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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm MDT

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a school bus crashes near denver international airport. police are telling us that wreck left several people with critical and serious injuries. a crash. we have been talking to a high school student. texting with people on the bus. he tells us an adams 12 five star bus was carrying football players and coaches. right now dia is urging passengers to take terminal west. we have a crew on the way to the scene. >> . a man who aurora police are calling a quote very dangerous person. is now in custody. shortly before noon the suspect
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>> . huh is he is a person of interest in a homicide that happened. just yesterday. >> . tonight wo*er learning phu details about a suspect who investigators shot. say shot at a boulder county sheriff deputy.
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near highway 287. oxford road. that's south of longmont. the sheriff office says the suspect is still alive tonight. but he's in critical grave condition. >> . police continue to look for a shooter. who shot and killed a man. downtown den that shooting happened near 29 and welten. this point tph*ft investigators do not have a description of the suspect released. >> . a new development in a homicide investigation. police have arrested a man suspected of killing a woman in west minister. 31 year-old is now in adams county jail. taken into custody near 53rd yesterday afternoon. phreuts police say he has several warrants out for his
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certainly a day of remembrance. and reflection. for million of americans today. we all remember where we were on september 11. 2001. when two planes hit the twin towers in new york city. >> . all across the nation. right here in colorado. americans vowed to never forget.
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how denver marked the anniversary. >> this was a very emotional and moving tribute. during one part. the there wasn't a dry eye in the whole place. take a listen. >> times. wup for each of the attacks carried out on nine eleven. and a fifth for all victims of terrorism. there's also a 21 gun salute. and a ceremony march with more than 250 members of the armed forces. and first responders. of course. a moment of silence. >> thousands of people packed the lawn outside of denver city. and county building. to be a part of the 15
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led by john hickenlooper. >> . this is more than just a remembrance of the past. and a tribute to the fallen. it's also a tribute to the living. and all that we have learned about our nation. and our collective humanity. >> . also a peace piece of steel on display. pulled from a rubble of one of the twin towers. twisted and warped from the explosion. >> shush a moment of silence at the pentagon. crowd sharing the moment at 9:37. the time when the third hijacked plane crashed into the pentagon.
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diversity. urging americans to stick together and defeat hatred. while paying tribute to to the victims and victims families. >> . >> we want to update you on the breaking news. the school bus crash. again to recap for you. a denver police say the wreck left several people with critical injuries. we received several pictures on your screen now. >> we're live at the scene. gathering information. what can you tell us. >> police department just wrapped up a press conference. we have learned that the bus driver is dead.
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transported to a local hospital. there are were that's everyone on the bus. from what i understand. from denver police. we're talking about coaches. and students. from that high school football team. coming back from a tournament in california. when they believe that possibly there was some medical incident with the bus driver. and that driver veered the bus into the wall. of sort of a bridge. they were on a ramp there at the east term terminal. and they are conducting a fatality accident investigation. again. 17 to 20. this is all very fresh information. they don't have an exact number. they gave us the range.
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watch the motion of the last 6 hours. seeing clouds cover. the showers. thunder storms moving in. generally dow west. to east. right along i 70. some of these will reach the denver area. or try to. for tomorrow afternoon. along with a push of colder temperatures. which is kpwoeupbg to burden ofo bring in quite a change. for monday and tuesday. >> today was 90 degrees. for the 54 time. i phrao*ef on this season. the city cooled off to 86. 87 at the airport. hardly any humidity. winds breezy today. and that will continue. it will shift direction. pulling it colder temperatures tomorrow. that breeze will continue. 87 right now in denver.
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we'll have clouds around and showers. best chance for rein is going to be southwest colorado. tomorrow. even spao the evening hours. fort collins to denver. couple showers chances and thunder storm chances throughout the day. zooming in.
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here's five o'clock. couple showers hit or miss here and there. a couple rounds in the afternoon. maybe another couple rounds into the evening hours. for the showers. temperatures tomorrow far cooler than today. no 90s. no 80s even for denver. stop at 76. fort collins 73. you can see the mountains have cooled off too. 60 -ts 70s there. for the heat. it's being pushed down across southeast colorado. low 90s there. tomorrow the wind cranks up through the mid taeu in the afternoon. pushing in a the temperatures will be held in check. at 73. forfor fort collins.
