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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 14, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MDT

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and philadelphia. commerce city is next. in a time when law enforcement and community relations is heavily skraout scrutinized. >> the way the country is right now. we need cities. and departments. to take that leader ship role. be pro-active. and say we want to improve. >> department of justice says it needs your help. >> we need citizen involvement. because they're the ones who help the department. and help hold the department accountable. >> as they look to apartment. into one the community deserves. >> what's the process you would like to see. as in where we're at. where we need to be. and can be. >> . now this review will take several months to complete. and recommend changes to the department. once again. it starts with community feed back. department of justice will host a another public meeting tomorrow night. from 6 to 8 p.m. at adams city high school.
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a shark tank for the pot industry. in new york city. companies centered around marijuana pitch their business models. to investors. a variety of different kind of businesses are pitching ideas. everything from accessories to apps. to smoking devices. even building material. made out of hemp. >> . all the businesses pitching to investorring hoping to become the next big thing. >> rose last year. to about 56 thousand five hundred dollars per year. it's the first increase since
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income reported in 2007. when the great recession began. rise in income helping to raise million of americans out of the poverty as well. >> . look for donald trump to make another trip to colorado. republican nominee for president. swinging by colorado springs. the saturday. tkopbl trump will hold a campaign rally at 7:30. it will be open to the public. you'll need a ticket for that night. event. and for more information on how to get the ticket. you can go to >> . click on the story on our home page. >> . in the meantime. there's a gay couple here in colorado. they're coming out. in support of trump. support that may come as a surprise. to some folks. >> . political reporter explains in a story. you'll see only on fox 31.
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we're american first. >> the reality however. is these two men maybe an anomaly this election. trump did make history at the
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official republican platform still encourages marriage between a man and woman. >> . and shows clinton beating trump 84 to 16. among gay voters. >> they don't seem to care. redefining stereo types. one comment, one hash tag at a time. >> . and they believe they are making a difference. if you want. their user name information. to check out a live stream. we posted that on >> . >> finding all the really interesting stories. this election. >> . they have quite the following. >> . sometimes it's the unexpected mishap. that can make a wedding all the more memorable. >> wedding day woes. a pair of in massachusetts. rolling with the punches. when the unexpected happened. why the bride ended up hitchhiking. to her own venue.
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suffered serious complications. >> i was told i waser fortunate they found it. because it could just pierce through the small intestine. into my major o*r organ. and until it found the spot that would have killed me. >> he's got a 20 centimeter scar. and lingering stomach pain. he says he still uses a wire brush occasionally. but he's careful. >> there it is -fpt sitting right there. >> doctors say those tiny hair like bristles are causing big
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and removing them isn't easy. >> it's a needle in a hay stack. it's not an easy structure to go fishing around in. >> . it's a national problem. he says the head and neck surgeons discuss the bristles at their annual meeting this summer. but have yet to find a sure fire treatment. >> . we're hoping that if enough people raise this issue. that hopefully we'll just eliminate the type of brushes from the market. >> . >> on that note. safer al alternatives. they say a nylon brush. doctors say keep in mind just one of those wire bristles can puncture any part of the digestive system. down the track. the consequences as you heard can range from sharp pain to punctures resulting in death. >> .
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keeping a wisconsin fruit store very wiz busy. this is the green bay apple store. they open for the season on monday. and immediately started fielding calls from people hoping to order the iphone 7. or looking for repair.
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about how to fix phones and computers. we have to explain these are apples that you eat. >> . >> the actual apple business is booming too. they are currently stocking sweet tango apples. >> that wassed sound bite of the night. >> of all the things a bride worries about on her wedding day. i can assure you. this doesn't even make the list. >> it didn't even seem real at time. but happened. >> she wait -td hr*epb years to
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on afternoon. she quickly realized she was going to have to wait longer. because on the way to the ceremony. just five minutes from her house. the limousine carrying her bridesmaid and family. pulled over. maid of honor. >> the driver gets out. and like it's fine. just maybe maybe hit something. and he gets back in. opens up the back window. and says you have a flat tire. >> the champagne helped. >> we just
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patiently waiting. and worrying. >> . was there ever a moment. where you were like wait a minute. i'm not getting stood up. am i. >> a brief second. >> 30 minutes later. they arrived. now on her honeymoon. she realizes he didn't just save her big day. he was the punctuation. >> it made the whole day. everyone was laughing all night about it. >> . exactliment exactly. at least they have a story.
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with the storm system spinning. we keep the rain chances in your afternoon forecast. >> closer look at the cool 60s. a few 50s. warmer weather where they had drier air.
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temperatures in the 50s. 54 and 52. not falling off that fast. and we have a north wind out of the north wind at 13 miles per hour. here's your temperatures. even 50 in castle rock and parker. 51 keensburg. 49 in the ben net area. out i 70. across the rest of the state. in the cool 50s here. from pueblo to lamar. trinidad. 50s in the mountains and warmest 60s out west. we keep a few showers going over night tonight. in to tomorrow morning. a couple showers here in the south. look how gy sunshine out west. we burn through the clouds. the heating of the day gets the storms over the mountains. take advantage of the heating here. and we'll make their way in. again scattered storms not everybody gets the rain. it's nice to have the chance in the forecast. little more sunshine. we pump the temperatures up. 70s replace the 60s mt. northeast. 80s to the south. we'll have the cool readings in the 60s. where you get the clouds going early in the mountains. 70s out west. >> .
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mostly cloudy. morning hours. sun will come up. burn through the cloud deck. and bring in showers as we head into the afternoon. high gets back into the 70s.
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>> yes it was incredible. the cu buffs due for the deja vu. dating back to september of 1994.
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mark the last time the buffs beat michigan. also the last time cu beat a top five team on the road. 22 years later. 2 and 0 buffs head to an arbor. with pep and confidence to start a season. than they have had in sometime. let's be honest. c surbgs u and idaho state. two wins are hardly comparable to fourth ranks michigan. or are they. >> . kick off on saturday set for 9:30. >> . broncos shouldn't be lacking any motivation either. >> 13 to 12.
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just last year. denver lost at indianapolis in week 8. sour homecoming game there for peyton manning. also went down to the colts tpwo years ago. in the play offs. and the colts also defeated denver in 8 of the last nine games. really. >> . another tough ball game. >> finally here. rockies update. game in progress. there's the rocks playing in the desert. taking on arizona. off to 3 nothing lead. that evaporated. >> . >> there it is and there it goes. solo home run to left.
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>> judge lynn: today on "divorce court"... brown: i cannot believe that my fianc? cheated on me with a girl from my neighborhood and got her pregnant six months after we had a miscarriage. hobby: i had one affair, one kid, and it feels like i had six kids on danita. brown: i just want the judge to give me hope that i can trust him again. hobby: after these last five years, i need some advice because i got a lot of time invested in danita and i'm just gonna keep fighting for her. brown: if the judge tells me that i cannot trust him, then the relationship is over. hobby: i love her, and i'll do anything for her to forgive me. catalano: "divorce court" is now in session judge lynn: good day, ladies and gentlemen. i'm here today with danita brown and samtwan? -hobby: yes, ma'am. -judge lynn: samtwan hobby,


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