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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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two're people injured in the shooting. outside a senior living center. >> . the shooting happened in cheyenne. just north of colorado. wyoming we have the latest on the developing story. >> . midday violence. with gunfire and terror. left a rare crime scene today. in cheyenne. >> . this area of the community. everyone is very sweet. >> a senior living community. in the middle of it all. >> . heather lives next door to the complex. >> . and she said she couldn't believe what she was seeing. >> shortly after. i came back. and there was cop cars out there.
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a resident. shot 3 people. killing one. before killing himself. >> the shooting began inside the complex. where he shot one person. before shooting two others. just outside of the building. one of those victims later died. >> gunman fled the scene. a description was soon released and a tip from a citizen led police to this location. more than two miles from the senior living center. and officers approached the suspect. he turned the gun on himself.
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a surprise. not something people have to be careful. put their guard up. you never know. >> . right now. wrapping up emergency repairs at sixth avenue. and i 70. in tkpoelden. c workers have been on the job all afternoon long. fixing the bridge. where it crosses sixth avenue. >> . a lot of traffic headache earlier today. when sixth avenue was down. to just one lane. >> . repair work is about over tonight. crews will be back at it again all day tomorrow. starting at five a.m. until nine tomorrow night. everything back open by friday night. >> . if you need another route through the area. here's some options for you. >> . still haven't determined pwha caused the bus to crash. in denver international airport. killing the bus driver. that crash also injured 17
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players. and coaches. who were on the bus. all but one of the people injured in the crash had been released from the hospital. >> . raising questions about school buss seat belts. why they aren't required on school buss. >> . only 6 state actually require them. >> roses eleven year-old son died in a crash in 19 89. when the brakes gave way. he went flying through the windshield and was killed
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the frustration business owners along the block feel. about a new bike lane. >> . i think it's a total waste of 3 hundred thousand dollars. >> that's how much ron says the city of denver spent to study. the first protected two way bike lane. and removed parking to boot. >> . there were 13 spots. now we only have 3. so. it makes it difficult for people to get in and shop. they'll go elsewhere.
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he says it feels like the city favors bikes over them. >> . there is a push in denver to promote, bikes. as well as transit. and walking. >> . she heads up staff of bicycle and pedestrian professionals of 6. the staffing shows the city commitment to better bicycle structure. their goal is double the amount of bike lanes from 310 miles to 650. >> the cost for that magazine is about 35 thousand. >> the city a on this magazine. bike life denver. that gets the word out about new bike projects and how to use them.
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once he got the family into the personal he went back on the road to direct traffic. and was hit by another vehicle sliding out of control. >> . it was about so much more than just a job. for he really played that part. personally. as well. >> . itit wasn't out of character. for him to stop and help. >> he was a 15 year vet of the department. his dedication to his job and community going well beyond the 7 miles now named in his honor. >> . a problem solvers update. a denver mother whose daughter lost her hair. is in the nations capitol today. urging lawmakers to regulate
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recalls. >> her mom met with both colorado u.s. senators today. she also appeared at a press conference. where lawmakers are pursuing a bill to give the authority. for cosmetic products. >> . secretary of labor. making a stop in denver. to announce a new statewide apprenticeship program. hickenlooper. and lieutenant governor. and dps superintendent joined him. also discussed raising the minimum wage. during his visit to denver.
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>> . we have the latest. >> . before clinton goes back to the campaign trail. her team released a letter from her personal doctor. who says the candy at a time has been examined several times and her health continues to improve. she was diagnosed with knew pneumonia friday. >> . also contained a list of her current med kaeugts contaminations. some >> about his h*et health in a different way. on the dr. oz show.
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>> seemingly surprising the celebrity doctor. with details. >> audience members say the candidate discussed being over weight. lack of exercise. and his medications. >> he's on a cholesterol lowering drug. >> you can watch the full interview. tomorrow at 3 p.m. on our sister station.
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women from arpb the area rolled up their sleeves today and went to work building two homes for habitat for humanity. >> . >> it looks like your typical construction site. and it sounds like one too. >> but. take a closer look. is that a ponytai hard hat. i'm sure i saw lipstick. >> . that can only mean one thing. habitat for humanity women build week. >> over the ko*urs course of five days we have 150 women. who are coming together to build and fund two homes. >> female business leaders. women empowerment groups. and individual women. who just want to help.
