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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 14, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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people in the denver area. are already on it. allowing users to report traffic issues. now. with new government data. behind app. it could be working here in douglas county. than any where else. >> over the last several years this free navigation app has grown quite a bit. in popularity. >> it's the cutest app. friendly. >> known for crowd sourcing technology. to warn other drivers about accidents. road work and even traps. >> >> things are getting better. according to to douglas county treasurer. now. the county and its cities will regularly transfer public traffic information. from government computers. to the app. making one of the most powerful november tkpwaeugs tools. a lot more powerful. >> much of what the county is pushing now is construction related. the county will be receiving
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accidents and many other unexpected things. >> . that can help police get to emergencies faster and identify dangerous traffic areas. >> . they need to get to their response. area. as soon as possible. >> . on our test drive. a warning of police activity. on northbound i 25. >> . and told us about this over sized load on the shoulder. >> . the app is not intended to report issues to but each time users push the button and in douglas county. the government has access to the information. >> . we will be pulling that data back in through the other side. >> . it's a partnership that's beneficial. something that could prevent countless traffic headaches.
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you may remember the city spending some approximate hundred thousand dollars. 3 hundred thousand dollars on a study. of the first two way protected bike lane. along south broad way. city also shelling out 35 grand a year. for a phagsz called bike life denver. and beefed up staff of planners. to focus on bicycle pedestrian. and transportation issue. >> . some long time businesses along south broad way. however. say they feel like the bike improvements are coming at their expense.
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to widen our roadways. we're all of a sudden talking about taking people's and or homes. >> . that said. the city says it's working with a cluster of businesses on south broad way. to bring back more parking. they say their priority is making sure the area is safe for the people. who travel in that area. >> . the state is taking action after the fox 31 problem solvers highlight problems with 911 operation. issues like long wait times and some cases outages. >> . the special task force created to help fix the problems.
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following for months. >> 911 dispatch speaking out about delays. outages and under staffing. when you call for an emergency. some forced to work 60 hour weeks. just to keep up. >> . on the monthly cell phone bill. >> funding is probably the big
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>> a very unique skill set. >> police chief says staff help and more regulation is needed. for instance. our in your opinions show last month. the 47 dispatch positions denver has. only 32 were filled. >> pay for the kind of person. for that kind of performance. is warranted. >> . the industry doesn't match that need. >> . again no official recommendation. or official findings. by the task force. today. they have scheduled two additional meetings. to take place later this fall. back up. during the general assembly session. they reconvene in january. >> . we'll continue to follow that story. >> . recovering from a concussion.
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future is now for uber. un-vailing the self-driving cars. big un-vail happened in pits pittsburg. ford fusions are currently available for a select customers in the city who can accept the invitation by e-mail. >> the first city where they're offering self-driving cars. >> . fancy. >> . facebook news feed is your go to way. to keep in touch with family and friends. today it's turning ten. hard to believe what we ever did before the news feed existed. it is the main way users interact to catch up on photographs. life updates and news stories.
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it was controversial when it tpeurs *r first launched. >> .
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>> a study p how dangerous it is for teens to continue to play. when they have a concussion. >> . safety is always number one. >> . as the evidence grows. concerning the long term pwabgt impact of concussion. more and more parents support pulling and keeping kids out of
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thr*sz there's no question we made progress. however. we also know that kids play with concussions. >> . this team doctor hopes a new study will help convince his athlete. >> not to tough it out. >> . when teens do that. the new research published in the journal. shows the concussion recovery time. doubles. it also leads to worse. short term mental function.
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here in colorado. we have the jake snake youth sport concussion law. that requires coaches to receive concussion education. and requires the student athlete to be removed from the game. if a concussion is suspected. >> . health advocate and mother of approximate 3. worries allowing diet soda sales will only feed health issues like obesity. and tooth decay. >> . the state board voted to lift the ban. and board members also point out that individual school districts
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their own rules. >> . temperatures today were better than yesterday's chilly 50s and 60s. we'll stay tomorrow. fairly close to where we were. here's the numbers we posted. across the state of colorado. from the upper 70s out west. to grand junction. 74 montrose.
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in the 80s. 84 down in lamar. 60s and 70s obviously low clouds out here. holding the temperature in burlington down. in the 50s. outside right now. not bad. 60 and 57. south wind at 12 miles per hour. and humidity is actually comfortable out there. match that in fort collins. go one better in greeley. in the 50s in the keensburg area. across the rest of the state. southeast colorado is still warm. down in lamar. you see the temperatures fall off into the low 50s even 40s right now spao the aspen area. dellen at 39. we have a few showers left on the eastern plains. between now and say eleven or 12. they mar to the some down i 76. north side of toeupb. here in the city and points south. you look good. sunshine in the morning.
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certainly over the mountains. remember. that storm system is spinning way to the north. so as it drapes the showers across us tomorrow. best chance is i 70 north. i th*eu think we'll get clipped by a few in denver. north ot metro. slightly better chance. you'll get a scattered storm. not everybody sees the rain. from denver south. less likely to see that rain. on your thursday. >> . highs. like i say. close to where we were today. 60s and 70s. into the mountains and points west. southeast colorado. where you can see temperature get close to 90. like lamar. we'll take temperatures in the 70s. denver not making it to 74. here's what it will look like. over night tonight. we'll have a few clouds around. tomorrow you'll wake up with clouds. and sunshine. in the low 50s. warm quickly through the afternoon. with a good deal of sunshine. into the mid and upper 70s. and i can't rule out one or two storms. over all it's looking to be quiet out there.
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morning. probably waoepbt need a jacket. 55. scattered storm possible. most make it home without seeing the storm. dry commute in the morning. maybe one or two wet roads off the foothills.
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24 thousand dollars. i guess somebody was saying it wasn't enough. >> i am upset ability it. but it's football. it won't change the way i play the game. >> that means a donation of at least 30 thousand dollars. >> . preparing for the colts. demaryious thomas was limited. he is still dealing with a hip injury. from the panthers game. mile high on sunday.
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miserable for indiana quarter back. who says he loves playing on the road. >> a lot like ben from that standpoint. and so balanced weapon wise. >> .
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a little of another mobile quarter back out of stanford. elway. >> . he's a lot like him. you're right. >> . so tough. when guys are that strong in the pocket. even with people around him. you have to finish plays and tack him. stkphr. tackle him. >> . so. he's a warrior. he plays 60 minutes. what we like i said. just about respect. and getting ready to play. >> . broncos will get a healthy and rejuvenated luck. as that he recovers from last ys kidney issue he was dealing with.
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in their win against universities of texas. san antonio. >> . we will be there. we'll see how hill does.
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two're people injured in the shooting. outside a senior living center. >> . the shooting happened in cheyenne. just north of colorado. wyoming we have the latest on the developing story. >> . midday violence. with gunfire and terror. left a rare crime scene today. in cheyenne. >> . this area of the community. everyone is very sweet. >> a senior living community. in the middle of it all. >> . heather lives next door to the complex. >> . and she said she couldn't believe what she was seeing. >> shortly after. i came back. and there was cop cars out there.


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