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cool 66 the high for tuesday. after a morning in the 40s. wednesday. back to 77. a cool start there. as well. middle 40s. we go into the end of the week. rather than warming up. like we just did. we cool it down again on friday. even next week. far cooler than the weekend we were just wrapping up now.
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firefighters. who saw the 110 story world trade center towers in flames. and made the decision to try to get to the victims above. >> i can't even imagine showing
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seeing what they saw. and going up the stairs. >> most knew they wouldn't come out. >> . >> the colorado 9/11 stair climb. has grown every year. >> this is supporting something bigger than us. this is about the brotherhood. >> . come out to remember those who came before us. >> nine laps around the theater. the climb raised a hundred thousand dollars last year. to support services for fallen firefighters. families. >> every step i take. i'm thinking ant about those guys that lost their life. >> . i actually just signed up to be a firefighter. right before it happened. so. when i actually came into the academy it meant a lot.
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their goal was 75 thousand dollars -fplts they raised a hundred. >> . it brought so many people together. across the country. today's day in with politics and what have you. it's great to see how people
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17 to 20 players and coaches were injured in the crash. some critical. the driver h now some new information the to pass along. we're told by dia the parents picking up students are trying to reach their students. can call this number. >> 3033422300. to get in touch with their students and get an update on what's happening. 17 to 20 people injured so far. and the school bus driver has
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we caught up with mike and bob in 2002. when they were teaching kids the abc of 9/11. they have talked to tens of thousands of children. as well as adults. and 37 states. and 4 countries. >> . when are you teaching them. >> hope. how to survive. how to make a difference. and that's what we need today. >> . we need more respect for life.
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with his wife. whom he met at ground 0. 75 year-old best friend from staten island is married to the first responder both suffer from respiratory problems. mike is especially ill. the toxins from the pick where the 62 year-old volunteered. every day. for nine months. have also taken a toll. on his heart. >> . he says he's gone into cardiac arrest 3 times. in recent weeks. >> . i live on a pacemaker. i live on a de-februarylator it's a whole different life now. >> we took a walk around memorial plaza. to one of the two reflecting pools. >> . mike and bob promise to do good. and they sure have.
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the driver is dead. the latest information that we have from the denver police department. is that 17 to 20 students and coaches. from legacy high school. the jr. varsity football team. have been rushed to local hospitals. university hospital is one of them. from what we understand. you can see the there are still a lot of emergency crews here on scene. and the deceased is still inside the bus.
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investigation. it will take time for this to be cleared out. traffic is impacted. we can kind of push out just a little bit. to show some of the traffic here. coming in to the east terminal of denver international airport. delays aren't terrible. tph-fts in fact they have been easing up a bit. the line getting up to the terminal. was much longer. it has gotten a little bit better. as far as traffic is concerned. so again 17 to 20. this is a big number. of students. and coaches. from the jr. team of legacy high school. out of broom feed. have been rushed to hospitals. >> . a full update at the nine o'clock newscast. and as we kobt continue to get
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well. for now that's the latest from denver. international airport. >> . one thousand people coming together today to say a prayer for for the deputy shot in the line of duty. one week ago on friday. detective dan bright remains in critical condition. where his supporters came together to show their appreciation. >> parking lot. of the same hospital. where doctors are trying to save the life of the detective dan bright. heudz family was here too. and witnessed how much their husband. father and brother. means to this community.
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heads. and arms in prayer. that was the main point of this. the family truly believes that prayer is making the difference. the community says it is a eternally grateful. >> . these guys put on their uniforms every day and leave their families and the families don't know when they're coming back. they care about what they're doing. and they are here to serve and
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the september eleven terror attacks. >> . moments of silence and as millions pause to remember. >> today we pause to remember. those who lost their lives on this day. 15 years ago. >> nearly 3 thousand people killed. mothers. fathers. brothers. sisters.