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which will be sold to low income families later this year. no experience required. >> . this is not my idea of getting hammered. >> . tropical storm julia. expected to weaken as it moves up the east coast. folks are still bracing for heavy rain and wind gusts. storm moved passed florida. making its way to the carolinas. steady heavy rain.
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hit islands today. emergency officials are keeping an eye on the rising sea level and storm surge.
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still some lightening strikes out there. but most of what we have seen. which is typical. once you lose the heating of the day and sunsets. the storms intensity start to come down. seeing fewer and fewer lightening strikes. a quick replay. we'll back the radar up about 3 hours. most of the action in the better storms were here. coming right out of i 25. in and around the frederick area. cutting across near plat ville. up towards the curse area. east of greeley. the pipeline of the moisture through today. this is what's left. a couple showers west of north of sterling. this is nice rain out there. to the east and greeley. northern front range. things are quiet. again that's what's left over. there are showers both rain and snow. over the highest peeks. a lot of this is as it comes over the divide. and tries to drop down into denver. will dry out. i can't rule out later tonight. we don't pick up a sprinkle or two. temperatures today.
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from the 50s to the 60s to the 70s. 80s. in denver. the same to the south and east. we go from the 60s to the 70s out west. >> match that as the warmest temperature of the state today. at 84. five above where we should be. >> unfortunately we'll flash back higher humidity and low clouds.
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around the airport. and i 76. where it meets 270 on the northeast side of town. we'll bufferin chance for storms tomorrow. one or two this denver. you can see the best chance running here. across the northern border. into the north and east. >> wider view across the state. most of the storms on the eastern plains will move out passed midnight. again a little bit of low clouds. north and east of denver tomorrow. and stays quiet. passed noon to one o'clock. and you can see southern colorado. southwest colorado. north and w northeast corner. especially closer to the wyoming. nebraska panhandle. where we will see the better chance of storms tomorrow. >> . lows tonight. chill in the air. a lot of 30s in the colorado mountains. back to steam boat. craig and meeker. 49 grand junction. match that in denver. 50s to the south and east. highs tomorrow 70s. denver coming down a bit.
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down to 72. sunday monday tuesday. nice warm 80s. to end the week. go to work next week. maybe not. >> . we'll bring it down to the mid 70s on wednesday. maybe a sprinkle or two around. >> . something you want to tell us. >> sick day >> . no. i wouldn't do that. >> . something is going around. >> see you on the golf course.
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hraogs ever look at that hug. >> . are you real. that's cute.
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getting hit until the wallet today. the denver defense hit cam newton 17 time last week.
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safety stewart. were out of line. for some of those. that relentless pressure comes with a price. b marsh fined 24 thousand. stewart 18 grand. the team is hoping wide receiver demaryious thomas is good to go on sunday. limited at practice today after a hip injury against the panthers. he did return to the game after dinging that hip in the first quarter. head coach expects him to be full go on sunday. against the colts. >> denver has lost 8 of the last nine game against indiana. >> tr*ef trevor siemian has a perfect mark against the colts. no wins no losses.
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but all right. colts head coach. getting his guys ready for the denver defense. whether or not they are dirty. teams certainly know what's coming. >> . well played. and the colorado rockies are still playing. here's my deal.
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this point in the season. do like pop up video. remember vh1. wouldn't that be great. if you don't know it, check it out. after this newscast. >> . here's the one highlight from tonight. in the first. nice little single shot. one to nothing. and then the rockies quickly collapse. right now let's see. nine to five. >> . pop up video would be great. >> explain brandon marshall gets fined 24 thousand. and stewart 18 thousand. i thought his hit. >> . it's all subjected with the league. the intent the timing. all that stuff. >> i'm calling a conspiracy. >> .
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oregon farm is hosting goat yoga classes. not just a catch kheu name.
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goats. as they deep breathe. and do their downward dog. the goats go about their business. grazing. gazing. the brain child. the she says everything going on in the world. it's a great distraction. people who take the class seem to atkpraoe agree. >> . they are running all over the mats and trying to eat them. it's so much fun. they love to be scratched. they're so friendly. >> . >> it's been so much watch them. >> this idea is a hit. there's a waiting list of five hundred people. after just a month. >> . what. >> . sounds relaxing. getting head butted by a goat.
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