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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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robbed by burglars who police say saeulted assaulted him with gun. one of the burglar was driving a motorcycle. which crashed. here at the scene. he tried to run away from officers. shot and killed by police. now police say the suspect did have a weapon. when he was shot. still searching for 4 other suspects. who got away. in a silver chevy malibu. 3 men and a woman with pink
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stolen goods are inside that vehicle. now we just talked to a witness here. on scene. he lives in the apartment come flex. he heard several gunshots. the. the neighbors live at the
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>> problem solver shaul turner checks it out. >> . the rack raopb creek golf course in little ton. man cured and pristine. this tiny section is a long way from that. >> . people come over to visit us and can't believe what a mess it looks like. >> . the greens apartments. contacted the denver problem solvers. because she says she and her neighbors are sick of looking at dirt. weeds and left over pipe pieces. at the edge of the course. >> . >> . 92 year-old mother. likes to sit on her patio. and enjoy a smoke. she says the dry looking mess. is has got to go. >> . >> . ruining the view. >> that's the reason we're on the golf course. to have a decent place to look.
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>> . they're upset. so. i showed pictures of the eyesore to the golf course general manager. >> it's not trash. it's dirt. and soy. >> . the area is used to store soil for an upcoming project. and will be gone in a couple months. >> . thra*euf there. and want they live there and want a view of the golf course. i understand that. >> . the dry weeds are a fire hazard. >> . okay. >> that's not a fire hazard. stkphr no, ma'am. as far as the limb we'd be willing to cut the limb down. that's not a problem. >> what about cleaning up the weeds. >> they're dead. if we get an opportunity we'll get in there. >> do you care about what what happens to the residents around you. >> of course we do.
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we are on it. new developments in had the case of the repeat dui offender. convicted of killing a woman last year and driving away from the scene. sentenced to 22 years in prison. for the death. prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit. when he struck and killed her at west colfax. in lake wood. this was his sixth alcohol and driving offense. and third felony conviction. >> . funeral services will be held later this week.
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who were both teachers. killed in a crash over the weekend. >> . a memorial service at five o'clock thursday. rocky mountain christian church. he thought at longmont. his wife taught science at fort collins high school. and education fund has been set up for the young daughter. who was in the car at the time. but was not hurt. >> we one of the biggest accomplishments the city counsel made this year. voting to raise taxes to cre a fund. to help with afford affordable housing. is it enough. what does it mean for you.
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a good house that is affordable. >> . ordeal is what some say is wrong with denver. forced to leave her home. because of the upcoming i 70 project. wanting to move nearby. but can't afford to. stkphr. they're so ex- pensive. >> the reason city counsel taking action monday night. creating 150 million dollar affordable housing funds. to preserve a or build 6 thousand units of ten years. paid by increase property tax. for a 3 hundred thousand dollar home. as well as a new development fee. costing builders any where between # 0 cents and a dollar 70. a square foot.
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at this rate we'll lose the families that built denver. >> . as for brooks. he tell us this is just the first step. katherine. hoping to take advantage. >> . *eufl like it would give my family a >> if you're wondering how much you have to make in order to qualify. a family of 4 making 65 thousand dollars or less. could get help. a single individual making less than 45 thousand a year. could get some help as well.
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they were under pressure to make sales goals. senator warren slammed after he admitted no senior management
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this is the big headline. filing tp-rs for divorce from brad pit. apparently her husband of two years. her rep says the decision was family. >> . most high profile marriages coming to an end. actress has filed for divorce. from her husband. fellow movie star brad pit. divorce documents filed on monday. the couple got married in 2014. they have 6 children. 3 buy logical. and 3 adopted over seas. >> . shein 2004.
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when they costarred in mr. and mrs. smith. pit was married ot at the time. that marriage ended the following year. >> last year the pair sat down with who talked about their film. by the sea. in which they played a troubled couple.
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line backer ware. is on the mend. he did under go successful surgery. happy to report this morning. on the right forearm. he has hopes to be back in the broncos defensive line up. somewhere in the 4 to five week range. until then. von miller put it today. next men up.
