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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 16, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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new at 11 where hearing from the family of a cholera to native whose body was returned to our state this morning is such a blend of grave grace and heartwarming of emotions. an emotional i soldier's bravery and how his family will remember him plus were just hearing from donald trump on the birther controversy will see whether sending the request of president obama's citizenship once and for all and a new gadget that can make coordinating the whole family a whole lot easier particular how works and whether it is worth the money and imagine going up to a bar this week and a taking your drink order is a famous actor why bilberry will be
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hello i am can clark and for kirk and burke today to colorado man killed fighting isis and now back in our state their bodies arrived this morning and now where hearing from the family of one of those soldiers. jordan mctaggart of castle rock and levi surely shelley of arvada were killed in action fighting isis and syria alongside kurdish forces the family of 24 levi surely to us at union station today where the caskets arrive just a few hours ago they say that levi had dreams of being in the breed breeds but wasn't able to join because of bad eyesight still he didn't hesitate you in the fight against isis to protect his country they talked about how proud they are at him and how he will be remembered on his second trip he had no doubts about how horrible war is and how bad it is to see a friend get killed in killed and he said all that he
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know what that happen and because the stakes are so high because isis is so evilly he couldn't stay here he had to go. levi and jordan were american heroes and they desired to be remembered that way they volunteered to go over there and get shot at for no pay and i just want to live in a way that my brother would be proud up. the tremendous outpouring of support and how it is help them through this very difficult time levi's dad talked about being a veteran himself and serving it be an add-on the other soldier killed was 20 joe jordan mctaggart the also a back a second time to fight isis. justin donald trump has finished speaking about the so-called birther controversy and was nothing trial was public about in previous elections calling for president obama to release his birth certificate to prove
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the china international hotel in washington dc top made a strong statement about the controversy. hillary clinton and her campaign of 2,008 started the birther controversy is i finish it i finished it you know what, i mean, president barack obama was born in the united states. now we all want to get back to making of america strong and great again thank you thank you very much trump's campaign also released a statement last night's saying taught no longer believes obama was born outside the usa. tomorrow he will be here in colorado and is going to hold a campaign rally in colorado springs at the jet centers of
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tomorrow and i go to our website for more information and on how to get tickets. were just hours away from a high school homecoming game that has so much for meeting for students and players in a ever did before the legacy high school varsity team will take to the field for the first time after the jvp was involved in a bus crash that killed the driver and the players and coaches hurt. fox 31 amanda joins us live and the school is really rallying around the t showing their support for this scene the students a community even the competition that the take-up review here at north stadium today the replay attack entered and head coach mike craddick as the coaches recovered the players are excited at the big homecoming game but they're also worried about their free coaches it was just five days ago the jv team
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was killed student coaches were hurt and the cause is still under investigation jv will be played today varsity well and the school expects a game to be packed with the partners that game is at the star here at 7:0e here with complaints covered starting at 5:00 p.m. amanda thank you today a denver police officer who was shot during a traffic stop and december is going back lopez junior will be speaking at our sister station in a also be talking about the run happening at tomorrow that is the five k put on by john at that they have other first responders who been gravely injured make sure to watch up with her lopez announced that on colorado zone channel to today again at 4:00 p.m. at tomorrow loved ones will gather to honor fallen
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added to the international association of firefighters memorial wall and colorado springs now it on is followed by firefighters and emergency personnel from around the united states this is video from previous year's ceremony this year 123 names will be added also we are getting an update on the wildfire burning as residents are expected to be let back into their homes today they completely contained by this afternoon as of late last night the fire near county line 14 wasn't 95 percent contained the fire has been burning for several days a cool start your morning to your friday morning we might or you might be wondering if the week and love all scars coats t-shirts and tank tops especially if you have plans for the bronco game mark is out on the weather deck tracking the very latest in a qaeda looks like it has the
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that bad idea i have has pretty good especially when you're the such eyes are getting the weekend is certainly going to trend more and more toward teacher and short weather as we do warm-up but today a little bit below average is only in the 60s out here right now 63 degrees downtown 61 at boulder and is still of the parties what's plays a downhill really keep the blue skies around all day though be some them from the foothills and maybe some of them a little dark we can put down some light rate of one or two spots later today will be later this afternoon into the evening antifamily outdoor plans high school football your plans at the family don't worry about canceling them it's not good of anything to disrupt it which is always good news warmer temperatures as we get into the
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th some changes coming to aurora this interest are too installed new bike lanes that are going to be on mt. view poll but havana and a us wego cruiser going to install them on the street is being repaid it will be a pilot project in a gimmick consider adding more will coming up a new gadget that could help you and your family stay more organized were taking it inside look at th gadget has plus paid manning is
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take a look at this nasa has some plans are very futuristic passage of play they can travel faster than the speed of sound the culling at the double bubble the plane is designed to make flying more fuel-efficient also
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du the aurora flight sciences has partnered with mit researchers to develop the planes they hope to have it ready by 2027 i hope it includes leg room while it is finally here the new iphone seven they're available but it could be pretty hard to get your hands on one of people lined up outside across the country grew greater colorado to be the first to get their hands on that new iphone even before the doors open sold out and the seven jet black were sold out as well most stores open to 8:00 o'clock and there to close at 9:00 o'clock tonight for a busy family there are days we could barely even see each other a hub of a station that can no caps on debt dad and the kids that's what trippi is about and is powered by amazon voice assistant alexa are tech junkie is here for a
