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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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now one person that was shot outside has been pronounced dead. the condition of the two other victims is unknown. at this time. the gunman then fled the scene and as police approached, he shot and killed himself. a couple of miles from here. at this location. the gunman has been identified as 77 year-old larry rosen burg. police do not know the motive. and are not releasing victims names. >> >> in the investigation is clearly still ongoing. so they are working on rangements for residents here. as they continue to gather evidence inside. and we will county continue to update you on this developing story.
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>> >> the bus driver died. and 3 coaches were seriously injured. berry blends in thornton. is hosting a fundraiser. to help the coaches and bus drivers families. the store is donating 15 percent of sales to help the victims. the fundraiser running until seven o'clock tonight. >> a quarter mile to the west. it gets a lot worse.
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tomorrow. but. they hope to have repairs finished by friday morning. >> . it's bumper to bumper. slow moving traffic. along westbound sixth avenue. where it goes under the i 70 bring. near golden. >> . i've a.m. to 9 p.m. we're closing. >> traffic is down to just one lane. while colorado department of transportation crews fix the bridge. damaged sunday when a semi-hauling track ho crashed spwo it. major traffic impacts tp-rs drivers in the area. we are asking people to use alternate routes. if possible. and be patient with us. >> . they hope to have all lanes reopened -fpl by friday morning. c-dot says this whole mess could have been avoided. if the truck company made sure the semi-could fit under the bridge. >> the problem we have. people making sure they're measuring. height and weight -fplgt. >> .
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1246789 colorado c tkod sends the a mess again tomorrow. a mess tonight. until nine p.m. hopefully fixed by friday.
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this mark the first time a sitting vice president will attend the event. which honors joseph. the founder and first dean of the university. >> . new tonight. presidential election. trump surprising doctor oz. on the show. studio audience today. when he pulled out the results of his most recent physical exam.
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you can see the entire episode. thursday at 3. on our sister station. >> . this mural represents dozens of people from the latin community. who plan to vote this november. each hand print equals one. >> . the march was held this afternoon in denver. to mobilize voters. organizers say it's important to encourage folks. to get out and vote. so their properly represented. in the government. >> . the city of denver is putting more of towards making our streets more bike friendly. just last month denver un-vailed the first two way protected bike lanes. along south broad way. some neighbors and business owners feel like the improvements come at their
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business ordinary reason and prudence along the block (about a about a new bike lane. >> it's a waste of 3 hundred thousand dollars. >> . that's how much he says the city of denver spent to study the first protected two way bike lane. and removed parking to boot. there were 13 spots on the block. now we have 3. it makes it difficult for people to get in and shop. >> . they'll go elsewhere. >> . he's been in business for 35 years here. says it feels like the city favors bikes over them.
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commitment. to better bicycle structure. goal is double the amount of bike lanes from 310 miles. to 650. >> the cost for that. magazine. is about 35 thousand. >> . the city also spending money on the magazine. bike life denver. that gets the word out about new bike projects and how to use them. >> . that's a hard sell for people. >> developing now. police want to know if you recognize this man and woman.
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the circle k on south boulder road. the woman has skeleton tattoos on the back of her hands and wrist. and a tattoo on her right cheekbone. >> . new developments tonight. involving broncos line backer brandon marshall. after his sit down with denver
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being fined for hits cam newtons head. >> . more on the extent of the tpaoeups. >> . call it the cost of doing business. against carolina. the stopping cam newton. that cost is mar marshall and stewart tpoupb out today. is not cheap. together they will pay a combined 42 thousand dollars. plus. >> . that's a huge >> he was expecting a fine. just not one of the tune of 24 thousand dollars. >> . certainly not one that required him to write an even bigger kheg than check than teammate. >> . i was expecting him to get more. but i guess his justified. i don't know. >> . >> . 24 thousand dollars. somebody was saying it wasn't
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i am upset ant about it. but it is football. it's not going to change the way i play football. >> . they call it dirty. we call it bronco football.
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7 mile stretch of highway 285. has ha new name. >> dedicated this morning inhonor of a fallen jefferson county deputy. off duty when his selfless act cost him his life. >> . this new highway sign. carries the name of sergeant shawn. and his memory. >> . >> roadside ceremony held just along 285. from where he was killed. >> it means he won't be forgotten. what he can did counted. it mattered. >> he was off duty at the time. that didn't stop him. he spotted the young couple. a family with a young baby. off the road.
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and snowy conditions. in january of 2015. >> . once he got the family in to his personal truck. and to safety out of the cold. the sergeant went back out onto the roadway. to direct traffic. that's when he was hit. by another vehicle sliding out of control. >> it was about so much more than just a job. for him. >> scheduled to come back friday from a ten month tour. he got home early.
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classroom. in a lie kpwropb lion costume and read a book. before giving her flowers and a big surprise. >> . it never gets old. >> . we have more thunder storms around. good rain. but some of the them coming with hail out there. nothing severe. but i want to update you on
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shift in the win. we had this one kind of really get going. as it's moving towards the hudson area. the radar this is a live view. is showing us that is producing hail. i'll keep an eye on it. this one coming between nether land and pwoultder. also doing same that i thing. i have them in the forecast
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until about 7. then the stronger ones shift onto @ eastern plains. lighter rain on the south side of metro. lighter showers here. and southeast colorado. again, showers and thunder storms. here in southwest colorado. and over the san juan mountains. telluride. we do have a little bit of snowfall. and again scattered storms. this one near glen glenwood springs. had lightening and gusty wind. temperatures today 70s over the west. we had a mix of 70s and 80s. over the east. as we brought th up from yesterday. denver actually coming in at 84 degrees. watch the temperature this afternoon. actually spike. a little bit. and it was not that warm. every place in the city. the censor at the airport took off. and by the way did you see the normal high. down to 79. outside right now clouds are swirling around. 71 and 72. dry in the city. but the censor at the airport is picking up the rain. win out of the southwest. it's going to be swirling and gusting.
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71 downtown. 69 in. 73 thornton. so a nice pocket of lower 70s out there. >> . some places out there. like greeley. where it's 20 degrees warmer. there's the big one one up i 76. weakens. >> . a shower around denver. snow over the higher terrain. to the west. by account we're scattered showers break up. wrapping up by no later than ten o'clock. tomorrow morning sunshine. and then check it out. future cast does have very spotty showers. i'm putting a chance in denver. i don't think we'll be seeing as much tomorrow. as we have seen for the last couple days. everything under the eastern plains. between thousand and nine. after ten we're done. not as much cloud cover in the east. sunshine over the west.
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you can get a fix of chick filet. the next full-time the next time you're at airport. tweeting out this photograph today. in the food that will be in concourse b. >> . passengers have been asking for chick if lay to be added for a long time now. the chain will be open from five a.m. to ten p.m. through saturday. >> . soon. a diet soda will be for sale in colorado public high schools. the state board of education voted today to lift the ban that's been in phraes for lace r the last 7 years. and health advocates are not happy.
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you won't find any soda any where inside the school for sale. that could change with the boards decision by next school year. >> . some high school studentings say they should be able to by soda. diet or otherwise. in school if they want to. others disagree. >> . health advocate and mother of 3. worries allowing diet and public high schools would only feed health issues like obesity and tooth decay.
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but do allow the sale of diet soda. >> board members do poupbt out that individual school districts will still be able to implement their own >> . thank you. 91 dispatch tphers across colorado. plagued with problems. >> . the work that's w-g being done today to improve a system where seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
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breaking news. a shooting in inside of cheyenne wyoming retirement home. leads one person dead. and two others wounded. >> just before noon. police say one person was shot inside the building.


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