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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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i loved growing up i thought i was a basketball player. when it came to go to college they said no you're not. i love them all. i love the olympics and stuff. but. just love to watch competition. >> . catch us eufr week through the the broncos season. catch us tpraoeud night at 9:30 saturday at seven o'clock. on colorado's own channel two. we'll see you then.
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some say it was disrespectful. others applauding him. you probably heard about brandon marshall kneeling during the national anthem. right after he took a knee. the internet blew up. with people supporting and condemning him. >> . tonight we're hearing from the man himself. >> . >> now with how he's dealing with the fall out. from his actions. >> . he knew there would be backlash. he knew it might even lose an endorsement. tonight he's standing by what he did. simply standing up for what he
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i figured that some type of repercussion would happen. it's what i thought about. is it and i still made the decision to do it. >> . i personally didn't like it. a lot of fans didn't like it either. it's very un-patriot ebg. >> . it's a diversion. to say hao*efs disrespectful.
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>> . even after facing accusations of being un-patriotic. marshall is looking past his critics. >> . i want people to stand up for what they believe in. what they feel is right. >> . he said he's received a lot of support. from his team teammates and coaches. yesterday von miller saying that while he will not himself take a
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>> . he's continuing to do this. the rest of the season. >> . >> new developments tonight. in awe new up tkaut on the pipeline. a federal judge denied the tribe motion to stop the project. but a short time later the government stepped tph-d saying the tribe raised important issues. >> . the pipeline company was asked to stop the construction while the army core of engineers review decisions about the site. temporarily blocking construction. now supporters say the pipeline would foreign energy. and add thousand of construction jobs. >> . a problem solver up at a time. stemming from this caught on camera foot apbl. footage. it shows deputy kicking a man. while he was down. on the ground. outside a bar in adams county.
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trial. >> the new developments in this case. >> the trial started tuesday. and went to the jury today. they deliberated less than two hours. before finding the former adams county sheriff deputy. not guilty. >> . i tkwot to i got to tell my side of the
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>> he defends his actions and says if put in the same situation again. he would respond the same way. >> . he was fired from the sheriffs department. earlier this summer. and says he's not sure what he'll do now. >> . i'm just thankful that i wasn't convicted. on it. now i can continue my life. >> . >> as for t kicked. i talked to his lawyer. they are obviously disappointed with the verdict. and plan to file a civil lawsuit. >> . >> thank you. prayer service held this weekend for a douglas county deputy. shot while working. tonight detective dan bright is still in critical condition. shot once in the chest responding to a home of a suicidal man. armed with a large rifle.
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prayer service is sunday. at 3 p.m. you can park at the middle school across the street. organizers encourage you to car pool. and wear blue. >> . >> hundreds gather in colorado springs. for a 9/11 memorial service. this morning. the 15 anniversary hits close to home. for many in the community. a attendant on board the sec plane that crashed into the twin towers. 15 years later. her family says they don't have closure. but support from the community
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a somber remember remembrance parade took phraoeus in new york city. remembered the members lost on 9/11. and those they lost due to nine hr*epb related illnesses. >> . the route began on lower broad way. ending at the police memorial wall. >> . here in colorado. several 9/11 planned. including sunday. most hosted by governor and mayor. it is from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. at civic center park. with a military fly over. rifle salute. and remembrance ceremony. >> . from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. broad way will close. from colfax. to 13 street. >> . as we approach the anniversary. one man captured a beautiful photo. one world trade center.
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off the tower. >> . ceremony >> a family in need. every day. carrying they grandfather up flights of stairs.
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ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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>> problem solvers getting results for a beloved grandfather and his family. a woman posted a video showing the manpower it took to grandfather to his apartment. two stories up. >> . >> elderly are often the forgotten population. >> . 78 year-old man. carried up two flight of stairs. to get to his apartment. this happening since the spring. >> . there's a sorrow of his dignity. being crushed. >> . posting the video on face waobg book.
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attracting the attention of the problem solvers. >> somebody really dropped the ball. >> frustrated the complex hadn't moved her grandfather to a more accessible unit. even though they promised to. months ago. >> . he doesn't need to be carried downstairs and upstairs like a baby. or infant. >> . so today, 20 thousand plus facebook views later. we made some phone calls. speaking to property management. >> vice president apologized to the family. >> we're sorry that it took this long. s running the building. this summer. and had no idea martin had requested a move. >> this was actually brought to the previous management attention. back in april. and there was a doctors note. it was put in a file. and we never got a hold of that. so. the file sat. >> . as she's grateful her grandfather doesn't have to go through again. and for the problem solvers.
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good work. >> . 70s sp mid 80s out west. denver coming in at 75. we started at 50.
