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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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we will continue to be follow
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and update you throughout the night. >> . certainly a lot going on. tha*urpbg. >> we're following a breaking story in castle rock. happening right now. >> castle view high school community in mourning. after a student was killed in a crash this morning. near the school. greg nieto is live. >> . >> the school castle view high school. is down butter field crossing. the actual accident itself happened at this intersection. according to to fel this morning. here at sun gold lane. the after math is. i'll let the picturing tell the story. as we chris cross here. a memorial has been started here. >> . stopping by so say good-bye to a beloved classmate. family member and friend. >> . earlier today i was outside the castle view high school. when students got out. as thaeuz were letting out of
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as students learned that a senior whom we're not identifying. apparently dies in a car accident. earlier in the day. >> we spoke with one of her best friends this afternoon. stkwhr she was such a kind person. she had the best intentions. and she was always there when ever someone needed her. >> . she brought such happiness into the room. and she was just always a ray of sunshine. >> she was so funny and sweet. amazing person to know. >> a feeling of disbelief. down here in castle rock. a live look at the makeshift memorial. for a fallen castle view high school senior. a candle light vigil later on
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get this. so he could steal her car. the victims picked the teen and two cam panons up last night. offered them a place to stay. and tried to find a ride home from a camping trip. the other teen attacked the woman who i will his companions ran to another home to report the assault. >> . a white hatch back. west up the canyon. if you have information on the case. boulder county sheriff office asking to hear from you. >> >> after the police department he names says it has no record of any kind of contact with him at all. >> . we reached out to marshall. who provided some new information. >> . marshall raised some serious allegations. against police. and pushed for more information. threw a spokesperson. he vealed when and when but. the police there say. not that they have any record of. >> .
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bronco brandon marshall decision to take a knee. during the national an anthem. and leading to questions about his allegations of preus excessive force. misconduct and cover up. he tells us today it happened july 4. at the bay side marketplace in miami. news accounts show chaos erupted during the fire work show. when reports of gunshots caused panic and evacuation. in an op ed piece in the denver post. last week. marshall says he was there. with 3 other people. quote. about five officers rushed towards me. to take me down. quote. they tried to take me down top. and grab my legs. they handcuffed me. and i heard one say take him in for resisting. >> . marshall writes quote. i was in the back of the police car. headed to the station. when one of the officers radioed in and said bring him back. they told me look. we're tphoft going to take you in. as long as you keep this between us. >> .
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describes would be a violation of protocol. there are no records of it happening. they tkoeupbt have any reports of an arrest. or any contact with marshall. >> . when we asked if he planned to file a complaint. or any kind of complaint. the spokesperson said we needed to go to his agent. or to him. we reached out but haven't heard back. the broncos have no information on this. and they also referred us back to marshall.
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the police are now searching for. is facing vehicular homicide charges. but police say they can't find him. police found the mans black vehicle. not long after the accident. he was nowhere to be found. in the case. >> . police searching for this bank robber. dubbed the wicked wig of the west. investigators say the woman was held up five banks in the last month. wearing a wig. her last hit yesterday at a chase bank inside an albertsons in north glen. targeting banks in safe way. and albertsons grocery stores. she demands money and threatens she has a gun. police and banks together offering a 7 thousand dollar
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conspire to protect a fellow pastor accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a 12 year-old girl. that's the question raised in court documents today. what's more. the reaction from the alleged victims own parents. >> . live with some of the bomb shells tpoubd in found in the ct documents. >> . the arrest affidavit paints a disturbing pick khufr picture of what was going on inside this church. after it came to light one of the pastors having a sexual relationship with the was now 14 years old. it took a whistle blower to do the right thing. >> . a mug shot is not a common portrait for a man who once held help lead bible church. the apparent sins of 50 year-old have led him here. accused of sexually assaulting a child. of a congregation member. from nearly two years. a child he came to know. and then home schooling her. skpwhr. arrest affidavit shows the girl told police the 50 year-old had
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shows the head pastor daryl ferguson. and the girls father. agreed not to report the sexual assault. to police. or social services. because they were concerned about what would happen to bob. another congregation member. ended up reporting it to police. because it appeared there was no concern about the impact of the crime on the child. that whistle blower says despite admitting the sexual relationship. ferguson allowed him to continue and crossing paths with his young victim. >> . you can't have a perpetrator of a crime. walking down the same hall way as the victim. >> . how is she supposed to look at that every day. >> police contacted the girls adoptive parents. whose reactions are unexpected. the dad told police he wouldn't let their daughter talk to them. and felt bible kal counseling they would receive was sufficient. the affidavit says the dad made
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protecting the church. and its reputation. more than protecting his daughter. >> . we are learning that the church is holding a prayer service tonight. in which the pastor will answer questions about this sex scandal. he didn't return our call for a comment. >> . we have just learned this fire. that destroyed an apartment complex yesterday. in denver. started in a juniper bush. right outside the building.
