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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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airline jet. that rolled off the run way. >> . these pictures are from mike. a reporter with the gazette journal. telling us that the captain the pilot told them the planes brakes failed.
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while that was happening. mechanics were out here inspecting the air bus. the airport hasn't been able to tell us for sure what went wrong with the airplane. passengers say the pilot told them it was the brakes.
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tha*upblg for we are going to continue following this developing story. throughout the evening. online and on air. >> . another developing story. a shooting happening in federal heights turning a quiet neighborhood into a crime scene. >> . live with what he has learned on >> since we joined you at nine. still no information from police. they have been out here now for more than 3 hours. investigating. at this home. right here. now witness tells us that he saw an elderly woman down in the front lawn. of this home. they also say that she was taken away in an ambulance. >> video from earlier. as far as victim or suspect information. police haven't said a word. we do know officers were called out here to investigate.
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requests for information the federal heights police department. have gone unanswered tonight. police have stayed tight lipped. while the people they serve in the neighborhood are on edge. not sure whaptd here. they are hoping some information from police will help them have a better understanding of the suspected violence in the neighborhood. a neighbor says an elderly couple lives in the home. at the center of the investigation. >> it's surprising. they're quiet people. >> another live look. police have been in and out of this house. for more than 3 hours. that's how long this investigation has been going on. in the quiet neighborhood. we'll stay on top of this. and once we finally hear from police. we'll pass that along to you.
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meanwhile. efd from a pipe bomb explosion in new jersey saturday. is being examine by experts. the bomb went off in the a trash can. 9:30 saturday morning. fortunately nobody was hurt. there was a marine core charity five k run. that was delayed because of an unattended backpack. no arrests have been made. >> . new developments this evening. about a stabbing happened at a minnesota mall. >> . awe duty police officer hailed a hero tonight. nine people are recovering. after being attacked. >> . investigators are viewing a stabbing attack at a minnesota mall. a possible act of terrorism. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential account of terrorism. we don't know whether the subject it was in contact with. had connections with. was inspired by.
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organization. >> the chaos unfolded around 8 p.m. at the cross roads center. in st. cloud. dressed in a security uniform the knife wielding suspect entered the mall and began stabbing people. nine injured. moments later an off duty police officer shot and killed the attacker. >> . isis calling claiming responsibility for act.
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our community has no relationship. with isis. islam is peace. >> it's not immediately known if isis helped plan the attack. or eub inspired it. >> . after the violence around this week. arbd around the world and united states. pope francis asks for prayers for peace. >> . road to the white house. cutting through colorado again this weekend. trump makes case for why voters should elect him. while in colorado springs. visiting saturday. polls show him up in colorado.
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the truck owner moved it there of a trump supporter said there would be ta co-trucks on every
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if immigration continued. >> . >> coming up. on saturday block party is one of more than two hundred voter registration organizing events. part of clintons for colorado weekend of action. >> . coming up at ten. more problem americas biggest banks. >> customers are now going after wells far go. >> . the reason lawyers are praising
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first lawsuits filed against the fraudulent accounts scandal. >> . looking into the banks practice. the lawsuit accuses them of fraud.
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and breech of contract. 3 customers suing are asking for money to cover damages for identity theft. and emotional dis-stress. lawsuit is the latest fall out for the bank. after it was caught opening millions of fake accounts to inflate sales numbers. >> . reaching financial settlements with people who were sickened by the companies salmonella and e. coli out break. >> . c-dot and colorado state patrol are rolling out new resources to give you the tools that you need to keep your children safe. while they're inside of a car. the agency launched this web site. car seats colorado .com. full of safety information.
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recycling program. 20 drop off locations around the state. c-dot and will be holding free car seat check events through the upcoming week. all part of child passenger safety week. >> . certainly becoming that type of year. more last couple weeks certainly lived up to that. days above 85 degrees. september 1 through was steady. and warm. 6 out of the 7 days were above 85. however. over the last week, only one day has managed to best 85. that day was today. a hot one this afternoon. >> closer to the record high than the average. the the 93 set back in the late 18 hundreds. five off from the high. in which we hit at dia earlier
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we made a ten degree jump. all that dry air. working itself into place. sunshine around. warmed up quickly. keeping us mild here tonight. temperatures are comfortable. in the upper 60s low 70s. most communities still staple ton 71. wheat ridge matching that. a couple of mid 60s. into golden. and on the southeast side of town. from aurora to centennial. around the low to mid 60s. much of the same across the eastern plains. there are a couple cool spots. limon at low 70s and southeast. corner ot state. chilly numbers. low 50s. even upper 40s out there. into the mountains. front range is gusty. into the higher elevation. from estes park. down to georgetown. i 70. winds are starting to crank out. 15. even 20 miles per hour. i think those blues which represent the gusty conditions will begin to fan out. >> there will be breezy periods.
