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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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long to figure out what has images of this tragic crash were broadcast on tv people bring 128 percent, and also donating a dollar a ventricular salt try to get as much piled up to get to them in to get back to the legacy judge has sure that we are thinking about them delays in
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her nephew's friends he was in the bars of following the one that crashed. >> he said he heard it and it sounded like a bomb going off they see that he caught a glimpse of just jumping off the bus a terrifying moment for a legacy kits registered to get excited for homecoming festivities except for this friday. >> we heard about it to a friend instead many heartbroken over the last of the first-ever loss of the first-ever inquiry for the three coaches still the hospital. >> in the school district and said it will continue to provide a distance to the children throughout the rest of the weekend as needed after that now again homecoming week a complete list of the evidence can be found events can be found on our website at >> and the police now say they know how the crash happened but why is still a mystery
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medical or mental health issues but as of right now they just don't know investigators say the bus exclusively to the lane way that returns to the terminal after leaving the airport and then headed straight off the road into a concrete pillar the crash killed at the bus driver 44 -year-old church efforts there are obvious signs of drugs or alcohol in chapters has been said she did not think either it was absolutely healthy and happy he says she had been with adams moment for several years and what job she took a job as she treated as kids like they were our kids should put them in danger the couple's four children are adams' as well he says his family is devastated and just as divided as investigators are what went wrong in my book downtown denver to make many people could see rain this evening with the bit earlier he was wendy with the escorting of mapmaking is here
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it for a reason i was in any other publishers checking the weather is that every home that every living thing that death of hundreds of them to enjoy the cool breeze moving and you might just can't get a little bit secure windows doesn't suggest that doesn't get to what the showers mostly light to moderate rainfall in the amount of the heaviest of the second dia >> i will let you know our row over the pictures look like to help you plan. >> important thing about skimmers asking for donations on behalf of injured the douglas county deputy dendrites regularly live in parker with deputy breaking by continues to recover that's
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huge gathering outside parker hospital as a sign of support for detective and right-click on the parker police department as well as the douglas county sheriff's office there saying be on the lookout for a phone call from anybody asking for a donation is a phone call you should reject as false as the positive and continues to at the hospital was breakable evacuation in the line of duty he continues to recover and receive a receivable wishes and legitimate generations skimmers are calling and e-mailing people think they get to get money than one way asked residents to stick your donation sites, social to be found in the scottish
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continue directly where getting new information about a one-on-one man crime spree in a while yesterday that ended with a police chase investigators and save 33 -year-old james anthony dravo contracting as and betty draper carjacked in achieving of the koufax around noon he allegedly started firing his gun from a stolen car to drive dangerously along colfax distances draper was noted as a person of interestnd -year-old woman found in her apartment on saturday officers are essentially fired shots in at least four locations as well as police officers before officers from her and forced him to stop koufax. >> at least twice in the shootings people were shot after thousands of vehicles actual human beings were shot at the macbook pro was wanted on outstanding felony warrants and denver he is now facing charges of attempted murder felony menacing in this
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he was also on drugs and there's been an arrest in the case of a pizza in peak pizza in town and are better with scott peeping tom in our database, camera surveillance system to run france's official churches francis assisi church is france's official churches of trespass and invasion of privacy and him him recorded him looking into the bedroom window of his teenage daughter who lives with his cousins as a the public that to brown's arrest that a problem solvers and they are investigation may lead to big changes in council agreed to look at the expense to protect victims after a woman to come to the problem solvers for help address city leaders taking harsh kagan harsha has the update. >> they reported numerous times at it has nearly half a car stolen back in april it was absolutely destroyed with a suspected car thief gone to a shootout with police the story has a happy ending is
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but that's not something time to tangible they simply will accept that's not how it works the family agreed not to retrieve the car car themselves so police can run surveillance and arrest the thieves the car ended up with a nearly 50 bullets after police time to a shootout with the suspected thief's. >> david. >> we know it cost me as much of the tar to repair it family was told they have to pay more than a thousand dollars into an impound in timing and fees to get it back >> denver city did that require itself why here what different you and this sometimes this sometimes in the way we find out about policies that could be included that you shared her your shared her story the city council monday night as you
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demanded policy changes to the victims the victims were victimized even more present getting my property that) and humiliating never ever should have to pay to retrieve this property. >> we really weren't paying it gently and really weren't giving a lot of empathy to the victims of this comes city council will now consider this policy changes that she isn't finished yet she plans to address this issue and several other cities like, city workers at the victims often have to pay to get their vehicles back in case you missed the previous story that a the that a company called. returning volunteered to replace his car >> denver mayor michael hancock announcing the changes to this part of his 26 ?-dash