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family's hub's wi-fi connected has a speaker and an eh screen on the front a handwritten or typed message from the app to the trippi the yellow flag pops a indicating there is a new message on the screen until someone posted that yellow flag back in shortcut button jump right to your favorite screen and radio stations and a speaker great the call by jews wi-fi to make free calls to preselected phone numbers a perfect way for the kids to call mom and dad from home on top of all of this trippi has amazon alexa built-in alexa is a voice assistant similar to apple's theory so she can answer questions and help you alexa what is the weather alexa alexa and pickles to my shopping looks of make me
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is beyond me at the monthly okay okay really does so much but hey it was worth a try so it will last a few days unplugged at the things i liked in the things they changed head over to k vr on the good data tab. that looks pretty good there's a teenager in germany to get a new amount g added to your punches a 16 year old girl who lives in berlin she has emerging she says as she chooses to wear one and she and emerging to represent women like her so she pitched the idea to nonprofit that reviews and envelops the amount g's and they are talking out with her one of the cofounders of read it is even got her
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proposal in person to emerging con into the unicode technical committee in november he's done for popping up in unexpected places even here and denver coming up why bill murray is becoming a bartender for the
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there is a 24 percent from last year to get this delay even cracking the top value of nfl team the dallas cowboys and the new england patriots bills okay paid manning has a new commercial coming out today and it's her colorado-based company this is video of the season kickoff party in downtown denver last week people standing in line to get the patches but today he will fare and add to the fort collins company called otterbox they make smartphone cases a converse is a field of fort collins there in air on
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oakland raiders is up to the governor of nevada this stadium would likely be funded partially by public money and a partially by the readers themselves they had also been thought to move the raiders to los angeles this a big names that have been added to the official tributes to print power including stevie wonder also scheduled to appear christina aguilera john mayor shaka khan is going to be their attribute to them is october 13 in st. paul minnesota tickets $19.99 dollars celebration lady
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joanne's could be released october 21 dog a possibly performing at the super bowl and she is in talks about a good news for gaga a documentary getting a lot of buzz is per very on who lou it is about the beatles and their time during the globe features footage of the group performances of final concert in san francisco back in 1996 it's directed by ron howard sir paul mccartney and ringo starr premiered in london yesterday bill murray's taking the weekend off a celebrity live according to entertainment weekly this week and he will be bartending at a new spot opening a brooklyn new york its own by bison mers of her showing up unexpectedly and places like bachelor parties and late-night shows even places in denver and
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university. happening today mexico celebrated 206 years of independence that was the sound in the sporting in mexico city led by mexican president henrique yet tell tens of thousands of people at the mexican people satirizing it up the festival to celebrate civic center park idealize get a mess this up okay celebrations can be from 10 in the morning till night at night if he had up to the celebration as we celebrate with all the festivities and everything happening at civic center park i think you nailed it will mother nature nail it this week and she
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independence and all the outdoor activities who like partaken now 1119 a live look outside a couple of clouds bubbling up as you look up toward the foothills but generally it is a mainly sunny afternoon this far and temperature slowly starting to warm it started off early low 40s even some location upper 30s we are now pushing back into low mid 60s 63 dia 65 downtown mid 60s and arm up and the high country 50s and 60s on the western slope pretty quiet no activity developing even in a high country but in a few hours that may be the case is low-pressure system still planted there of the central place to get that wraparound flow but they could also stir up just enough energy to give us an isolated shower or to dinnertime
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be a small opportunity only about a 10 percent shot it doesn't really show a lot reported to keep it in there if anything blows by will be very light and brief showers that should there is a low it's good to hang around this afternoon close it up tomorrow very similar forecast just a touch warmer upper 70s but look what's happening on the pacific coast coast high-pressure building in it will replace that low by s one pocket of air over the southwest will fill in and eliminate the rain chances so 70s for highs right back into the middle 80s by sunday or friday of our cause of finish
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today and inglewood so for today at the airport official high sunny skies of afternoon closer to seeing that development those oppressive from time to time deny a little cool and the jacket and ready to go odds are up to 84 for the broncos sunday and the back off here to come to give up for a friend a forever
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a furry friend is in need of a really good how many you can help jump of the dumb friends league's here in studio a very cute little dog right there say hello to tule its good to see you how are you doing can is a six -year-old chihuahua she is really sweet and affectionate you said she is six years old so this is as big as to liz going to get cute little face share that little lip curl thing going on you never know now give us a little idea of what's can happen
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events we have our and your wagon trail tomorrow is a one half mile hike for you and your dog you can get registered and $50 for adults and children 12 and under are free to get ice cream for you and your dog in the beer garden a great way to get our enjoy this beautiful weather my dog loves to drink beer okay he's all over it any breed restrictions anybody have done anybody can come on down we appreciate dogs okay it no breed restrictions well we start at open and the walk starts at 8:00 a.m. and goes until noon so and that is wanted the best dog parks that i've ever been to so its huge big plenty of parking it should be
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guys and good luck for finding a home and as we can look it up or cast here by the where there's your dumb friends information on the screen there it is seven-day forecast 73 today 78 tomorrow plenty of sunshine both days and laid a shower possible on sunday 84 with more sent on the way so much of a get a come back we have lots of industry-leading to colorado to brandon newscast and 11:00 p.m. weeknights over on our sister station channel to join mike eric and matt a little bit later and a lot more convenient who's still want to get the very latest east-west there used to bill of the emperor news there and will be able to get their fix nowadays wonderful think of for joining us have a great day
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a table game dealer from ballwin, missouri... a lecturer from new york, new york... and our returning champion -- an office assistant from lincoln, nebraska... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny.


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