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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 20, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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member says today. >> . when i saw what he said. he was shocked. heart broke heartbroken. sickened. this is has been going on for months. and he knew about it. >> this is the woman who called police. because she says pastor ferguson refused to. >> he said no. that there was no use in turning him in. it wasn't going to come any good. we're supposed to keep it in the church. >> i spoke again with him today. who says he couldn't report it. because he didn't know about it. >> you're saying hraoerz didn't know that it was a sexual assault. >> it happened the day aft arrest. that came out. >> so yesterday. >> yes yesterday. >> according to to police documents on july 21, ferguson and the girls father decided not to report him to police. because they were concerned with what would happen to him. >> . that's the biggest issue. nobody was supposed to tell. >> . he resigned in july. and stayed as a member.
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you can't have a perpetrator of a crime. walking down the same hall way. as the victim. >> . she says the church should have told the congregation about the sexual assault. the pastor ferguson says legally he didn't have to. >> . whatever bob it's between bob and his family. it's not a public issue. >> . now these documents also allege that the church was more concerned about its own than it was about the 12 year-old victim. now the members of the congregation had a meeting here tonight. about what happened. told none of tphepl them knew about this until they saw it on
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the building has come home to for the last 3 years is now sur roupded by a chain link fence. she won't know if her daughters box is in tact. until she's allowed to go back in. also dealing with the fire after math. and looking for a place to stay. >> . firefighters battling the >> . i never see fire like this. >> the fire sparking just feet away from his unit. tph*flgt tors now say it started in a bush. just outside the building. >> . i lost everything. my documents. >> residents say it could be days before they're allowed back inside of the unit. meanwhile the fire department says this should serve as a reminder to everyone. about the importance of planting fire resistant plants around
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whether he had help. one clue a notebook haoefs carrying when he was arrested yesterday morning. with references to terrorists. including the boston mar shopb bombers. today his father told reporters he reported his son to authorities two years ago. >> . why did you call the fbi. he was doing bad. he stabbed my son. and hit my wife. i put him in jail. two years ago. >> . 29 people were injured in the explosion saturday. no one hurt in the earlier blast in new jersey. so far investigators haven't confirmed ties between him and any other known terror group. >> tulsa now. police facing questions after the shooting of an unarmed black
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broken down car. with his hands in the air. moments later he falls to the ground. the only officer who fired. she says crusher forced her to shoot. saying he refused to obey commands and was reaching through the window. police told media they later found pcp in his car. but don't know whether there was in his system. >> . a lawsuit tonight. after bar fight. mccoy agent says he was trying to break up a fight. between his friends and two off duty police officers. over a pricey bottle of champagne. the officers say mccoy beat and kicked one of them. while he was on the ground and punched the guy in the eye. seeking damages. two other men and the club. no charges filed. >> . small town minnesota restaurant drawing protest for a sign that reads muslims get out. >> . the owner called the sign a response to stabbings over the weekend at the mall. the attacker was reportedly referring to allah at the time.
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he says he will not take down the sign. >> we are targeting the extremists. it's my right. i'll stand up and wish more people would do it. >> . people will see that. and think as a community is that sign. >> . ten people were injured in the stabbing on saturday. police did shoot and kill the suspect.
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recent clinton comments putting trufrpb and putten in the same club. didn't go unnoticed here. >> the grand god father of this global brand. of extreme nationalism. is russian president. >> . all of this tkpw*ebs against a backdrop of strong antiamerican sentiment. here in russia. >> .
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meanwhile. trump jr. is getting some attention for a recent tweet. comparing syria re-ewe gees to skit skittles. >> .
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a bowl would kel you. would you take a handful. and added the comment. let's end the politically correct agenda. that doesn't put america first.
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- house majority pac is responsible
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we are back with a consumer alert. if you recently purchased an iphone 7. and heard it making a hissing noise. you're not alone. they received several complaints both models are making the sound. happens when apps that use a lot of processer are used. gaming apps. >> . posting videos on twitter of the phone making the weird noise. apple hasn't responded to the complaints. >> . millions offense americans pay more for premium gas. it's a waste of money. according to to triple a. american wasted 2 billion dollars last year. putting expensive gas into cars that don't need it. triple a says ant 70 percent of vehicles on the road require regular fuel. and has a high so. that means it can tolerate higher pressure inside the
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performance or hrubgs keu vehicles. luxury vehicles. >> . so some vehicles still need the premium. >> . most do not. >> . all new. the dot released guidelines for automated vehicles. de-tale how they should pefrpl and include a model for state policy. there are not benchmarks for categories. keep this in mind. self-driving cars could cause a spike in unemployment. and put taxi drivers out of the work. >> didn't think about that. >> . a really serious voice. because if you have not heard. jolie filed for divorce from brad pit. >> . they are calling it quits after 12 years. she's also asking for physical custody. of all 6 children. saying she only wants pit to have the visitation rights.
