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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  September 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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>> want to get to breaking news. traffic at a stand till right now. i 70 near georgetown. take a look at this tweet from the state patrol. a semi-is on fire. that's forcing crews to shut town the eastbound lanes. creating quite a mess. the trucks carrying ice cream. tkh which is melted all over the highway. no injuries reported. right now there's no time line. on when the highway will be reopen. westbound traffic slowly moving. but cars are backed up. >> .
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that he is still out there. stealing from people. >> are you aware that there's a warrant for your arrest. >> no i'm not. >> a plumber who's been ordered by the state to cease and desist. why is he still drumming up business. latest problem solvers investigation. focusing on daniel murphy. a plumber we first told you about in june. >> . we helped that victim get her money back. more victims are coming forward. asking why the state hasn't done more to put daniel murphy out of business for good. >> at first the state told us it can only find licensed plumbers. since he is licensed expired 3 years ago. doesn't have the authority to find him. good system right. civil lawsuit piling up against him. the state tells us it's open yet another investigation. and this time the state may ask a judge to throw him in jail. >> people who say they have been scammed by murphy. say he won't return phone calls. so the problem solvers had our
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>> . you're a plumber right. i want you to do my sink. >> this is exactly what could get him in trouble with the state. >> daniel. fox 31 want i want to ask you. why are you soliciting business. if the state has a cease and desist order. >> i'm working with my tprepb. friend. just doing minor stuff. like handyman plumbing. >> . are you aware there's a warrant for your arrest. >> no i'm >> you can't go out and steal from people. it's not okay. >> jessica is the reason for daniels warrant. she won a default judgment against him in small claims when he didn't show up. >> he takes the money. doesn't show up to court. why is this okay. why can he just steal money. if he stole money like this from a business. he'd be in jail. >> she hired daniel to do plumbing work in a bathroom. and install brass fixtures throughout the house. after giving him two thousand
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she never saw him again. >> he's really convincing. he's uses the military card. uses the religion card. just really makes you think he's a good guy and you can trust him. and disappears with your money. >> problem solvers discover the state of colorado is issued 3 cease and desist orders. one to murphy. and two more to his business. >> obviously if we knew about this. we would have never hired him. >> . they say daniel started the plumbing work. for a new but never finished. >> after asking for another thousand or 14 hundred. which we paid. so we could get our basement done. he never came back. >> they too have filed paper work in small claims. but since daniel moved out. they haven't been able to serve him. >> it's a matter of finding him. >> murphy has an f from the bbb
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removed his adds. and after hearing from the problem solvers. so has home advisor. >> . there are new complaints. about him. screwing other people over. >> jessica has a handwritten letter signed by daniel murphy. after parker police convinced him to paeubg her back 4-up dollars. with a proplgs to with a proposition to repay the remains. 6 months later he hasn't paid a dime. >> i have your signature on a document. that says you oweer >> i was in rehab. >> . is that why you're taking money. >> it's not about the money. at this point. it's the fact that he keeps going out and doing this. to people. over and over and over again. >> new victims. what is it going to take to stop him. >> spokesman for the department of regulatory agency. says the state is now considering getting an injunction. so they can take him to court. and possibly jail him. >> .
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>> . yahoo urging users to change their passwords. after confirming what maybe the largest cyber security breech
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such a nice thing. one colora supporting another. held a fundraiser last thursday. to raise money for those from legacy high school. injured during the school bus crash. pizza shop owners also donated funds to raise a total of almost 24 hundred dollars. students were able to present the check to legacy high. yesterday. >> coming up tonight. if you have a kid who wants to play sports be forewarned. college programs are now recruiting kids in middle school.
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>> an age they can barely answer a math problems. >> . parents used to watch. and they wanted to see them running around. having fun. and enjoying a sport. now it's changed to them watching to see whether there's a coach watching. are they going to get picked up. are they good enough. >> . tonight a closer look at just how widespread early recruitment is. and what's being done to reign it in.
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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fall colors in colorado draw big country. use the parking lot of maroon bells fills up quickly. by 8 a.m. or so. so if you get there any later than that. the bus is your only option. bus service running through october 2. cost 8 dollars for adults 6 for kids. and five and under can ride free. gorgeous ride. >> . perfect place to go for fall. >> . officially fall now. and this time of year it is great. to get out and enjoy nature. and reflect. >> . who says the news is always crime and chaos.
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a time for change. how the mountains are transforming in clear creek county. >> i discovered some more change. >> no matter how long it's been. there are places that pour through our and linger like lost loves we never forgotten. >> looks great. >> . a while back. captured his heart. and now he captures its. for whatever reason the two just clicked. clicked clicked. >> . it makes me feel calm. i like take -bg pictures. >> something he discovered after retiring as a government employee. working on top secret things like satellites and missiles. >> . i retired in 95.
