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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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neighborhood. >> i have been home pretty much 24 / seven. >> he is not surprised neighbors of falling for the scam. >> i never realized how many door-to-door salesman there are in our neighborhood. there is at least one and a. >> police are the best thing you can do is ask to take a close look at the id and if it sounds fishy trust your instincts. >> if it doesn't feel right it probably isn't right. >> pickup the phone to give these people may look officials and may have radios are clipboards or some type of business card, but it is okay to not let these the end corporate apartments they say they are from. >> so far police believe the fields thieves are targeting homeowners in north and south east denver. the room to the white house is cutting to cut into colorado again cutting to colorado again this weekend as donald trump is making the case for why voters should elect him to the white house while in colorado springs is visit on saturdays comes as some show him up in colorado. we heard him touch on topics like repealing obama care, improving the military and of course immigration.
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a new poll from msn just came out and wear we are up four points wear up four points in colorado. >> mike pence was on abc this morning talking about trump's latest second amendment comments toward hillary clinton. trump made a comment about her secret service protection dropping their guns and seeing what would happen. why penn white tents defended the comment. >> i think what donald trump was saying is that hillary clinton didn't have all that security, she would probably be a whole lot more supportive of second amendment. >> he also fired at the media saying the media spent more time on trump's last day than clinton in the last 30 years. they want to get out the tocco and trump's block party. one toddler talk was vandalized after got national attention for parking outside of trump's campaign office. the owner moved it thereafter trump supporters said there would be tocco trucks on every corner is immigration continues.
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clinton had a substantial lead against trump but i think if we get out there and knock and talk to folks they're going to say okay you're right, let's have someone who is qualified, experienced and who has been out working on these kinds of subjects for a long time and that is hillary clinton. >> said this party is one of 200 voter registration organizing events as part of hillary's colorado weekend fraction. >> denver police want to target. denver police and tell yo denver metro area. one victim was horrified to watch or stolen pickup being driven away theft caught on surveillance video. here's more on what you need to know. the ford truck is one of the most popular on metro area roadways both for drivers and thieves. we spoke with one woman who hopes her story can help prevent others from being victimized. megan dropped her family's 20 oh 54350 maroon truck off at a
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some work done picture came back in next date it up. >> the gentleman went to hand me the keys inside your truck is right over there and admin settings he said did you move your truck? >> the truck was gone. >> at that point they realized her truck truck is been stolen. >> surveillance video from a nearby business shows this white van, the suspect the getaway vehicle, drive-by followed moments later by the thief following driving her talk. >> i felt sick. i felt violated. i thought thi happening to us. >> she is not alone. denver police put out a facebook warning about a rash of ford f series truck theft in the metro area, and facebook postings on the colorado stolen vehicle watchlist reports several stolen ford vehicles lately. >> they're doing this in broad daylight, getting into vehicles in less than a minute and a half. >> she reminds truck owners on a protector vehicle. >> i want to get the word out there and stop others from feeling the agony and the pain
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this. >> she asks citizens to work out for each other. >> if it looks suspicious, it probably is. it doesn't hurt to at least call the cops and say i think this is happening have them follow up. >> police want to remind all drivers to always lock your doors, don't leave valuables in your vehicle, and considering antitheft device. it has been a beautiful day in denver and so far a beautiful day for broncos country. >> bronc broncos are up with to go. we're live outside mile high stadium. it's got to be a fun day out there with this weather. >> reporter: it is my favorite thing to do to report on happy broncos fans and hopefully there will be a whole lot of them in denver here tonight. all of these people leaving the stadium now with about a minute left to go in the game are feeling pretty confident about the way things are going out here, and hopefully they'll write. meanwhile as things wrap up out here i want to show you how things went out here the rest of
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we started this morning like any other football sunday with a massive broncos tailgate, and then a really really packed stadium. what a gorgeous day for football. this has been a strange matchup between the broncos and the colts for one reason. it is the first time since 1998 that peyton manning has not been a player on one of these two teams. that is almost two decades. even though there are still a lot of manning jerseys walking around out here, and we taed to say they're excited about their new quarterback and the future of this team. >> i think he's a good quarterback. he has not thrown too many interceptions but i'm going to miss peyton manning. i think it's a new start for the broncos. a good start. >> a good start out here indeed. hopefully. like i said, the game is still wrapping up so we don't know the final score yet. when we do we will have all the
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>> just to update what ashley said. 3420 which is about 30 seconds left and we will take you back out to mile high. it looks like we can safely say broncos will win this one. >> and as she mentioned we will
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welcome back. broncos not the only team to pick up a w at the mile high. rockies today winning six / three against the padres on a beautiful and warm day. look at the sunshine blazing down on the diamond. it was interesting to see the fans huddled in the shade as the sun shortly was blazing and it
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temperatures downtown now 90 degrees. it's such a roller coaster ride, as we usually have for this time of year and we have been doing at the last couple of weeks. with cool for the first part of the weekend we are starting to warm up as we had through the weekend. 87 around dia as temperatures float with 90 degrees 88 in fort collins and greatly actually hit 90 for a brief period of time. now 88. akron, wyman, burlington all in the a slew of seventies across the high country. fort collins at 83 parker as well. a warm but comparable 83 around castle rock and it has been a toasted a across-the-board. a lot of dry air warming in from the west northwest. it warms up faster than moisture laden air but that's also why we have been so quiet across the board. sunshine blanketing all of the skies. it has been hard to even find
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future cast all the way through the day tomorrow we just ran it from right now all the way into tomorrow afternoon and evening, and it is dry across dry across the board. a sunshine filled day across the board tomorrow. the first few days of this week will stay toasty with temperatures about 90 degrees. finally on wednesday a jet stream back west begins today to dig in a good and that will bring a little bit of relief from toasty temperatures. it is actua it felt like mid august or september but as we begin to transition into fault which begins thursday morning, we will start hold down a little bit but until then just like we saw today we will see throughout the next couple of afternoons. 89 our or higher officially downtown. seventies in the mountains, seventies and eighties out there across the high country. to mount 88 will be our high downtown. portman, city much of the same.
