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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MDT

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shooting happened and she says there's been six or seven people. i'm going to step to the side fairly quickly to show you what we see. this is claremont street right at hill parkway on the north side of the hospital. you can see we have sounds for maloney today. >> it's scary. scary in terms of the whole situation. i haven't heard anything from them. they're not letting anyone end, they're not letting anybody out. you can see maloney very worried for his wife right now. he can't get into the hospital.
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minutes to go down and get the break.
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denver police departments and there been no reports of anybody injured at this point. there was a cold silver called one of the founders building and the other at the va. >> @code silver is for a person with a weapon and for an active shooter. not sure if there was an active
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getting ready. listen the back to you. >> obviously the big question at this point, he's going to the staging area is there are reports that shots were fired. we know a code silver was
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whatever parts of the shooter and a flannel shirt. he gave to see if the suspect the potential he was allegedly with the at the point. a perceived reality if benefits perceive reality you can imagine how people at home
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>> taking you back by his life to an aerial picture of the rose medical campus where we understand the two buildings have been on lockdown. you can see police their own their roof after reports of an active shooter in the area. police are talking to media right now. they recapped the suspect deception. we know it's a man in his 30s
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one of the night shift employees, anybody who might be campus tonight,o to be on standby, we will be in regular communication, but not to come to campus at this time. otherwise we are leaving it in dpd hand, they are the experts in this case. the how are you guys handling all the things that were happily in the eye can't speak to operations with surgery. our patients at the moment are. >> about how many people are affected? >> i actually don't know. >> has the family been notified? >> at a mill that as well.
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lockdown? >> not as far as i know. >> i can say this is a reality that we l other health care facility in the country, we bend trained on the spread. >> can you think of the last time you've had a campuswide lockdown? >> our police guarding the er. he am not speaking to operational questions. i would hand that back to dede epd. >> can you spot about where the shots were reported from and how many people were responded to bed. >> we're not going to comment on that right now buried this is a very fluid situation as i've said, we have multiple police units we are conducting a
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we will get back to you well may have additional information. as i said before, if you are on our twitter page, that's where the information will be first and we will notify you when were ready to do another briefing. thank you very much. >> in terms of support right now. our there any other agencies? >> right now we have the denver police department members of the denver fire department security from denver public schools security from the hospital. we have the denver sheriff medical agencies on standby. we are receiving assistance from everywhere that we can. we have a protocol in place and we have activated that. >> do you feel like it's confined to the campus. are you extending the search pass the campus? >> right now where were searching theory detailed and if we need to expand the boundaries, we will. thank you very much.
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krefski i can't speak to exec beware it is, but where you are right now is outside the search parameter. thank you very much. >> just wrapping up a press conference right there, still a very fluid situation as you heard right there, the good news here, even though there's a campuswide lockdown they are going room to room now and clearing the building and also everyone is safe. even though there was a report earlier around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon of an active shooter and the campus was placed on lockdown, there is still no proof that there was an active shooter. >> lets go over some of the things we heard from julie hogan. something really interesting here is the suspect description that is even looking for an active search for allegedly what we're hearing could potentially be an active shooter at this point. here's what julie hogan had to tell us. everybody is safe, that you're big headline here today. the campus is on the complete lockdown, but everyone is safe. she says that all of her employees have trained for this. they have a protocol in place which is exactly why they called code silver upon report of a
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all of her nighttime employees, those who come in for the night shift she have let them know that they are not to come to the campus. a really interesting question asked of her as well. what happens to those people that are currently undergoing surgeries. we know that founders building, the building me initially heard the lockdown was taking place is a building where surgeries take place. all she could say at this point is reiterating that everybody was safe. she says in the past as far as their history goes, they have never had a campuswide lockdown before this this is the first one in which they've actually had to go ahead and put their protocol into works. we know that the search is within at least the area of the campus. they couldn't speak whether or not the streets that are surrounding that area between colorado boulevard, ninth avenue and hail parkway if any of those areas are also considered part of the search parameter.
