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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 14, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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a stretch of local highway is now dedicated to a fallen jefferson county deputy. more on the ceremony that just happened and how the honor touched the people who knew and loved him. a new poll with surprising results. what likely voters in a crucial swing state, are saying about donald trump and hillary clinton after the events of the past few days. plus it could be your chance to make your childhood dreams come true. how becoming a spice girl could actually be in the realm of possibilities. denver is a good place to be for one fall activity. why it's being named one of the best cities, for oktoberfest. good morning.
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i'm can clock thank you for joining us. a ceremony has just finished in honor of a fallen jefferson county sheriff's deputy. a seven mile stretch of highway 285, is now named for sergeant sean renfro killed last year while helping passengers in a car accident. today rehearing from the widow on what it means for her to be at this dedication today. fox 31's jim hooley is live from that area of highway 285 with more on what just happened. good morning. things really did just wrap up here you can see we have this sign a portable stage up in front of the sign in the scion unveiled a short time ago about 30 minutes ago dedicating this the memorial highway. several miles named in his honor. the sergeant was indeed off duty when a stop to help people and it was off duty dedication that cost him his life. his family and friends today
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accident off duty jumped out of his truck to help. a couple and their young baby at that the time split off the roadway in the snowy conditions in january of last year. he was killed and another car slid out of control. his wife widow was on hand here today crystal very impressed by the dedication. it means shot won't be forgotten. it means what he did counted and mattered. our community to our family. to our friends. it means a lot. crystal said she's so happy now that everybody will see this when they passed by. she lives down the roadway but she wants to make sure that that sign not only remind everyone of her husband but reminds everyone to drive safe and sound and be careful when they're out here on highway 285.
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such an important and moving reminder there every time we see that sign. right now a discussion is underway over whether or not to end a ban on diet sodas. state board of education meeting is going on right now, and they're schedule to vote any time. since 2009, high school students haven't been able to buy diet soda at school. if the ban is overturned it would affect the whole state. and would start next year. fera diet soda from schools but health advocates here in colorado say the drinks are linked to obesity and tooth decay. loading broncos line brecker braided marshall has been fined after thursday's win against the carolina panthers. according to espn and safety darian stewart being filed against hits can newton. came in the third quarter with a
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$25,000 for. such a specific amount. specific amount. in lafayette police want help identifying suspects in a counterfeit bill ring. in question this man and woman. they say aren't sure exactly what role the two play with the counterfeit money. they say the woman has skeleton tattoos on the backs of her hands. if you know them, please call lafayette police with information. right now something to be aware of in denver. the city is testing its emergency warning sirens, generally used for tornadoes. so if you hear them right now don't be concerned, it's just a test. there has been a big chance in the weather out there not a chance of severe weather. sunny but not as warm as it looks. actually feels pretty good now. started off pretty crisp this morning that you can certainly
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yesterday and today. sunshine is guys out here so far this afternoon that's what's pushing temperatures between five and 10 degrees warmer than where we were this time yesterday. inching towards 15 degrees warmer than the noon hour yesterday over southern parts of the metro area. blue skies overhead numbers now downtown i think that might be a little off 54. probably warmer than that. dia 62 and a nice little breeze filling in as well. to give back to the west satellite and radar we are drng we are seeing shower development dot towards the western slope. slowly but surely that development will inch eastbound and eventually arrived here and we could see strong storms move across the area later today. talk about that plus the fact that are probably going to stay below average through the rest of this week if not into the beginning of the week at. that we can looks pretty good. details are coming up in just a few minutes. all right mark we are keeping it on the weather front. in florida tropical storm julia
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the atlantic hurricane season. it formed last night, about five miles west of jacksonville. but it wasn't expected to form at all. julia is forecasted to weaken to a tropical depression later today. but heavy rain could still cause flash flooding along coastal georgia and south carolina. new at 11 a poll released today by bloomberg has donald trump leading hillary clinton by 5 points, in the key swing state of ohio. trump has 44 percent in the poll, while clinton has 39 percent. the poll was done last friday through this monday so the events of this week could have factored into people's opinions. both gary johnson and jill stein will also be on the ballot in ohio. johnson has 10 percent of votes in the poll, stein has 3 percent. today, melania trump has tweeted out a letter from her attorney saying that she is a legal resident of the us. the letter from an immigration attorney states that when she came to america in 1996, she
