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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 20, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MDT

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sean did turns out his cabin mate is tyler whose dad died of the blood infection six years ago. their classmates at school, like brothers. now they make necklaces with the beads that explain their feelings he felt lighter blue one is sad. the green is scared. >> their bond is even closer. >> my dad died when i was three. >> is that right click. >> yes. >> mine pdf. >> mine died when i was seven. >> hard to imagine two kids carrying one big burden. >> he is in the army and since my parents are divorced and he died a member of the to see him. >> sean really did not want to come to camp once he found out how it was coming up and with was that security for both of them and i think that will go away into their growing up years >> not alone, for sure. for us versus the other kids prosecutor kids grieving the death at camp aaron.
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and dads. some are as young as six years old. judy was just seven when her dad killed himself to people just want to minsk will a minstrel to be in school and saint or you're the one with parents. if you have got to be the most grown-up denver grown up denver can't begin a conversation a group of fourth graders ever had and campfire stories are rarely is heartbreaking as the ones told by those of as innocent as this. for this. were this. >> this is my dad and i when i was a baby and one of my memories of him is he would pick me up and then he would throw me up in the air and he would catch me. and i used to laugh. >> think about the memories you have. >> it is hard hearing what other kids are going through. thankfully they are counselors here with a hug.
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and smart. you are strong and you are smart. he is always with you. >> friends to give comfort. >> this was with my dad when i was three, a month before he died. >> so much easier to be strong when your best friend is here to help. that is something tyler and sean sh something that would make their dad so proud. true, there is no way to erase years of pain in one weekend away but you can notice a change laughter. it does not mean the sun has set on their grief. >> one of the things that he
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always do your best. >> and it sure does not mean there won't still be a whole lot of tears. it just means there is finally a glimmer of hope that these kids can have some hope because they have gone each got each other. >> they can certainly relate to each other, no doubt about it. and tyler the redhead there is a very special kid. we knew at the minute we met him end of camp they gave out awards and he won the award for best friend and deservedly so. he's a special person. >> you know you do a lot of these pieces and you asked me in know i lost a mother when i was nine and he said i just want make nate lost his mother when he was nine and he said i just want make you feel like that the civic justice and he watched it about halfway through and then
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to see the end and at after seeing him grow up in his life all i can tell you is this camp is so important for these kids. >> is crucial and they have such a heart for it. live and the others who run the camp of such a heart forth for it and i would love to be able to send more kids to camp because they sadly need for it every year and if you have an interest in that we have posted a link at it tells you more about camp aaron, how it got started and how to help donate to the next summer. >> my husband is what hopefully go back and be a counselor and to those two boys who had the courage to share their story want to thank them. >> they've got each other. >> for sure. moving on tonight there are some new developments in the remarkable recovery journey of the denver police officer was undergoing numerous surgeries since been run over while on duty nearly two years ago. he is been offered a full scholarship to the university of phoenix to distill the still heroes scholarship fund.
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to be better equipped to help other victims of violence handle this mental struggles he had during his recovery. coming up looking for a new home. >> the reason america's american america's favorite curious little monkey needs to find a new home.
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now you can live where harry potter did. for privet drive is the place the house where harry potter grew up with his hateful aunt and uncle before he was discovered to be a wizard. it has three bedrooms a large garden of renovated kitchen and of course the covered under the stairs, a.k.a. harry's room. >> harry potter's evil getting help from the world wide web. world's only store dedicated to curious george in cambridge massachusetts and it needs a new home. the own assay development is pricing them out but they say building a new store in the great the great because thousands of people have signed a petition to keep them right there in harvard square. coming up this evening, gas shortages and rising fuel costs.
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fuel tonight. what is causing the shortfall and how long it could take to fix the problem. apparent to say goodbye to summer and welcome in fall. the monitors will transition from summerlike temperatures do to more fall like temperatures in just a couple of days.
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meant higher prices at the pump and also gas shortages. to give me a break in the break in the gas line that runs in new
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thousands of gallons emergency orders put them in place to prevent price gouging but oil industry experts are saying there is not a gas shortage. >> there is still gasoline to be had and to be delivered to tennessee fuel pumps. it is just the tankers are having to drive a little bit farther to get the gas to the nashville area. >> crews are working on a temporary pipeline to replace the ruptured line but they are not sure how soon it will be ready. people resting easy after wildfire that grew quickly this morning. flying over the scene firefighters tell us the blaze could've been started by transformers but they're they still investigating. there are still no damage or injuries reported.
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larry from steamboat took this shot of fly fishing there and you can see the fall color show up there on the shoreline. it was a quarter gorgeous afternoon and the fall colors are now hitting their peak season on the front range especially and in the north central mountains. it will be a good weekend to get the family in the car and take a trip up to the high country. at the airport we hit 90 degrees this afternoon, one better than that in fort collins and greeley, mid- nineties in the southeast part of the state for the mix of seventies and eighties along the western slope and into the mountains. a moonlit sky tonight a beautiful easy evening and a mild one with temperatures still ride around average highs at this time for this time of year. our average - today 77 and we are now it's at 73. upper sixties from cheyenne to greeley.