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it's a fluid investigation one in which they still feel the need to keep the entire rose medical campus on lockdown at this point because it sounds like this man, again in his 30s, 130 pounds carrying a rifle, they haven't seen him 50 is police said they're trying to confirm that it's an active shooter situation, but they have a description of somebody,
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now are continually making news coverage reports of an active shooter at this point at rose medical center. we've heard from both the denver police department and the communications director at both medical facility he says there both their patients and staff to stay in shelter, stay in place after a good silver was called in effect. he just enjoyed out there where they wrapped up a press conference, joe, what is the latest? >> the latest is what we've been seeing online. what would been reporting at the
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the denver police department is doing an extremely careful search of the area. it's a massive perimeter here at the media staging area. this is where we're getting the public information. it's got a sense of what we are dealing with here. you can csa and like our entire team talk over the last 45 minutes or so about this area. you can see officers on tell, this is the eastern portion of the rose medical center campus. we did in the 5:00 p.m. news. this is a very similar thing. i can tell you we spoke with on lockdown for several hours. you have been able to leave their respective buildings.
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what's happening inside presumably by the police department is the going room by room, area by area where they think they can release that have been trapped inside over the course of these last several hours. they're going to do so and be able to escort them as carefully as they can. you heard the denver police department say they are searching they are licking and meeting the publics help and for two reasons, i think also, letting the police do their job, leading experts do their job. >> important points that joe made their peer and this is where the public and income into help and an active shooter situation. he said two things asking for the publics help them potentially spotting the suspect. an active search as joe said over a campus that is just huge. it takes six blocks along
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indeed, a shooting, but they looking for a suspect a white male in his 30s. with a hat and flannel shirt wearing about with the reverse 911 call that actually went out. >> it didn't go out. a lot of this in the newsroom more asking where they going to send the reverse 911 app. it was interesting to hear the dpd spokesman talk about the area they said how big is the search area that you like around here and he was very careful to say our search area doesn't extend beyond where we are right now. where they were was at ninth and dalia. this is bordered by clermont. a little bit further out near where they were having the talk of being able to tell them what was going on in the area. that's one aspect of it. no reverse 911 area.
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area. one thing to. out in all of this is in an active shooter situation like this we're their looking for someone in the building like this, this is filled with television sets. it's possible they could be lockdown on their own somewhere watching us all on television might now. please don't want to tip their hand in any way or give them any kind of an idea of where they are and what they're doing. they're clearly playing their cards close to their best trying to let the media know what's going on and let the public know what's going on. the biggest thing you both are just moments ago and that is stay away fr cops to their job and find this guy. >> as joe street george losing a lot of folks were showing up to get them in memphis to me were allowing some folks to leave, but if you can avoid the area let police to the job. don't try to interfere in any way. conflicting reports out to whether we both have been allowed to leave. we understand from the rose medical officials that patients and staff have been ordered to
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to go within the middle of offices. we talk to one woman earlier that we understand was hiding under her bosses desk at one point but also hearing from conflicting reports that people are coming to check on the web front end some of the people allowed to leave. we talked to some veterans who left the veterans affairs office. a veterans hospital as well, he joins us now by fred. >> i see youea warrior project shirt. you guys were inside. >> they mate and that we were allowed to leave the hospital, but they weren't giving any information as to what was going on. you can do the same deal. >> you're allowed to leave at this point our what how did that process go down? >> weekend of came out it's a
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they are still asking people to leave in which case you can leave because it's far enough away from there. >> we've been given some information what information were you given internally? >> nothing really. just about the same as you have read that they're looking for somebody. thank you again for serving our country. i want to reference you guys have been asking about the perimeter. when the northwest side of the rose medical campus. easy staffers and whatnot, some the search for the perimeter not sure how much further east you can go. let's go to the driveway here you can see the right which is facing south. it's about as far west as the perimeter stretching in terms of looking perhaps for the suspects. what we're seeing them as part of what a staffers or veterans just asking for more information. obviously a very fluid is dpd
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>> lets recap real quick about what exactly started here is the beginning of the 5:00 p.m. print the lockdown started at 4:00 p.m. they also mentioned a news conference a little bit later with public information officer of the hospital saying that the nightside folks do not come in right now because they are in the lockdown. >> this is a fluid investigation at which they have a perimeter. they are looking for a suspect who has been described as his mid- 30s a white male carrying a rifle. they are asking for the public health at this point. if you see the selected suspect can make you are asking you to call the denver police department. something mike landa said earlier, denver police trying to not to give too much information at a few of the potentially the
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there is, indeed, an armed gunmen in the area. everyone is safe, they have a protocol put into place, a protocol that they called: silver. and is something within a
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