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the controversy over mrs. trump's history, started last month when the new york post published photos from an old 1990's photo shoot. they appeared to show melania was in new york city in 1995, when she said she wasn't in the us until '96. donald trump will be making another stop in colorado. we're learning he'll be in colorado springs again on saturday. trump will hold a campaign rally at jet centers of colorado at 7:30 that night. it will be open to the public but you'll need a ticket. more information on how to get a ticket visit our website. homepage hillary clinton is expected to be back on the campaign trail by tomorrow. she canceled appearances this week because she was diagnosed with pneumonia. former president bill clinton
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recovers. she will rally in greensboro, north carolina tomorrow. some hacked emails are revealing things former secretary of state colin powell said, about donald trump. in them powell reportedly said that trump is a quote national disgrace and international pariah. the messages were first reported by buzzfeed and the intercept and were posted to dc leaks. an aide to powell told cnn the emails are accurate. no further comment at this time. the democratic national committee is dealing with more leaked information 2.0 released documents that reportedly have more about the group's finances, personal contact information for donors, as well as its it infrastructure. none of it seems to be very damaging. experts have pointed to russia as the most likely source of the dnc hacks. 11:08. coming up netflix going to battle with your internet and cell phone company. we'll tell you what practice by internet and phone companies
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we have some breaking news for you we mention this earlier you could soon see diet soda for sale in colorado public high schools again the state board of education voted to lift a ban last seven years. the movieline state rules with federal guidelines. health advocates and some parents oppose it but board members point out individual school districts will still be able to implement their own girls. interesting change. just happened with amanda out there getting the latest. netflix is trying to push internet companies to stop capping data. comcast and other internet providers offer plans with data limits the more data you use the
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unfair. and that the average american needs 3,000 gigabytes per month to meet internet television needs. they think these caps discourage people from watching internet tv. they're going after the data caps on cell phone companies go out searching pok?mon eating up all of the data. a new report is looking at which airlines have long waits on the tarmac. airlines reported 11 domestic flights in which passengers had to wait on the tarmac for more than three hours in july. the department of transportation says three of the 10 international flights waiting four hours or more were operated by united. delta air lines operated the most flights on those lists, with seven across domestic and international flights. it's already that time of the year for ups. they're hiring holiday workers, to help with those extra upcoming deliveries. they'll hire about 95 thousand
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the new hires for 2016 will primarily be package handlers, drivers, and driver helpers. the company says from 2012 through 2014, more than 37 percent of seasonal hires were later hired permanently. good news. a group of young girls in texas, spent their summer running a lemonade stand. and they gave the proceed to the dallas police. here is the thing. you won't believe how much money they ended up raising. they set up a mason jar at the fallen police officers asking for donations, after they were gunned down in an ambush in june. the girls raised 20 thousand dollars. those for girls. it was presented to the dallas police association in the form of a giant check. how wonderful. they'll never forget what they did to help those families. that's a whole lot of lemonade. it sure is. well spend money on that lemonade. you may have thought tom brady would be notably absent from the nfl at the beginning of the
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who? wait a second. he's still making headlines for his appearance at sunday's game sort of. how this guys' creepy mask is making headlines. hi gosh i can't take my eyes off it. it is creepy. and fall is in the air big time. we'll see if it's going to stick
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the musical version of groundhog day is coming to the us. spectacular idea. the musical based on the popular 1993 movie has already been running in london. now it's coming to broadway. why did it start in london? it's expected to open in new york city, on april 17th of next year. fantastic movie i've got to see the musical. a guy who was able to disguise himself to look a lot like tom brady is a huge hit on the internet. he showed up at the patriots cardinals game sunday. and freaked out some fans. but then he ended up showing up on the today show this morning. he's sparked the hashtag fake brady. meanwhile, the real tom brady is penalized and isn't supposed to be at the games. i think i realize what is so super creepy about this mask. it's the hair. the face obviously is like people eat real. up on the hair.
