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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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holding a private fundraiser for her father in denver. tomorrow statewide. she will hold a campaign event tomorrow morning in denver. another event in fort collins. that comes tomorrow afternoon. trump jr. will be on the western slope. campaigning for his father. in grand junction. and trumps running mate. holding a campaign event tomorrow afternoon. in the springs. >> . presidential candidate dominate the headlines ofpbg there's one race in colorado you probably aren't paying attention to. kwru you should. >> talking about the state senate it could decide if democrats get complete control of the state government. >> . >> geek good evening. the the only theupblg stops democrats from passing whatever law they want in colorado. is currently the state senate. democrats control the house. control the governors mansion. but republicans have a one seat majority. in the senate. that could change in november. which is why this senate race is
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not following. >> . at first glance. this race doesn't look all that important. >> one candidate knocking on doors by herself. >> my favorite is the other. driving around dropping off yard signs. by herself. >> . both women in the most important race you likely haven't talked about. unfolding in. republican woods and democrat. control the state senate on the line. >> . industry and business in colorado. wants the senate to remain in republican hands. >> it is true. that this seat would more or less determine the senate majority. >> the only thing stops democrats from making whatever they want law. is the senate. where republicans are in charge. by one seat. woods is the current republican senator. beating rachel by 6 hundred some votes two years ago. if she wins this rematch. democrats maybe in complete
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having less cash doesn't bother her. >> . i have raised everything i need. for my campaign plan. >> . just remember. while this race dominates the headlines. this one may end up impacting your life more. come next year. >> i doubt we'll be able to call that on election night. it maybe a couple days after.
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will do so. in court. >> . new developments in the case of a k*efr denver gang member. convicted for his role in a shooting. car wash. >> . sentenced to 57 months in federal prison -fplts for being a felon in possession of ammunition. >> the shooting caught on video. may fields friend exchanged gunfire with rival gang members. and was hit. they say once the friend got back into the suv. may field took his gun and shot from the car wash bay. >> now problem solvers update. relief on the way for neighbor of the raccoon creek golf course. they want soil.
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>> . why their view maybe improving. >> . this is why apartment resident called the fox 31 denver problem solvers. >> weeds. sod. and pieces of pipe. along this fence. at the edge of the raccoon creek golf course in little ton. >> we asked what could be done to clean it up. >> .
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could begin within two weeks to a month. >> that's great. i'll be glad to see a change. >> we left allen messages. offering another chance to appear on camera. >> . she was available we'll be back. to see if the area cleared. if not. she and her neighbors are prepared to call in county officials. >> . leads to demonstrations in north carolina. you can see him here over night the protest started peacefully. but escalated. >> a dozen officers hurt. five people arrested. >> yesterday an officer shot and
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charlotte. the family says he was unarmed and reading a book. police chief says they didn't find a book. and he had a gun. >> . organizers say the shooting fits a pattern of police targeting african americans. even though the officer named in the shooting is also black. >> . pwhrabgs or white. black or white. he was in blue. >> . >> front and center on capitol hi ceo tried to defend her companies pricing decision. before a house commit committee. epi pen soared to more than 6 hundred dollars. a two peek. thatthat's an increase of five hundred percent from 2007. >> . the company plans to sell a generic version. for just 3 hundred dollars. >> . bridesmaids usually carry flowers. this wedding the ladies carried puppies. >> . the bride came up with the idea.
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shelters. >> . boulder police coming to res rescue of a 4 legged resident. after it became tangled in a net. check it out. police posting these cute photographs. on twitter. of a rabbit. that got stuck in a child hock key net. yesterday. on the 14 hundred block of g buyer. it had been hanging upside down for about 20 minutes. police got it out in 15 minutes. the rabbit appeared un-h-rt. and unhurt. and scurried off.
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor.
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jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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you see any my family on tv. we're so dysfunctional. it's hard to keep a good girl around. when she sees so much conflict. drugs. and. >> the grade good girl. let's talk about it. i feel like that character. and what we're seeing in that relationship. is the good girls are losing. the. >> they are. i don't know why. it's like that. we talk about the real life too. >> in r >> . this translates. >> i don't know. but maybe we could change that.
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soul of the empire on the line. >> . all kinds of craziness. it is a night packed with premiers here. at 7, tune if tph-rt classic lethal weapon franchise. on the small screen. they rebooted it. >> . that's followed by the season 3 premier of empire at 8.
