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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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breaking news. a shooting in inside of cheyenne wyoming retirement home. leads one person dead. and two others wounded. >> just before noon. police say one person was shot inside the building.
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the gunman identified as 77 year-old larry rosen burg. ran off, when police caught up to him he shot himself. >> . problem solvers showed you last month. the dire state of colorado's 911 operation. >> . the problems include long wait times and some cases oag live at the capitol. where a special task force convened this afternoon. >> . when you call 911. you expect to get through. you certainly don't anticipate a 911 outage. one estimate has more outages this year in the state. than any year this decade. today did the state trying to ce
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some forced to work of 60 hour weeks. just to keep up. >> . each customer on the monthly cell phone bill. >> . funder is probably the big issue. >> as for what can make a difference. >> a very unique skill set. >> police chief says staff help and more regulation. is needed.
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last month. the 47 dispatch positions. denver has. only 32 were filled. >> . pay for that kind of person. for that kind of performance. is warranted. >> . the industry really doesn't match that need. >> . again. no formal recommendation. by the task force today. they have scheduled two future meetings. expect a lot of what comes up during this tack force. during the meeting. to be brought back up when the assembly reconvenes in january. >> . thank you. now to a problem solvers update. a denver mother whose daughter lost her hair. in the nations capitol today. urging lawmakers to regulate cosmetics and give the fda the power to issue recalls.
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problem solvers shaul turner has some advice. from an energy expert. on how to prepare now for the hike ahead. >> . it's a warm right it's hard to even consider turning on the heating system. but it will soon be time for many. to make room in the budget for a higher gas bill. experts are expecting any where from a 25 to 60 percent spike in rates. you can blame it on a slow down. in oil production. >> . energy prices tphrupbgs flux wait based on based on oil and gas prices. >> . mother nature can be less predictable. >> . the temperatures are disappear.
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another thing that can effect your bill. what kind of winter we're in store for. >> . so. what can you do to reduce your bill. the fox 31 problem solvers turned your energy out reach colorado. for answers. >> . the organization says start with keeping your thermostat under control. >> . every tkrao that you turn down your thermostat. you can save two percent on your bill. >> . and limit the hot water. >> . 90 percent of the energy used to use your a washing machine. is because of heating the water. >> . easy way is wash your clothes in cold water. >> . simple steps to start taking now. before that colder weather rolls
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>> one of the most important acts of whistle blowing in modern history. he says he's tkwraeutful for gre of the he says it's really not about him. >> it's about us. it's about our it's about the country we want to have. >> . >> return to the u.s. to face charges. stkphr newly leased video out of north carolina. shows a police officer and a bystander trying to rescue a man. from a burning truck.
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from the officers body cam. this story topped your news across america. >> . >> police say last week. a school bus and a truck hit each other. the truck caught fire. the driver was trapped inside. a bystander helped put out the flames. and eventually police got the driver out. he was taken to the hospital. with nonlife threatening injuries. >> . >> visited that boss. killed 49 people. the pulse nightclub in orlando. no one was inside the mosque when the fire started. >> . not afraid to speak her mind. she was robbed outside of her new york apartment. purse taken from her.
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>> . accused of grabbing the purse. and when she asked about what should happen. she had strong opinions. >> . some of the women and beat her. every day. for long as she's in there.
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>> food bank of the rockies had a big donation today. land o lakes dropped off 40 pounds worth of mac and cheese. they don't usually get doe donations this big and they are very excited. the easiest way to reach them is through their web site. bank >> . women from all around the denver metro area. rolled up sleeves today and went to work. building two homes for habitat for humanity. >> . we went to the all women job site. and we have the story. >> . >> it looks like your typical construction site. and it sounds like one too. >> . but. take a closer look. is that a ponytail under the
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i'm sure i saw a little lipstick. >> . doesn't have to be beautiful. we're not frosting a cake. we're sealing a house. >> that can only mean one thing. habitat for humanity. women build week. >> over the course of five days. we have 150 women who are coming together. to build and fund two homes. >> . female business leaders. women empowerment groups and individual women. who just want to help. >> we. >> donning hard hats. framing up two homes. which will be sold to low income families. later this year. >> . no experience required. >> . basic building skills were taught. for anyone who needed it. before the work began. >> . i'm bias. but the friend friendship we see
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is such an incredible environment. >> but. do i know how to do it. >> . go. >> . rome wasn't built in a day. >> this is not any idea of getting hammered. >> . the only men on the site today besides dan and the photographer. was the future homeowner of the home. and he was working too. >> . broncos are still worth big money. value increasing 25 percent from last year. to 2.4 billion. number eleven on the list of the most valuable teams. of course hoping wide receiver demaryious thomas is still number one. on the at the time chart on sunday. limited today after a hep hip injury. he did return to the game after dinging the hip in the first
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coach expects him to be good to go on sunday against the colts. >> . of course the one game under his belt. he's got a good system. in place. >> . >> i think here. can't speak stp-r anybody else. done a really good job putting us in position. to be successful. and hopefully we can continue to do that moving forward. >> . all right colts head coach. getting his guys ready for the defense. whether or not they are dirty. teams know what's coming now. and colts quarter back is
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quarter backs. saying all the right things about facing a defense that just hit cam newton 17 times. >> like any good defense or offense. any good football team. they're going to you want to tow that line of aggression. and they are tough. physical. good defense. sometimes you get hit tph-d head and a flag comes out our doesn't. i don't worry too much about it. >> . >> >> the guy. >> line of aggression. >> . toeing the hraoeup. >> line. >> he's one of the young guys. but almost complyimented the d. that's what we expect. don't hit me mt. don't hit me in the head.