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how is that working? is beforehand real? exactly. after all these years britney spears and justin timberlake could be teaming up again. the two haven't been very buddy buddy since their breakup more than 10 years ago. but spears recently said she'd like to work with him on an upcoming song. timberlake later told e! news, he'd absolutely work with her if she called him. call him may be. spears did also m like to work with aerosmith and gwen stefani. i think she did a super bowl halftime with aerosmith. did have a team of years ago. years back. i think so. they would be an interesting do well. interesting to see what kind of song she comes out with. absolutely. this could be the fulfillment of a lot of people's childhood dreams. the spice girls are giving you the chance, to join them. the spice girls need
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aka victoria beckham and mel c for their planned reunion next july. the two have bowed out of returning to the stage but the remaining three ginger baby and scary have figured out how to find their replacements. they're now in talks to develop a new competition tv show aimed at filling the two spots. of course they have. the last time the original five spice girls performed together was at the 2012 london olympics who could forget. i had my beanie on sideways i was all that. i think it would be super front. witty be a spice girl? i like ginger. who is her favorite spice? ginger i think. the redhead. a lot of personality. and lot of fun. america's got talent. let's finish the show this way. no idea what you're talking about. i did go see a spice world in
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without taking kids. i didn't have kids yet let's talk about the weather. cooling-off. will take a look at larry's picture from mount warner that he took yesterday an awesome shot. wildflowers on the ground the bottom of the screen rolling hills in the distance but the most prominent part of the picture are all of the golden leaves now starting to show up there on the aston's. a good weekend to gather the family pop them in the minivan take them up to the mountains ange the changing colors out there. the only color we we're seeing here today blue. different from that gray look we had yesterday and the sun is warming us up cool numbers to have this morning 62 around dia. 54 may be a little off around the city. i would imagine where warmer than that. nonetheless 60s across greeley through akron. 50s in the eastern plains with 70s showing up in parts of the
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we're going to surge past numbers which we saw yesterday. high yesterday 68 degrees. ten better than that before the day is over. the streaming cloud cover over the mountains coming up. high thin stuff fairweather but if you notice back to the west starting to see green showing up over the western slopes showers developing over the far west mountain communities from grand junction and eventually those will multiply and moved to the east as a big low-pressure system churning out utah nevada and moisture picking up with a counterclockwise flow will and charts give us a 30 percent chance for they day shower storm. green and yellow embedded within there which means possibility for heavy downpours as we get ready to head home from work and school and go to practice this evening and approach sense that the threat. shortly after dark everything begins to fade away. some of the storms may be struck perhaps severe one or two locations we have chance for
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you can follow along pinpoint weather app free app available in the app store interactive radar help keep you ahead of all of that stuff as it moves by. the highs today mid- 70s fort collins a nice day around the metro 77 downtown. 74 in arvada. 76 in littleton before it's wrapped up upper 60s lower mid- 70s highlands ranch down to larkspur and monument hill. 78 downtown partly cloudy late day showers and storms breez per hour. tonight quill again 49. breezy and partly cloudy your seven day forecast cooling-off slightly tomorrow and friday night day storms possible before what looks to be a beautiful late-summer weekend. all right. fall is right around the corner. which means it's time for oktoberfest. don't you love this time of year. denver is one of the top places to enjoy those festivities in the whole country.
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how did you get me on that.
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which tv shows are top with dogs? a lot of people like to leave their televisions on when they aren't home to comfort their dog. animals scientists say dogs like shows with other dogs. that makes sense. they prefer barking, whining, and squeaking noises. and they have short attention spans, so they prefer short clips back to back. i wanted to know more about this my dog couldn't care less about it. the thing is it's more about their years than their eyes.
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leave it on good day. right. a husband and wife in brazil have 13 kids. that's remarkable enough. but every single one of them is a boy. no girls whatsoever. they just had a new baby, that has the same birthday as their oldest son who turned 18. all the boys names start with the letter 'r' and they're all named after professional soccer players. and they also play. there are enough boys in the family for a full te4am, with two for backups. they're officially trying for a girl. they're not trying for a girl they are done. i love how they have a team look a team jersey. i would say never give up. seriously give up. handsome family though. beautiful family. all right. an 8 year old australian boy has taken the internet over with his rugby skills. a video of him playing the sport, has gone viral.
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others kids and dominates on the field. and he's very fast. he's being called by far the best elementary school rugby player in australia maybe the world. a study took a look at the best cities, for oktoberfest celebrations. and denver cracked the top ten. there are a number of oktoberfest celebrations in the denver area. some took place already this month but some are still to come, like the denver one. denver was ranked best city to celebrate oktoberfest. we're number one for breweries per capita, according to wallet hub. and 14th for access to bars. the denver oktoberfest celebration goes for two weekends. september 23rd through 25th and september 30th through october second. it does touch on october. the lederhosen coming out. why not. might as well get it set tomorrow and run.
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we want to remind you we've launched something that is truly unique to colorado. a brand new newscast at 11 weeknights over on our sister station colorado's own channel two. no lederhosen. mike barz, erika gonzales and meteorologist matt makens a all the news and whether you need especially for the night owls out there. brand-new news at 11. they definitely have the later newscast on the coast people are used to it may be you are one of those folks who grew up that way are just slot hope you enjoy it a good show that stock about the weather. warmer day 78 for the high. they day showers and storms could see small hail gusty winds. a little cooler tomorrow and friday they day storms otherwise plenty of sun and the weekend looks good. good weekend to get out to the mountains. a perfect. thanks for watching today. see you back here tomorrow at
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a history professor from norman, oklahoma... and our returning champion, a mortgage coordinator originally from lockport, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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