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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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we asked to investigate why so many districts want to raise your property taxes. >> . marijuana taxes were in raised 4 million dollar last year. sounds like a lot right. well. most of it doesn't go towards education. and cool school districts say what does is just a drop in the bucket. >> . we're going to focus in aurora. built 40 years ago when
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walls was considered a wise way to teach. now. having just a bank of blocker as a partial wall and no door. doesn't seem wise at all. >> . distractions can happen. and we want to create spaces that provide the best learning environment. >> . so now. superintendent wants to tear down the school. and build a new one. in its place. >> . price tag. 40 million dollars. districts over all need. and aurora is one of 8 districts just along the front range. with bond issues on the november ballot. combined districts are seeking 2.3 billion dollars. the marijuana allocated for all colorado schools. only 40 million. >> .
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because of the but. there is a catch. the district won't get it 16 million dollars in marijuana taxes unless voters agree to pass aurora entire 3 hundred million dollar bond. >> . people probably do not understand how little money marijuana taxes are going to assist schools. with capitol problems. >> it's about one percent of the entire state budget.
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to stop its construction. they and other critics of the 358 mile pipeline. say it threatens sacred native american land. could pipeline project which scheduled to be complete by the end of the year. is slated today carry a half million barrels of oil daily. from north dakota to illinois.
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a graphic photograph. to drive home the dangers of heroin. we'll warn you. you might find the image disturbing. >> . you may have noticed the boy in the backseat. the 4 year-old son. he has been taken to children services. >> . so sad. >> . 15 years passed since 9/11. some of the ser ceremonies commemorating the day were held today. at new york and washington dc. >> . a solemn day today in the nations capitol. and new york city. held prior to sunday's 15 year remembrance of the attacks.
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attack. happening here. on american soil. >> . around this years anniversary. that's an increase from the 39 percent who felt that way.
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attack. in 2011. fears that tkpo*ft tkpwo*t officials government officials acknowledge are real. >> . we continue to stand vigilant. >> . but they say americans must try to look beyond those fears. >> . 9/11 doesn't belong to fear. it belongs to courage. it belongs to compassion. >> . terrorism cannot prevail. if we refuse to be terrorized. >> . here at home. thousands expected to pack to pay tribute to those who lost their lives. also a free tribute concert. >> beginning at one o'clock. >> . hundreds gather this morning in colorado springs. for a 9/11 memorial service. the 15 anniversary hits close to home for. 1975 graduate was a flight attendant on board the second plane. 15 years later the family says they still don't have closure.
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had a life threatening experience at the end of her pregnancy. she went into full kidney failure. during the pweurt pw*eut of her during the pw*eut >> her students rallied to find her a kidney. >> . fifth grade teacher mollly wright. never gave up on her students. and in her hour of need, they >> she cared for all of them. and we care back. >> in 2015. while pregnant. wright experienced a critical kidney failure. immediately following the birth of her son. >> it was shock. so i went from being pregnant to being in the hospital and had no idea what happened. >> she was in the fight of her life. >> had to be on dialysis 3 days a week. i had a stroke. i had a seizure. >> the doctors cut to the chase.
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transplant list. >> . rights fifth grade class immediately went into action. and started the find mollly a kidney campaign. >> we made fliers and t shirts. and we had a school assembly to try to spread the word. >> one month later. she received a new kidney. >> it went great. it couldn't have gone better. >> even though wright students didn't find her thne they found a place in her heart. >> . they're amazing. >> . today. a little reunion for wright. and her former students. >> i have had them for 4 or five years. and they're just they blow me away. >> sometimes the best lesson kids learn. has nothing to do with the classroom. >> . so cool. if you'd like to help others in
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you can attend an awareness walk. sponsored by kidney walk. >> . happening at the medical campus in aurora. september 18. >> . classic supermarket strategy in check out line changing at one grocery store. to help families with parent given counter 14 a make over. taking away the candy on the shelves and replacing with toys that children with autism can touch and feel. the goal is calm them down. and help block the sensory over load at the supermarket. he made the change after hearing horror stories from the mother of anautistic child. >> the point is make check out easier. make the customer comfortable. >> . >> now he says customers even those who don't have children with autism thing the check out line is a great idea. it is for sure. >> . this 3 year-old mariners fan. is now an internet sensation.
