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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 10, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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we made some phone calls -fpl speaking to property management. >> we're waiving all charges for them to transfer. >> vice president apologizing to the family. >> we're so sorry it took this long. >> saying they just took over running the building. this summer. and had no idea martin had requested a move. >> this was actually brought to the previous management attention. back in april. and there was a doctors it was put in a file. and we never got a hold of that. so the file sat. >> as for she's grateful her grandpa doesn't have to go through this again. and tpr-rt problem solvers. getting results. >> . thank you. positive change can come out of something i was ranting about. >> . just an unbelievable video. he's expected to to be in his new apartment this thursday. if you're wondering why he was
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when he moved in s*erl several years ago the stairs did not bother him. >> . police investigating a 3 car hit and run crash. at parker and harvard. it happened around 3:30 p.m. sky fox over the scene. parker closed in both directions right now. due that crash. eastbound harvard we understand is also closed. no word right tphoeu now on any suspects or possible injuries. of course we'll bring you updates as we learn more. >> fire crews above and beyond this morning. knowing a little girl was firefighters ran in with nothing but instincts to find her. and they did. >> . they found the girl hiding in a second floor bedroom closet. they had to crawl on hands and
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children themselves. pitting their lives on the line to safe sa*eu that win win week ( one week after he was shot. a deputy still in critical condition. dan bright was hit once in the chest. responding to a suicidal man. >> . family and colleagues stand guard at his bedside. they're praying for a full recovery. but say it's going to be a long
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a deputy kicking a man. while he was down on the ground. outside a bar in adams county. the video leading to that cops trial. >> . live. th verdict. >> that's right. the trial started on tuesday. the case went to the jury this morning. they deliberated just two hours. before coming back and finding the former deputy not guilty.
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third degree misdemeanor assault. after a grand jury handed down the indictment. they argued in court. that kick is a crime. but his attorney told jurors it is an allowable use of force. jurors found the former deputy not guilty. >> . i'm obviously happy i got to finally tell my side of the story. i'm grateful to the jury. for showing some sense. and some intelligence. an >> he defends his actions and says if put in the same situation again. he would respond the same way. >> . i think if i hasn't acted the way i did. things could have gone much worse. >> . he was fired from the sheriff department. earlier this summer. and says he's not sure what he'll do now. >> i'm just thankful that i wasn't convicted on it. now i can continue my life.
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now as for the man who was being kicked. i talked to his lawyer. they're disappointed and plan to file a civil lawsuit. >> . now to broncos news. brandon marshall feeling the heat for his actions before the game even started last night. marshall taking a knee during the national anthem. to protest social injustice in phefrbg. >> . today the federal credit union dropped his endorsement. stating his actions do not represent the organization. >> reigniting the fiery debate over whether protesting during the national anthem is un-patriotic. >> . tphar mar sal says marshall says te he knew there would be consequences. >> . i figured something would
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i can protest peacefully. >> . >> marshall says the response hasn't been all negative. he's also received a lot of support. including from his own teammates. >> . at ten. hear more on how he's dealing with the fall out. >> . sunday marks 15 years since the attacks in new york. washington dc and pennsylvania. president ordering be lowered for patriot today. national days of service and remembrance. >> . here in colorado. several memorial events are planned. sunday hosted by hickenlooper. and denver mayor. this starts at 1 p.m. civic instruct her civic center park. there will be military honors. >> >> some startling photographs to start news across america. take a look. ohio police department releasing this picture. they say to drive home the
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check this out. a man and woman passed out in the front. and their young boy is in the back. the officer pulled them over because he says the driver was weaving back and forth. police administered a drug to reverse over doses. and arrested them. the boy was taken to children's
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get his take on things. >> . when the phone rings do you really know who's on the other end. especially asking for your name or birth date. a new scam election connection.
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fails our restaurant report card. with 15 critical health code violations in the july 26 inspection. among the violations. ants, flying androdent droppings in the kitchen. employee washed their hands for less than 15 seconds. and a worker was handling lettuce and tomato with bare hands. kitchen hand sink was not working and there was not hot or cold water at the prep sink.
