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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 11, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm MDT

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again this is a live look at i 70 eastbound. closed at sixth avenue. because of bridge damage there. we have a crew on the way. we hope to bring you a live shot as soon as. >> . now to a story developing all evening long. when a school bus crashes at denver international airport. >> community in broom field is coming together after this unexpected tragedy. a bus carrying members of legacy
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coaches and athletes. crashed into a concrete pillar. we're toeltd told the driver has died. >> . what have we learned so far. >> . well hours later emergency crews are still here. investigating this fatal crash. you can see off into the distance. just how large of a scene this is. where the bus hit a ramp support pillar. outside of terminal east. again the driver is dead. now just how all of this happened. >> the bus smashed. emergency calls went out around 4. more than a dozen students and coaches from the football team were taken to area hospitals. making their escape through an emergency exit. >> . my understanding they were able to get out on their own. except the driver. >> . 3 buss from the school were here at dia picking up football
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as the buss were leaving, one mysteriously turned around. heading back towards terminal east passenger pickup area. >> it would be curious she comes back up around. why. we don't know yet. medical condition could be an answer. >> speculation that the driver may have experienced a medical emergency. and was attempting to tkpet get help. the investigation >> and another live look here. at with fire trucks and tow trucks. we are told the bus driver was a female. no word on her medical history. and we are still waiting on her identity. >> . we have been reporting all night long. the student andand coaches staff belong to legacy high school. >> that school is in broom field. that's where we find ashly michaels tonight. >> .
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spokesperson. here just a few minutes ago. who says there are grief counselors at the school tonight. not only because of the players. and the coaches who are hurt. but also because that bus driver who died in tonight's crash. is a district employee. now when we got here, there was another school bus. just pulling up. that was the rest of the football players arriving back at school. there were several parents here to meet them. they all went inside the school for a meeting after wards. and making their ways home. memorial. at the front of the school. they put out balloons. and flowers. to show they're thinking about the players. coaches and the bus driver.
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>> now again the district is not releasing the names of any of the students that were injuredment or any of the coaches that were injured. or the bus driver. who died in the crash. but there will be more grief counselors at school tomorrow. when students arrive back at school. >> . thank you. the 17 injured victims were rushed by ambulance to hospitals all arpbdz the metro >> two are serious one is fair.
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received five patients. but they are ub unable to give us their condition. we don't know how bad they are. >> . >> children's hospital. those five possible juveniles. all in fair condition. we just got word the medical center of aurora. their injuries are minor. expected to be treated and released. >> even though some patients are their injuries are not life threatening. good news there. >> . be sure sto stay with us. and -p for updates on the bus crash. our morning team will be up all night gathering new information. join them at 4:30 for good day colorado. >> . a fire destroying an old sugar mill. in longmont. sky fox over the blaze as crews get the upper hand tonight. flames sparked just before seven o'clock.
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longmont. the abandoned building is in poor condition. and fire officials say because of that. crews were forced to battle the blaze from the outside. no one was hurt. no word on what caused the fire. we are working to get more information. and we'll have an update. tomorrow morning. >> . rain of terror on the streets of aurora this afternoon. a suspect stealing a car in broad daylight. and shoots at innocent people. >> this was a very dangerous person. >> it all started before noon toy. that's where the suspect carjacked a green suv. shortly after he drove south. shot at people near exposition. turned north. and started shooting in north aurora. 4 strait shootings happened before the suspect was caught. >> at least twice in those shootings. people were shot at. not just buildings or vehicles. actual human beings. we are so happy this person is off the street. >> . no one was hurt.
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the suspect is a person of interest in an aurora homicide from yesterday. and has felony warrants. >> . detective deny bright still in critical condition. he was shot earlier this month. his sporters gather in droves outside the hospital. his friends and family say that every prayer counts. his wife, two daughters and brother. came down to the to be pa part of crowd. and all bow their heads i
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clinton left. 9/11 commemoration event in new york this morning. a video showed her stumbling as she walked away. she appeared to faint. her doctor says she's been put on antibiotics. the doctor also says she became over heated and dehydrated this morning. >> . of course today people across the nation remembering the event of 9/11. perhaps the most closely watched ceremony was in lower manhattan. where the twin towers once stood. and so much rebuilding has taken
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tphraoeubgt 93 crashed into a field was also remembered today. in new york. the freedom tower now stands where the twin towers once did. a monument to resilience and memory of the lives lost. >> . colorado doing to honor the survivors. victims sp heros connected to the history. >> . >> thousands of coloradoens reflected. >> i can recall exactly where i was. at the time of 9/11.