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he shot up here. attracted by a bright sight. >> gold. >> and never looked back. >> . there's something beautiful. about the way life turns us. >> it's gorgeous. >> no matter what path we follow. there are hidden surprises. they make things golden. >> for bob and his buddy. life seemed mapped out. after all. they both spent planning and pointing places out. for c-dot. traveling most of the states highways. >> . which total about between nine. and nine thousand and 95 hundred miles. >> . these days. they stick to the more colorful route. >> . you see the mountains. it's great. and that's where you want to be. >> .
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>> a treasure chest of golden valleys. clashing with purple mountains imagine industry. >> among all other things. they love change. >> . do you remember when the ski area used to be here. >> . sure. life is full of bumps and bends. >> it's not pwatd. >> bad. >> in the end. that makes it so colorful. >> like nature. life also tends to change.
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lost fox's new show pitch. >> . series premier tonight at 8.
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secondary loves the soupd of their front line dominating. on the other side of the ball the receivers would like the opportunity to dominate. which sparked plenty of conversation this week. broncos prep continues the receivers have gotten plenty o attention. not for catches but comments. sanders and thomas have said they'd like more passes thrown their way. they want this office to be better in the red zone. and through the air. it's created a bit of a debate. should they speak up or keep the conversation inside the locker room. >> >> they're tkpwraelt great players. i love them. workers. you want guys that want the ball. that's what you want. >> well played coach. broncos corner back played wide receiver once in khrepbl. college. far more effective at picking off opposing quarter backs.
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this week he sits down. on the coach show. >> . i'm sitting down this week. broncos corner back. the big challenge that awaits. first road game. to cincinnati. howhow much of a challenge. >> huge. that offense. they hang their hat on the big play. so they do a good job. mixing up runs and pass. screen. so it's a well rounded offense. >> you'll be locked aj green. you'll have your hands full. next question. what about the mind set of the defense. can you pinpoint what exactly it is that makes the defense so good. >> i think it's our preparation. and we found ways to stop guys. take away what you like to do. and coach wade does a great job of putting us in the right place to make plays.
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>> all right. the wind is really starting to pick up. especially out here. you can see the wind speeds kind of generating 25, 30 miles per hour. a little bit of of that spilling onto the eastern plains. and the wind is the noticeable factor.
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starts to march in our direction. now ahead of it. we picked up showers. most have been confined here. to the southern valley. san luis. and the southeast corner of the state. and here we do have lightening strikes. they are thunder storms. nothing severe. nothing terribly strong. lightening out there. for the front range, from colorado springs through denver. fort collins. it's quiet out there. a few sprinkles over the higher terrain. nice rain. is out here. in the eastern and southeast plains around cheyenne. wells. today. that fog and low cloud cover. hung in so long. it really hampered us from warming up. even denver only at 70. but just to the south and east where the sun was out. look at the temperatures. 80s very warm 90s. we had 70s and warm 80s all the way out west. denver coming in at our seasonal average of 76 degrees. your record was a long way away. at 89. outside right now. pretty evening.
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71 downtown. 74 airport. humidity comfortable. and the wind out of the north at 15 miles per hour. 60s now thorn to be. and commerce city. 72 towards wheat ridge and. just to the south and east of us. you can see the nose of the warmer temperatures. look at limon. at 84 degrees. we were that close to getting back into the warm temperatures. again. 24 hour temperature comparison. it was here. north and east of denver. where the low clouds had the impact at keeping the temperatur i'll throw in one or two showers. for the possibility of one or two showers for denver. better chances over the foothills. and clearly where we're seeing storms out here on the eastern plains. that chance will be between now and nine. after that. sunset. everything fades away. we'll go partly cloudy over night. here comes the storm system. snow over the mountains. it shifts we'll have increasing clouds. a lot of wind. and just like we're expecting tonight. one-over or two showers and a
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range. here's the wind. as we go into the afternoon, this is lunch hour. watch the speeds tick up here in the eastern plains. really gets strong around three o'clock. and then the storm system will come over the mountains and as it does push the strongest wind on to the eastern plains. wind will relax for the rest of us. the exception being the foothills. >> wider in i storms better here tolt south. and east. here comes your cold front. over the mountains generating snow shower. some places say around rabbit ears pass. steam boat springs. maybe an inch or two through the day. that's strong south flow clouds feeding in. and a few showers on the eastern plains. lows tonight. 50s. 60s here in the east. with cooler 40s in the mountains. and highs tomorrow. we'll go back into the 80s. hold onto the 90s here.
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the mountains. it will be cooler there. >> . tonight 52. with a stray shower. and tomorrow. we're taking that high back up into the 80s. 81 tomorrow. a lot of wind out there. could be up to 35 miles per hour. then here comes the cooler stuff. a shower on saturday. and 70. >> .
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- an intelligence analyst from ottawa, ontario, canada... ltural engagement coordinator from tempe, arizona... and our returning champion, a phd candidate from chicago, illinois... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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