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loved ones. here. across the country. >> . and perhaps the most closely watched was lower manhattan. where so much rebuilding has taken place around ground 0. in the just the last 15 years. >> . americans stopped sunday to remember the attacks of september eleven. 2001. in honor the nearly 3 thousand people killed that day. new york memorial spanned much of the morning. >> at the moments the towers fell. family members read the names of the victims. >> . >> remembered those who were lost. >> . we know the shock.
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and the heart ache. that won't heal. >> both presidential candidates taoblg a break from the campaign trail to attend. clinton left early because she was feeling ill. according to to her campaign. but was all smiles about two hours later. as she left her daughters apartment. >> moment of silence held at the pentagon as well. president obama placed a wreath and addressed the crowd. >> flight 39 crashed into a field. was not forgotten. in new york the freedom tower now stands where the twin towers once did. a monument to resilience. and memory of the lives lost. >> . a doctor for the democratic nominee. said she was diagnosed with ne phone kwra and advised to rest. she became over heated and
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event. she was examined. and is now recovering. >> . not just remembering the lives lost. also thanking local first responders. what the community help. he bought food. for firefighters. and police officers. in nearby towns. >> . this is just a small they go to work every day. nobody really gives them any thanks. it feels good to be appreciated. >> . take a look. more than two thousand people filled in green bay wisconsin. earlier today.
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the firefighters. this was considered the largest 9/11 memorial climb in the country. participants climbed the stairs of the stadium. tracing the steps of the more than 3 hundred firefighters who were killed. during rescue operations on september eleven. many firefighters dressed in full gear. to salute those killed. >> . back home. firefighters and their families from across the region filled red rocks. earlier this morning. for the colorado 9/11 stair climb. participants walked nine laps around the theater. equal to the 110 stairs. the 9/11 firefighters climbed. on that day. >> . thousands of dollars raised this morning. to to help support services for the fallen firefighters and families. >> . this afternoon. thousands also turned out in civic center park. to reflect on that fateful day. 15 years ago.
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>> new details continue to trickle in about the school bus crash. outside denver international airport. we're hrefrpbing about the conditions of the people on the bus. >> we have the latest information. >> . update on the conditions. we just heard from denver health -flt they received five patients from dia. two critical two serious. one fair. go ahead and take a look. at the crash site. this is going to be a busy for quite sometime. we are talking about a fatal accident investigation. the bus driver is dead. 17 to 20 coaches and students from that bus. that you're looking at there. were transported to area hospitals -fpt university being one. denver health another one. there could be more hospitals. we're working to get more information. again the numbers just released from denver health. the five patients there.
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impact point in the front. obviously this is where the bus driver would have been in the front of the bus. that's where most of the injuries. the severe injuries from what we were sustained. in the front of the bus. this was the football team. out of broom field. from legacy high school. they were returning to denver from california. they were at a football tournament in california. actually 3 buss. there was the varsity team and the jv team. one of the 3 buss crashing. the other two continuing on. to the high school. we see other buss here in the area. and there are some areas as well. from. with their students.
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look. here at denver international airport. we will continue to provide you updates as we have them. >> . >> >> hot today. but the week, not nearly as warm. tomorrow in the 70s. 60s by tuesday. that's one of a couple days this week. will be in the 60s. live look outside now. clouds increasing a touch. as we have more showers and thunder storms. across the state. trying to move in. you can see that mio arriving from utah. into the western slope. across southern colorado. best chance for showers. leading edge of cloud cover over denver a couple hours ago. move -lg out over the eastern plains. that might grab your attention. what's even stronger. what's moving in from can dan. notice that. the two will combine. increase rain chances monday tuesday wednesday thursday. but not a guarantee chance for rain. certainly gong to cool us down. today was 90. the record high 92. so we are so close to setting a
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from here we cool it down quite a bit. for tomorrow. nine o'clock. calm in the morning. 66 degrees. 76 at noon. that's where temperatures stop. wind out of the north. is going to keep the temperatures in the many hid 70s for the afternoon. clouds increase. and a chance for showers and thunder storms. in to the later day as well. through the over night period. there will be low clouds. tomorrow morning at seven o'clock. headed off to work. good shape. the breeze will start to kick up for some areas. by the midday. if you run to lunch the wind is cloud cover increasing. coming back home from work or school. couple isolated showers here and there. mostly arrives from the mountains. even eleven tomorrow night. still a chance for showers and thunder storms. all of that same time. even colder air is arriving just in time for the tuesday. >> . statewide. mostly clear. by tomorrow morning. but the better chance for that colder air is just up into wyoming. starting to push in late in the day. as it does, combine with the humidity we have in place. and there are your shower and
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if you get rain you'll be some of the lucky few. tp-rpl tomorrow. >> . really no impact. from that system. just yet for tomorrow morning. with 50s on the plains. winds start to increase through the midday. and afternoon. with that you can see where the temperatures are going to be held in check. cold air pushes into the north. near denver at 7 kwaoez -ts the 90s back down to the south eastern plains. >> . in douglas county. around castle rock. 75.