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we are cooling off but not a whole lot and the whole lot in the mountains with forties and fifties won't even sixties hanging on in a few locations. above in the mountains we have to map across the city and into the planes. we will continue to hold on onto starlit skies tonight on this we wake up my morning to visit sunrise but take your your sunglasses. you will need them in the morning sunrise. then watch what happens tomorrow afternoon as we transition to about clouds really begins to thicken up over the mountains. we actually had remnants over at least the northern fringe of a hurricane over the pacific. i get shot in the colorado tomorrow afternoon and as the moisture content fix up, these clouds begin to spread out i think we will start up sunday around the metro but once you get into the afternoon fairweather clouds begin to rise and i think we finished the day
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come until later in the day would seem listening to the another steamy afternoon with high back at 90 degrees again tomorrow afternoon, just like today. 91 fort collins and greeley, 91 to the south and east. closer to the metro area for 90 near 90 in commerce city and aurora much of the same as you get to the west side of town. 94 as the record and we will top that again just a couple that at 90 degrees. 56 tonight. mainly clear skies. it could be greasy and in some spots. if you wake up smiled the wings will winds will die down. kids may need a jacket as there are for the bus stop but they won't need it on the way home. clouds thicken up over the late day but overall a nice summer afternoon and we start a lot of it with a weak cold front coming into wednesday. down to about 84 and that cold
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week. a 20 percent chance of a late day shower or storm with another cold front that will plow through some time that denied to do friday and we call it cool down even cooler is it to the each of the first full weekend of fall on saturday with a high from the 69 degrees. >> from 90 to 69 only in colorado. and demarcus ware will be in surgery just a few hours from no doctor doctor ware told us he could sometimes you have multiple cracks in the bone fractures in and a bad spot and you want to make sure you fix it and don't take any chance with it with the healing. it can also sometimes accelerate healing process as you don't have to trust the process to do it the body to do it. sometimes feels more quickly. >> is doctor oz doesn't know,
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week for recovery. he says the bone feel perfectly with no long-term effects as we know he is in good shape and just want to heal fast. and remind you can walk talk draws every weekday on: what colorado's own channel colorado zone channel two and a channel two and ahead and sports now that demarcus ware is going to miss those weeks which crumpled broncos reserve is
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if you just wanted to you just wanted to get after them. the millers god amend the miller's gotten the ball is free. pickup by shane gray to the five touchdown denver. the defense doesn't do it again. what else is new for the beauchamp click broncos to lando with the principle of that comes with comes the news that demarcus ware will have to miss somewher weeks to undergo surgery. it happened on this play right here when von miller's helmet collided with where's forearm. next man up looking at you to give these guys are ready to play at all times. we expect this to happen with football being football we've just got to come out and do our jobs. >> monday night football former broncos quarterback jay cutler
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eagles. jay cutler was doing some very jay cutler type things like this song off his back foot directly to the other team. with the the costly third-quarter turnover )-right-parenthesis to fumble on the previous drive as well. battery turns inside the returns inside the 5-yard line and eagles going to get the win final score they win big 29 / 14 and become broncos quarterback tim tebo playing baseball. the ever popular number 15 in orange orange and blue. partaking today in the first official minor minor-league work out down in florida with the met. and he is really excited. he gets a blessing to be able to pursue that, and i think you know i'm very excited about that pursuit.
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more importantly the best person that i can. to the rockies kick off a three-game set against the cardinals tonight backup to box in the third and bj lemay lemay scored to make it into to all game. runners in the same score pitcher carlos martinez ;-semicolon the definition of helping out your own cause. this game just went final moments ago. cardinals do knock off the rockies in game number one of this set. final score five / three. denver-based furniture to make out of the great start in chicago yesterday. they got the win but one little problem with failed post race laser inspection. nascar has not announced any penalties but it is still expected that the win will belong to junior. likely points will be docked and that will make it tougher to qualifying future rounds of nascar's chase playoffs and we
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later on in the week. it's weird and teasing the tests are not he sang the tests are not exactly accurate all the time off by like 100th of a not exactly accurate all the time off by like 100th of a fraction or something like thatn together for nine years. seven of those years, we were married. lawanda: terry's absent in his marriage. terry's absent in his children life. and it has caused me a lot of stress. terry: one major issue in our relationship is lack of sex. lawanda: i feel if terry cannot let go of the past, terry: i want judge toler to know that i've been a great husband. and this right here has taken a toll on my life. catalano: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: good day, ladies and gentlemen. i'm here with lawanda harris and terry harris. mr. and mrs. harris, you've been together for 8 1/2 years, married for 7. you have one child together. however, you have nine children in total between the two of you. terry: mm-hmm.


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