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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 19, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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chewed out the new york city suburb it. you up to speed. we go live now with the newest development. can you take us through them? >> lots of new developments development something new we just found out police now say they have detained a second person in the new york city area of the man they are calling the primary suspect was captured by police just a couple of hours
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of new york city police say they got a call about a man sleeping in his doorway in the business early this morning on the responding officer approached the man, he was immediately shut out multiple times on the shoot out between the two escalated. you can see in this video getting loaded into the ambulance no word on his condition. here is a look at the timeline of his attack. police say three explosions connected the first one of saturday afternoon in a dumpster in seaside park, new jersey, new jersey sure about an out our outside new york city luckily no one got hurt. saturday night, that explosion in chelsea new york, new york city manhattan training people injured all out of the hospital this hour locally than late last night in elizabeth, new jersey another suburb of new york city, someone spotted a backpack with several
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designated it as it was trying to disable it. no one was hurt there. we have also heard his last known address was right there in elizabeth. this morning, just southwest of better in linden, new jersey he was finally captured. one of the reasons they did catch him so quickly was probably the help of social media police all over new york city and the new jersey area tweeted several pictures of them early this anyone in the tri-state area they also received the notification on their cell phone describing the suspect calling him armed and dangerous very helpful there. there are not any pictures of any secondary suspect women to get their names have been mentioned. these are new surveillance images from new jersey state police possibly showing him they say he was born in afghanistan but is a naturalized us citizen but
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whether he is linked to international organists sterilization. president obama just spoke on the fear terrorists are trained to install on us and the bravery of new york and new jersey people. >> we all have roles to play as citizens making sure we don't succumb to that, and there is no better example of that them the people of new york and new jersey. >> another interesting development investigators say fingerprint on a cell phone. connected to the unexploited pressure cooker bomb in chelsea, manhattan. we are also learning it was packed with pieces of metal bbs and ball bearings but luckily no one seriously hurt in any of these incidences. >> a lot going on. very busy this morning tracking everything we appreciate the news. both candidates for president also speaking out about those
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growing problem happening around the country and world and spoke about ways our country could begin to work against this problem. >> we should also porch and intelligence surge to help identify and for attacks before they can be carried out. we need to work more closely with silicon valley and other partners to counter terrorist propaganda and recruitment efforts online. >> our country is been week we'r thousands and tens of thousands i've been saying if got to stop it. >> and these will likely be on the two candidates winds today as they prepared to discuss foreign affairs they are both scheduled to meet with the egyptian president world leaders in new york today for the united nations general assembly security tightened after a string of attacks. in a separate attack over the weekend in minnesota we are now getting new images of the suspect minnesota authorities say the 22
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in the minnesota mall according to police and witnesses he was wearing a private security company uniform when he entered the mall. he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. the fbi is calling it the attack a potential act of terrorism. >> we are just getting a look of a man getting arrested for allegedly sending a violent message to a colorado state senator years in the jefferson county jail on harassment charges expected in court soon state senator or it was of arvada said she got a disturbing message on her facebook account that read in part since you are a republican in love gun so much that maybe we should shoot you. and the family of your straight in the face. a pretty scary message if you are the one reading that. the target went on to say he lives of arvada if he came there if she came there he would shooter. >> after the arrest you posted on a public facebook page she
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arvada for their quick response to the situation. >> today, opening statements for the bridge gate trial set to begin in new jersey. the two top aides for governor chris christie going on trial for fraud. according to prosecutors in 2013, the mayor of the town mayor of the town of fort lee refused to endorse christie for reelection so prosecutors say they close lanes on the washington bridge to make it difficult for people in the town denied knowing anything about it. >> this morning waiting to hear more about an injury that could be pretty bad for the broncos. linebacker demarcus suffered a broken bone in his i'm. not clear how long he will be sitting on the sidelines. >> he is due to be examined later today we are live a mile high on the injury and what this could mean for our defense which still pulled through pretty
