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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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lost between harvard and yale is at a standstill. the polk county sheriffs office trying to reroute traffic just north of you, north of hampden. both denver and is the lead agency. here is skyfox from the air to give you perspective of this condominium complex known is hunter run. i was able to get closer to the scene and shoot a little bit of video. the smoke has gone from black to white is typically a good sign. where still working on any word of injuries. we will head over to the we are back this evening in centennial. >> a major break in the search for the man suspected of being the mastermind behind a weekend
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>> must've heard maybe 15 or 16 shots. whether he acted alone or had accomplices. to give the other story we're following. >> hot mommy test with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. she. came after a weekend of tear across two states that and other for officers injured. the wild scene went down on the street of linden new jersey after mike burns@balling this developing story and joins us with the latest. they finally captured them in new jersey after issued up. could you we have every reason to believe this was an active care. he do they released a photo of
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in a matter of hours he was in custody after a shootout with police. >> such as whether this individual acted alone and what his motivations may have been. to give a scene near the chelsea bombing site saturday night rolling a duffel bag. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan. saturdays is what some of the demand people injured all have been released from the hospital. authorities say a backpack of explosives was found in the last and address of elizabeth, new jersey. he was added to the terror watch list to help him from leaving the couple. >> we have directly linked him from devices from new york. the united nations general assembly has brought in a number of world leaders and foreign dignitaries to down including
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>> we all have a role to play and citizens to make sure we don't succumb to that peer. there is no better example of that than the people of new york and new jersey. >> at this time there is no indication of terror cell is operating in the new york area. the fbi says that those palms up at are therefore minimizing the bombs impact and saving lots of laughs. president obama said no visible connection between the bombings in new york and a stabbing attack at a mall in minnesota. tonight where hearing for the first time from one of the nine people wounded in that stabbing. eine sleeps that she was at the same club mall with this girl from when he saw the suspect grabbed a girl. seconds later the man was attacking. >> just one fast motion. he could see where the blade went through her hats. in them. the blade. i fell to the ground, and he
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his objective was. he was one of nine people stabbed, all men expected to recover from their injuries. the attacker was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. >> hillary clinton and donald trump weighing in on these latest attacks by trump says our immigration system is to blame. made possible because of our extremely open immigration system vet and screen that individuals of families coming into our country. intelligence is the keys to stop in and act like these. >> we need to work more closely with silicon valley and other partners to counter terrorist propaganda and recruitment efforts online. >> clinton says our country needs to invest more time and more resources into combating
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continuing coverage of this developing story. police at >> @21 -year-old arvada man ordered by the judge to have no contact with the colorado state senator. he was arraigned today on charges of harassment after he sent to republican lawmaker lora woods. they say that threat was aimed at what, her family and campaign volunteers. would say she's relieved that everyone safe and no harm came to everyone. >> suddenly awakened by bullet running through your home piercing your bedroom mall. it is exactly what happened to them this morning. athletes need your help tracking down suspects knew tonight at 5:00 p.m. live from the thornton police department with one family really frightening wake-up call.
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, but a second shooting that happened minutes later, the family contests blessings, they didn't wake up to tragedy. no need for an alarm clock for the mom family take a bullet bras them from their sleep just after 4:00 p.m. >> i just kind of rolled up beside the bed temple the plate be dumped at the to the floor. all of a sudden i heard like three or four boom, boom, boom, boom. it was fast. i looked at this window here and i saw that that someday found a bullet had chatted this window traveled through the living room wall and into the bedroom. the bullet missing her husbands head by a foot. >> it was scary as hell and i'm glad they're okay. i'm glad the baby is okay. >> that family found damage to three cars parked out front of their home.
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>> they did get a description from a security guard double white at 250 pickup that was traveling away from the area. >> too early to tell if the two shootings. we would know anybody who would want to target us. >> that to michel be costly to fix. but damage to the peace of mind told to take a little longer to repair. >> i want to just pocket my house and moved far away from this area. >> the family says this is the third time they called police after hearing gunshots in the four years they flipped in their home. >> 29 -year-old denver woman accused of having for your
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elisa hernandez had two children as a result of her relationship with this 14 -year-old. >> police say there is no evidence of gunfire at rose medical center after reports of an active shooter situation there. across from the parking garage. nurses inside five pups. please say that may have been the doors locking down. they searched the entire any other evidence and no sign of them. >> we have to air on the side of caution. we don't know what we have. what's based on the information may have, we see two different as someone with a rifle. >> they certainly did. police say they took surveillance video.