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>> denver mayor michael hancock announcing the changes to this part of his 26 ?-dash 2017 proposed budget the mayor is adding truly dedicated to patrol the streets home is also plan to allocate $5 million to the affordable housing fund which it should create about 300 units of the mayor says it's all about keeping them accessible denver colorado we want to be the city were if you were were curing with the denver we need is your estimate the mayois parking problems homeless outreach by the jonbenet ramsey is breaking his 20 year sentence in an interview today with doctor phil) enough to nine years old he was in the family's home in boulder on the day after christmas in 1996 when his mother called police think she found a ransom note in her six-year-old daughter officers found the little girl's body in the basement in today's interview ramsey tried to explain my state that the
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>> , i'm not the worried type part of me doesn't want to critics would say you were curious because you already knew we didn't have to get the check because it is exactly what happened in. >> i was scared i didn't know that there there was some bad guy downstairs and tapestries i had no idea. >> boulder pd says of the department will not give up on the case now to for the record indicates off to recover from pneumonia the war of words between her donald's authority for controversial comments controversial commentary from his republican has the latest. >> my opponents as you as deplorable and irredeemable donald trump is on attack after this is a fundraising to just speak with the journalistic conflict half of
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>> the racist sexist homophobic and above it i call you hard-working american pages to love your country and want a better future for all our people. >> the campaign capitalizing on hillary clinton's comment on a new ad develops the form of deplorable hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard-working like you. >> backpedaled and sing in a as saying in a statement i wrong but added its deplorable that trump has built his campaign largely unprejudiced and paranoia and given the national platform people using voices recovers from pneumonia >> i'm feeling so much better condition than the applicant must have hurt him to stumble for leaving the 9/11 anniversary ceremonies are better to keep going forward in our commitment to the
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>> i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal's nominees comes to his release my personal medical information soon to get this over and done with and get back on the trail as soon as possible hillary clinton's campaign saying it will release medical records of this week and donald trumps festival releases physical appearance on the doctor oz show you can watch his appearance on doctor oz thursday at 300 sister station car colorado's own child >> at the rink is a chance to get the nutrition they need the program helping feed kids the kids and families who depend on the school have a aiming to stop childhood hunger and we've all done up alternative for we've all done it picked up. after falls on the floor now a new study may have you? record off a lot today but we have more to go do in fact my the coldest
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for many kids across colorado the e-mails they get out of unserviceable and about sad reality is a good volunteers on a mission to make sure kids and families get the food they need every day in the room has a story. >> kids look forward to friday
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between 15 between 15 and 20 percent of our kids have some sort of food insecurity and often times it means saving score on the weekend that they don't have a decent mail today back to school on monday. >> that's exactly what the local nonprofit group. this created. >> these kids have the food on the weekends every week food for thought of volunteers prepare the bags for kids to take home on friday to the contact us cap come back to >> how many people suffer a weekend three ?-dash four stamina and demonstrate three candidates. but her even if faculty and nonperishable's for the people he met and ethnicity. as a of childhood after that he and the other volunteers are more than happy that he and the other
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summer and fall moving to the metro right now the clouds are dropping as talking as well from the top raindrops on the lens and often the distance and receive at least of received at least a couple of flashing lights of downtown clouds have been dropping as some of the rain showers have been meeting through another area of heavy rain across the southeastern plains of and the photographer thuringiensis to the area of reform in denver will continue for a li country to come to at times overnight to the late day tomorrow here is a look at the light showers if you will later on i 76 the east side of the city has a better chance for main focus is leaving 76 it will be arriving in fort morgan next next denver denver 54 degrees already cool out there to make it 3057 fort collins 40s and 50s in high country's highest peak shifted above about dutch 11,000 feet pictures below freezing with snowfall denver
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markets: with highs in the 60s after starting off in the 40s is next line and no space on through living leaving in a few feet of offices and august interest to fall down to the 40s by some." you start special north and east of the city as ridiculous and will as ridiculous and will start to see and the skies here and there some patches as to the jurisdiction reduce grease time to from time to time in line monitoring protocol is fighting to denver now by tomorrow morning at the image of the northeastern friends meanwhile the causes for producing my brain and just opened on a 25 into the west that will continue into the morning may have to go do that to her morning will cause of the northeastern claims a little bit of clearing sky
