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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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car. where her little girl a two year-old girl was in the backseat of the car. here's some video from earlier. when the car was here. on austin. we're on austin street near county line road. >> shots were fire -td. that little girl is doing just fine. we're happy to report that. so again. they believe the suspects who are randomly going around the county. shooting up cars. moving cars. they r-r in a stole a van in the neighborhood shot up another car. and police are looking for the 2014 van.
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boulder county area. go ahead.
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update on the woman's condition. and her families hopes. >> . 71 year-old son tells us she has multi--l fractured bones and cuts to her head and face. she has been upgraded to stable. after the brutal attack inside her home. now all they want is that the teenager caught. responsible to be caught. >> . >> the 16 year-old i mean so he's a kid. but at the same time he's got a police record. his picture is a mug shot from i believe a drug arrest. prior. obviously he's willing to do something like this. he's someone to be taken with caution. and taken seriously. >> .
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degree murder charges for the attack in the home. >> . we have a hr*eubg link to her go fund me page on >> . investigators in weld county say a man under arrest for murdering a woman has confessed. according to to the arrest affidavit. a gun from his room. loaded it with ammunition. and shot 51 year-old twice in the head. authorities say the shooting happened yesterday morning. inside a home on hunters cove road in. the investigators haven't said anything about a motive. >> new tonight at five. a wild scene at a fed ex-store in the metro area. when a car plows through front doors.
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manslaughter in the death of crutcher last friday. tulsa county district attorney made the decision. after viewing dash cam and helicopter video. of the shooting. as well as reviewing 911 calls and witness interviews. arrangments now being made for shelbys surrender. >> . almost 24 hours since violence erupted and in charlotte north carolina. after a police shooting. now we learn that shooting was caught on camera. the police chief says he probably won't release the video to the public. >> . >> >> we have seen pictures of what happened. next. and chief says dash cam video tells more of the story. not providing definite evidence. scott pointed a gun at officers.
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refusing to drop his weapon. >> . the police apparently have video footage that may have caught some of the incident. and the family requested to be able to view that video. and later on this afternoon. we will in fact review that video. and we hope to have some additional answers. >> . hurt, nine civilians. caused five law enforcement officers to need medical condition. and the state national guard to control the chaos. >> . those who destroy property or hurt other people. will be dealt with. >> charlotte resident who took these pictures. says he's afraid things will get worse. before they get better in the states hrarpblest city. >> . largest city. >> . while everyone waits to see what another night holds. >> .
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woman who they say stole the purse of a wal-mart customer. pushing a little girl in the cart. surveillance photographs of the suspect. they say another shopper left his wifes cart in a purse. back in june. when he went back to get it it was gone. a witness told him she saw this woman take it. and drive off. the witness told police the woman left the parking lot in this white van. if you have information on the theft. west minister police want to hear from you. >> . new tonight. in the presidential election. trump campaign covering colorado today in a massive push for days before first debate. >> . trump and his children making appearances all across the state today. >> . >> the trump campaign ofp colorado. under way.
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unbelievable jobs president. >> . speaking to the colorado women align. and getting some broncos gear this morning. >> hence in the springs. this afternoon. >> . pence in the springs this afternoon. >> . colorado is coming together. >> tonight. trump jr. addresses sportsman. out on the western slope. >> . if you're wondering why they are spending so much time here. it's simple math. even if he wins ohio. and north carolina. and even if he wins clinton still wins the presidency. so he he's trying to turn currently blue states like colorado. back to red. >> . telling me if trump is going to win. he needs our state. and expect more commercials. >> . we have been up on tv in colorado. they'll be more tv coming. skpwhr as for the clinton campaign. they don't seem bothered a new poll released shows her with a
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shows the race tied. >> . appearing on the internet comedy show. between two ferns. >> . full link to that on our web site. it's pretty funny. it will be interesting to see if we'll see more of clinton. haven't seen a lot of here here in colorado. really everybody i this upcoming debate. it will be monday night. we'll have full coverage.
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two weeks ago the defensive coordinator. said he would be surprised if von miller. was not in discussion. to be the defense i have player of the year. today. he took it a step further. using the all important 3 letters. mvp. >> . i think he ought to be mvp already 4 sacks through two games this year. including 3 on luck. including his strip sack. he's off to an mvp type start. >> . i come into the game with high expectations of myself. always when you go out and battle and. you never know what's going to
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all right. we'll be watching. that's for sure. >> . nazi
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both closing their doors for good. tavern located there. on 18 and blake. it's been there 16 years. it will spend its last weekend celebrating. there's going to be drinks specials and live music. friday and saturday. no word on what's going to take over that location. and listen to this one. also closing up shop. campus lounge in popular bar has been there for 40 years. my parents always tell me stories about there. the owner is ready to to do other things with his life. sunday will be the last chance to catch a broncos game on the big screen there. a new bar type restaurant will soon take its place. >> . i have bent the old elbow at both of those places. >> . what's your sign.
