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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 17, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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patients and staff. work out a possible shooter was in that area. quick to get over to the scene entire medical campus and could ben nevis va hospital put on lockdown after four this afternoon no one was ever shot no doubt everything osage a
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st. george among the first on the scene. our team coverage with the latest. the official all clear not given by the denbow police department we walked around the block i can't see a police car anyway the mobile command center left well over 30 minutes ago hospital workers are returning to work after a very a very bizarre day at the medical campus. a day of panic get at the medical center around 4:00 p.m. reports of shots fired the boards of an active shooter hundreds told the shelter in place inside the complex and outside places like the nearby denver va. we conducted a zone by zone systematic search of the facility. we did not locate a suspect or a victim tyrone campbell saying no victim or suspect was ever found
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sure a false alarm please still searching parts of the campus tonight. at present we are going back and doing some additional searching of some of those areas. those under lockdown please clearing them one zone at a time a slow process and releasing officers to return to their normal patrol. we release those personnel who still have a responsibility to the citizens. a sign of things returning to normal the hospital telling employees they should return to somewhere else. pacing should head to the hospital had to an open hospital nearby as for a suspect please still looking for man and his 30 a flannel shirt and i had when you hundred and 30 pounds for those that have been released from lockdown so far. a lot of people feeling that way. slowly this evening we have team coverage on this big story
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other side of the hospital i understand you actually spoke with people who had to plead to get to safety. denver police actually left this post off of ninth in colorado actually posted up at this intersection for the bettors bar of four hours. traffic getting through folks thing allowed to leave in their cars earlier we cut up with a number of people leaving on foot. will keep out of stories but really no firearms are weapons steady stream of people leaving both of those medical center and the veterans. people liked this retired marine who we're supposed to be here for treatment. instead he and his wife waited inside the va hospital like everyone else checking their cell phone. before they got the green light to me. i think they did a great job to notify.
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told us not to panic. not worried about her frank had become here to see his wife. only to be told she had to transferred to saint joe's because of the threat. i got out there. i was getting ready to block of the emergency room that one let me go any further if you need to sit down or go go inside the dav and wait inside their. will let you know as soon as it gets cleared. they have one area cut off. everyone going to the garage. another retired marine sums it up best. that's what's going through my nine anything could have happened. yes indeed we're here on the westside of the complex you can see traffic along colorado
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commute if you well. live this evening on the westside of the hospital complex fox 31. a man visiting his wife and newborn son just about to leave the hospital campus we announcement came over the pa system to take shelter allen take that seriously and here's a picture his net from inside the maternity more ground as he shoved the 400-pound hospital back against the door shouting and play she spoke with fox 31 problem solvers about his and how impressed he was active shooter protocol taken by law enforcement. we are just grateful that please are out there. even if it's extra cautious. looking after us. reports that his wife kristin and their two day old baby william just can't wait to be cleared to go home and get some rest.
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of our schools or our workplaces what can you do centennial at the shooter teaches people how to defend themselves and others they specialize and training states and corporate personnel respond to what they see as a growing threat of violence in the workplace. five day course goes over firearms defense packets and areas to practice but they have learned. are brushfire in 136 avenue at cobra threatening dozens of homes. firefighters came out in full force from sky fox we can see the fire getting close to homes in one particular neighborhood crews worked very hard to keep those flames away and they dropped in to help to the fire under control fire crews put the brushfire out before could do much damage you see a left
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there. the number of heroin and opium related overdoses of making headlines nationwide and this may surprise many of you colorado one of the leaders and opioid abuse fox 31 has a new information that puts of phase to this epidemic. we been following the open drug use along the cherry creek trail the bus and downtown denver. but it's also happening right in your backyard we introduce you to a woman who might surprise you as the face of this epidemic. is a picture is worth a thousand words. this portrait of an all-american mom might surprise you. i was typical middle class america. cynthia became 12 years as a prescription pill and heroin
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more difficult than you think. is not your typical homeless person anymore that struggles. colorado ranks second worst among all states for prescription drug misuse and opioid crisis is at our feet. practicing physicians in colorado don't hold the tight standards the other states do. a news conference today there are over 300 best from opioid painkillers. colorado congresswoman says without more federal aid from the state continues to battled the epidemic alone. state and local governments are the ones on the frontline of this. cynthia's five year cynthia's five-year sobel on one of the lucky ones that didn't news at all. she shouldn't be one of the few who makes it out. there is legislation pending in