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>> night. cj was being scurried after by fantasy players everywhere. two touch down night. 139 total yards. how the broncos want to be. particularly in the running game. a big nod goes to the offensive line. which played very well.
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time together. through the post preseason. >> . the slimimmer version of andersn himself. he made guys miss in the open field. and pulled through. one of his best games as a bronco. >> . he had great camp. he didn't miss a day practice. there's something about that carry over. he's off to great start. >> . broncos play at home again a week from sunday. against the colts. >> . i think i read the calendar right this morning. it's friday night. that means lights will be switched on all over colorado. as high school football takes center straeupblg. >> stage.
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we're here at north field. for the mountain range mustang game. both of these teams come off dis-pining seasons. looking to get their groove back this season. guys on the field were getting prepped. we're getting good to go here. yo fan. there's another game going on. top five teams in the state. mullen and regis. we're not there. because these mustangs. they made the voices heard. by voting. and you can vote too. >> . go to backslash game of the week. 4 teams. voting starts monday. you tell us where to go. and that's where we'll be.
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who says your vote doesn't count. we will cover the other game for
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in. first thing this morning. and left us with beautiful sunshine. what you'll notice here on the time lapse is we'll get a little bit of cloud cover. up and out southwest. watch the clouds turn. and go in the opposite direction. that's a secondary cold front. that is moving in right now. really kicking off up the wind. the temperatures were noticeably cooler. with only -p 70s in northeast kept the 90s away. from the south and east. mountains 70s and 80s. your numbers fairly close it where you were yesterday. 75 degrees denver. 6 below where we should be. a big drop off from yesterday's 89 degrees. >> . outside we have a few clouds. starting to break. temperatures are in the 60s out there. so even cooler air. we made it into the 70s. in the last 45 minutes to an hour. we have watched the numbers quickly drop back into the low
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and look to the north. lower 60s even 50s in cheyenne. all that cooler air. is running down in our direction. if you do a 24 hour temperature comparison. it's noticeable. 20, 25. 27 degrees cooler in a lot of places. along the front range. again. the wind is brisk. 15, 20. 25 miles per hour. gusts up to 30. that's going to stay with us through the evening. so here's what you can expect. on future cast. as we get into the put it into motion. little band of clouds. over us right now. we'll stick with them until about nine or ten. and they break up and move away. saturday starts off with sunshine. and really not much changes through the day. cloud cover here in the san luis valley. that's about it. lots of sunshine. for your saturday. now. under mainly clear skies tonight. it is going to be cool. with 40s here. that 44 in denver. will be the coolest low temperature we have had so far. 50s to about 60 pueblo.
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4 corners kwra*eurs. and look at these chilly 30s. here to the north and west. steam boat back towards craig and meeker. temperatures could get so low. they have a freeze warning. in place. for temperatures that could dip below freezing. >>. and then highs tomorrow. little warmer 70. low 80s. from eagle back towards craig. and meeker. upper 80s for grand junction. you'll get cool down. cold front on the way to southeast colorado. lower 80s tomorrow. sunshine. 70s colorado springs. limon. out towards akron and burlington. low 80s from denver. to fort collins. up towards the greeley area. so. a little warmer by about 6 or seven o'clock. than what we had today. that puts metro areas in the upper 70s. to about 81 degrees. in downtown denver. >> . my forecast. nine o'clock tonight. still a few clouds around. quickly in to the low 60s. 44 when you wake up in the morning. on our way to a beautiful 80 degrees or just a few high clouds.
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sunday. it's just a one day spike. 89. and then back down into the 70s. dropping to the 60s tuesday. a rebound to the 70s. for wednesday thursday and friday. remember. normal this time of the year is 81. other than sunday 89. everything in that forecast is below normal. >> . and a little bit of rain each day next week. not a lot. >> . a detective wounded in the line of duty. dan bright still in critical condition. a week after being shot in parker. she he was shot once in the che. after responding to a suicidal
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>> . the suspect was shot and killed by parker police. right there on the scene.
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from washington, d.c., this is "power players" week on "jeopardy!" here are tonight's celebrity guests -- he is the creator and executive producer of one of the most talked about, groundbreaking series in tv history, "mad men." here's 9-time emmy winner... [ cheers and applause ] an nbc correspondent and ancr for nearly 20 years, he recently joined cnn as a political analyst, and has published a critically acclaimed memoir, "how's your faith?" please welcome...


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