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later tomorrow afternoon into the evening another round of showers and thunderstorms potentially slide to the slighted the metro area can meet tomorrow slighted the metro area can meet tomorrow range out of this entire system is a fascinating to right now feature cast does show the cloud covered the destructive instruments have cleared out by tomorrow morning it will be cool and clear in a lot of areas of their other mid-day in the afternoon more showers showers and thunderstorms giggling but again the bulk of the rain chances happening this evening and early overnight lows and dump to 46 for denver 45 alignment pockets check out the cool pockets of the mountains tomorrow with highs in the 60s and 70s grand junction hits 80 but that's about it will be in the 70s out across the southeastern plains with the middle 60s happened on my 25 cents from greeley 65 out towards a red and likes lights in estes park even jamestown" a 55 of the spot of many across the northern front range around denver 65 ?-dash 67 or so very nice day in my
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pace kids be something a little more to talk about the 90s and 80s and artifice of the douglas county about 65 over the next 71 attacks in the 70s wednesday and thursday night right is not necessarily right for the regions is there small fighting 60s and 70s sunday findings back to the 80 can be some beneficial agreements limit anything mainstream anything else at this point at this point with the document and we really need a blanket of snow. >> thanks anyway not. >> news for your health tonight it is bad news if you're a believer in the so-called 52nd rule for prevents the construct on the floor they say it's all life researchers at rutgers university in new jersey discovered that bacteria could attach to spell filled almost instantly once it hits the ground of researchers say more germs to attach to the field of congress stands on the ground that filled it with a higher water content also
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stop start my kids or the dog builder immune system may be. >> second rule does not apply ahead and sports the injury update on the box ball is diminished on this one is expected to be back on the football field plus more my little games tonight and actually looking to get their
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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>> bass at the nfl and wanting to talk about all the time we talk about winning games and not giving games away and this lady watches situations take place in you sleep with you will begin the game away there's a dozen foreign and a sleek something to preach all the time the good teaching moment as we can catch to be after talking about all those crazy comeback wins in week number one of the victim which are by the wait is almost in the books with spice rams a 40 niners came as the monday
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francisco-based dirhams after the broncos today and the lingering injury questions and concerns for one of the various thomas the various thomas bruce little was at headquarters and has more. >> to various thomas did not practice and did not practice today and will head coach gary kubiak didn't comment specifically on the extent of the injury he did say he expected the receiver to be back by sunday as a multi- survival giving an offense of mine even more after an auspicious debut good start for them a lot of times they played against the hell down to run the about 450 p and to do it in the game coalescing of this unit has been a pleasant surprise especially when you consider the injuries and roster changes is and always a good technically we know outside of her nothing else matters but the five guys and i have to line with each other it gets tough sometimes and we now
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care of each other and it makes us close running the football over the broncos the way the broncos want to end it against carolina takes its cumulative toll one that has to be paid for to be appreciated the short run of the first quarter about three long months later and a half defense of the calico and against we know that we're trying to his advantage of it cj anderson cooper symington and the broncos defense of me is gone all of the headlines on thursday but denver's comeback was facilitated that group up in front of that often sublime as they impose their will what a great way to start africa's headquarters and personal box 31 denver to a monday night game 40 niners in the rams and more buzz over the protest in the messages that players are sending during the national anthem by taking a neo- hoisting" this all started by the 40 niners: cap next which are quickly catching on here was due out
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worse it depends on who you ask any opinions they have the broncos bring a marshal he took pity on thursday night producer the rest of the season to bring attention to social injustice marshall today was informed she lost another endorsement deal this time century later dropping the broncos linebacker as promotions message at team headquarters is as is doing it again to promote love not hate of any kind how was it for a reason and it's cool because to come anywhere across at me or say a break my neck all they want but there is a backlash for me satan can drop off a little to drag our feet with number one of the nfl that you just reminds it's going to continue i think when we look back at the season it would be one of the big storylines we discussed just depends on what your opinion is on this as far as i'm surprised the nfl nfl has been letting it happen they get so
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the father was in the first responders: cap next point to bring a marshall's point that someone time that they can show opinion and have sort of a say-so in things that's rather picking this moment to do it and brenda marshall meeting with the denver police chief sometimes this week. >> on hearing tomorrow we'll see how that goes over the course for all the details of that is the italian food until of a lifetime olive garden olive garden bringing back a popular promotion of the deal that will have carved the lovers are coming back for
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>> finally tonight are you hungry person that sticks mark your calendars almost defy all gardens pasta pass you off as you want to stay and help garden was sell up to 21,000 never-ending pasta passes 600 breadsticks and soft drinks with the seven weeks. >> effusions it begins the marathon training carb load place to go. >> thanks for joining us
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overhearing about half an hour at 11,000 cap stories of the
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