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at nine. >> . can't wait. >> . taking time to decompress. maybe find peace is important. today the centers for spiritual living hosted a special celebration in hon honor of international peace day. september 21. today. there was a peace poll. a pa raid. >> he's an animal. >> . 114 million. 70 million in tkparpb guaranteed money for if p-r von miller. with the new contract.
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mvp is worth every penny. named the afc defensive player of the week. for his 3 sack performance over the colts. >> . back at practice today. out at team headquarters. getting retd ready for the first road game of the season. on sunday in cincinnati. >> .
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all rockies today. at the afternoon matinee. a real stare down early on. that's what 162 game season do for you. as for the game itself. segd second inning. with the bases loaded. that's going to help. both the rbi race and the home run race. a grand slam for him. league leading 128 runs batting in. and league leading 39 home runs -fpl also puts the rockies up 6 to one. reminder. the dj thing. checked in today still with the highest batting average in the nl. that average is going to climb even higher.
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>> taco free ta co-bell. and a reasonable care keus win. two for 3. raising the average up to 351. rocks over the cards eleven to one. >> . nicks pick. best play of the day. check out the rangers. with this. >> behind the back. back hand snag on the come back line >> that face. >> . are you kidding me. what just happened. >> . athletic play. >> . one in a million shot.
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>> cloudy. i wish it would rain. instead we have the clouds. we had sunshine today. expect more sunshine tomorrow. the commute is cleaned up already. since the weather check at 5:15. showing you the camera there at winter park. cloud cover. beautiful color valley. cloud cover up above. a lot of moisture into the state. not an actual great deal of rainfall. or snow for that matter. mountains could use either. we could too. couple systems. one here. one down to the south. this one to the south is it was hurricane pain. days ago. wewe're dealing with what's left over. and this next system kind of building over the pacific. is filling in with colder air. you can see that cold air sneaking in here. that air is moving in.
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afternoon. some 50s. and over night lows in the 30s to 40s. there's a bigger weather change. just gradual. just like today. clouds moving over head. gradually. and a couple showers. 50 -ts 60s in the high country. 80s in the plains. denver 80 degrees currently. >> . today we reached 84. we had a couple showers on the west side. stretched along 285. we were about 4:30 to 5five o'clock. the showers are gone. slight chance for a shower. same story tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds. climb into the mid 80s. 85 for the day. three o'clock. cooling it down. tomorrow evening. with maybe a thunder shower. or rain shower. that's going to be it. a big old maybe on the rain chance again tomorrow. that chance only ten percent or so. for tonight you can see the best chance for moisture in the high country. in the form of cloud cover. a couple showers here and there. northeast plains. lower clouds and touches of fog. will be possible. midday tomorrow. good deal of sun shaoeub around
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greeley. and then into the afternoon. clouds increase. and so does that rain chance. really most of that moisture holding off into the utah. sections of idaho. and wyoming. going to wait there for a few days. sliding in by the weekend. >> 40s to 50s for lows in the high country. mild for the time of year. 55 denver. >> evergreen. morrison. black hawk. some 70s in jefferson. douglas county too.
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rock north wards. will be in the lower 80s. for that day tomorrow. let's take a look at the week. now i talked a lot about it. the system holding off. it will be windy. increasing chance for showers too. and colder temperatures. 60s by sunday and monday. early morning in the 30s. another check of the picture. you were wondering about that car. zoom in. >> . it's a tper rar raoe. >> . you had no idea what it was. it's a ferrari. i don't know my italian sports cars. >> . you're driving it. weekend car. >> . we look good in the car. >> . top stories. we know the name of a taoep teen hitchhiker. accused of attacking a 71
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he was hitchhiking with two friends on monday. when a woman picked them up. investigators say he attacked the woman. his friends didn't. and the sheriff office says they are cooperating with deputies. however kolens is on the run. >> . the department of veterans affairs. inspector general. releasing the report on why the new hospital is so over budget. >> . driver tried to pass him. hit in him in the process. holden fell and was killed by another driver. that driver stayed at the scene. traofp troopers think the other vehicle is a white sedan. or small suv. >> . coming up tonight at nine. police focusing on one metro
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>> . a look at a test they say will help them improve their jobs.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a retired federal employee from gainesville, florida... a writer and editor from washington, d.c... and our returning champion, a phd candidate from chicago, illinois... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny.


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