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whatever your sign. this guy right here, may have thrown a wrench in all of them. nasa calls it the 13 sign. it could change everybody you thought you knew about your personality. >> . what's your sign. >> gem gemini. >> . simple enough. until this kate made the scene. welcome the 13 sign. >> . the little known snake has caused quit quite a stir on social media. your sign might not be what you think it is. >> .
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it means you tkoept have to remove that cute little leo tattooed on your dairy air. >> . so many people. are worried about their tattoos. >> if you want to see what the discovery could mean for your sign. we have the new dates for the sign on i'm pulling it up as we speak.
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august 27. you are not a leo. >> . you are now a leo. >> . it i'm done with the warm today was refreshing. we have a big storm system coming. when i say hold onto your hat. get ready. we have a lot of wind to end the week. these are -lt current wind speeds. strong here. in limon. colorado springs. but the strongest winds are raoring here. where there's a high wind warning for the western third of the state. the reason the wind is strong there. this storm system winding up. is delivering a blast of south wind. across western colorado. and. that is going to ship to the east.
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mountains tonight. and we'll feel it here. in denver and points east. now. ahead of that. we are bringing in moisture. so we have showers down to the south. couple thunder storms here. i'll put the lightening detection on. you can see the lightening. not a lot. better thunder storms here. one or two on the east side of the mountains. zoom in. not much going on. for us. quiet. i have been noticing a few showers up along the divide. even there. they're week. better rain is where you sue saw the hraoeugening. lightening. now. we have a lot of low clouds. and fog. we expected it. it took a long time for it to burn off and let in the sunshine. obviously that had an impact on the temperatures. look at this. only in the 60s and low 70s from akron greeley. to fort collins. and down into denver. if you just went south and east of the city. look at the difference. 80s and 90s. we were expecting denver to get low to mid 80s. that cloud deck hung on way too long. to give us a chance to warm up.
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we actually thanks to the afternoon sunshine. did get back to normal. we were in the 60s for a good part of the day. seasonal high of 76 degrees. short of where we should be. beautiful evening. now that the sun is out. 73 and 74. humidity not a problem. and the wind is out of the north. not strong. at 15 miles per hour. here's your current metro temperature. warming up. as a matter of fact. look here. here's the nose of the warmer temperature. and as i pull back. watch that. it's literally just to the south and east of denver. out i 70. hit lim 84 degrees. and the warmer temperatures continue. into the south and east. we were right on the cusp. 24 hour temperature comparison. there is the edge of the low clouds. and the fog. you can see what it did to the temperatures. knocking us down. >> . once the sun selt it should be
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early tomorrow morning. we'll have sunshine. and look at the snow. up into the colorado high country. it will stay there. a lot of moisture. will be squeezed out by the mountains. you'll notice the wind. we'll put in a few late day showers. and again maybe a little rumble of thunder. better chance out here in the eastern plains. i have to show you the wind. nine o'clock tomorrow morning. look at the wind coming up. out ot south. watch as we go into the afternoon. look at the wind speeds oult here. starting to really pick up. and then they get really strong. late in the day. winds up over this way. strongest wind will push onto the ao*erbeastern plains. in its wake a roaring wind over the top of the foothills and down sloping into denver. there could be winds up to 40 miles per hour. in the foothills late tomorrow night. again all because of that storm system. >> . here's a wider view across the state. you can see. here comes the front. right here. snow in the mountains. pushing on to the eastern plains. brings a few showers with it. and a whole lot of wind. >> . 7-day forecast. for tonight, we'll throw in a
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us see it. tomorrow the wind roars up to 35 miles per hour. 81. behind that storm system, down to 70. both days with a chance of a rain shower. maybe a rumble of thunder. still holding onto the stray chance sunday. here comes the cool air. 64. 67. yes i took that morning low monday. 2:39. and then tuesday wednesday thursday. a slow march back. >> into the 70s. >> . i'm giddy about. i'm the old guy wearing these. the sneakers some people have been waiting decades to see.
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they do feature battery operated power laces. led lights. they go on sale november 28. no word on the price. but we can guess it will be high. >> christmas is coming. >> speaking of which. problem solver consumer alert. it is time to start thinking about the holiday shopping list. parents know about all of the toys. and whatnot the kids want.
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solvers on the case. >> . the annual toy test. at the school. >> . it's time to put what's hot this season to the test. >> by babies. todayers. and this group. at the staple ton school. >> . family's know that we're selecting toys that are educational. and something that's children like to play with. >> this is a tough testing facility. time to see what's goi there. i'm going in. >> uz you can see. lot of enthusiasm. only select toys will make the top ten list. >> the babies are giving high marks to the pop pop piano. with the sort and dis-recover activity cube gaining ground. then there's the play monster puppy upscale. >> . the preschoolers are really
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sensory. >> results will be released november 1. just in time for parents to hit the stores.
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