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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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the party celebrates 10 people who are battling cancer and also celebrates celebrate their families. pets are not out of the mix this weekend. denver done dumb friends league told us they raise more than $250,000 at this year's wagon >> that have been at the glendale and no space and cackle at castle rock your eye 25 i 25 in surrey ridge. there was a one and a half mile walk while enjoying some beer. it was all to help homeless pets. the proceeds go to the dumb friendly but buddy center and the douglas county home homeless animal shelter. >> one events still happening in the area we both got to make it out this afternoon. the event has been held in
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and it a default it is also celebrate the latino culture and celebrates the mexican celebrate the mexican independence day and boy, was the weather perfect out there. a little warm but blue skies. >> it was like summer again. upper eighties. >> a bit of a roller coaster ride the past week or two. most of the summer was so steady and consistent hot just everyday but now in september we have been on the right of it, more fluctuation and this tells the story right now. days there is above september 1st to 7th, six of seven. we had a really hot stretch to start the month but of the last week today has been the only day we have been above 85 degrees. we are starting a little cooler until this afternoon. 88 degrees now. it is toasty at this hour. light wind at this point, really nothing to talk about in the wind gauge. these abilities are looking good. relative humidity really no low.
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which led to the sunshine and since dry air warms up quicker than moisture laden air we had jumped up to a high 80 degrees today. i think we were warm up a degree or two as we get into the day tomorrow. 87 right now downtown around dia and commerce city. 86 important. west side of town we wheatridge at 85 arvada 86, golden in the mid- eighties there from black hawk to evergreen. across the state a lot of eighties up and down the western slope. feeling good this afternoon in the mountains. 70 a couple of sixties with me in the eighties and nineties if you get east east and southeast into the planes especially in higher elevations and wind gusts anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour. there is a nice pocket of calm error over the metro area and
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across the state. no wet weather and hardly any cloud cover to speak of. with all of the dry air coming in from the west i don't anticipate much activity popping up. tomorrow is a dry way to start the dry way to start off the workweek. take your sunglasses with you. some glare may be coming out the windshield to start things off with temperatures mostly in the low fifties tomorrow morning. a nice comfortable start and once we transition to the afternoon some fair weather clouds to the evening. we were warm up again back in the mid- upper eighties tuner 9s the board. a pin down the front range tomorrow fort collins 87 firestone 88, four left and 87 in boulder and 78 in estes park. mid- upper eighties to 90 degrees around the metro area for bloomfield littleton rohloff finished the day around 88 and much of the same, nice and warm
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from highlands ranch to castle rock. high and mid- upper eighties will be taking hold. 53 overnight tonight, mainly clear, breezy and a couple of locate locations. a comfortable night with starlit skies and the moon shining brightly overhead. tomorrow morning will welcome you with sunshine kids may need a light jacket in the morning but overall a beautiful sunshine filled day with a high of 89 degrees. the warm air will stick aroun for a day or two as we get back to 90 on tuesday with plenty of sun. a cool down wednesday down to about 82. then we started transition into fall. fall begins thursday morning right after 10 a.m. and it will be cooler there with a 20 percent chance of a late day shell or storm, and we cool off into the upper sixties and low seventies as we transition into late week and next weekend. a seasonal staple in
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largest corn mazes (-left-parenthesis business. >> it almost did not happen after the crop was pummeled by a hailstorm and then drew has details of a family whose livelihood was in the balance. >> back in 2,000 this farmer heard about corn mazes and thought he would give it a try because frankly, his farm was losing money. >> it was a do or die. the bank said you need to do something or we are selling you >> at first local farmers teased him about his corn maze. >> we didn't have any idea what a corn maze was a needed today. it was a bit of a joke. >> they are not deep in him now. his corn mazes one of colorado's most popular. but that did not impress mother nature as she dealt his farm a devastating crop killing blow, hail. >> look at this. we just got creamed. >> he was in shock.
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describe. you're sick to your stomach. >> all of his crops took a beating, but for an end a man who felt pumping self-confidence for living. >> we were very debilitated. >> he did a lot of praying at church, in his truck, in the field. >> is part of your everyday life anyway but once we got into this situation we needed a miracle. >> after about six weeks, the plants started coming around. the corn was looking pretty good, and blends glenn's c maze will be open for business right on schedule. >> we are asked we feel extremely blessed. >> glenn calls it a miracle who are we to say it wasn't? >> the corn maze and lasalle opened on schedule saturday. it will be open through halloween. i know there's people like for an air from the miami area you've probably never been told corn maze before. >> i haven't but if i go to one
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it looks amazing. >> i guess you would it's been six or seven hours trying to get out of there. a great reminder to check your car seats and keep your kids safe. >> will fight what's he got and they patrol are doing in passenger safety week. a colorado campaign visit from donald trump. the topics he tackled and how his running mate is responding
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the first lawsuits filed against wells fargo fargo over the fraudulent accounting scandal. >> looking into the bank's practice the lawsuit accuses wells fargo fraud, invasion of
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money to recover money for identity theft and emotional stress. it is the latest fallout for the bank after they were caught up in millions of accounts to implant inflate sales numbers. people sickened by chipotle's salmonella and e. coli outbreaks. amanda ate at a minneapolis chipotle war than we are going to an diagnosis diagnosed with salmonella. she says the cramps she felt were more intense than when she broke her arm. recently c it settlement set among other things covers her medical bills including doctor visits and hospital stay. her lawyers are given triple play credit for giving chipotle credit for taking responsibility rather than finger-pointing through litigation. new resources to give you the tools you need to keep your children safe while they are in the car. car seats, colorado .com was launched recently with full
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at 20 drop-off locations around the state. they'll be free car seat check events throughout the upcoming week as part of the child passenger safety week. a safety warning tonight as a scam could put you and your family at risk. >> house how thieves are convincing unsuspecting residents to open their doors and let them walk into their
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homeowners beware. a very believable scam could
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>> it is so believable people all across the city are being tricked into letting thieves walk right into their homes. >> you may think your home and neighborhood are protected. >> we personally have never had any issues. >> but homeowners from north to south are being duped. >> it is horrible. >> into letting thieves walk right into their homes. >> i cannot believe it is such a scam that people would go that far to go into somebody's home and actually ripped them rip them off. >> this is how doing it. police say thieves are posing as government workers equipped with radios, clipboards, even official looking ids. >> they sometimes are showing it so fast that the people are not noticing, they just believe who they are. >> they then asked to be checked let into the backyard to check offense or property boundary well a partner in crime sneaks inside and cases the home. >> is really sad. i guess we can't be as trusting as a we once thought we could. >> nicholas has spent a lot of
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neighborhood. >> i have been home pretty much 24 / seven. >> he is not surprised neighbors of falling for the scam. >> i never realized how many door-to-door salesman there are in our neighborhood. there is at least one and a. >> police are the best thing you can do is ask to take a close look at the id and if it sounds fishy trust your instincts. >> if it doesn't feel right it probably isn't right. >> pickup the phone to give these people may look officials and may have radios are clipboards or some type of business card, but it is okay to not let these the end corporate apartments they say they are from. >> so far police believe the fields thieves are targeting homeowners in north and south east denver. the room to the white house is cutting to cut into colorado again cutting to colorado again this weekend as donald trump is making the case for why voters should elect him to the white house while in colorado springs is visit on saturdays comes as some show him up in colorado. we heard him touch on topics like repealing obama care, improving the military and of course immigration.


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