ten o'clock sports cast.
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judge lynn: today on "divorce court"... mccrary: charmaine and i have been married for nine years, and it's been a constant uphill battle. parks: steve is a lying, manipulative, cheating, selfish, narcissistic person who does not take reasonability for his own actions. mccrary: at the end of the day, i just want to figure out how to be the best co-parents we can be for our kids. parks: i want the judge to tell steve what it is to be a man and a father and take care of his kids. catalano: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: good day, ladies and gentlemen. i'm here with charmaine parks and steve mccrary. the two of you have been together 17 years, married for nine years.


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