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>> scattered showers and thunder storms coming in on schedule. a few of them we expect to be a little stronger. today. no severe storms. but there's a couple out here. producing some good hail and win. we have more storms over mountains. we'll start with lightening. a threat to us in colorado. a good measure of intensity. storms to the south. along i again cutting across the front range. and into metro denver. i'll put it into motion. notice as this backs up. keep your eye in here. a thin green line. that was the focus. for the thunder storms. which exploded. and are racing off into weld can be county. there is a lot of wind and hail with those storms. we'll take a closer look at them. radar indicating. now. they are now dumping hail. and there's wind. pocket of heavy rain. they're moving quickly.
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same thing here. towards longmont. a little bit of small hail. because the hail is not large enough. at this point. we don't have the severe storms. but be on guard for the hail. >> . >> this is moving into open area. and has weakened a bit. in denver, the skies are kind of dark. we don't really have rain going here. we have stronger storms off to the west. and they'll hit the north side of the metro. towards superior. louisville. an southern parts you have some showers around. these are tame. nice to see the rain. southwest colorado. scattered storms. where you see the yellow areas. gusty winds and lightening. there has been snow. over the top of the san juans. same thing here. >> . temperatures today. rains from the warm 70s out west. to a mix of 60s and 70s in the mountains. we got into the 70s.
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a mix of 70s and 80 down there. tk*er k*efr denver coming in. after starting at 46. temperature actually spiked late this afternoon. cut across and out of the 70s. into the 80s. the normal average now is down. to 79.
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again. this little bit of a signature here. tells me you can still be getting hail. small hail. you'll get wind out around akron. and sterling. as we wrap up arpbdz ten or eleven. things should end. not as much cloud cover expected early tomorrow morning. low clouds and fog. tomorrow i think we'll start with sun. into the afternoon. and keep an eye on future cast. couple storms around here and there. over all not as much as looking to happen tomorrow. we'll hold onto the chance. it should be isolated. everything pushing to the east. there we are at nine o'clock. rumbling out on the far eastern plains passed midnight. tomorrow a good looking day. a couple storms especially here northern and southeast colorado. lows tonight. look at the 30s. northwest. steam boat. all the way through the central mountains. we'll be in the upper 40s to about 50. with warmer 50s in the south. and then back into the 70s
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the 80s. 80s here. warm etc. temperature in southeast colorado. and of 60s and 70s into the mountains. here's my 7-day forecast. we'll hang in the 70s tomorrow. with isolated storms. couple more storms possible on friday and down to 72. back to the mid 70s and isolated again on saturday. don't cancel plans. most of you won't see the rain. sunday gorgeous. 81. stay dry. monday and tuesday. and we'll cool it back to 75. on wednesday. with maybe a another thunder storm or two. weu be i the middle of next week. >> . morning feeling like it's fall. >> . 46 this morning. >> .
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emergency repair works. slowing down rush hour traffic. today. sunday night a semi-hauling tobacco. crashed into the i 70 bridge. where it crosses sixth avenue in golden. >> crews hope to have everything fixed and reopen. by friday morning. >> . city of denver. putting more of your taxpayer dollars towards making streets protected two way bike lane along south broad way. one example of the changing landscape. this just a study. barring some major catastrophe. this is here to stay.
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?? this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today contestants -- a navy judge advocate from newport, rhode island... om beacon, new york... and our returning champion, a pastor from charlotte, north carolina... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


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