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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 8, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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change that. >> . all the people who will have come together to protect. the water. >> ongoing protests at the north and south dakota state line. people representing native american tribes from across the country. and hundreds of haoeul miles away in denver thursday night. people from all backgrounds and ages hope the support is enough to spur change.
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students and employees will be able to order from a special problem solvers consumer alert. recalling two million vehicles because of an issue with the rear hatch. lift support for the hatch can corrode if water gets on them. factory didn't put enough protective coating to prevent
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2014 to 16. ford transit connect. >> . all right to the presidential race. now. nbc news anchor taking a lot of heat from his own net work. for his handling of last nights commander in chief forum. one reportedly saying today that it was a disaster. he had back to back interviews with clinton and trump. many were left disappointed. some over the failure to fact
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tougher on clinton. >> . this also ranks as false.
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when asked if he supported the iraq war. he said yeah i guess so. >> . there's no evidence my system was hacked. >> this is true. the nbi said there's no evidence her private server was compromised. >> . he does have an 82 percent approval rating. >> . the problem solvers ranked this as true. russian president does have high poll numbers and his daughter recently vacationed with putten ru >> . they both did well in some areas. and both tpupl fumbled in others. >> . politics professor however doesn't think last nights event will impact the polls. predicting the upcoming debate. >> will. >> . people are ready. to watch the debate. >> . first debate is monday september 26. total of 3 presidential debates plus a vice president debate.
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it wasn't a car bomb or engine explosion. something far less steupb sinister. >> it was very surprising to me. how quick the dash caught on fire. once it got the dash the air bags went and exploded. >> . >> it's hard for him to see his family's beloved jeep like this. it's even harder when you can consider what sparked it. >> that's the last thought in my head. that a brand new device
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will burn down my car. >> that phone one of these. a sam sung gal galaxy note 7. one of the newest to hit the market. >> i converted from apple. back when the some of the first notes were out. and had every new note since then. >> it was charging in the suv. when it blew up like a ticking time bomb. he only had it 4 days. >> . i don't think i'll let another product in my house. >> he's gotten the run around from the manufacturer and wasn't officially the company says there have only been a small number of battery issues. 35 as of september 1. sam sung has stopped selling the phone. and offering replacements. saying quote. >> . >> i didn't have any issues with it. until this point.
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the phone or tablet to your kids. >> . to see the destruction.
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we felt like there has to be something else. out there. >> . after several failed pregnancies. and two emergency surgeries on her tubes. michelle and michaels hopes of having a child were low. their personal and religious beliefs ruled out ivf and had mixed feelings about traditional adoption. that was until they discovered snow flake embryo adoption. >> . i texted him and said what would you think. if we gave birth tour child. and he responded by saying, that's it. that's the answer. >> . over 6 hundred thousand frozen embryos stored in the u.s. when ivf couples finish the family building. these extras can be terminated. frozen. given to science for research. or donated for reproduction. >> . we're treating it as the actual adoption of the child.
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recipient family. >> ivf can cost up to 20 thousand dollars. embryo adoption of the snow flake agency. cost around 17 thousand. according to to the society for assisted reproductive technology. each adopted transfer has about a 47 percent success rate. in 2014, ivf had about a 34 percent success rate >> . in most agencies the adopting family must complete a family book. adoption home study and receive kphraoerpbs from clearance from their petition. >> . from ta their physician.
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both families have to agree. before signing contracts. the first family was a perfect match. >> there was a love in my heart. for this family. >> . it was sounexplainable. we just knew. >> after 13 years of trying. michelle gave birth to their adopted daughter. >> it was it was like time stopped. >> . congratulations to them. >> . weufpl under 50 women under 50 have the best results. by the way. she's now expecting her genetic sibling. in january 2017. >> . beautiful day across colorado. storminess to the north.
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front. that is going to continue to drop across the rockies. and down into colorado.
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future cast pretty kwaoeu etd over night tonight. tomorrow morning low clouds here. lamar. down towards over towards that will burn off. quiet through the day. i showed you the cold front to the north. as it sags in our direction. we'll notice the wind. cooler temperatures. and we will get passing clouds. especially late in the day. >> . there it is. 70s out of the montana. and arriving here in colorado. especially northeast colorado. >> clear skies out there. wake up in the morning plenty of sunshine. a few hroudz late in the day. a high in the 70s. 59 at 7 a.m. 71 at the lunch hour. and on our way to 77 degrees. here's what you can expect for the kids. as they head off to the bus. it's going to be cool. and refreshing in the morning.
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pwropb >> picture of a kentucky teenager praying with a homeless man. has gone viral. >> . the emotional story behind the photograph. what led the teen to an act of generosity. >> . >> imagine walking a mile in someone elses shoes. >> what if we all tried to hreuf that way. live that way. the nonprofit organization.
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name. >> people uplifting real people. and it's short for purpose. >> . in process of helping start a church. called true believers in christ. in victory park. a tough neighborhood. with real problems. >> . that's where founder met ron zappolo. >> . ron ron. >> the 14 year-old mother will tell you. a few years ago. he was a troublemaker. sheshe wasn't sure how his years would unfold. growing up surrounded by crime. >> . every day. shootings. kids robbing people. >> it's a loot. right where we live. >> that's not the path this eastern high school freshman wanted to take. he spends his time helping others. monday it was feeding the homeless. and that's when one man stood out to him. >> you can tell he's been hurt
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prayer. he noticed the rich shoes. without hesitation. he took off his brand new jordans. >> . at first i said these are too expensive. and i said take these. it's what god wanted me to do. >> . >> viewed and had shared a million times. even world. but before it went viral. this teen came home in sks what did he do. at first i was upset. we just brought these a day ago for school. and i just realized that that'st god told him to do. i'm very proud. >> . making a difference. one step at a time. >> . speak of amazing. >> . we can't show you video yet. because of copyright.
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everybody standing by. >> . first of all. unbelievable opening game. wow. carolina played incredibly well in the first half. denver played exceptionally in the second half. i thought defensively they were challenged. at halftime. i thought probably phillips probably got in there good. >> >> >> put a hand in the face of a receiver. gave them a first down. gram misses. from 50 yards. after he hit it on an icing. they turn around and made a time out call. >> . pulled it had wide left. and the broncos win it.
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mike was famous for icing it. >> . time to think about it. whatever the timing was. and the case. he pulled it wide. >> . he's good. >> . he barely ever misses. this is impressive. >> . today in warm up. he was kicking from 61. 62 yard. and nailing them. >> . trevor siemian. looked great. >> . out standing i thought. >> . 18 of 26. 178 yards. they left so many points on the field. >> this game. you take it as you get it. this game should have been a little dare i say easier.
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he didn't rattle tonight. >> . i love the side arm thro*u. around the defender. that was awesome. >> . game. >> . we have a running quarter back. >> . i noticed that too. haven't had that for a while.
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went to looking for answers. more on the developing story. >> . the video shows the suspect. in this area. looking through the bedroom window of a teenage girl. >> . >> a suspected peeping tom. caught in the act. accused of spying on a teenager. >> .
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says something like this is unusual. for a community with over all low crime rate. >> . it's a very safe community. we don't like to see this type of activity. >> . the surveillance security system with motion detection recorded this video. to the girls fathers computer. >> the dad called police. who called the media. take a good look. >> anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers.


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