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but if he goes out, he could be gone for a while. if he has to have surgery that will be the big question we did jesse a little from demarcus six for all the well wishes of speedy recovery looking forward to being back out there with my case. sounds like she's in good spirits. no word as to when he will be seeing the doctors and experts just a little while from now so they can to get the book we were down in the third quarter taking and the the suffered the injury going after colts quarterback trying to sack him as of right now the coach and so many fans out there who love him so much right now, everyone is remaining cautiously optimistic about all of this. >> let me be careful here i know he has a fracture. i think the question will be can he ?-dash is it something you may be able to play with or something we go fix right away it misses a
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back? kind of a complicated injury one of the two big boat you have in your forearm right by your elbow if he has to have surgery, he could be out a while. hopefully a speedy recovery it looks it will be out for the coming weekend they came in cincinnati against the bengals. >> not what we want to hear the opening he gets better i just saw the post he was talking about social media and two hours it's got about likes i will add a like. >> good for you we do it we have our fingers crossed we want him to be okay but it looks nice out there. i was out there feeling the warmth already starting at. >> this is just the beginning warmer by the end of the day? >> it does not feel like september out here it feels like a day may be in late august or early september not mid to late september normally upper 70s this time of year. we've
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82 degrees at the airport temperatures around town running closer if that close to that by noon time i think we will grab another degree 80 degrees a beautiful afternoon force a great evening to a few have any plans or what to get plans going after work 83 degrees the temperature by the noontime our if you want to eat lunch outside not very breezy here but a little more windy as you head out towards the foothills and mountains. i have is going to 89 today the record is 96 at back in 2010@will be just shy of that record definitely about a dozen degrees warmer than normal. lower '80s by wednesday temperatures start to slide, but there are 60s is highs in the forecast i will show you how we get to that coming up. >> a scary we can for the city of new york an employee takes time to thank first responders. >> more on a touching act with a starbucks worker reached out to new york police and fire
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will come back it at 8:11:12 a.m. a starbucks and play took time to thank first responders he brought coffee and pastries to police and firefighters at the scene four hours dealing with aftermaths of the aftermath of new york it >> good on him sometimes all it takes is something little to say hey, thank you. we need it. every little bit helps. if world leaders want to curb their goal of fossil fuel leak they will have to stop selling gas guzzling cars backed up by three european groups transportation responsible for 14 percent of the world's greenhouse gases emissions last year world leaders met in paris and collectively susceptible settable to limit rising
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2 degrees celsius over 35 degrees fahrenheit a new report says if they want to do that, we have to sell the last gas fueled car by 2035 they have to be completely off the road by 2050. that is a way it is going to take a wild. >> we may still be alive by then. >> let's hope so. >> philadelphia now trying something that started in san francisco. few weeks, the transit system will be testing out the paint. see how it works it's not your in its water purchase for example sake. a lot of people complaining have been talking about what is going on in philadelphia because they are using a water repellent coating that keeps walls and concrete from smelling like aaron it smashes it splashes it back to
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mean i get it but i am so glad that did not fall on my plate. while. coming up ?- most celebrities spent the night at lavish parties after winning an emmy but not all of them ?- a picture going viral showing how one winner spent his night last is night last night. >> and the dude is back in the house with everything you will need to know we take a look at what he was
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if you need is some fun in your life, this may be the spot as you head into fall on and new listings out with the most fun cities in america denver did pretty well. number 19 at the list that looked at 100 most of fun cities started with golf courses a year that is your world. >> a big deal. >> most fitness clubs how much it cost to go to the movies and the average number of hours breweries are open number four is new orleans number three miami number two orlando and number one was vegas. >> this is like greg's personal list of extracurricular activities he is a lot more
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think. >> pizza hut combining two things people love ?- pizza and grilled cheese. >> they will be launching their new grilled cheese stuffed pizza. it will be stuffed with two types of cheese cheddar cheddar and mozzarella the big difference from the old stuffed kostas breadcrumbs on top giving it a crunchier texture broker you in? get real. if they brought a pizza here right now you will you got? i love pizza kind but i don't love stuffed crust furthermore, i make the most killer grilled cheese, so it would be hard for me. >> all take it for lunch it's fine you have to be there all integrate will split it sort that won't be a problem. >> the emmys most nights celebrities the celebrated big events at lavish parties, but not this day. >> this picture of actor patch and also going viral online
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clapping. he posted this picture last night saying this emmys party off the chain. a bottle of liquor it is in use at arby's which arby's now ?- i will take arby's in the day all he had in front of them was a carton of curly fries. if you have to order one thing at arby's i think that the. >> e-mail notice and caps on, set the past couple of weeks and we felt it. we were not quite sure what it was realize great was not we with us. but he came back we relate all you've been gone so then we started asking questions like where have you been and what have you been doing and he showed us this. >> what do you think there?