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the fight but needs more support to pass mccurdy fox 31 denver. caught on camera the late-model ford truck stolen from a tire shop the latest on a string of them's four trucks are based on the owner of that particular drug says on surveillance video is a getaway van drive-by and seconds later for 2005 of 3150 truck goes by as well. the pic of a department in northglenn tire shop. stone right in the middle of the afternoon. there that goode doing this and broad daylight. getting him because in less than a minute and a half. facebook postings and still watch her show several ford pickup stolen recently please are money owners to keep their doors locked and use the devices their citizens to report any suspicious activity to police. a man was hit by two vehicles and try to carjack a third police say the man was first hit by a truck on sixth avenue he
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lane when is hit by another vehicle he then tried to get into another car but the driver didn't realize it actually started driving away the driver stopped and realizing a man was there that men fell onto the road now at a hospital with serious injuries. throughout the week tony how the legacy high school community has really came together and ways they didn't expect after this bus crash sunday. school spirit building up to the homecoming game tonight. athletics conserve our great way for people to come together during times of tragedy serve me help continue the healing process that's exactly what high school had in mind when they announced earlier this week they would go ahead and play tonight's homecomings game.
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the deftly started out sad and difficult and sportsmanship sincere and much-needed. that's really been incredible to see where the kennedys come together as legacy strong continues to fight through. the football game is a representation of how we go forward with the legacy strong mindset. a community using football to come together less than a week after a tragic accident. we want to rally around the football spirits student say it was the team's decision to play tonight the one they support 100 percent. i think this is just a representation of us uniting and moving for the outpouring of support comes nationwide every single day we got to school this week a brand-new poster that they sent us with a all signed their names and said we'd love you.
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it has taught us that even in tough times like this past week everyone reaches out. everyone reaching out after a tragic situation they say has brought out the baby bit. we are deftly not moving forward. growing and doing out of the support of the people impacted by the bus accident. the football team is back legacy leads prairie view 22 ? six at the start of the fourth quarter most importantly that given the community something to cheer about live fox 31. a lot of courage. a lot of those committees coming together. choppers farm winter park tickets at rock-bottom prices and they got them for a still well turn out to be a good deal and the end the broncos and colts facing off this weekend we don't want to see them
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minutes. a sushi restaurant misrepresenting and more all and tonight's west not report card. dave fraser reported earlier this evening this could be rain late tonight. rebutted knock on our door talk about that and the weekend
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if you're going out to eat this weekend you may think sushi our brunch sounds like a good idea
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to popular place in town that flunked is in tonight's tonight's report and here it. the explosion of violation. demarest trump as i restaurant par card with 13 critical health for violations and august and february unannounced inspections violations include an employee cracking and grabbed a plane without washing their changing their gloves a more like substance was on the ice shield an employee had burned. into panzer grades range at saint and which claim talked they held at the temperature. the company says they close all the locations for three hours to focus on food safety the gm's is a falling a falling statement which is in part we take a responsibility to health and safety credit searcy not please
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inspection results in philly not consistent with their 12 year history. next we visit sushi. our second of this week. inspectors decided the restaurant for ten critical violations and its august inspection and snapped these pictures of 40 to 50 wrote in droppings on glassware other violations include debt and library should throughout the facility escobar fish oil fish being sold as super white tuna fried shrimp and veggies we're taught perko's sushi didn't respond to our call so we start by. heavy done anything to fix that. you guys he a picture grounded less into the kitchen to show that all of the violations have been corrected but the restaurant is still facing a
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to red robin and middleton for three perfect inspections and overall general manager says it's all about routine. with the highest standards in the restaurant industry. we are here to that. maintain that level every single day our team is prior the fact that we have high standards for taking sanitation. to be able to brag about it. all the violations this into reports are going to be inspection spoken on click on the news tap and restaurant report card. you'd like to investigate. erika gonzalez fox 31. now pinpoint weather with chief meteorologist dave fraser. fantastic friday the evening has been quiet. future cast a chance of light
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the radar put this in motion we seen the trickling of a few showers. down there to the south of castle rock. as you head south on 25 towards monument in colorado springs in the last hour we really picked up this pretty good little thunder shower right here coming our crossed morrison area of towards red rocks now getting ready to commit to littleton and down sixth avenue at thunder shower because there it is you keep an eye on it a c likely will get wind and where you see the depot green and yellow certainly the red. will get some rain. even though we have the evening and it's good to scene of rain out there nice of a shower. seventys and the high court temperatures into the south and east.