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diving in a nearby alley and may have taken a shotgun or something that looked like a shotgun. they don't know if he ever entered the building and they can they have not found that man so far. >> fun miller is back at it again. the broncos getting ready for the first road trip of the year. >> that a little bit beat up after their win over the colts. >> it the good thing the broncos the national football league is 23 players in 90-degree heat. >> it was hot, in this league you've got pretty demarcus ware will be out for four or five weeks after surgery tomorrow on a forearm and offensive tackle donald
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those 260 with a bullet for the broncos haven't been shooting blanks, but there's plenty of room to go. >> we know that with god we can still play a lot better. we kind of like where were at compared to where we were last year. >> the challenges of the two-week roadshow, they've not stepped out, i say damn. kind of can feed off of him grout and vice versa. >> of the old adage says that defense always travels with an offense that continues to try to evolve. how nice to have the luxury of
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>> element takes a nasty fall, but her insurance recovers to refuses to cover her medical bill. >> insurance companies take and take and take and take, but when you have a claim, sorry, can't help you. she says her insurance company denied her because she was drunk and her own home. >> wild horse roundup now at the center of the case working its way through federal court.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news in arapahoe county. skyfox life of the reserve at hunters run apartment complex where firefighters are putting out a fire that tore through a number of units. authorities say no victims no injuries at this time. we will continue to follow this breaking story and bring you any new information as it becomes available. a court and denver puts landowners, preservationist, and the government against each other. these wild weathers should be rounded up altogether. davion explains argument on to complicated cases. >> millions of acres of federal lands across the west, a bureau of land management and then also
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lands which active sa goes too far. >> that essentially turning control of our public lands piggy wyoming is shooting to protect those property owners rights. >> is to have the private landowners and the bureau and a bit of a tough spot. >> the tenth circuit court of appeals is deciding whether the blm violated the national environmental blm failed to adequately and appropriate management level of forces. >> they've been unable to effectively manage the horses over 40 years given politics, money, and the difficulty of the program. the complex preservationist, rancher associates and beyond
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before the court here rolls on what the judges call up and tractable problem. 2 million public which crisscross in wyoming. the federal judges call that situation and unmanageable mess. >> and new development on the rema denver police officer this undergone numerous surgeries being nearly two years ago. officer edson has been offered for school scholarship for the still hero scholarship fund afghan says he prayed bachelor of science and six technology to great that he can help other victims of violence handle the mental struggles he had during his recovery.
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updates certainly something to follow. you'll see the progress. >> hot out there. what a weekend. >> days like this, just two weeks ago. basically happening every day. it's becoming more frequent or less frequent here, more few and far between as these 90-degree days we did get one this afternoon. maybe one tomorrow, but they will become really hard to come by now as we enter the latter the start of fall which begins on thursday morning. here's one of the contributing factors, plenty of blue skies and sunshine. a beautiful afternoon. a high of 90 degrees much closer to the record of 96.
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on the southeast side of town from or, two centennial, we in the upper 80s and even some no line days. low 90s for highs in the lower section of colorado right now bred for content 91. look at those mid- 90s done to the southeast part of the states. while anti, lamarr both hitting 95. the consensus among 90s. we see the area that's rehabbed guess, 10-15. plenty of that across the plains and back through the north central mountains. gust at times getting as high as 20-25 miles per hour. look at this dry air just funneling in from the west southwest. we've been practically mainly sunny across the board with a couple of five thin clouds not just turning to come into the
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that's foreshadowing for what's coming for tomorrow afternoon. here tonight, 6:40 a.m. a matchup a little breezy but overall pretty clear evening. the main couple done into the 70s and eventually the upper 60s and the starry skies therefore they came here tonight at coors field. notice we are clear all the way through tomorrow morning, but right around 7:00 a.m., easy this starting to push into southwest colorado actually the hurricane in the pacific right now and the northern fringes of that, the clouds will get caught up in that west southwest flow and eventually will spread
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evening, but it will come too late to limit the daytime heating. temperature still warm in the mid to upper 80s from fort collins to boulder. eighty-six, 84 respectively. as you get into interior sections of the city that's only see the 90 show up. we will hit it again around the airport. those upper '80s crawling along the west side of town. mid to upper 80s back to the south side too. highlands ranch as you get the palmer divide from castle pines to castle rock. ninety-four is our record for tuesday. fifty-six tonight mainly clear skies of little breezy. beautiful hot day tomorrow. the 74 caches similar conditions, but a little cooler on wednesday. from 81 on friday to the upper
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saturday. >> and other warm one tomorrow. figure we will take it while we can. take a life-saving drug now in the hands of colorado's first
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>> starting this week the state of colorado providing police first responders in defining the fining assert an opioid overdose >> julie hayden has the story and you tonight. >> the number of drug overdose debt instead from tragedy in colorado and across the country. people are dying every day from opioid overdoses. it estimated that someone dies from a drug overdose every nine hours. >> colorado attorney general cynthia kaufman to 75 people a
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overdose. each number represent someone who was loved and valued. each death impacts others. >> coffman says many of those lives could be saved with the could be it reverses the effect of the overdose and revise the person. police think they have seen network when administered by paramedics. >> the person for all intents perhaps this much deceased. our paramedics got there and and he gave the state will distribute 2500 rescue kits to law-enforcement and other first responders and the 17 counties this will begin saving lives immediately. julie hayden, fox 31. can you give money to find that distribution program from some with the pharmaceutical do. we all know drinking and driving is illegal, but drinking and
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woman pretty big. her insurance won't cover thousands in medical bills because she was drunk when she was injured.
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breaking news in arapahoe county. >> greg nieto on the headhunters one apartments. craig, what can you tell is now
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>> arapahoe county sheriffs deputies monitoring a traffic or actually blocking traffic from getting from. a harbor to. b eyal on syracuse. to give to the skyfox video we will show you this fire taking place at the hunters run condominium complex it broke out an hour or so ago. firefighters with cunningham fire working hard to put the fire out. i know a press conference is slated to begin in just a few minutes in terms of any possible injuries, but as for folks on the ground we talked to a who lives in the building next door. >> i felt bad for the families who live there. it's a horrible way to come home during the week, any time really, but to come home and not have a place to live. nobody will be able to live in that building now. >> folks, like this lady right ear of force kind of wondering about what's going on across the street from her complex but again share sympathies here hoping to reopen this road here as soon as possible.


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