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greg's wedding video of him and his beautiful new bride amaral amber looks incredible you look really dapper in this video to you make such a gorgeous couple and i have you hope you have such a wonderful life. >> everything in the video you see me passing the radar we had to time it between bands of rain, and so yes, that was the fun part everything went off just find it did embers a it does anybody know someone who woul >> the dj shut up and said it says there's a storm off to the south i said we're setting this up where do this outside our do it for a living. >> a beautiful wedding she looks beautiful you guys look great, and you know, just a wonderful couple we wish you all the luck of the world. >> i was only gone for months and a month and this is my present. that's all i got. all i got was this stupid ring
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say we didn't miss you. we love it when they are kind of enjoying having the ring. >> i am. it is kind of weird holding the way the clipper. good because they left it on the bed the other morning a ticket offer quick and it was on the bed still. >> newlywed problems. >> so i'm going to try will get to this with the clicker but it looks beautiful today gorgeous out there high temperatures in the 80s or 90s this afternoon. talking about it we could just talk more about the wedding it is pretty fun. >> i almost cried by the way i was close. i was close. i looked at my bride to be should look like she was going to cry i need to find a rock i looked at the bridesmaids they were crying her parents my parents i had no rocks to look at incoming
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80s as afternoon five ?- 10 miles per hour with the wind still the breeze as we gain another degree not a cloud in the sky out over denver i was just out there could not find won a few showing if you showing up on the satellite out of the mountains really just a few. then you head out to the north where the jetstream as an meet emmy normal temperatures sitting to big sky country ignore thought that all the cold air being held by september it usually only in the upper 70s as the daytime high temperatures rolling over are very high summer in the month of september as the colder temperatures nowhere to be seen 8988 in akron 90 degrees near burlington a couple of folks will hit the '90s and the planes but fewer and far between southeastern colorado. restate warm into the evening too. sunset officially at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow we will
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weight 6:00 o'clock hour for the sun set to full hours after the sun finally goes below the horizon 70 degrees. guess what ?- the jetstream not going very far it won't move off to the south until we get into the late week while we see some calling with the cold front sliding through we slide it and we don't get the real cool air over boise into montana until we roll into saturday. that will bring the calling. a big call. one extreme to the other from almost a dozen degrees warmer than normal back to about normal for a couple of days and then the other side with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s next saturday and sunday that is 20 degrees different stand what we just out with for the weekend a big change. >> yes at well over a day a struggling actor coming up with an innovative way to make side money. a people walk are not a dog walker. a people walker.
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having a tattoo might not hurt your chances getting a job in fact, it can even help you some companies trying to present a younger image more likely to hire people with tattoos i don't think fox 31 is among the scientists with the university employers pictures of people announced publicly they ask how likely they were to hire those there were exceptions for jobs and food service and if the person as an offensive tattoo so the naked lady on your ?- >> i can imagine lots of tattoos the fact is it is become so much more mainstream and expected especially for younger workers it's just part of our culture. i think you should do that about
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what do you think? only in los angeles with us up in a man is an inspiring actor trying to make money on the side while he waits for his big break story came up with a different idea it uses he is charging $7 to walk people. not dogs. people. he found while walking the streets of la many people need someone to listen and have a companion on the morning commute the averages a few hundred dollars a week doing this, and is on the people walker twitter account where he advertises for people who need motivation to walk are scared to walk alone at night or don't like walking alone, he will walk them. >> is kind of cool. and a great way for him to get his name out there. >> i can see it might especially a safety issue. all right, let's talk about this guy ?- video from saturday morning i was at the congenital heart work hard walk i just wanted to say
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out to walk to raise awareness for research it helps benefit the children's heart foundation and adult congenital heart foundation this kid went all in he had the team on his head paxon's army i'm out there walking as the host of the event but also because my five -year-old was born with all other her one of the most common heart defects in the country so many don't know much about. >> she iso adorable and i love i'm so glad these kinds of fundraisers have helped so many children correct this problem. >> even a little helps i think they put extra sassiness and that when they gave her her surgery because she is sassy. >> we've got a spunky what it was great weather for that. >> side note news dude i'm glad he worked that out. i just but the last five months trying to figure it out.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a project manager from fort worth, texas... . and our returning champion -- an office assistant from lincoln, nebraska... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. [ cheers and applause ]


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