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so we stopped by. >> . the employees weren't interested in speaking with us. the restaurant passed its follow up inspection in august. >> . next we visit the great wall super-buffet in lake wood. the restaurant scores an f for 16 critical violations. during a surprise inspection in august. the restaurant major mistakes include pest droppings in the storage. sanitizer measured 0. no soap. and ice machine had a build up of mold. the restaurant didn't respond to calls. so we stopped by. >> . do you know if you have done anything to correct the issues. >> . we have done a lot. >> . the restaurant failed a follow up inspection on august 30. >> . and finally. the chocolate therapist is on duty. in little ton. the chocolate maker scored an a if two inspections with no
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>> . we regularly wipe everything down. the girls wear gloves. hair nets. whatever we can do we try to do. >> . i didn't really realize you watch that kind of thing. it's good to know. >> to see the violations in the report. we have links to the inspection posted on
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you climb in elevation. we have 30s in the tpao foot h-l saided here in the color. rolling in the southeast colorado. so the wind is pretty much backing off. future cast not much to show you. between now and midnight. a little bit of cloud cover is thinning out. sunshine early saturday. one o two clouds maybe through the lunch hour. by the afternoon and evening. nothing changes. a lot of sunshine out there. a wider view across the state. and again from now through the over night. couple clouds down there. in the southern valley. down i 25. through the afternoon. not much happening. we head into the evening it's
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the lows tonight 40s. 44 denver. will be the coolest low we have had so far this season. 40s 50s south. look at this string of below freezing temperatures. in the colorado mountains. and for here. back to the northwest plateau. from steam boat. to craig and meeker. that is a freeze warning. >> lower 80s from some of the heat in the south and east. we'll get back to the seasonal normals. with temperatures in the 80s. for most of the front range. we're looking at 80. up towards the northern front range. and windsor. mill kin.
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the wind has started to back off quickly. mostly clear and cool at 44. 80 address tomorrow. with sunshine. the heat comes back sunday. at 89. by the way. the record is 92. so we're not far from it. we'll stay away. from that record high. >> . if you're up tomorrow. put on a jacket. >> . fall is here.
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you'll need to update your registration. in order to >> . maybe press one for more information. but soon the recording asks for your information. it's a big red flag. especially if you know your voter repbl registration is current. democrats and republicans in counties across the state. reported incidents with the most cases in adams county. >> . there was issues with their mail in status. if they didn't confirm personal information such as birth date and social security. driver's license number. they wouldn't receive a ballot. >> what should you do.
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cob confirm. come to our office and speak directly. we're more than willing to help you. >> . just hang up. they will not you're asked to contact the secretary of state office. >> . for the problem solvers. >> thank you. we have that contact information on our web site.
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in the zone with coach. is coming up next. let's talk about that broncos victory. the more news at ten o'clock.
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week one in the books. >> it was crazy. we knew it would would be a gret game. start off with the teayo played against the super-bowl. we both had changes but very physical game. got ourselves in trouble. with turn overs and not playing well defensely in the first half. but kept our composure and battled back. and made big plays -fpt none bigger than the interception. and very lucky at at end. >> wide left. icing the kicker. that's something you do often. sometimes. it work out. >> . people ask you about that. really we had we couldn't do anything else with the time out.
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we weren't going to save them for any reason. no. he's a great kicker. you saw. we had the penalty and the kick off. he hit a 90 yard. so we really worried at the end. but. you survive if the league and win close games. and keep working. we did that last night. >> talk about winning the close games. it seems almost magical. last year so many close wins. chris harris jr. has another explanation. >> we have heart. >> . it seems fourth quarter rolls arpb. if you're close you're going to get that win somehow. >> . we make the kr*ebss. come together as we make the corrections. come together as a group. and we have to get off the field on third down. in the second half.
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that's hard to do in this league. like i said. he got his offense in position. on a regular basis. we need to finish. >> . 3 despite all that. you referenced this earlier. you can come back. and get a win. what was your message to the team. >> . i couldn't believe it. i woke up with very early this morning. because i couldn't believe we won the game. with some of themistakes we


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