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73 degrees today officially after starting and then chilly 39 we should be at 79 print average high back to that level tomorrow outside right now it's quiet. as the rockies are playing 59 and 58 we see that lightning strike out just talking about. we see on radar not all of it reaches the ground committed he is at 37 percent i am confident will get rain in the downtown area. fiftys and fort collins and the same in going on future cast continues to track the showers to the south of us 112 midnight they are gone clear skies wake up in the morning tomorrow is the same thing a tiny threat late in the day especially here south of one are two showers coming off the foothills especially as we get into the late afternoon and early evening. the storms will actually survive overnight and push into the south and east. tomorrow we start off with the sunshine and do it again one are
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range better chance by 10 percent in the southeast corner another chance of bigger storms though a rumble on the eastern plains late in the day. chilly 30s in the mountains 40s west comfortable 40s and the east. fiftys to the south and east highs with the colder temperatures to the north and west. '80s return to the south and we have 60s 70an for highs over the west my forecast hang onto the showers making a rumble of thunder out there good rang everclear after midnight the skies drop to 46. another chance of that late day shower. 8486 and down to 80 as we started cooling trend that takes us into the 70s again at the end of next week the next best chance of rain coming in on
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forecast for you for a hot game at mile high. were selling for dirt cheap.
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or te the new ikea and brimful of the furniture store has bought the land where plans to build the new location moving forward for development at the northwest corner of highway seven and i 25 no word on when construction
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one to park forecast last night you not so lucky tonight winter park will not be honoring that $5 price tips into the newsroom from people the resort was selling four packs for five bucks that's the normally go for almost $200. it was too good to be true. winter park will only refund one. a ghost in the machine coming up next and before we go that we want a bit of a quick farewell to the very best in our industry are 9:00 o'clock producer. an incredible journalism will be
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will purples and any active defensive player still getting it done. second-half against carolina what he attribute that to. i think this off-season. i was working mentally and doing a lot of physical therapy preparation. and hang off it's helping to talk to coach about how did that work exactly with a two-way street. at one of those guys that on a percent get out there him play every single player is just to compete. going back to kubiak. no need to dial it back a a little bit 16 games at least
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minute to get step back and reflect on what it meant to foist waste of that lombardi back in february. this is my 12th year the pinnacle part of playing football is that we're a super bowl a super bowl team. you can go over any type of atmosphere and you can get to that playoff game into that year. or the year before that losing and not getting there. now we're in the play multiple super bowl is an winning. being a number one defense is what we really wanted. there off to another great start. some talk against national pundits made usenet dirty dword to describe this defense. what are you thoughts when you hear that? i think i went say dirty defense of that plays are allows the nasa's. we can and week out you can't be less a physical out there.
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you think about defense is a great defensive are very aggressive. sometimes you make plays that might be quote on quote on ethical. m between the lines and your playing football. talk about the quarterback, it. it was tom brady in that it was cam newton again last week and now you're andrew luck coming in here what kind of challenge presented itself. he's one of those guys that is acquired assassin. he doesn't get a lot of credit for what he does he's a big quarterback he strings plays out majority of the time makes the right throws every single time we have to first off the run debug of them we did last week and give pressure on the key situations. was catch up off the field a chance to catch up with you as you reunited your rmv group how did that go over.
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wrong talk there on talkshow that i had a couple weeks ago feels good to be back with you guys i've been working for you with eight or nine years. there was fun just to get back and enjoy ourselves. i take classes twice a week right now just on that camera run action broke my camera last week i'm upset about that. if anyone has s facilities all make sure. broncos outside linebacker for now let's go into the studio where bruce is standing by with broncos country. they game of football is a complicated one especially when it comes to safety so this week the broncos hosted a camper local moms to teach the proper way to suit up and play carmen has the story and this weeks


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