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otherwise at least over head. very quiet. that dry air is struggling to allow any cloud cover. to get going here. this evening. and that's going to be the case. through morning. starry and moonlit skies tonight. and as future cast shows. on that monday morning drive. it will be a gorgeous sunrise. take the sunglasses. that glare may slow down the commute a bit. in some spots. >> . 88 greeley. boulder much of the same. closer to the 90. inching close to 89. spwaoer mid 80s on the west side of town. nice and comfortable. mid to upper 70s. with mid and upper 80s expected from highlands ranch.
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53 over night tonight. breezy. over all a nice evening. we'll set up with a nice sunrise tomorrow. that sun will carry us through the entire day. 89 the high tomorrow. afternoon. as we will warm up quickly. from the 50s. and we'll stay hot into the day tuesday. 90. from the second day of the workweek. we start to cool off. as we approach the end of summer start of fall. fall begins on thursday morning. >> . 20 percent chance for an afternoon shower. on that first day of fall. on friday. a 30er look at this. from 90 on tuesday. all the way down to the upper 60s. for the weekend. so a big transition expected. as we finish off summer and start fall. with that being said. next weekend a little cooler. still really nice to start off the fall season. perfect timing. for a fall foilage. we get into the peek session. across the front range and north central mountains. starting tomorrow. through the 30. we're seeing some change. the peek there for all the areas
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second stage to the western slope. october 1 through ten. finish it off ten through the 20 in the san juans. >> . get out with the family. enjoy the drive. >> . school visits at fourth, fifth grade around the metro. we'd love to talk to you. >> >> you come out with the weather beast.
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one of colorado's most popular. that didn't impress mother nature. as she dealt his farm a devastating crop killing blow. hail. >> look. it just got creamed. >> i think it's hard to describe. you're sick to your stomach. >> for a man who sells pumpkins for a living. >> we were devastated. >> . he did a lot of praying. at church. in his truck. in the field. >> . part of the every day life anyway. but. once we got into this situation. we needed a miracle. >> . after about 6 weeks. the plants started coming
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the corn. looking good. and glen's corn maze will be open for business. right on schedule. >> . extremely blessed. >> he calls it a miracle. and who are we to say it wasn't. >> . that is a cool image. >> . very impressive. >> . the corn maze opened on schedule saturday. going to be open through halloween if you want to check it out.
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in colorado the list for a transplant it over five years. if you have the option of having a living donor. that's the best bet. >> most people don't realize you can be a living donor. giving wub one or two of your kidneys. ask still live a healthy life. not everyone can be a living donor. it takes a lot of testing. you can see your doctor to see candidate. >> . last night another big cause. miracle party. that took place at the douglas county fairgrounds. >> . den clark was there to host the event. along with heather mills. miracle party celebrates young heros who are battling cancer and their families. the jazz band provided music. >> . youthe denver dumb friends leage tells us they raised more than 150 thousand dollars this year event. >> it happened at the glen dale open space in castle rock.
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hikers and dog lovers took a one and a half mile walk. while enjoying some locally brewed beer. all all to help homeless pets. >> . >> one more event happening today. the celebration in civic center park. the event has been held in denver the past several years. all to celebrate the latin culture. commemorate mexican independence day. >> a special tribute for prince. coming together.
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nasa has plan for a futuristic passenger plane. check it out. travel faster than the speed of sound. calling it the double bubble. we have the stories. i always think mark you would be the guinea pig. >> . i'm in. >> . it's designed to mike it more efficient to fly. a group called aurora flight
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researchers to develop the planes. to hope to have them ready to fly. by 2027. >> . before we know it. >> . official tribute to prince. planned for tph*ebs next month. the list of performers is getting a lot o tribute to the late singer will be on october 13. st. paul minnesota. tickets are just 19 dollars. and 99 cents. a nod to the singers hit song party like it's 19 the 9. 1999. tickets go on sale monday. >> . prince influenced so many
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who know him or influenced by him. >> you'll never see that caliber of talent for that cheap of a price. >> . taking a weekend off. from the glam to tend bar. this weekend he'll be bar tending at a new spot. opening in brooklyn new york. the bar is owned by his son. >> . one of my top two. i want to have a beer with
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89 tomorrow afternoon. another hot and sunny day. do it again on tuesday. fall starts on thursday morning. we start to tumble. all the way down by next weekend. into the up upper 60s. so the slide begins. middle of the week. >> . keep watching the lows. >> .
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>> good evening. we'll start with the broncos. they are who they are. a tough gritty defensive first football team. that a real knack for coming up with key plays late. all last season in route to the third franchise trophy. doing it again. early this season. in route to a nice two and 0


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