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and 76in highlands ranch. over the next 7 days we'll see many more ups and downs. we do rebounds after tuesday. to wednesday. back to the mid 70s. thursday and friday another similar system. next weekend right now looks quiet. maybe a breeze 70. that looks nice. this work and school week. much more active. than what we have had. >>
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a sore hip. that he had an mri on it. on friday. seeking a second opinion on whatever was discovered. thomas started quickly. but ended up with only 4 catches. in the win over the panthers. >> a lot of things to feel good about last thursday. not the least of which was the play of the offensive line. which protected well. paveed the way for 148 yards of rushing. numbers which sit with the head coach. >> . that's the biggest thing. i told them today. aoeupl encouraged with what we can be. i was very encouraged by our tackle play. i thought getting his first start at guard. which he earned. played well. mat ran the group. we faced a lot of fronts a lot of different looks. and mat handled the group well. so i think it's encouraging. with the direction we're heading. >> . >> broncos are back at work.
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loss at home. to the lions. national football league players association will initiate a compliance investigation. into the head shots that cam newton took in thursday's game. with the broncos. at the core of question of whether the leagues concussion protocol was followed correctly. or even if it was followed at all. >> . at one point today it looked as though the broncos were going to get a head start on the west. appearances can be so chargers at kansas city. and beating the chiefs so badly in one point. they were actually being booed. and an hour into opening day. 24 to 3. mid way through the third. the chiefs rallied. with a vengeance. leaving a furious fourth quarter rally. 17 unanswered points to force the over time. then plunging in from a yard out in the extra frame. to win the most unlikely of fashions. absolutely horrid through most of 3 quarters.
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rally ever. to get a win to start the season. match the broncos at one and 0. meanwhile. the raiders. trailed for most of the day. in new orleans. but oak hrapbld oakland persevered. >> . to pull within one point. with 47 seconds to go. much of the same play for the win on the road. play for the tie at home. love jack going for the win. fate well reeling it in. the raiders get a big road win. by one. offsetting the 4 touch down 423 yard passing day. of drew breeze. >> . the rockies won't be a play off team. if it would take a good effort to even finish at fine hundred. you have co-love chad. dealing. dealing. in san diego today. on the heels of a complete game two hit shut out last week. adding tpao*eu five and a third more scoreless today.
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couple runs. still only 4 hits through 7. >> solo shot in the tenth. >> now as they battle for the national league batting championship. watching him pitch. watching the youth movement. and dj. they are good reasons to still pay attention. to a team that's out of a pen net race. and nolan. cargo. >> . a lot of good. >> . you hope they can get relief pitching at some point. and be in there thing for real. >> . world series next year. >> . >> we continue to follow this bus crash out at dia. you can see the bus into the pill pillar. it was carrying a legacy high school students and coaches from the football team.
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people have been taken to the hospital. some of them in critical condition. that was also a fatal accident. the bus driver has passed away. >> . they're at the hospital. at the school trying to provide support. and of course start the whole reunification process. a lot of worried parents out there. >> . dia tweeting out. moments ago. that if there are any parents trying to get a hold of their kids. there is a phone number they may call. to get more information. >> . 3033422300. again. you are looking at live pictures right now. this is outside legacy high school. of course.
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board the bus. we do not know any of their conditions at this moment. we of course will bring you updates. as soon as we receive them.
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