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liquid and into littleton. tonight 53 into the bus stop may need a light jacket. it may be breezy at times but again another warm one. 88 for the day's high nothing but blue skies and sunshine all day long. the same tuesday. by wednesday and thursday we collect even more. in a late day rain shower chance and sixties and seventies return as we transition into the late weekend next weekend. >> a beautiful blue day in denver beautiful blue skies. i don't know if we wouldn't be expecting to be too two and oh at this point in the season
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>> 34 / 20 the final period to defensive touchdowns and being the difference in the game. broncos are who they are and yielding most of the time on defense. you work in progress on offense although it's sometimes frustrating which means broncos will have to be a team that makes grinding fashionable this season. no one knows that any better than sports director nick griffith who joins us now from mile high. that broncos defense came up huge today. p defensively or point are going to win a lot of games for mac no doubt about it. they did it once again. fans sitting patiently in the fourth quarter waiting for the defense to strike. they delivered twice. one was in a key to lead in his ninth nfl career pick six ties them for fourth all-time. it's his fifth and a broncos uniform. in a broncos uniform. that is a franchise record not too shabby. to close down the game, bond miller scoop von miller scooped it up and takes it into the end
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all stands with all the hands chanting mvp mvp as he tossed up a couple of these gloves. a qualified as broncos continue to win games getting it done with the defense. as you mentioned, the offense still has a ways to go. still within striking distance a couple of times again. the drives spotter and making really bad quick pics as well. more so than that broncos did get it done and they are two and oh. >> i thought also the offense en did a really nice job. unfortunately they came up short on the third one with tj anderson but i got the ball down the field, took valuable time off the clock, about two minutes and 35 seconds when they had to. that was a mature drive by trevor simeon even if they were not able to convert it into seven points. >> no doubt about it. i guess you have to hang your hat on the fact that this team continues to move the ball really well on offense, just not
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when you have a defense or does it for you you don't always have to put the ball into the end zone. they proven that the last couple of weeks. broncos get it done which is what the broncos do. it is almost expected at this point. the formula we've seen today didn't really route will lead us to a championship last year. something is working and they're going to continue to win games like this. something tells me me as well if they win these games it's probably going to be a four or five-point win and even when they play badly they're going as we saw last year it's going to come down to the last couple of possessions and it does so once again today. let's see what the coach has to say the steps to the podium. they're heading to cincinnati for the first taste of the road next week. it should be a very hungry cincinnati bengals team considering the cant lose to pittsburgh at pittsburgh today and broncos improved to two and. >> 34 / 20 the final and we will
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moment. we are poised to go to the
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as we await remarks from gary kubiak as a broncos go to two and on the backend of a 34 to 20 final over the indianapolis colts let's pick up the game 13 / six the second half quarts with the first possession and they make big with it. andrew luck taking up third and 2421 yards with his feet to keep that that going. nearly seven minutes off the clock robert turpin and without interference from 4 yards out and the kick ties the kick ties the game 13. a phantom interference call and broncos go right back down the field on the ensuing drive but stall in the red zone settling
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also dubbed the day and it is 16 to 13 with just over a minute left in the third. again swings on the next series into the fourth quarter lock runs out of luck. a key to lead steps in with a pick the take away to the house 47-yard return the ninth kick and return for the score of his career. for the best all time in football league, and as the lead was 10 with 14 minutes left. it would take another 10 minutes but colts get themselves back and get this thing back to within three with four minutes left. you wanted to see whether simeon could work the clock and the effect of a great catch and stretch on third and 11th on to marry as thomas to get to the two-minute warning with the broncos again settling for a field goal after being able to not able to pick up first down on third and one. andrew luck gets it back with a buck 51 left but not for long. von miller with the bulrush shane rate the rapist who can't go and the clincher a second
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win. 34 / 20 for denver broncos over indianapolis colts as they improved to two and a , a couple of numbers which made at the same trevor simeon was pretty solid 266 yards and no touchdowns. he did throw one interception. cj anderson was a workhorse behind the line of scrimmage. 20 carries for 74 yards. he did score a touchdown. the team rushed for 134, a tremendous equation for denver broncos who want to be able to run the football. they rushed for 148 last week over carolina at time 134 very tough yards against the colts today. thomas, some question as to whether or not it would play with that hip injury and ended up catching five balls for 92 yards. also caught a two-point conversion to stretch the lead to 14 and lead to a final score