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>> what's more important. is the win. we got that. back in the lab again. next week. keep getting better and striving to be the best in the play offs. and make a run. >> . kebg kick off sunday. in cincinnati. eleven a.m. kick off. >> . easy to forget about the rockies right. dj is putting together one unforgettable season. like potential batting champ season. after going two for 4. the rockies second baseman enters play. 13 games to go left in the year. with a 349 average. that is top in the nl. one percentage point higher than daniel murphy.
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look to keep it going against the cardinals again tonight. see him here getting pregame work in. first pitch set for 6:40. >> . finally. broncos running back. signed a big superstar type contract this off season. and now. he's getting the endorsement deal. to pack it up. you're not a superstar athlete. until you have your own cereal. >> . this is his which he officially introduced today. in highlands ranch. i know you're curious. think sort of frosted corn flakes with a lot more sugar. according to to cj. and according to to him it's not
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he's got the personality. >> . washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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>> it's been a gray cloudy day. you can see here's denver. colorado. and all the cloud cover. coming up in our direction. from what's left over. of hurricane pain. bringing nice rain to california. and arizona. we have just been left with the blanket of clouds. even under the clouds. 80s. 90s over the eastern plains. for highs. 70s warm in the mountains.
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meeker. out towards grand junction. denver at 90 degrees. we should be at 77. at this time of the year. that 90 that's warm. only 4 away from the record from 2010. it hasn't changed. clouds are hanging tough. we're at 84. now up out at the airport. to 87 degrees. it was just at 85. so a little butch bump of a couple degrees. 85 aurora. 84 centennial. matching that up in the thornton area. 83 little ton. out in the eastern plains you have upper down to. 88 akron. 79 in castle rock. cooler 60s as you climb in elevation. head towards georgetown. the gray skies will hang with us. mostly cloudy over night tonight. and tomorrow morning. our future cast throws a sprinkle on the south side of town. i can't rule that out. it happens at 4:30 a.m. most won't see it. by the time you get up at 7. whatever is out there is ending. >> . we break up the cloud deck.
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is spitting out a few showers to the south. can't rule that out. i think over all we're dry. with in and out sunshine. for your wednesday. >> . here's a wider view. we will get a good shot of moisture coming into the mountains over night tonight. they'll take it. because it's so warm. it will be in the form of rain. tomorrow. more showers in the mountains. better chance here to see one or two showers. in southern colorado. but they will be very spotty. lows tonight. the clouds act like blanket. keep the heat in. 60s over the eastern including here in denver. we have 40s in the mountains. 50s for the western slope. and then highs tomorrow coming down a bit. we're in the 60s lower 60s into the mountains. from eagle to meeker to craig. 74 grand junction. 81 today. that's a drop. still some hot 90s to the south and east. notice instead of being in in te we'll bring it down five or 6 degrees. shift in the wind tomorrow should help pull the temperatures down. remember. 77 is where we should be.
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warm. for this time of the year. 85 in the city. same in staple ton. 82 in the centennial. seven o'clock tonight mostly cloudy. still about 72 degrees. we'll wake up at 60. let in sunshine. through the afternoon. and we hit 84. now watch what happens in your 7-day forecast. not much changes. thursday except we bring in a chance of rain. which is good. we could use it. better chance for showers is on friday. we slip to 81. then we go to 71. with a couple saturday. doesn't look like a great rain chance. over the weekend. you can see saturday maybe a little better than sunday. stray chance. sundays 64. 66 monday. by the way. that morning low i have on monday at 44. we had a lot of conversation. mark and mat and i talked. we could be warned. at like 38. >> .
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>> . hang on update on the breaking news. police in west minister shooting and killing a suspect. in a violent home eub invasion this afternoon. >> armed burglars attacked him. officers shot one suspect. when he was trying to get away on a motorcycle. >> . they had every area around the block covered. >> . police are still looking for 4 other people. 3 men and a woman. with pink hair. who left the scene in a silver chevy malibu. >> . tonight at nine. takes you back to this apartment come flex. that went up flames yesterday. leaving many without a home. the new information we have learned about the cause of the fire. that could be in your yard. >> . huge fire yesterday. displaced a lot of folks.
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