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and my heart just goes out to everyone. affected by it. >> almost 3 thousand lives were lost that day. >> they were our loved ones. our family. our friends. we mourn those who perish on that fateful day. >> colorado rung a bell. for each attack. >> . >> >> . anniversaries are hard. >> they aren't any easier after 15 years. >> . then the second plane hit. we didn't know it was a plane. we thought it was a bomb.
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denver's tears quickly turned to hope. >> . this is more than just a remembrance of the past. and a tribute to the fallen. also a tribute to the living. and all the that we have learned about our nation. and our collective human humanity. >> we need places to come. and be with others and say this is a great nation. we live in a great place. and just kind of be here together. >> a day to remember and to remember this. >> be nice to one another. and not having the hatred. and just remembering that on a day-to-day basis.
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>> i know for fact guilty as charged. >> i was one of them. >> fantasy football site actually crashed right as the action was getting under way. got when they went to set or adjust rosters this morning. >> the problem was fixed almost five hours after the outage began. and for some it was a bad case of deja vu. >> . last year the yahoo app crashed.
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>> this year. with today in the tally. 53 days of the 90. average we have 43. over all this summer for colorado. was about two degrees warmer than average. now into fall. it starts september 1 in the weather world. big changes are coming in. tonight a little bit of cloud cover. couple showers here and there. mostly with the western slope. any areas between meeker and rifle. to marble. crested butte. a couple showers and thunder storms ongoing there. hra*rs 6 hours. storm system arriving from the west. from utah. pushing out. moisture our direction. mostly in the tpofrpl form of clouds and isolated showers. tomorrow will be colder. with a chance for rain. not great chance. but all of us will be cooling down a bit. right now it's 82 in denver. that's far warmer than we will be for the next several days. for the next week. we won't get back to the 80s. if you're a warm weather fan. soak it in. for a little while longer.
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so much so. that most of our midday. temperatures and highs. will be in the probably 75 to 79. depending on your neighborhood. very dry out there right now. that's going to hinder. prevent a lot of widespread rainfall. the system rolls through. we'll take whatever we can get. today was 90 degrees. for the 53rd time this year. record is 92. so we were very close to setting a record high. to close out weekend. yesterday morning we were close to setting a record low. we got down to 37.
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conditions. 66 with sunshine. head to lunch. start to notice a breeze kicking up. by three o'clock you're headed back home. and the clouds are going to be increasing. wind will be gusting too. especially foothills across northern colorado. near castle rock. temperatures will be in the mid 70s for highs. >> . some 15, 20 degrees colder today. for some neighborhoods. >> . north central colorado. southwest mountains have the best chance. isolated storms. maybe some late day thurpbdz showers. will roll through. by ten. eleven tomorrow night. certainly a chance of rain. not a very good one.
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tomorrow. 76 for denver. 73 fort collins. mostly upper 70s. throughout the high country. so cooling off. on your monday. it will be cooler by tuesday. maybe another ten degrees or so colder. 73 for the high. forfort collins. 75 tkpraoe lee. into denver. and the metro area. mostly middle 70s. 75 to 79. as i mention. here's a look at the week. cooler on tuesday. 66. >> . >> all right. thank you very much. we continue to f news. i 70 eastbound. is shut down. right now. at sixth avenue. because of damage to the bridge there. >> . a crane hit the bridge. causing the damage. you're taking a look at video we shot moments ago. from the c-dot camera. i 70 eastbound. you can see major back ups along the eastbound lanes there.
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news at dia tonight. legacy high school bus smashed into a pillar there. the driver was killed. 17 people rushed to area hospitals -fpt including students and coaches. we're told a jv football team and varsity team both headed back from a tournament in california. when the bus crashed. the bus turned around. heading back to the terminal east. passenger pick up area. authorities speculate a medical condition might have caused that driver to crash. >> the driver female. she has died. they're not releasing who the name of the bus driver is. but here's what we know. the adams 12 district saying tonight that that driver was an employee for the school district. we heard from our reporter. live outside of legacy high school. where parents were gathering today. family members and students. because they're trying to get more information about what happened. >> . also grief counselors on site. because the driver was an
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>> 15 students hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. 3 coaches were hospitalized with more serious injuries. we will stay on to have top of e story. >> . contracting nightmare. we want to help you avoid. >> several homeowners out thousands of dolla. after their contractor conned
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