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andrew luck in the ballgame 39400 and 97 yards. his quarterback rating was under 70. broncos did an absolutely outstanding job. four sacks in the ballgame against andrew luck and the indianapolis colts. let's go to mile high at the podium where gary kubiak is ready to greet the media. >> why don't i get started here and i'll save you all a couple of questions. first off, on the game it's a great effort by our team. it was a tough day. it was hot. i think it wore on both football teams and we hung in there and kept battling. we lost some key people in the game and had to make adjustments pretty moved the ball offensively and defensively came up cam appeared at the end of the game. i'm really proud of our guys and our win. it a tough football team against a great quarterback. we've got three guys are concerned about. stevenson's got a cap. something we dealt with all day
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has a calf and demarcus has an old enough fracture. we have to see in the morning what the cases going to be whether we think it's something to play with her something that must be fixed. obviously a tough day from that standpoint but we found a way to get number two. go ahead. >> the play to lead i know a hell hold on onto the ball at times. what did you see from that how much of that. >> it looked like to meet me throughout the course of the game we were close a couple of times. we had a couple of chances to make some big plays defensively. we just kept battling. i think our press it pressure was impressive over the course of the game especially late in the game but it was a great run on his part and upon knocking back ball loose closes the foot ball game. >> backing up on back you are concerned about the turnover deficit in the last game to get
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late you've got to be feeling good about that. >> we ended up plus one i guess or something like that today so yes, the tough thing is you know trevor is so young and boy did he play good, especially in the first half. actually, the mistake he made look a lot like the one he made against carolina so we've got to help him correct that, but he is doing some great things and like you said, protecting the ball is keep our football team. we were better today but we need to get to where we have been. >> clarif you think he can play. >> let me be careful here. i just know he has a fracture. i think the question is going to be can he is a something he might be able to play with that you rest of something that we go fixed right away and he misses a period of time then comes back. we all know the forearm, coach not a doctor. >> coach what did you see? >> i think he was fine. i think we did a good job of
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right way. we threw the ball well. he and a manual emmanuel reflecting the game. the second half we didn't. a second possession in the second half and i think that's all we had. we kicked two field goals but did a great job and keep bringing trevor along here and trying to get those guys had. >> let's go to the locker room now. emmanuel sanders who had three big catches and was very productive, especially early in the ballgame, is now talking. >> a whole bunch of great players, a bunch of pro ball players out there. >> you guys came up with some big plays also because you're trying to run the ball the clock out. you may be didn't go in the end zone as much as you want but making plays when it matters. >> that's what it's about. obviously want the facts, you want a hundred yard games in and in the touchdowns but at the end of the day what's more important is the win and we got that. back in the lab again next week we keep getting better and keep
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i hope we make it you took one big shot and held onto the football. how are you feeling? >> that hip hurt. that was probably one of the hardest hits i've taken. a lot of hits look like a hurt but they don't but that when their hit me dead in my stomach i had to go to the sidelines to catch my breath for sure. >> can you put your finger at all and any issues with the offense right now? it seems like you guys are moving the ball really well but once you hit the strike zone it seems to sputter of it. >> yes but that happens. at the end of the day all we can do is just keep getting better. i tell you what, i would rather be trying to get better with two wins man losing so everybody smiles around here man and we are to and oh and i know broncos fans are excited. >> it seems like everyone in the state in the sitting waiting for the defense to make that big fourth-quarter play is it you guys included? >> yes, but you know at the end of the day, offensively we want
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we've got to get better offensively but man kudos to the defense. they have been stepping up all last year and definitely this year so i am happy that a lot of those guys over there on my teammates. >> a big one. 34 / 20. the offense doing their part, need to do more. nick was right. you are absolutely moving the football but you are taking three instead of getting seven so that that's something they obviously had to continue to work on monday the 34 / 20 win. two defensive t >> i think a lot of fans would be frustrated except we all went to this last year and saw basically the same thing happen with peyton manning. >> and more than anything else i think everyone understands exactly what kind of football team this will be and it already is. it is a team that you're never going to have days where you can just seo can going to cruise today with this football team new line thank you for joining us.
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