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>> why did you call authorities. two years ago. what happened. >> . he's doing bad. >> . what did he do. >> . 29 people were injured in saturday's explosion. in the neighborhood of manhattan. no one hurt in an earlier blast in new jersey. so far investigators haven't
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any known terror group. >> . in the presidential race tonight. clinton reportedly picked up her biggest republican endorsement yet. in the facebook post yesterday. former maryland governor wrote that george hw bush told her he's planning to vote for the democratic candidate.
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this scene still very active. one person shot by police. search continues for 4 others. authorities say a homeowner called 911 after finding intruders in a home. who threatened the owner with tkpwaupb. several blocks closed right now. between 121 and 128. while they investigate this. >> . we'll continue to bring update as soon as we get them. throughout the newscast.
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speaking out about pweb benefits of medical marijuana. spoke to former quarter back jake plumber. at hemp industry association conference here in town. why he's fighting for the league to allow its use. >> . >> there was a handful of times where i was -bg nod out opd tpaoepl after a decade in the nfl. >> . really bad headaches. occasional inflammation in the wrist. and shoulders. >> . low back pain. when i sit too long. >> former denver quarter back. jake plumber. he has says he feels the weight of the game. >> . i might have played too long. >> he's not alone. former wide out has 7 surgeries to show for his years in the league. >> that they don't have all the protocol. to protect you. >> . speaking to a room full of people. both say they use some form of medical marijuana.
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or cbd. to manage their pain. >> i feel spry. younger. alert. >> . my anger moments where i get angry. are far and few between. >> . when i got on this. the swelling and the pain went away. >> . also only two of many former players questioning the league protection of its athletes. and stance on the use of cannabis. >> . the nfl. if they're doing everything they can. if they're moving the kick offline. kicking guys out for helmet hits. why aren't they exploring this. with the gusto they should be. >> . how sad is that to be a bad ass player. and when you're 50. all your friends come out to talk about what a bad ass you were. instead of being alive. >> . >> there's not a healthy option -frt for the players. >> . the nhl is the only professional sports league to not include
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substances. also says the nfl and the players union. have taken their calls. but their fight continues. >> . hot top i topic hot topic. no doubt about it. >> . 55, 90 degree days. including today. that's way above where we should be for the season.
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but it didn't stop us from warming up. as the air mass underneath the clouds is just very warm. so look at all the 90s again that boasted on the eastern plains. cooler 70s and low 80s out west. and denver actually coming in at 90. that's the 55 time. this season. we have been at that level or higher. we were only 4 away from the record. of 94. we should be at a cooler and that cloud deck is just sitting there. it's not going to budge tonight. mostly cloudy 86. and 87. officially at the airport. wind is very light. you can see temperatures are still in the mid 80s in aurora. 86 commerce city. 83 in the thornton area. still holding onto the very warm temperatures. it continues with even the 90s. sterling. 93. seeing more cloud cover. further east you get in colorado. you're not under that cloud deck as much. it's reflected in the
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and 70s. so. future cast pretty quiet. the one thing i want to point out. some of the phoeuszture near arizona.
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we're going to be in the low to about mid 80s. # 85 downtown denver. my forecast. keep the clouds over night. makes for a warm one. to 60 degrees. tomorrow, 84. not as hot as today. still. remember we should be at 77 degrees. now watch this transition. we go from 84 to 850. bring in a bit of rain. best chance for rain on friday and down to 81. now we're heading in the right direction. koupb down to 71. isolated showers on your
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here we go. 64. 66. and 70 degrees. so. the people who told me today they're done with the heat. hang on a few more days. we'll get into a feeling of fall. >> . only in colorado. do we see the 90 to 64 in matter of days. >> . iphone 7 generating a buzz. not a good one.
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a two companies combine to create an ugly butexpensive shoe. >> . the consumer financial protection bureau warning about student loan scams. says since defaults are on the rise. fraud sters have come out. and promised lower payments. loan forgive *bsness and other things. but for a fee. which can be more than a thousand dollars. . borrowers can go into government debt relief plans. sign up on their own. for free. >> we can blame the government for that. 4 percent of high level employees at mobile phone companies also have high level experience in government. that means they may effect competition. regulation. price control. and more. >> . just what bugs us the most. when we surf the web.
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the entire screen. 85 percent of us say they are annoying and would rather hang out with k the adds often slow down performance. and recently companies discuss way to limit the adds. >> . cruises are available year round. the best time to go depends on your destination. budget and schedule. if you're planning your first cruise and want to save money. you should travel during the shoulder season. just before or after the peek when the weather is still nice. but the crowds are thinner. >> . ugliest shoe ever made. the sandals come with a velcro strap. rubber soles. the they come in navy. gray and black. selling for 225 dollars. >> . they're a steal.
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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