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we should be at 81. we'll get back to ta level tomorrow. outside roeugt now. we're in the 50s the wind i think kind of was a little bit brisk. and gave you more of a chill. than the actual temperature was. that wind thankfully has backed off now. down to five miles per hour. >> . 50 town in golden. pull this back. northeast 46 and sterling. 46 in the akron area. 44 in castle rock. right now. there's a little bit of a nip in the air. the wind has backed off. i think we're done with the stronger wind. satellite and radar. we picked up a bit of cloud cover. that was actually the front dropping in. right there. as it went by. future cast for the rest of tonight. not much going on. wake up tomorrow morning with plenty of sunshine. i'll let this roll through. into the afternoon. you get the picture.
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and it's not just the front range. in the northeast corner of the state. southeast colorado. quiet. a couple clouds passing by tonight. you might get one or two clouds. tomorrow. here in the san luis valley. that's it. just look across the state. sunshine to enjoy. under clear skies tonight. 44 is my forecast. in denver. so we're not far away from that. i was thinking about taking the temperature down. even lower. >> >> indication of the changing season. basically what it means. you have to a potted plant or something sensitive. you have to bring it. 70s in the mountains. 80s meeker eagle craig. 90 grand junction.
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in the south and east. again. because the cold front is dropping into so*ult east colorado. we'll get a bounce back. instead of 70 to 75. how about 80 to 81. 82. still some 70 out there. from denver out to the east. down south colorado springs. and out towards the akron area. we may have a few upper 70s on the west side. i think downtown at 81. and no matter what the sunshine tomorrow. is going to make it feel good out there. >> weather 7-day forecast. sunday will be warm. 89 my forecast high. i looked into the record is 92. so. that's not far away. >> . 69 degrees for a high tuesday. more lows in the 40s.
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september october the best months in colorado. >> . >> >> topping news across america. police department in ohio. releasing shocking pictures of police. say shows two adults who over koes in a car. with a 4 year-old in the
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both being tried as adults. 14 year-olds are accused of luring the victim into the woods. and stabbing her 19 times. the victims survived. they said they did it to please an internet character. known as slender man. last month the other defendant placed her plea to not guilty by reason of mental disease or
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james has donated blood 6 hundred times. since his wife died back in 1989. promising her he would get his blood drawn every two weeks. almost 30 years later. he's holding up the promise. as well as the record for most donations in arizona. >> . i kept my promise. i think she's smiling down on us now. >> . the city mayor declared september 8 as james day. to celebrate his lifetime of dedication to those in need. and the arizona governor made this week arizona blood donation week.
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>> all right. let's whereon broncos lost the turn over battle. out thrown. out rushed out kicked. they certainly weren't out done. points all over the field. down by ten points after halftime. they dominated the second half. and tr*ef trevor siemian came of age. everything turned orange. and isn't resilience the market of a good team after all. >> . i can't believe we bonn game. with some of the mis-taeubs we made. i'm excited. of what we can be if we correct those things. >> isn't that the truth. they have the luxury of being fans this week. sunday in particular. >> . colts come to mile high. a week from sunday.
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you voted for our game of the week. and now we deliver. >> . both teams off disappointing seasons. looking to find their groove. they got the party started early. >> . soft more running back. doing his best impression. running right through. defense. ties up at 7. in the third. it was all west. finding number 4. for the tpufp down. the and the go ahead 14 to 7 score. and it was looking good. for west. they wouldn't let off the brakes. mustangs try to 4 minutes left in the game.
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this sack. that leads to easy money for 21. nice insurance tough down. and west gets their first win of the season. 26 to 7. beating mountain range. >> . sroeuted online. for the game voted week. which is where you need to go. to see your school remitted on friday night. at ten p.m. go to back spwhrarb game of the week. vote for your school. starting every monday. >> . go online and cast your vote.
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>> going deep. and finds visions for the first touch down of the game. mullen up 7 to nothing. a team that has won 4 state championships -fpt none since 2010. >> . they win it 17 to nothing. our tkphraeugss. >> our congratulations. >> . friday night football. >> . can't get enough.
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asian elephant is walking a little easier now. tha*bgs thanks to some creative thinking and innovative shoes. >> . she's 4 is years old. 41 years old. a*rts rites arthritis was causing foot pain and problems with toenails. these boot help with the pain. and allow medications to stay on
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the knew the efforts of the had made a big and positive difference in her life. >> . so neat to see. so creative.
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i've never seen an old person in a new bathing suit. i don't know where they get their bathing suits. my father has bathing suits from other centuries. my parents live in florida. if you go there and forget your bathing suit, they want you to wear one of theirs. you know how that gets? you need trunks, son? i've got trunks for you. you can wear mine. fathers don't wear bathing suits, they wear trunks. it's kind of what a tree would wear if it went swimming. so i get in the water, and this thing is, like, floating around me somewhere. have you worn a bathing suit that you don't know where you are inside it? you tell someone "i'm parasailing.


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