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the way pit was parenting their children. >> . done.
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>> we have some iconic stphoep storms through denver. boulder. etc. back in 1995, this storm look at some of the video. there's not a lot of snow on the ground. it was only a 4 to problem was. it came in a warm september. we still had all the trees and leaves. millions of trees were damaged. denver ask boulder. property damage estimates 6 million plus. about half a million dollars
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the storm. only 4 to 8 inches. but the trees. and of course the power. pow outages for a hundred thousand people. as the storm rolled through. it took weeks for a lot of folks to get their power back. it was an iconic storm. blizzard of 95. on this date. >> . seems really early. for that weather. >> . i can't even imagine. >> . a heavy snow. and snaps. >> . i did look. we have a rored snow amount in september. recorded snow amount. since 2000. it's been a while.
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in contrast. 90 degrees for a high today. we had a steady stream of clouds coming in. actually moisture. mountains a couple rain showers. >> . temperatures are too too warm fr much more than that. >> . 74 outside right now. still 79 out at the humidity on the very low side. so comfortable and dry. you can see the 70s up to boulder. 77. 72 parker. 60s in fort collins. greeley at 66. 6 down in into the castle rock area. pulled back in the south and east. still in the 80s from lamar. over to pueblo. that's where you were in the hot 90s. temperatures will be slow to fall. clouds do not go any where. over night. again. mountains could see a few spotty
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today. we will burn through the clouds. and let in sunshine. while spotty showers and. we go into the afternoon. if you go south of denver. south and east. and here in the southeast corner. couple rain showers there. always good to see the moisture. all over all for denver. northeast colorado. just not going to see that moisture. highs in the 60s and 70s. with cooler 80s. again. still warm. but lower than what it w in the northeast. >> sunrises you'll get several hours of sun haoeupb out there. couple showers over the foothills. as far as the kids. bus stop forecast. 65. they won't need a jacket. with a temperature al 80 degrees. >> . 7-day forecast.
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nice cool down. >> . cool down. not cold. >> . the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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>> all right. 13 games to go. in the season. at least there's still something for rockies fans to root for. check it out. dj fat head at coors field. trying to chase down a national league batting title. robbed in the first inning. ofchasing a batting title come n man. he has a double however tonight. in the late innings. one for 3. for more on his chase for the big batting title. at coors field today. and has more. >> . >> the so called coors field effect. maybe we should just defer to the wisdom of the. >> >> 6 different rockies have won 8 titles. over 18 years. where dy is trying to become the
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to win the title. >> . he starts one-thousandth of a point ahead of washington daniel murphy in the hunt for the silver bat. >> . you just want to be natural. let it happen. >> . >> at 27. just his fourth full year in the big leagues. he a highly developed eye. but beyond that. >> the hard work he's put in. the entire year. so consistent. and always a quality at bat.
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with the rocky rockies are trailing. ten to 4. in the ninth. >> . broncos now. line backer ware is on the mend. he under went surgery this morning. on the right forearm. to repair a furred bone. he suffered in sunday's win over the colts. >> . >> . hoping to return in 4 to five weeks. >> . >> . then once they get within striking distance. not so good. currently ranked 20 in the nfl in red zone offense. >> . what's more important is the win. we got that.
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>> . >> there's stuff we need too clean up. and finish the drives. >> . just one touch down pass. to 3 interceptions. sunday remember in cincinnati. early kick off. eleven a.m. >> . broncos got to get their motors going early. >> . hard to change.
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>> new tonight. tense moments for shoppers at the home depot store in denver. situation that also left an officer with minor injuries. two robbery suspects entered the store. and tried to get away from police. officers did eventually capture the two suspects. shoppers were forced from the store. as police searched it for dama one officer hurt his knee and ankle in the ordeal. but expected to be okay. >> . happening now. in charlotte north carolina. officers using tear gas on demonstrators. as they fill the streets to protest another deadly police shooting. >> . started this afternoon. when officers say a black man got in and out of a car. with a gun. several times. and they shot and killed him. police are in riot gear tonight. department spokesperson says one air officer has been injured trying to deescalate.


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